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Unions to focus on 'short-term' public sector pay deal

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Ireland Northern Ireland Buses and trains cancelled due to strike action 2023-12-01 [BBC]

SIPTU cautiously welcomes Tara Mines reopening proposal 2023-11-30 [SIPTU]

Unions and government size each other up ahead of public sector pay talks 2023-11-26 [The Business Post]

RTÉ cuts are 'bleak', says union 2023-11-23 [Dublin People]

Pay increase for some construction workers following union talks 2023-11-23 [Midwest Radio]

Unions to focus on 'short-term' public sector pay deal 2023-11-23 [RTÉ]

Car dealer's explanation for sacking pregnant teenage car saleswoman 'makes absolutely no sense' - WRC hears 2023-11-23 [RTÉ]

Ireland Northern Ireland Buses and trains to halt in 24-hour December strike 2023-11-22 [BBC]

School secretaries to receive back pay 2023-11-22 [RTÉ]

Health and community workers vote to accept pay offer 2023-11-22 [RTÉ]

Public sector pay talks to begin at WRC this week as unions agree to negotiations 2023-11-22 [Irish Times]

Talks on future of Tara Mines fail to agree path forward, says SIPTU 2023-11-22 [RTE]

Pay increases worth 12.7% agreed for mechanical workers 2023-11-22 [RTE]

Ireland Northern Ireland All three frontline public transport trade unions record overwhelming votes for strike action over pay freeze 2023-11-22 [Unite]

SIPTU condemns Tara Mines management as negotiations fail to agree path forward 2023-11-21 [SIPTU]

Tiered payments for laid-off workers should be higher, union leader says 2023-11-21 [The Irish Times]

Ireland Northern Ireland Schools to close as teachers plan five days of strike action 2023-11-20 [BBC]

Proposals to improve work-related benefits to be brought before Cabinet 2023-11-20 [RTÉ]

Medical scientists threaten industrial action 2023-11-20 [RTÉ]

IWU Taxi Drivers’ Survey 2023-11-18 [IWU]

Ireland Northern Ireland 200 barristers strike over 'long overdue payments' 2023-11-18 [RTÉ]

WRC awards sacked massage parlour worker €102k compensation for whistleblower penalisation and other breaches 2023-11-18 [RTÉ]

ICTU seeks clarity on basis of public sector pay talks invitation from Government 2023-11-18 [RTÉ]

UK ‘We’ve got to be relevant’ – trade union superstar Mick Lynch on connecting with the younger generation 2023-11-16 [Irish Independent]

SIPTU to meet Lakeland in attempt to avoid closures 2023-11-16 [Agriland]

Ireland Northern Ireland School strikes: Closures and disruption as non-teaching staff walk out 2023-11-16 [BBC]

Ireland Ireland facing EU fine over work-life balance rights 2023-11-16 [RTÉ]

Roche must pay whistleblower €8,000 compensation - WRC 2023-11-16 [RTÉ]

Unions to meet on Friday to consider pay talks invite 2023-11-16 [RTÉ]

Ireland Northern Ireland Trade unions must be at the heart of Irish unity debate, SIPTU says 2023-11-14 [SIPTU]

Salary cap to be set for staff at broadcaster RTÉ 2023-11-14 [BBC]

RTÉ ‘slash and burn’ cost-cutting leaves workers ‘carrying the can’, union says 2023-11-14 [Irish Times]

Improved access to collective bargaining will leave unions with work to do, SIPTU conference told 2023-11-14 [Irish Times]

RTÉ government funding a welcome reprieve 2023-11-14 [NUJ]

SIPTU vows to fight against RTÉ 'slash-and-burn' policies 2023-11-14 [RTÉ]

Mandate press officer accuses union bosses of penalisation 2023-11-14 [RTÉ]

Unions invited to public sector pay talks 2023-11-14 [RTÉ]

Ireland Northern Ireland Thousands of education workers to go on strike across Northern Ireland 2023-11-12 [Ireland Live]

Clare Trade Union Rep Calls For Increased Workplace Inspections To Combat Underpaying Of Employees 2023-11-05 [Clare.FM]

Stop the stigma! 2023-10-31 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Women trade unionists unite to demand better support for carers 2023-10-24 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Ireland Northern Ireland Sean Graham bookmakers: interim police chief will not appeal arrest ruling 2023-10-21 [BBC]

Domino's Pizza delivery drivers are employees not contractors, Supreme Court finds 2023-10-21 [RTÉ]

Domino’s Pizza driver ruling could have wide-ranging implications 2023-10-21 [Irish Times]

Property developer must pay €35,000 for discriminatory dismissal of elderly builder 2023-10-21 [RTÉ]

SIPTU calls for 'urgent' meeting as 542 jobs at risk in Nestlé Askeaton plant 2023-10-19 [SIPTU]

Ireland Northern Ireland Transport unions are set for crunch meeting with DfI boss ahead of bus and rail strike ballot 2023-10-19 [Unite]

Strike suspended: Community & Voluntary Workers 2023-10-17 [Fórsa]

Strike by health and community workers called off 2023-10-17 [RTÉ]

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