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With sexism in Spanish soccer being scrutinized, female players strike for higher league wages

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Spain’s World Cup stars refuse to return to national team 2023-09-16 [Just Women's Sports]

With sexism in Spanish soccer being scrutinized, female players strike for higher league wages 2023-09-09 [The Post]

Spain’s female soccer players strike over wage dispute 2023-09-07 [NY times]

Global Why Hermoso, Spain's bravery could forever change football 2023-08-30 [ESPN]

Football’s Pay Inequality Faces Government Investigation 2023-08-29 [Bloomberg]

Women’s Football League Files Complaint After Chief’s World Cup Kiss 2023-08-24 [Bloomberg]

Picasso Museum Workers in Málaga Plan Five-Day Strike for September 2023-08-04 [Art News]

‘Black Wednesdays’ achieve better working conditions in some newsrooms, protests continue in others 2023-08-03 [EFJ]

ETUC calls for progressive vote in Spain 2023-07-24 [ETUC]

Unionized rail workers to strike in six provinces, including Barcelona, July 19 and 21 2023-07-16 [Crisis24]

Another derailed programme? 2023-07-15 [Eurocadres]

Belarus The international campaign Trade union activity – not extremism! reached Barcelona  ActNOW!  2023-07-06 []

H&M workers strike for higher pay across Spain, shutting down stores 2023-06-26 [CTV]

H&M shopworkers in Spain extend strike for two days early July 2023-06-24 [Reuters]

Fishing vessel detained in Vigo deemed “death trap” by ITF 2023-06-13 [Seafood Source]

H&M shopworkers in Spain call for strikes in June - unions 2023-06-13 [Reuters]

Union claims more than 75,000 workers have left Spain's hospitality sector in search of better conditions 2023-06-13 [Sur]

Spain Queer-led unions show the way forward for sex workers in Spain and Latin America 2023-06-03 [Global Voices]

Europe In Spain, public and private actors are helping the rural elderly to “age with dignity in their villages” 2023-05-31 [Equal Times]

Spain Death-trap trawler crew must be paid and allowed to go home, ITF says 2023-05-27 [ITF]

Judicial and medical workers launch strike in Madrid 2023-05-26 [TVP]

Balearic Islands: Win for hotel housekeepers on workload 2023-05-23 [IUF]

Spain bans outdoor work during heatwaves: What is the future for manual labour? 2023-05-20 [Euronews]

Defending the essential work of education support personnel for quality public education 2023-05-16 [Education International]

Airline pilots union announces potential new strikes 2023-05-15 [Travel Tomorrow]

Flexibility at work brought to Barcelona 2023-05-07 [Eurocadres]

Labour Minister, Yolanda Díaz, Is Working to Rebuild the Left 2023-04-23 [Jacobin]

Spain UNI stands with Amazon workers striking in Spain and UK 2023-04-19 [UNI Global Union]

Asbestos killed 82 members of Spanish navy in last 20 years: Report 2023-04-05 [Anadolu Agency]

Abusive working conditions endemic in Spain’s strawberry farms, report claims 2023-04-02 [The Guardian]

Daily press workers take to the streets to demand decent wages 2023-03-01 [EFJ]

Spain Spanish journalist Pablo González in custody for one year on charges of spying for Russia and no trial in sight 2023-02-28 [IFJ]

Striking Spanish doctors suspect a plot to privatize healthcare 2023-02-18 [Real News Network]

Women in Spain first in Europe to get ‘menstrual leave’ 2023-02-17 [thelocal]

Women in Spain first in Europe to get ‘menstrual leave’ 2023-02-17 [thelocal]

Zara owner Inditex's 20% pay hike in Spain triggers drop in shares 2023-02-10 [Saltwire]

Gig economy shifts: Spain makes delivery riders employees 2023-02-09 [AP News]

Spain hits delivery app with new fine for labor violation 2023-02-09 [AP News]

Europe Spanish court: Amazon violated labor law with delivery app 2023-02-09 [AP News]

Europe Spain: Court rules over 2,000 freelance Amazon delivery drivers should have been formally employed 2023-02-09 [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]

Taxi drivers and public sector workers strike in Catalonia 2023-01-26 [Anadolu Agency]

Women journalists’ working and professional conditions are deteriorating in the post-pandemic period 2023-01-20 [EFJ]

Tens of thousands of Spanish health workers protest for better future 2023-01-16 [CNA]

High value, low pay: the care sector in Spain 2023-01-15 [Equal Times]

Zara workers stage strike as winter sales begin 2023-01-09 [Euractiv]

High value, low pay: the care sector in Spain 2023-01-09 [Equal Times]

Strike woes as low cost airlines in Spain continue to cause travel chaos over festive period 2022-12-26 [Olive Press]

H&M agrees to pay a 500 euro bonus to 4,000 workers in January 2022-12-22 [Saltwire]

Professional secrecy in journalism to be regulated by law 2022-12-15 [IFJ]

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4-09-1936 Francisco Largo Caballero, trade unionist & leader of PSOE & UGT, elected Prime Minister during Spanish Civil War. [more]