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Journalists beaten and humiliated by security forces 2020-07-01 [IFJ]

Trade unions win court battle on school re-opening 2020-06-30 [Education International]

ZCTU waiting to give “pretending” Khupe an answer she deserves if she approaches them 2020-06-29 [Pindula News]

Nurses reject pay rise offer 2020-06-29 [Newsdze]

Workers must demand US dollar salaries: ZCTU 2020-06-27 [Zimbabwe Independent]

ZCTU want answers to reports suggesting pensioners’ investments are being sold 2020-06-25 [PIndula News]

ZCTU fires warning shots at Chinese investors who violate workers rights 2020-06-25 [ZimEye]

ZCTU confronts Chinese ambassador over abusive employer compatriots 2020-06-25 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU plans prolonged, peaceful protests 2020-06-24 [Pindula News]

 VIDEO WATCH: Chinese national shooting employee in Gweru 2020-06-23 [Pindula News]

“State brutality can only work for a short period,” – workers hint on industrial action 2020-06-23 [Pindula News]

ZCTU urges govt clarity on lockdown measures as citizens harassed on way to work 2020-06-23 [New Zimbabwe]

Police, ZCTU set for showdown as labour calls for mass anti-govt protests 2020-06-23 [New Zimbabwe]

Workers' demo: ZCTU says they are sponsored by hunger 2020-06-22 [ZimEye]

ZCTU demands justice for 2 employees reportedly shot by chinese employers 2020-06-22 [Pindula News]

Corruption is the elephant in the room — ZCTU 2020-06-21 [Daily News]

ZCTU to embark on nationwide protest on salaries 2020-06-20 [263 Chat]

“It’s not that we are unpatriotic, we are just realistic”: workers 2020-06-20 [ZimEye]

Security forces must not protect looters - ZCTU 2020-06-20 [ZimEye]

“Protest wherever you are”: ZCTU tells workers 2020-06-19 [ZimEye]

 VIDEO LIVE: ZCTU Press Conference 2020-06-19 [ZimEye]

“We are not fighting anyone but protesting against corruption, looters”: ZCTU 2020-06-19 [ZimEye]

ZCTU Appeals To The SADC Region “Help Us Help Ourselves” 2020-06-19 [ZimEye]

Doctors, Nurses Down Tools Over ‘Little’ US$75 Covid-19 Allowance 2020-06-19 [New Zimbabwe]

Inflation shield: Public workers get 50 percent raise 2020-06-18 [Daily Maverick]

ZCTU calls for mass action 2020-06-18 [Bulawayo24 News]

Moyo blocks ZCTU rep from NAC board, labour group claims graft cover-up 2020-06-14 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU urges parliament to shelve public hearings due to Covid-19 lockdown 2020-06-13 [New Zimbabwe]

“We Are Back In Rhodesia”: ZCTU Threatens Mass Action 2020-06-10 [ZimEye]

Mine workers reject ‘slave wage’ 2020-06-08 [NewsDay]

Runaway inflation deepens economic crisis 2020-06-06 [Zimbabwe Independent]

Labour cranks pressure on USD salaries 2020-06-05 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZCTU gives Bata Shoe company seven-day ultimatum to remit union dues 2020-06-03 [Market Screener]

COVID-19 should not be used to clampdown on journalists - ZCTU 2020-05-30 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZCTU: More workers will lose jobs after lockdown 2020-05-29 [Pindula News]

Govt using lockdown to mask clampdown on critics, media – labour boss 2020-05-28 [New Zimbabwe]

Urban council workers demand $2 500 basic pay 2020-05-26 [Newsday]

Provide PPE for Workers, Chitown Council Ordered 2020-05-26 [allAfrica]

ZCTU statement on “Nazi style ” abduction of mdc Alliance youth leaders 2020-05-18 [ZimEye]

 VIDEO We expect govt to investigate and tell us the truth – ZTCU statement on MDC alliance members’ abduction 2020-05-16 [Pindula News]

ZCTU drags govt to court over Covid-19 regulations 2020-05-16 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU, NSSA clash over proposed goat rearing project 2020-05-14 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU calls for work boycott until companies are covid-19 safe 2020-05-08 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU, ZCC call for inclusive dialogue to address economic crisis 2020-05-04 [ZimEye]

ZCTU blasts Mnangagwa for failing to unite divided nation 2020-05-03 [New Zimbabwe]

 VIDEO WATCH LIVE: ZCTU Workers Day Statement 2020-05-02 [ZimEye]

Zanu-PF takes Chamisa head on 2020-05-01 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZCTU urges stop to Murambatsvina-style stall demolitions 2020-04-29 [allAfrica.com]

ZCTU condemns vending stalls demolitions 2020-04-23 [Pindula News]

ZCTU proposes $2 500 grant for one million social welfare beneficiaries 2020-04-23 [New Zimbabwe]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

18-07-2006 Nearly 300 striking doctors ignore government demands for them to return to hospital wards, deepening a crisis in the African nation's health system which has seen qualified staff fleeing the country in droves for higher paid work. [more]