Major employers sign thousands up to wage subsidy scheme's financial lifeline

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Coronavirus: Construction industry collapses as restrictions take hold 2020-04-06 [Irish Times]

Covid-19: Advice to Fórsa members 2020-04-06 [Fórsa]

State use of private hospitals during pandemic will 'negatively impact' private patients, say consultants 2020-04-06 []

Unions again urge change in wage subsidy scheme 2020-04-06 [Irish Times]

Coronavirus: Plans to move 600 consultants into public system hit obstacle 2020-04-06 [Irish Times]

SIPTU calls on the Department of Health to provide a list of facilities with Covid-19 2020-04-05 [Midwest Radio]

SIPTU calls for analysis of COVID-19 positive health settings 2020-04-05 [SIPTU]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Health and Safety Executive working with south Antrim businesses ‘to protect staff’ 2020-04-03 [Larne Times]

Northern Ireland Teachers demand clarity on how to keep children and staff safe 2020-04-03 [Irish News]

Major employers sign thousands up to wage subsidy scheme's financial lifeline 2020-04-03 [Irish Independent]

Northern Ireland Sub teachers seeking urgent pay clarity 2020-04-03 [Irish News]

Calls to prioritise Covid-19 testing of all health workers 2020-04-03 [Longford Leader]

Claim on construction companies for payment of agreed rates during Covid-19 crisis 2020-04-03 [Leitrim Observer]

Tara Mines reopens with calls made to ensure workers' safety during the pandemic 2020-04-03 [Meath Chronicle]

Three weeks in and still no childcare 2020-04-03 [Fórsa]

Social Protection to shift resources to phone and online 2020-04-03 [Fórsa]

SIPTU calls for access to Wage Subsidy Scheme for childcare owner managers 2020-04-03 [SIPTU]

ICTU calls for further measures to prevent sudden COVID-19 job losses from becoming permanent job losses 2020-04-03 [SIPTU]

TUF serves claim on construction companies for payment of agreed rates during Covid-19 crisis 2020-04-03 [SIPTU]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: 17,000 jobs to be furloughed 2020-04-03 [BBC]

Private hospital consultants urged not to sign up to working in public system 2020-04-03 [Irish Times]

Some new PPE delivered 'not fit for purpose' - medical staff 2020-04-03 [RTÉ]

Childcare workers laid off by employers who still had State subsidies 2020-04-02 [Irish Times]

Covid-19: SNA temporary reassignments to proceed 2020-04-02 [Fórsa]

Minister seems unclear on SNA reassignment arrangements 2020-04-02 [Fórsa]

Increasing percentage of homecarers suspected to have Covid-19 2020-04-02 []

582 surplus Dublin Bus drivers due to reduction in services 2020-04-02 [RTÉ]

Anxiety among SNAs ahead of redeployment amid virus 2020-04-02 [RTÉ]

Covid-19: Builders cease work on big developments 2020-04-01 [Irish Times]

Northern Ireland Low-paid workers to benefit as minimum wages increase 2020-04-01 [Irish News]

Bring ‘Section 39s’ into HSE 2020-04-01 [Fórsa]

SIPTU seeks government action to address childcare crisis for all essential workers 2020-04-01 [SIPTU]

People spreading false rumours on social media 'extraordinarily callous' 2020-04-01 []

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Health and safety chief defends approach amid surge in complaints from workers 2020-04-01 [Belfast Telegraph]

Covid-19: Special Needs Assistants to be redeployed to other public service duties 2020-04-01 [RTÉ]

Covid-19: Advice to Fórsa members 2020-03-31 [Fórsa]

Meat factory workers voice concerns on Covid-19 safety 2020-03-31 [Farming Independent]

Student radiographers seek same payment as trainee nurses 2020-03-31 []

Fórsa says stay home unless told to work 2020-03-31 [Fórsa]

SIPTU calls on Section 39 organisations to honour workers hours and wages 2020-03-31 [SIPTU]

TUF calls for laid off construction workers to receive industry rates during work suspension 2020-03-31 [SIPTU]

Revenue appeals for Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme applicants to give correct bank details 2020-03-31 [Irish Examiner]

Government urged to deliver on childcare for health workers 2020-03-31 [RTÉ]

Thousands who lost job over virus to receive first benefit payment 2020-03-31 [RTÉ]

Coronavirus: Creches under pressure could receive fast-tracked financial support 2020-03-30 [Irish Times]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus poses new threat to local newspapers 2020-03-30 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Volunteers requested to help schools stay open 2020-03-30 [BBC]

FF social partnership plan gets cold shoulder 2020-03-29 [Sunday Independent]

ICTU: Employers must not cut corners in safety for essential workers during pandemic 2020-03-29 [Irish Examiner]

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This month in labour history

10-04-1919 Union militant and IRA volunteer Robert Byrne was buried in Limerick. His funeral became a grand show of defiance with over 10,000 people joining the cortege. Later a general strike and soviet was declared [more]

12-04-1920 Unions launched a general strike in support of pro-independence prisoners who were on hunger strike in Mountjoy prison, Dublin. After two days, the British government caved and released all the prisoners. [more]

14-04-1919 In Limerick, Ireland, a general strike was declared in protest against the declaration by the British military of a ‘Special Militarised Zone’ in the area. The general strike saw the creation of the short-lived Limerick Soviet. [more]

17-04-1920 Dockers in Dublin refused to load foodstuffs destined for England. The action helped relieve severe food shortages in Dublin, which had been dire since 1917, while huge quantities of food were shipped to Britain. [more]

23-04-1918 A massive general strike was held in Ireland in protest at the threat of conscription to the UK army, shutting down the country. Conscription was introduced but not one person was actually conscripted. [more]

26-04-1998 A monument to Jim Connell, writer of 'The Red Flag', is unveiled in the village of Crossakiel. [more]

27-04-1894 The founding conference of the Irish Trade Union Congress gets underway at the Trades Hall in Dublin. [more]