DWRC organizes its eighth annual trade union forum “toward a Palestinian social movement'

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Sorry Ben Gurion, Israeli court says 'Hebrew Labor' is illegal 2017-10-18 [+972 magazine]

Gaza fishermen union denies reports saying Israel to expand fishing zone 2017-10-17 [Ma]

Tech companies from Israel start contracting in Gaza 2017-10-14 [Al-Monitor]

Exploiting Palestinian workers is not ‘economic peace’ 2017-10-13 [Al-Monitor]

DWRC organizes its eighth annual trade union forum “toward a Palestinian social movement' 2017-10-13 [DWRC]

Hamas demands full rights for its public employees hired since national split 2017-10-12 [Ma'an News Agency]

SodaStream helps Palestinian workers by temporarily returning to West Bank 2017-10-12 [JOL]

SodaStream opens temporary production line for PA workers 2017-10-12 [INN]

Is Palestinian ‘green gold’ the next big thing in olive oil? 2017-10-10 [Equal Times]

PJS wins collective agreements and elects new branch leaders 2017-10-10 [IFJ]

PJS wins collective agreements and elects new branch leaders 2017-10-10 [IFJ]

Education union works to empower teachers 2017-10-09 [Education International]

Workers from Occupied West Bank allowed to enter Israel amid general lockdown 2017-10-08 [Ma'an News Agency]

Some Palestinian workers permitted to enter Israel amid holiday closure 2017-10-07 [Times of Israel]

Israel to Permit Entry of Palestinian Workers During Sukkot Holiday 2017-10-07 [Haaretz]

Education union works to empower teachers 2017-10-06 [Education International]

Palestinian Workers Are Now Unionizing in the West Bank 2017-10-05 [The Nation]

Keeping Palestinian Women in Israel on the Economic Margins 2017-10-02 [IMEMC]

'I was arrested for asking the PA to stop intimidating journalists' 2017-09-13 [972 Magazine ]

Construction sector deadly for Arab workers 2017-09-08 [Al-Monitor]

250,000 unemployed in Gaza did not celebrate Eid holiday 2017-09-07 [MEMO]

New York Khader El-Yateem Could Be the First Socialist Palestinian Pastor on the City Council 2017-09-06 [Village Voice]

Young Palestinian photographer in Gaza shines a light on fishermen’s struggle 2017-09-05 [Mondoweiss]

Our souls are in our motors-a Gaza fishermans storey 2017-09-05 [Kia Ora Gaza/Omnia Ghassan]

PM Hamdallah: PA to rehire Gaza civil servants who were forced into retirement 2017-08-27 [Ma'an News Agency ]

PA backtracks: 6000 Gazan employees will not be forced to retire 2017-08-27 [Ha'aretz]

Journalists Union and others demand PA release jailed journalists during protest in Gaza 2017-08-23 [Ma'an News Agency]

Police shut down construction site for hiring undocumented Palestinian workers 2017-08-22 [Ma'an News]

Launch of Bank Union campaign 2017-08-15 [UNI Global Union]

The PA can now arrest anyone’: Palestinian journalists declare hunger strike 2017-08-15 [Ma'an News Agency]

Five Palestinian journalists held in West Bank for spying 2017-08-13 [IANS]

Open nurseries in East Jerusalem and enable women to work! 2017-08-12 [WAC Ma]

Child labour on the rise in Gaza 2017-08-07 [ANSAmed]

This Synagogue Furniture Factory Is Actually a Sweatshop That Tramples Palestinians' Rights 2017-07-31 [Haaretz]

Journalist Unions condemn Israel for attacks on Palestinian journalists and media institutions 2017-07-31 [Ma'an News Agency]

Women earn sweet money as pastry chefs 2017-07-30 [Al Monitor]

Synagogue Furniture factory tramples on Palestinian workers rights to unionise 2017-07-30 [Ha'aretz ]

Wellington protest in solidarity with people of Palestine 2017-07-28 [Unions Wellington]

Israeli authorities must cease their routine abuse and harassment of journalists, says IFJ 2017-07-26 [IFJ]

'Israeli tech firms should outsource to Palestinian workers' 2017-07-25 [Jerusalem Post]

New batch of PA employees in Gaza forced to retire 2017-07-21 [Al-Momitor]

98 undocumented Palestinians working in Israel detained by Israeli police 2017-07-21 [Ma'an News Agency]

Palestinian civil society to file a complaint before ICC 2017-07-20 [Scoop]

Working in Israel a Palestinian can earn two to three times more pay 2017-07-15 [The Media Line]

East Jerusalem's Palestinian women struggle to get jobs, let alone job rights 2017-07-14 [WAC Ma'an]

37 undocumented Palestinian workers detained, 57 others see permits revoked 2017-07-12 [Ma'an News Agency]

Women's committees in Gaza stage sit-in to demand equal pay with men 2017-07-07 [Maan]

In bid to pressure Hamas, PA refers 6,000 Gaza civil servants into early retirement 2017-07-06 [Ma'an News Agency]

PA forces Gaza workers to retire 2017-07-06 [Middle East Online ]

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