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Russia ECHR has communicated to Russia the complaint of the leader of the Moscow Metro Trade Union For more info 2019-02-14 [CSLR]

Russia Russian unions join forces to negotiate collective agreement at Volkswagen 2019-01-18 [IndustriALL]

USA How the U.S. trade union movement and social media changed school life for Russian teens 2018-12-28 [NBC]

Russia N. Korean Migrants in Vladivostok Forced to Repatriate... 2018-12-18 [RFA]

Russia With its controversial pension reforms, Russia is looking after its rich 2018-11-22 [Equal Times]

Ukraine EFJ calls again for immediate release of Donetsk journalist Stanislav Aseev 2018-08-21 [EFJ]

USA *Approved by Donald Trump*: Asbestos sold by Russian company is branded with his face 2018-08-08 [Wash Post]

Russia Russia allows entry of thousands of North Korean workers 2018-08-04 [Reuters]

Russia Russians protest proposal to hike pension age 2018-07-29 [Deutsche Welle]

Global Energy unions demand Just Transition at world conference 2018-07-26 [IndustriALL]

Global Sustainable energy policies vital, say electricity and nuclear unions 2018-07-25 [IndustriALL]

Russia Investigation of Anna Politkovskaya's murder was inadequate, says ECHR 2018-07-19 [IFJ]

Russia Union-Led Protests Against Pension Reform Approved in 30 Cities 2018-06-26 [Moscow Times]

Russia Volgograd Workers Raise Alarm Over Mass Layoffs 2018-06-12 [The Times]

Russia IndustriALL and Lukoil renew global agreement 2018-06-05 [IndustriALL]

Russia Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko shot dead in KievUkrainian security services faked Arkady Babchenko's death 2018-05-31 [EFJ]

Russia Changing perceptions of what it is like to be gay in Moscow – one tour at a time 2018-05-14 [Equal Times]

Russia 'People will revolt' - workers say Russia must save sanctions-hit Rusal 2018-04-23 [The Globe and Mail]

USA 'People will revolt': Workers say Russia must save sanctions-hit Rusal 2018-04-23 [CNBC]

UK NUJ statement on Russian journalists entering Salisbury hospital without permission 2018-04-11 [NUJ]

Russia PERC Youth Committee Statement on KTR affiliate dissolution 2018-02-05 [PERC ITUC]

Europe Spies, hackers and gas pipelines. Moscow's asymmetrical offensive against the European Union 2018-01-22 [Equal Times]

Russia A St. Petersburg court liquidates a labor union that accepted foreign funding 2018-01-16 [Medua]

Russia Ten People Reported Killed In Russian Factory Fire 2018-01-06 [RFE ]

Russia Foreign Workers - Most From China - Killed in Russian Shoe Factory Fire 2018-01-04 [Moscow Times]

Russia Rockfall at Russia's Evraz mine leaves three workers trapped 2017-12-25 [Reuters]

Russia Why Independent Russian Journalists Don't Want RT Barred From US Congress 2017-12-03 [Moscow Times]

Russia Truckers group branded as foreign agents ahead of planned protests 2017-12-02 [RFE/RL]

Russia RT Editor Says U.S. Staff Quitting in 'Masses' Over Security Fears 2017-10-08 [Moscow Times]

Russia Court Tells Aeroflot It Cannot Tell Air Hostesses What Size Clothes To Wear 2017-09-07 [RFE/RL]

Russia Why Kyrgyz, Tajik and Uzbek workers are forced to go to Russia 2017-09-06 [Stratfor ]

Russia Businessman Paints Terrifying And Complex Picture Of Putin's Russia 2017-07-29 [NPR]

Russia Binding players' rights commitment –“the first step to protecting the integrity of sport”: World Players Association 2017-07-16 []

Russia Attempt to Increase Pay for Public Servants Ends in Double Salary for Siberian Deputies 2017-07-14 [Moscow Times]

Russia Many migrant workers building Russia's World Cup sites are getting stiffed 2017-07-04 [PRI]

Russia Fifa ‘has come up short' in protecting Russia 2018 stadium workers 2017-06-14 [Guardian]

Russia The Women of 1917 2017-05-25 [Jacobin]

Russia Passengers don't want overweight flight crew, say Aeroflot officials after lawsuits 2017-04-26 [The Guardian]

Russia Journalist Dies in Hospital After Brutal Beating 2017-04-20 [Moscow Times]

Russia Russian Workers Are Ready to Defend Chrysotile Industry 2017-04-11 [prnewswire]

Russia St Petersburg Bombing - Message of Solidarity to Russian Affiliates 2017-04-05 [ITUC]

Russia Truck drivers demonstrate in latest protests to hit Russia 2017-03-29 [Washington Post]

Russia Truckers Rally Against Road Tax 2017-03-28 [RFE/RL]

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz labor migrants support national economy, lack equal rights in Russia 2017-03-25 [timesca]

Russia Russia Wants Immigrants the World Doesn't 2017-03-15 [Bloomberg]

Russia Activists Detained Trying To Hang Women's Day Protest Banner On Kremlin Wall 2017-03-09 [RFE/Radio Liberty]

Russia Mother Of Late Russian Sailor Seeks Pay Denied By Military 2017-03-06 [RFE]

Russia Job Outlook Not Improving In Russia Despite Return Of Economic Growth 2017-01-13 [RFE/RL]

Russia Meet the Inequality Champion of the World 2017-01-09 [Moscow Times]

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