Construction unions to carry out 'protective' ballot for industrial action

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PDForra not backing independent pay review model for military 2020-07-03 []

Teachers say full return won't happen under current rules 2020-07-03 [Irish Independent]

SNA exclusion from Oireachtas discussion ‘elitist and insulting’ 2020-07-03 [Fórsa]

Wage subsidy scheme will not come to 'an abrupt end' - Finance Minister 2020-07-03 [RTÉ]

Ireland fails to tackle exploitation of fishermen - ITF 2020-07-02 [Irish Examiner]

Researcher contracts under strain as economic recession looms 2020-07-02 [Irish Times]

Call for collective approach to aviation challenges 2020-07-02 [Fórsa]

No 'one size fits all' solution for schools and Covid-19, says teacher's union 2020-07-02 [Irish Examiner]

Teacher unions to raise social distancing concerns at Covid-19 committee 2020-07-02 [RTÉ]

Construction unions to carry out 'protective' ballot for industrial action 2020-06-30 [RTÉ]

Entire cast and crew of some film productions may need to quarantine prior to and during filming 2020-06-30 [The Journal]

Northern Ireland One third of IT workers severely hit by coronavirus pandemic 2020-06-30 [Belfast Telegraph]

Back to school: what the new classroom will look like 2020-06-30 [Irish Times]

Hospitality and arts sector to warn of mass job losses before Covid-19 committee 2020-06-30 [Irish Examiner]

Young to benefit from jobs stimulus, VAT threshold set to rise and virus wage schemes extended 2020-06-30 [Irish Examiner]

Job losses loom at major Nestle Wyeth baby foods plant in Limerick 2020-06-29 [Irish Examiner]

Ryanair puts future of its Cork and Shannon bases into play in clash with pilots' trade union Fórsa 2020-06-29 [Irish Examiner]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Face masks to be compulsory on public transport 2020-06-29 [BBC]

Visible enforcement of face masks rule urged 2020-06-29 [RTÉ]

Northern Ireland Journalists to mediate with police over retained information 2020-06-26 [Irish News]

Aer Lingus SIPTU members to vote on new recovery plan 2020-06-26 [RTÉ]

Northern Ireland 'Unacceptably high' Northern Ireland Civil Service sickness absences cost £36m last year, figures show 2020-06-26 [Belfast Telegraph]

Northern Ireland Sensata Technologies to make 160 redundancies at Antrim site 2020-06-26 [BBC]

Workers on Covid-19 benefit payments face tax bills 2020-06-26 [RTÉ]

SIPTU warns employers over SEO rates of pay and protections for construction workers 2020-06-25 [SIPTU]

Face masks to be made compulsory on public transport 2020-06-25 []

Face masks should be mandatory in shops, says immunologist 2020-06-25 [Irish Times]

Swissport warns Irish staff it may face difficult choices in weeks ahead as 4,500 jobs axed in UK 2020-06-25 [RTÉ]

SIPTU calls for extension of the Wage Subsidy Scheme for Childcare Sector 2020-06-25 [SIPTU]

Northern Ireland Swissport: Stormont must try to save at risk airport jobs, says union 2020-06-25 [Belfast Telegraph]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus masks company ‘should be withdrawn pending investigation’ 2020-06-25 [Belfast Telegraph]

High Court rules wage legislation is unconstitutional 2020-06-24 [RTÉ]

High Court strikes down minimum pay law for electricians 2020-06-24 [Irish Times]

Food factory coronavirus cases reflect fudged government response 2020-06-23 [The Grocer]

Northern Ireland DUP MP must now apologise to teaching profession, says union 2020-06-23 [Belfast Telegraph]

Protest by Dublin CityJet pilots as jobs ‘offshored’ 2020-06-23 [Fórsa]

Cabin crew roundly reject Aer Lingus proposals 2020-06-23 [Fórsa]

SIPTU Health representatives to tell Oireachtas Covid-19 Committee of flawed government approach to childcare 2020-06-23 [SIPTU]

Irish Equity says support measures for the Arts do not go far enough 2020-06-23 [SIPTU]

Up to 15 applying for each hospital job, says junior doctor as IMO highlights ‘too few positions’ 2020-06-23 [Irish Examiner]

Aer Lingus 'exploiting' uncertainty to push sweeping changes in employee terms 2020-06-23 [Irish Examiner]

Ibec: €2.7bn summer Covid-19 recovery package could save thousands of jobs 2020-06-23 [Irish Examiner]

Kerry Airport staff to remain on full pay 2020-06-23 [RTÉ]

Crèche owners to warn committee of reduced capacity 2020-06-23 [RTÉ]

Mayo cottage to be raffled for healthcare workers reaches €500,000 2020-06-22 [Irish Times]

SIPTU seeks urgent talks with Aer Lingus over planned job losses 2020-06-22 [SIPTU]

Talks to avoid hundreds of Aer Lingus redundancies continue today 2020-06-22 [Irish Examiner]

Protest over closure of leisure centre in Portlaoise 2020-06-22 [RTÉ]

Unions bid to avoid lay-offs at Irish Aviation Authority with counter-proposal 2020-06-19 []

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This month in labour history

This month in labour history

19-07-1913 Businessman William Martin Murphy calls his workers to a meeting, where he warns they will be sacked if they join the ITGWU. [more]

19-07-1984 Irish retail workers begin a strike in support of the anti-apartheid movement, refusing to handle South African products. The strike goes on for two and a half years. [more]