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Full splittelse om minstelønn [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-09-16

Norge, Sverige, Danmark og Island markerer motstand mot europeisk minstelønn [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-09-14

Korona-slakt av Europas slakterier [abc nyheter] 2020-06-30

Fagbevegelsen advarer mot hjemmekontor [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-06-22

Framtiden til europeiske lastebilsjåfører avgjøres i juli [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-06-10

EU fortsatt uklare om minstelønn [LO] 2020-06-05

Hvordan styre et digitalt arbeidsliv? [LO] 2020-05-26

Ingen østeuropeiske lastebilsjåfører får riktig betalt [Yrkestrafikkforbundet] 2020-05-18

Krever at Covid-19 blir anerkjent som yrkesskade for arbeidere i førstelinja [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-05-04

Kvinner og lavtlønnede rammes ekstra hardt av koronakrisen [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-04-16


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Ardnacrusha memorabilia part of 'Europe at Work' project 2020-09-25 [RTÉ]

Stronger borders and more returns cannot be dressed up as solidarity 2020-09-24 [ETUC]

Urgent call to secure financial support for journalism and media literacy in EU budget 2020-09-24 [EFJ]

EU protects workers from 3 cancerous substances – but more action needed 2020-09-23 [ETIC]

Traveller poverty, work and discrimination focus of EU report 2020-09-23 [Irish Times]

Ny periode for CO2-kompensasjonsordningen endelig besluttet i EU 2020-09-22 [Industri Energi]

SOTEU: Workers need a Directive to end wage poverty 2020-09-22 [ETUC]

Speech by ETUC Confederal Secretary Ludovic Voet at Informal Meeting of Education Ministers 2020-09-22 [ETUC]

EU climate plan has right ambition but is still not fair for workers 2020-09-22 [ETUC]

Recovery Plan – Commission must be clearer on social fairness and just transition 2020-09-22 [ETUC]

Joint letter: ‘e-evidence’ regulation must protect journalists 2020-09-21 [EFJ]

“You don’t ask for power, you grab it!” – in Paris, migrant housekeeping staff are taking on a hotel giant 2020-09-17 [Equal Times]

Full splittelse om minstelønn 2020-09-16 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Unite calls for leaked document on post-Brexit chaos in Kent to be released 2020-09-16 [Unite the union]

UEFA must distance itself from Lukashenko 2020-09-15 [BWI]

ETUC welcomes von der Leyen vow to protect collective bargaining 2020-09-15 [ETUC]

EFJ and IFJ demand use of Extended Collective Licensing in new EU Copyright Directive submission 2020-09-15 [EFJ]

UK border Brexit ‘chaos and confusion’ warning over incomplete IT systems and ‘eleventh hour’ lorry parks 2020-09-14 [Unite the union]

Norge, Sverige, Danmark og Island markerer motstand mot europeisk minstelønn 2020-09-14 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Foresight: will it make fairer EU policies? 2020-09-11 [ETUC]

EU countries with weak collective bargaining have lowest wages 2020-09-11 [ETUC]

EFJ calls on Council of Europe to support Belarusian journalists 2020-09-09 [EFJ]

Restructuring disguised as liquidation? How cross border union solidarity is saving livelihoods at Camaïeu fashion retail chain 2020-09-08 [UNI Europa]

Private Equity and nursing homes: a lethal cocktail 2020-09-08 [UNI Europa]

Amazon's Unrestrained Power Is a Threat to the European Social Model 2020-09-07 [UNI Global Union]

Brexit clarity needed for air travel industry 2020-09-07 [BALPA]

How the little-known Energy Charter Treaty is holding environmental policy hostage 2020-09-07 [Equal Times]

Huge majority of trade unions call for EU law on fair wages 2020-09-04 [ETUC]

The women changing the face of French agriculture 2020-09-04 [Equal Times]

Job protection schemes must stay as unemployment rises again 2020-09-02 [ETUC]

EU foreign ministers must support right to strike in Belarus  ActNOW!  2020-08-27 [ETUC]

COVID-19 worsens plight of Ukrainian migrant workers 2020-08-26 [BWI]

Wave of support in Europe for Belarusian journalists 2020-08-24 [EFJ]

In Central and South-Eastern Europe, media freedom is under attack, and journalists are on the frontline 2020-08-24 [Equal Times]

ETUC GS: Sanctions need to hit Lukashenko and cronies hard 2020-08-21 [ETUC]

Unions call for EU sanctions against Belarus  ActNOW!  2020-08-19 [ETUC]

EFJ and ETUC call for EU sanctions against Belarusian leaders 2020-08-19 [EFJ]

Joint statement on Belarus: EU must reintroduce sanctions related to violations of media freedom 2020-08-17 [EFJ]

Opinion: The state of sick pay is sickening 2020-08-16 [Brinkwire]

Just Eat to stop using gig workers 2020-08-14 [BBC]

Covid led to ‘brutal crackdown’ on garment workers' rights, says report 2020-08-07 [Guardian]

MFF and Recovery Plan: the ETUC demands reinforcement of social partners involvement 2020-08-07 [ETUC]

Two million posted workers finally receive equal pay 2020-07-31 [ETUC]

New EU report calls for permanent European fund for journalists 2020-07-30 [EFJ]

120 alerts in 4 months: first MFRR-report documents severe threats to media freedom across Europe 2020-07-30 [EFJ]

EU must ratify Istanbul Convention on violence against women after Poland withdrawal reports 2020-07-28 [ETUC]

Unions back MEPs demanding EU budget & recovery plan improvements 2020-07-24 [ETUC]

MPM2020: poor working conditions for journalists in 13 European countries 2020-07-24 [EFJ]

EU Recovery Plan good news for 60 million at risk of unemployment 2020-07-22 [ETUC]

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