State Employees Are Too Poor to Go to Work, Union Says

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Govt workers stay home as wages evaporate 2019-10-16 [Eyewitness News]

Earning just R600 a month, union says Zim state employees are too poor to go to work 2019-10-15 [Fin 24]

State Employees Are Too Poor to Go to Work, Union Says 2019-10-15 [Bloomberg]

Doctors in defy court order and remain on strike for 43rd day 2019-10-14 [The South African]

Threat to gang-rape ZCTU boss’s daughter 2019-10-14 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU leaders get death threats 2019-10-12 [Bulawayo 24 News]

Zimbabwe's healthcare in ICU as striking doctors defy order to resume work 2019-10-09 [SowetanLive]

ZCTU Warns Of Impending Mass Protests 2019-10-08 [Pindula News]

BCC workers get $100 salary increment 2019-10-07 [Bulawayo 24]

ZCTU urges NDC to roll out demos to force the govt to heed the voice of workers 2019-10-01 [Pindula News]

World first: An Amplats mine in Zimbabwe will pioneer ‘Responsible Mining’ audit 2019-10-01 [Daily Maverick]

“Revisit And Correct This” – Domestic Workers Complain About Gazetted Wages 2019-09-29 [Pindula News]

Continued repression of workers in Zimbabwe is totally unacceptable 2019-09-28 [PSI]

Unions condemn rights violations in Zimbabwe 2019-09-24 [IndustriALL]

Police stop union leader from leaving Zimbabwe for treatment 2019-09-24 [The Guardian]

Continued repression of workers in Zimbabwe is totally unacceptable 2019-09-23 [PSI]

Missing Zimbabwe doctor found but pay strike to go on: Union 2019-09-20 [CNA]

Zimbabwe court tells cops to allow doctors' march 2019-09-20 [Reuters/IOL]

Zimbabwe’s hospitals paralysed as doctors protest over abducted colleague 2019-09-19 [Business Day]

ZCTU blames Mugombeyi abduction on paid hooligans 2019-09-18 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU Midlands remembers 2006 torture victims 2019-09-18 [NewsDay]

Zimbabwe doctors' labour leader 'kidnapped' during strikes: union 2019-09-17 [Mail & Guardian]

ZCTU Statement On Dr Magombeyi Abduction 2019-09-17 [ZimEye]

Doctors protest over 'abduction of strike leader' [AUDIO] 2019-09-16 [BBC]

ZULAWU declares dispute with NHA over dismissal of 39 workers 2019-09-11 [Diggers News]

ZCTU President warns South Africa over Malema 2019-09-11 [Bulawayo24 News]

Mugabe was a Pan-Africanist who dedicated his life to emancipation – ZCTU 2019-09-11 [Diggers News]

ZCTU members trial in false start 2019-09-11 [NewsDay]

ZCATWU Victory salary gap struggle! 2019-09-11 [BWI]

ZCTU Blasts South Africa's Government for Lukewarm Response to Xenophobia 2019-09-10 []

ZCTU statement on xenophobic attacks in South Africa 2019-09-08 [ZimEye]

SAFTU statement on the passing of Robert Gabriel Mugabe 2019-09-06 [SAFTU]

Robert Mugabe: former president dies age 95 2019-09-06 [The Guardian]

Labour body cries foul over workers salaries 2019-08-30 [ZimEye]

'Mnangagwa's economy has turned workers into slaves' 2019-08-28 [Bulawayo24 News]

Workers Have No Other Option Than To Stop Working – ZCTU On Demo 2019-08-27 [Pindula News]

Union rejects government pay deal as anger over economy grows 2019-08-26 [The Business Recorder]

Workers union rejects pay offer from government 2019-08-25 [Africa Feeds]

Government offers bigger wage hike for civil servants - unions group 2019-08-24 [Yahoo]

ITUC-Africa confronts ED over growing human rights abuses 2019-08-24 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU Leaders Further Remanded To 2 October 2019-08-21 [ZimEye]

ZCTU Leaders Told To Stay Clear Of MDC Demos Or Risk Being Killed 2019-08-20 [Pindula News]

MDC demo invites more death threats for ZCTU leaders 2019-08-19 [New Zimbabwe]

Cash Trails: Workers abroad offer lifeline for Zimbabwe’s economy 2019-08-14 [Financial Times]

Fears of fresh unrest as Zimbabwe’s opposition plan protests 2019-08-14 [The Guardian]

Violent Protests Threaten Zimbabwe’s Recovery 2019-08-11 [International Policy Digest]

ZCTU urges Zanu-PF to respect people's rights 2019-08-11 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZCTU on mid-term fiscal policy 2019-08-10 [ZW News]

‘ZCTU members free to participate in MDC protests’ 2019-08-10 [NewsDay]

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