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Massive educators’ strike to demand respect for the profession and an end to government disregard of teachers

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Union’s referee course offering players new career route 2023-11-11 [FIFPRO]

Massive educators’ strike to demand respect for the profession and an end to government disregard of teachers 2023-10-17 [Education International]

Teachers and school workers begin a week of strike today 2023-09-18 [The Portugal News]

SATA Airlines to go on strike 2023-08-17 [The Journal]

EDP workers on strike 2023-08-16 [The Portugal News]

Planned strikes cast shadow over pope's Portugal visit next month 2023-07-06 [Saltwire]

Public administration unions call 3-day national strike from midnight 2023-06-07 [Macau Business]

Europe Porto Social Forum excludes 5 million workers! 2023-05-27 [CESI]

Portugal BC staff striking in Portugal 2023-05-25 [El Gazette]

Teachers’ union walks out of negotiations during minister’s address 2023-05-16 [Portugal Resident]

Easyjet cabin crew announce strike for 5 days in May, June 2023-05-12 [Macau Business]

SEF suspends strike action 2023-04-07 [The Portugal News]

Rail workers’ strike sees 138 of 254 services cancelled by 8 a.m. 2023-04-07 [Macau Business]

SEF strike could have “brutal consequences” 2023-04-05 [The News]

SEF on strike over Easter 2023-03-30 [The Portugal News]

Railway strikes to continue until end of April 2023-03-29 [Portugal Resident]

Protesters march in anti-poverty demonstrations 2023-03-19 [TRT World]

Union of Portuguese consular workers and diplomatic missions abroad calls for 13-day strike in April 2023-03-16 [The Herald News]

Massive demonstration demands respect for the teaching profession 2023-02-23 [Education International]

Teachers take to streets as wave of discontent intensifies 2023-02-12 [Saltwire]

S.T.O.P. goes beyond teachers’ struggles: calls for national strike 2023-02-12 [Portugal Resident]

Thousands join latest round of Portuguese teachers' protests 2023-02-12 [The Times]

Thousands of teachers take to Lisbon streets to demand higher wages 2023-01-15 [Reuters]

Port strike costing between €100 and €150 million per day 2023-01-08 [The Portugal News]

UK Shared Systemic Issues Inspire Solidarity Between Portuguese and British Nurses 2023-01-04 [Newsc]

Further disruption to train services as new union strikes 2023-01-03 [Resident]

Pilots call for TAP CEO resignation 2022-12-30 [The Portugal News]

TAP strike still on 2022-12-30 [The Portugal News]

Nationwide dock workers’ strike begins at midnight 2022-12-30 [Portugal Resident]

Port workers on strike 2022-12-30 [The Portugal News]

Associations warn of chaos as port workers strike 2022-12-30 [Macau Business]

Unionized tram staff industrial action in the Lisbon metropolitan area, Dec. 29-Jan. 2 2022-12-29 [Crisis 24]

Second day of train strike sees 385 services cancelled by 12:00 2022-12-27 [Macau Business]

Portugal In the Iberian peninsula, “unsustainable, unviable” berry businesses are draining water and exploiting migrant labour 2022-12-05 [Equal Times]

Public sector workers strike over pay amid inflation 2022-11-19 [Al Jazeera]

Public sector workers strike over pay as living costs soar 2022-11-18 [Saltwire]

Docentes do ensino superior e investigadores vão fazer greve em 18 de novembro 2022-11-11 [Observador]

Strike affecting rubbish collection 2022-10-15 [The News]

230 flights cancelled over 3 days 2022-08-29 [The News]

Strike cancels 60 flights at Portugal's Lisbon airport 2022-08-29 [Saltwire]

Flights Cancelled as Workers Strike at Portuguese Airport 2022-08-29 [Travel Radar]

Portuguese airport handling workers' strike cancels 90 flights 2022-08-27 [Reuters]

Unions advise travellers to avoid flights with strikes threatened this weekend 2022-08-17 [EWN]

A travel warning has been issued to people looking to travel to and from Portugal as strike foresees massive airport chaos 2022-08-14 [Oh My]

Lisbon Metro closed on Sunday due to strike 2022-06-26 [The News]

Long queues at Lisbon airport to extend into summer - Union 2022-06-14 [Saltwire]

Asia Exploited Asian fruit pickers 2022-04-27 [Deutsche Welle]

Fruit pickers lured to Portugal by the dream of a ‘raspberry passport' 2022-01-31 [The Guardian]

Global #RatifyC190 to respond to the threats of being a woman and a journalist 2021-11-22 [IFJ]

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