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Based on the complaints of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, the Public Defender addressed the labour inspection with a general proposal

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USA American Delegation visiting Georgian Trade Unions Confederation 2023-09-26 [GTUC]

Based on the complaints of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, the Public Defender addressed the labour inspection with a general proposal 2023-09-22 [GTUC]

Europe Georgia's Road to the European Union' – Georgian Trade Unions Confederation presented initiatives and visions at the joint conference 2023-09-21 [GTUC]

Labor Inspectorate reverses practice of hiding employer details from inspection reports 2023-09-08 [GFLP]

Labour oversight body has backtracked on transparency 2023-07-22 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Global 'Strategic Communications for Trade Unions in times and beyond' - Trade Union leaders and Communication Managers from Different Countries have discussed ways to overcome crisis' 2023-07-17 [GTUC]

Social Justice Center sues Labor Inspectorate over redaction of employer details 2023-07-08 [GFLP]

Paramedics 'fired for union activity' 2023-07-06 [OC Media]

Europe Irakli Petriashvili chaired the session of PERC in Warsaw 2023-07-04 [GTUC]

Georgian miners' win 2023-07-03 [IndustriALL]

Lack of follow-up safety inspections implicated in construction worker�s death at Rikoti Pass 2023-07-01 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

The meeting was held regarding the need to establish a decent minimum wage standard in Georgia 2023-06-29 [GTUC]

Chiatura miners’ strike ends after company caves on key demands 2023-06-28 [OC Media]

In Chiatura, miners are once again in struggle 2023-06-28 [Solidarity - Eric Lee]

Portrait of a mass hunger strike 2023-06-26 [OC Media]

Why the far right is trying to infiltrate a miners’ strike 2023-06-26 [OC Media]

Social Justice Center: Chiatura miners escalate protest after failed mediation with Georgian Manganese 2023-06-24 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Government must take urgent action as Chiatura miners’ protest enters 15th day 2023-06-24 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Austria Irakli Petriashvili, President of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, is in Austria on an official visit to the 20th Federal Congress of the Trade Unions Confederation (OGB) 2023-06-22 [GTUC]

Global The delegation of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation is present at the 111th International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization 2023-06-20 [GTUC]

Global Irakli Petriashvili took part in the session of the General Council of the International Trade Unions Confederation 2023-06-20 [GTUC]

'Thousands' of miners go on strike in Chiatura 2023-06-19 [OC Media]

Chiatura goes on strike 2023-06-19 [OC Media]

What are the miners demanding in Chiatura and why are their demands fair? 2023-06-17 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Fair Labor Platform calls for government action on Chiatura miners’ strike 2023-06-17 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Chiatura miners’ strike stretches into 4th day 2023-06-17 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Lack of preventative inspections fostering systematic labor rights violations in service sector 2023-06-10 [GFLP]

VIDEO Georgia Global solidarity conference in Georgia 2023-05-30 [GTUC]

Construction continues to be most dangerous industry for Georgian workers 2023-05-27 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Georgia’s deadliest industry: Labor inspectorate must immediately investigate death of 2 construction workers in Tbilisi 2023-05-20 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

May 1: the struggle for workers’ rights in Georgia more relevant than ever today 2023-05-07 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Georgia Unions hold global solidarity conference 2023-05-05 [BWI]

1 May manifesto 2023-05-04 [GTUC]

Global A three-day conference of LabourStart and trade union international solidarity - organized by the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation 2023-05-03 [GTUC]

EPSU joins workers on the streets of Tbilisi for higher minimum wage and progressive taxation on 1 May 2023-05-03 [EPSU]

Georgia Belarus was one of the topics discussed at the LabourStart conference 2023-05-03 []

Uzbekistan Georgian and Uzbek drivers win back over €300,000 sounding alarm for European trucking industry 2023-04-26 [ITF]

Wolt couriers have been protesting since February. What are their demands?  ActNOW!  2023-04-24 [Georgia Fair Labor Platform]

Medical Workers Struggle to Make Ends Meet 2023-04-23 [IWPR]

New Confederation of Independent Unions to hold action on May 1, present list of demands 2023-04-22 [GFLP]

Uzbekistan Major global brands implicated in blatant violation of drivers' rights as wildcat strike continues 2023-04-16 [ITF]

Uzbekistan Solidarity statement for cross-border drivers striking at Gräfenhausen in Germany 2023-04-15 [ITF]

Workers win at Sairme Mineral Waters 2023-04-06 [IUF]

Lifetime app ban for striking Wolt couriers constitutes illegal discrimination  ActNOW!  2023-03-31 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Wolt couriers to stop working until labor demands are met  ActNOW!  2023-03-30 [Georgia Fair Labour Platform]

Georgian mineral water company agrees to striking workers’ demands 2023-03-22 [OC Media]

Thousands protest “foreign agents” bill 2023-03-11 [BWI]

This March 8, the age-old struggle of women against the prevailing oppressive system continues 2023-03-11 [GFLP]

Thousands protest 'foreign agents' bill 2023-03-10 [BWI]

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