ZCTU Leaders Further Remanded To 2 October

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ZCTU Leaders Further Remanded To 2 October 2019-08-21 [ZimEye]

ZCTU Leaders Told To Stay Clear Of MDC Demos Or Risk Being Killed 2019-08-20 [Pindula News]

MDC demo invites more death threats for ZCTU leaders 2019-08-19 [New Zimbabwe]

Cash Trails: Workers abroad offer lifeline for Zimbabwe’s economy 2019-08-14 [Financial Times]

Fears of fresh unrest as Zimbabwe’s opposition plan protests 2019-08-14 [The Guardian]

Violent Protests Threaten Zimbabwe’s Recovery 2019-08-11 [International Policy Digest]

ZCTU urges Zanu-PF to respect people's rights 2019-08-11 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZCTU on mid-term fiscal policy 2019-08-10 [ZW News]

‘ZCTU members free to participate in MDC protests’ 2019-08-10 [NewsDay]

Opposition Plans Demonstrations Over Economy Next Week 2019-08-07 [VoA]

ZCTU fights for Nssa board representation 2019-08-07 [Zimbabwe Independent]

ZCTU calls for an end to austerity measures 2019-08-05 [Pindula News]

Workers’ Unions Slam Mthuli Ncube’s Mid-term Budget Review 2019-08-04 [Pindula News]

Unions clash with govt 2019-08-03 [Zimbabwe Independent]

ZCTU to call for general strike to force govt into social dialogue 2019-08-03 [Pindula News]

ZCTU Castigates Government For “Celebrating The Killing Of Citizens” 2019-08-02 [ZimEye]

Stayaway preparations in full swing: ZCTU 2019-07-31 [NewsDay]

Union says corruption main cause of Zimbabwe’s power cuts 2019-07-31 [IndustriALL]

Govt blocks abuses probe team 2019-07-27 [Zimbabwe Independent]

“Mupfumira Cannot Be Arrested Alone”, ZCTU 2019-07-27 [Pindula News]

Nedbank employees to picket at the company's headquarters in South Africa 2019-07-26 [Bulawayo 24]

Nedbank Workers Plan Demo At Bank’s SA Head Office 2019-07-26 [Pindula News]

'Trade Unions now useless' says Mnangagwa's advisor 2019-07-25 [Bulawayo24 News]

Mnangagwa banks on TNF to avoid protests 2019-07-25 [New Zimbabwe]

Zimbabwe headed for disaster unless there is change – ZCTU President 2019-07-25 [Pindula News]

Teachers close schools over slaries 2019-07-24 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZIMTA Decision To Pull Out Of ZCTU Was A ZANU PF Agenda, Says Peter Mutasa 2019-07-23 [ZimEye]

Mine workers get salary adjustment 2019-07-23 [Sokwanele]

ZCTU mobilises for stayaway 2019-07-22 [The Standard]

Teachers to shutdown schools on Monday 2019-07-22 [Bulawayo24 News]

“Get Ready For A Stayaway” – ZCTU 2019-07-21 [Pindula News]

ZCTU defies bullet threats, proceeds with demo preps 2019-07-21 [New Zimbabwe]

Employers’ group blasts bullet threats against ZCTU leaders 2019-07-21 [New Zimbabwe]

Death Threat: Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions For more info 2019-07-18 [Solidarity Center]

Zimbabwe public worker strike on the cards after pay offer rejected 2019-07-18 [Reuters/Business Report]

Public worker strike on the cards after pay offer rejected 2019-07-17 [The National Post]

Civil servants protest pay as inflation hits 176% 2019-07-17 [CITY]

Public worker strike on the cards after pay offer rejected 2019-07-17 [Reuters]

Shock as bullets delivered to ZCTU leaders, labour federation points fingers at Mnangagwa 2019-07-16 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU sets dates for job stay-away but keeps them secret 2019-07-10 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU Warns Of Looming Strike Over “Modern-day Slavery” 2019-07-10 [Pindula News]

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube tables new wage offer to civil servants 2019-07-09 [ZimLive]

State poised to raise public workers pay again 2019-07-09 [Eyewitness News]

ZCTU Confirms Demo Over S1 142 2019-07-04 [ZimEye]

“I Don’t Feel Secure But What Can I Do?” ZCTU Vows To Proceed With Demos 2019-07-03 [Pindula News]

Reprieve for 200 mine workers 2019-07-01 [Newsday]

ZCTU denies hand in planned ShutDownZimbabwe protests 2019-07-01 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZCTU Announce General Strike 2019-07-01 [ZimEye]

General Strike Looming – ZCTU Promises 2019-07-01 [Pindula News]

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