A €20m budget and just 67 field inspectors: Is the HSA up to the task of policing the Covid reopening?

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Aer Lingus staff face mass lay-offs from late 2Q20 2020-05-27 [ch-aviation]

Coronavirus: ICTU warns against sudden withdrawal of pandemic supports 2020-05-27 [Irish Times]

Defence Forces may never return to intended minimum strength - RACO 2020-05-27 [RTÉ]

ICTU warns against rapid removal of Covid-19 income and liquidity supports 2020-05-27 [RTÉ]

SIPTU calls on cleaning companies to honour 'agreed' 40 cent per hour pay increase 2020-05-26 [The Journal]

SIPTU looks to increase pay for meat plant workers in wake of Covid-19 2020-05-26 [AgriLand]

Government urged to intervene to save Debenhams workers' jobs 2020-05-26 [Irish Examiner]

Nursing home sector was utterly unprepared to deal with pandemic 2020-05-26 [Irish Examiner]

Finance Minister warned against cuts to €350 Covid-19 payments 2020-05-26 [Irish Examiner]

SIPTU representatives call on Aer Lingus to ensure current pay arrangements continue 2020-05-25 [SIPTU]

SIPTU demands a voice for health workers on Nursing Home Expert Panel 2020-05-25 [SIPTU]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Judges appeal over government furlough scheme 2020-05-25 [BBC]

Uproar as thousands of hospital staff risking lives for just €10.80 an hour refused 40c pay rise 2020-05-24 [Irish Mirror]

What does Covid-19 mean for people working in the gig economy? 2020-05-24 [RTÉ]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: HGV drivers 'losing work' over health assessments 2020-05-24 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Return to school will be 'complex and challenging' 2020-05-23 [Irish News]

Cork construction workers left in limbo due to expired Safe Passes 2020-05-23 [echolive.ie]

A €20m budget and just 67 field inspectors: Is the HSA up to the task of policing the Covid reopening? 2020-05-23 [The Journal]

Lay off plans at Aer Lingus premature 2020-05-23 [Fórsa]

Coronavirus: teachers given legal assurance over predicted grades 2020-05-23 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Wrightbus announces Ballymena redundancies as it looks to secure its future 2020-05-22 [Belfast Telegraph]

Northern Ireland Unions give a cautious welcome to Education Minister's timetable for schools 2020-05-22 [Belfast Telegraph]

Talks on safe return to council workplaces 2020-05-22 [Fórsa]

Just Transition Commissioner's report report to ask Govt to designate midlands as new energy hub 2020-05-22 [RTÉ]

Why has the meat industry been hit so hard by Covid-19? 2020-05-22 [RTÉ]

ASTI 'confident' indemnity issue over Leaving Cert grading can be resolved 2020-05-22 [RTÉ]

Unions say Ryanair exaggerating COVID threat to undermine conditions 2020-05-21 [Reuters]

Northern Ireland PTSD 'could rise by 70%' amongst healthcare staff working with COVID-19 patients 2020-05-21 [Q Belfast]

SIPTU and Migrants Rights Centre complain to HSA over its failure to inspect meat plants 2020-05-21 [Longford Leader]

Fear for up to 1,000 airport jobs after CEO alert to staff 2020-05-21 [Extra.ie]

TUF agrees additional layer of protection for construction workers with CIF 2020-05-21 [SIPTU]

Northern Ireland Reopening of schools ‘likely to be staged and difficult’, warns teaching union 2020-05-21 [Belfast Telegraph]

Ban on canvassing for calculated grades 'can't come too soon' 2020-05-21 [RTÉ]

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland unites against threats to journalists 2020-05-20 [NUJ]

Temperature checks for staff at Carlow meat factory 2020-05-20 [Carlow Nationalist]

SIPTU calls for financial aid for health workers ill with virus 2020-05-20 [RTÉ]

SIPTU calls for discussions with Dublin Airport Authority over planned reduction in numbers employed in Dublin and Cork airports 2020-05-20 [SIPTU]

Debenhams workers prepared to block trucks removing stock from stores 2020-05-20 [Irish Examiner]

Coronavirus: Data protection inquiry over employers getting test results before workers 2020-05-20 [Irish Examiner]

Four new Covid-19 clusters confirmed in meat processing plants in last week 2020-05-20 [Irish Examiner]

HSE suspends practice of giving Covid-19 test results to employers 2020-05-20 [Irish Times]

Coronavirus: Sharp rise in meat plant cases ‘concerning’ – health officials 2020-05-20 [Irish Times]

Northern Ireland Threats against journalists condemned 2020-05-20 [RTÉ]

Meat industry 'doing all it can' to deal with Covid-19 outbreaks 2020-05-20 [RTÉ]

DAA 'may need' 1,000 redundancies as passenger numbers slump 99% 2020-05-19 [Irish Times]

Unions call on Minister to allow HSA shut sites not compliant with Covid-19 measures 2020-05-19 [Irish Examiner]

Data protection complaints as bosses given staff virus test results before employees 2020-05-19 [RTÉ]

SIPTU calls for Government to intervene as 176 jobs to go at National Pen 2020-05-19 [LMFM]

Senior officials fear ‘bullying’ from Dáil Covid-19 committee 2020-05-19 [Irish Times]

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This month in labour history

12-05-1916 Union leader James Connolly was executed for his part in the Easter Rebellion, an unsuccessful insurrection against British rule. As he was wounded in the fighting, he faced the firing squad tied to a chair. [more]

16-05-1920 Workers at Knocklong creamery in County Limerick declared a Soviet and established workers’ control of production. They hoisted a red flag and a tricolour and for 5 days ran it with the slogan “We make butter not profits”. [more]