Female beauty salon workers & hairdressers establish a trade union in Gaza

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If Trump blocks financial assistance then Gaza public servants may not be paid 2017-03-20 [Al-Monitor]

Female beauty salon workers & hairdressers establish a trade union in Gaza 2017-03-18 [DWRC]

IFJ backs union’s 'uncompromising stand' on Palestinian police attacks on journalists 2017-03-15 [IFJ]

Journalist Union calls for boycott of government-owned news 2017-03-14 [Albawaba]

Will Abbas stop paying Gaza employees’ salaries? 2017-03-14 [Al-Monitor]

For Fast-Food Workers in Israel—Especially Palestinians—Organizing Presents Special Challenges 2017-03-11 [The Nation]

The impact of the siege on women in Gaza 2017-03-09 [972 Magazine]

For Gaza's working women, glass ceilings aren't the only problem 2017-03-09 [972 Magazine]

Palestinian women in Israel and in East Jerusalem: Gender analysis of WAC-MAAN’s target group vis-à-vis the question of employment 2017-03-09 [WAC Ma'an]

PGFTU complaints about treatment of Palestinian women workers in West Bank settlements 2017-03-07 [Gulf News]

First ever collective agreement signed by Palestinians with Israeli employer 2017-03-01 [Ha'aretz]

UNRWA suspends employee union leader over Israeli accusations of Hamas involvement 2017-02-28 [Ma'an News Agency]

No job means no health insurance 2017-02-28 [Al Monitor]

First-ever collective bargaining agreement signed in a West Bank settlement 2017-02-21 [WAC]

IFJ welcomes imminent release of Palestinian union leader 2017-02-10 [IFJ]

Palestinians split between worry and resignation over Trump presidency 2017-02-09 [Equal Times]

Jewish Labor Committee Opposes Israel’s Settlement Expansion: Calls on Government, NGOs, to halt Expansion of Current and Establishment of New Settlements 2017-02-02 [Jewish Labor Committee]

Worker dies in stone crusher plant 2017-02-02 [Ma'an News Agency]

New union report reveals extent of safety crisis facing journalists 2017-01-24 [IFJ]

UGTT pays tribute to Palestinian prisoners Marouene Barghouthi and Ahmed Saade 2017-01-22 [TAP]

Restaurant and Tourism Company Workers Establish a Union in Ramallah. 2017-01-16 [DWRC]

DWRC undertake a series of legal clinics in cooperation with Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counselling. 2017-01-16 [DWRC]

Gaza security forces assault journalists amid power crisis protests 2017-01-15 [Ma'an News Agency]

Journalists frustrated with inability to cover PA corruption 2017-01-13 [Al-Monitor]

Half a million Arab Israeli workers strike over demolition of illegal Palestinian homes 2017-01-13 [Independent ]

How did Gaza’s economic elite become day laborers in Israel? 2017-01-07 [Al-Monitor]

Gaza fishermen announce 2 day protest in wake of missing fisherman 2017-01-06 [Ma'an News Agency]

How serious is Israel about allowing return of Gaza workers? 2017-01-05 [Al Monitor]

Over 200 hospital workers strike in Hebron over $7M in unpaid salaries, debts 2017-01-04 [Al Bawaba]

Ontario International Solidarity Committee statement on anti-BDS motion passed by the Ontario Legislature 2017-01-04 [CUPE]

How Gaza's female first responders are saving lives and breaking stereotypes 2016-12-25 [Al-Monitor]

3 Illegal Palestinian workers go free due to Police negligence 2016-12-22 [Ha'aretz]

Thousands more Palestinian workers to enter Israel 2016-12-19 [Globes Israel]

A Palestinian worker killed in construction accident in Israeli settlement 2016-12-13 [Ma'an News Agency]

After some months Israel pays some Palestinian workers their sick leave 2016-12-10 [Haaretz]

Israeli Government to Admit 15,000 More Palestinian Workers 2016-12-07 [Hamodia]

New initiative aims to protect Palestinian working women 2016-12-06 [Al-Monitor]

UNRWA employees begin strike to protest cuts in services 2016-11-21 [WAFA]

Gaza fishermen not permitted beyond 6-mile zone any time soon 2016-11-20 [Al-Monitor]

UNRWA’s West Bank workers’ union threatens strike 2016-11-17 [The Post]

UNRWA’s West Bank workers’ union threatens strike 2016-11-17 [Jerusalem Post]

Journalist released by Israel after 8 months in prison 2016-11-16 [Ma'an News Agency]

Hundreds of UNRWA employees protest in Gaza amid one-day strike 2016-11-15 [Ma'an News Agency]

UNRWA employees march in Gaza to protest ‘failures 2016-11-15 [Andalou Agency]

3 day strike at UNRWA facilities 2016-11-11 [IMEMC]

UNRWA staff to strike 2016-11-10 [The Monitor]

Gaza businessman Nabil Bouab calls on Israelis to do business with Gaza, which is crying out for jobs. 2016-10-18 [Globes]

Israeli Businessman Shlomi Fogel sees an opportunity for Israelis and Arabs to join together to provide jobs for Gazans. 2016-10-17 [Globes]

Will new social security law protect Palestinian workers? 2016-10-10 [Al-Monitor]

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