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SADC trade unions blast Zim govt over ZCTU arrests 2018-10-15 [New Zimbabwe]

Trade Unionists Beaten and Arrested 2018-10-12 [ITUC]

Trade union leaders beaten and arrested during Zimbabwe austerity protests 2018-10-11 [IndustriALL]

Tourism workers get 5% salary hike 2018-09-23 [The Standard]

Zimra workers resist lifestyle audits 2018-09-20 [24]

Young workers in Zimbabwe engage on the future of unions 2018-09-14 [IndustriALL]

State-owned IDBZ bank bows to Union pressure 2018-09-05 [New Zimbabwe]

Sexual Harassment Rife At Govt-Owned Bank - Union Leaders 2018-08-30 [New Zimbabwe]

The crocodile bites 2018-08-13 [IUF]

Zimbabwe: Unions denounce human rights violations in post-election violence 2018-08-09 [IndustriALL]

Private sector could demand salary hike 2018-08-07 [The Herald]

Harare workers petition govt over salary arrears 2018-08-04 [The Daily]

Harare City workers threaten strike 2018-08-04 [Nehanda Radio]

Workers’ Delegation Reports on Violence, Zimbabwe Election For more info 2018-08-03 [Solidarity Center]

Harare council workers threaten strike over wage theft 2018-08-03 [Newsdze]

Military unleash violence on peaceful assembly of protesters, gunshots fired at trade union offices 2018-08-02 [ITUC]

ZCTU backs Chamisa's presidential bid 2018-07-30 [The Daily News]

Can Zimbabwe’s high-stakes election usher a new dawn for its media? 2018-07-30 [Equal Times]

Mnangangwa accused to favouring military over teachers 2018-07-16 [24 News]

Mining Companies Exempted From Paying Wage Increment 2018-07-06 [allAfrica]

Strike looms in construction sector 2018-07-05 [Nehanda Radio]

Sex workers' tough job to survive 2018-07-02 [The Daily News]

Govt must ensure companies employ locals to avoid tension 2018-06-29 [24 News]

Zimra workers plan protest 2018-06-22 [The Herald]

Zimbabwe: How Democracy and Unions are Intertwined For more info 2018-06-21 [Solidarity Center]

GML employees down tools 2018-06-12 [Newsday]

Mining workers appeal for pay rise 2018-06-11 [Newsday]

Govt’s pay offer divides teachers 2018-05-27 [Nehanda Radio]

State Workers Reject Mnangagwa Govt's 15% Salary Increase Offer 2018-05-18 [VoA]

Zimbabwe: Thousands on nurses on strike sacked 2018-04-19 [Mmgei-on line]

Public workers reject higher government salary offer 2018-05-15 [The Times]

Teachers in make or break meeting 2018-05-13 [The Daily]

Government hikes public sector pay ahead of elections 2018-05-09 [eNCA]

Give negotiations a chance, Govt urges teachers 2018-05-06 [24 News]

Teachers dig in on strike action 2018-05-04 [Newsday]

Govt threatens teachers 2018-05-04 [The Daily News]

Teachers gang up against govt 2018-05-03 [Nehanda Radio]

Teachers must show respect, stop illegal strike: Mumbengegwi 2018-05-03 [New Zimbabwe]

16,000 Sacked nurses return to work, following strike 2018-05-02 [PSI]

Go hang, teachers tell minister 2018-05-01 [Newsday]

'Little for workers to celebrate' 2018-05-01 [Newsdze]

Teachers vow to proceed with strike on May 8 2018-04-30 [Le Journal]

ZCTU to hold political policy conference in May 2018-04-30 [Newsday]

You Strike We Fire You, Just as We Did the Nurses, Government Warns Teachers 2018-04-30 [Zim Eye]

Teachers to Strike Over Pay as Labour Unrest Spreads 2018-04-30 [VoA]

Teachers threatened with the sack if they strike 2018-04-29 [newsdze]

Chiwenga’s statecraft incompetence exposedin the firing of nurses 2018-04-28 [The Mail]

Teachers to strike over pay as labor unrest spreads 2018-04-28 [Reuters]

Government reverses decision to fire striking nurses 2018-04-24 [TimesLive]

Nurses end strike, challenge dismissal in court 2018-04-23 [The Independent]

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