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Opinion: It is time to ban employers from keeping workers tips 2019-02-22 [The Journal]

Public service deal ‘compromised’ by nurses’ proposals, SIPTU says 2019-02-20 [Irish Times]

Bill passed in Seanad to protect tips of hospitality workers 2019-02-21 [BreakingNews.ie]

Automation must not undermine public services 2019-02-21 [Fórsa]

Miscarriage: why no one wants to talk about it in the workplace 2019-02-21 [irishexaminer.com]

Trainee teachers being offered financial sweeteners to work abroad 2019-02-21 [Irish Times]

UN officials criticises Government's scheme for fishermen from outside EEA 2019-02-19 [RTÉ]

Graduate Outcome Survey reveals pay poverty in Early Years sector 2019-02-19 [SIPTU]

Diocese had ‘no money’ at Christmas to pay priests’ wages 2019-02-19 [Irish Times]

Working to lower-middle classes struggling most - TASC report 2019-02-19 [RTÉ]

UN criticism of Irish fishers’ scheme ‘a vindication’ 2019-02-19 [ITF]

Waterford workers to strike over pensions 2019-02-18 [WaterfordLive]

Health worker claims hospital discriminates against non-Christians 2019-02-18 [Irish Times]

CE supervisors taking strike action today on pension issue 2019-02-18 [Fórsa]

Community Employment supervisors to strike over pension security 2019-02-18 [Irish Examiner]

Community employment scheme supervisors to strike 2019-02-18 [Irish Times]

Community employment supervisors to strike over pension entitlements 2019-02-18 [RTÉ]

ICTU statement on CE supervisors strike 2019-02-17 [Fórsa]

Prison service facing up to claims of covert surveillance 2019-02-15 [irishexaminer.com]

Military vehicles used to cope during PNA ambulance action - HSE 2019-02-15 [RTÉ]

HSE says it has been able to respond to ambulance calls despite strike 2019-02-15 [Irish Times]

Ryanair is not expecting strikes this summer 2019-02-14 [Business World]

European Court of Justice rules two-tier pay scales for teachers not discriminatory on age grounds 2019-02-14 [Irish Independent]

SIPTU defers Pfizer strike action in row over pensions 2019-02-14 [Irish Times]

INMO Executive Council recommends members vote to accept proposals 2019-02-13 [INMO]

Staff consultation must precede SNA changes, says Fórsa 2019-02-14 [Fórsa]

SIPTU members vote to accept recognition deal at RAP plant in Donegal 2019-02-14 [SIPTU]

Teachers who do not support students with special needs may be in breach of law 2019-02-14 [Irish Times]

'Positive reaction' to Labour Court recommendations - INMO 2019-02-14 [RTÉ]

Aighneas tionsclaíoch ag monarcha i nGaoth Dobhair socraithe 2019-02-14 [TG4]

Easter deadline for Government to find agreement with school unions 2019-02-13 [Irish Independent]

Trade unions ready to push new pay claims after nurses’ offer 2019-02-13 [The Times]

SIPTU condemns funding threat to CE Schemes involved in upcoming strike action 2019-02-13 [SIPTU]

Explainer: What's in the Labour Court deal on nurses' pay 2019-02-13 [RTÉ]

The Irish Times view on the nurses dispute: Assessing the implications 2019-02-13 [Irish Times]

Nurses should consider public pay accord value in the wake of nurses deal-Donohue 2019-02-13 [Irish Times]

Strikes set to resume as nurses push back on deal 2019-02-13 [Irish Examiner]

Nurses' deal opens door to public pay free-for-all 2019-02-12 [Irish Independent]

SIPTU calls for equal access to fire safety funding for all childcare services 2019-02-12 [Kilkenny People]

MInister hopes Labour Court recommendation signifies end of nurses' dispute 2019-02-12 [Irish Examiner]

Government accused of ‘penny pinching’ over lack of Defence Forces psychiatrist 2019-02-12 [Irish Times]

Recruitment and retention strike suspended 2019-02-12 [INMO]

Latest: Nurses call off strike action; Labour Court recommendations include significant changes to salary scale 2019-02-12 [Irish Examiner]

Strike days by nurses have been suspended after Labour Court intervention 2019-02-12 [The Journal]

Pay gap between men and women in research and development highest in Europe 2019-02-11 [Irish Times]

Nurses lead condemnation of protest outside Health Minister's home 2019-02-11 [Irish Times]

Labour Court to decide on nurses' strike intervention 2019-02-11 [RTÉ]

Unions protest for decent wages for seafarers on Irish Ferries 2019-02-09 [Irish Times]

Sunbeam House: decade-long campaign wins out 2019-02-09 [Fórsa]

Unions agree to water talks 2019-02-09 [Fórsa]

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