Artist 'On The Run' From Police After Reporting on Beijing Evictions Of Poor Migrant Workers

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Artist 'On The Run' From Police After Reporting on Beijing Evictions Of Poor Migrant Workers 2017-12-12 [RFA]

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Civil Society in Hong Kong Protest Against the Eviction of the Urban Poor in Beijing 2017-12-02 [HKCTU]

Working Conditions Still Poor for China’s Factory Workers, Says Watchdog Organization 2017-12-02 [Epoch Times]

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First Chinese construction company gets Israeli contract prepares to bring workers from China 2017-11-13 [Globes Israel]

Ohio Ohio workers vote against union at Chinese auto supplier plant 2017-11-10 [Reuters]

Shanghai Workplace Nursery Shut Down, Staff Detained Amid Abuse Scandal 2017-11-10 [RFA]

Watch these 'left-behind-kids' while their parents work thousands of kilometres away working 2017-11-08 [China File]

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Company in China to manufacture smart jackets for workers in Qatar 2017-10-13 [China Daily ]

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