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Europeisk fagbevegelse krever hastetiltak for å beskytte ukrainske kvinner


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Europeisk fagbevegelse krever hastetiltak for å beskytte ukrainske kvinner [Unio] 2022-05-04

SAS-pilotene har brutt forhandlingene. Har SAS’ fremtid i hendene [E24] 2022-03-29

Fag­bevegelsen advarer mot å harmonisere utdannings­systemene [Khrono] 2022-02-03

Nå kommer EUs minstelønn [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-12

LO stopper pengene til europeisk fagbevegelse etter forslag om minstelønn [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-04

Flygere går til sak mot SAS [E24] 2021-12-18

Koronapass og vaksine viktig for fagbevegelsen [LO] 2021-12-14

EUs minstelønn snart i mål [LO] 2021-11-30

Norden sier nei til EUs minstelønn [Fri fagbevegelse] 2021-11-22

Europaparlamentet med sterk støtte til europeisk minstelønn [Stortinget] 2021-11-18


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Agreement reached on the social dialogue work programme 2022-05-16 [Eurocadres]

Education unions, national and local authorities, and international organisations mobilise to ensure access to education for all refugee students 2022-05-12 [EI]

EU begins crackdown on illegal online content 2022-05-08 [Eurocadres]

 VIDEO  Luca Visentini May Day Message 2022 2022-05-06 [ETUC]

Easy money – taxpayers’ money is flowing to Amazon without any competition 2022-05-05 [UNI]

UNI’s COZZ celebrates 5 years of union building 2022-05-05 [UNI]

Skal ha nektet å losse russisk diesel 2022-05-04 [NRK]

Europeisk fagbevegelse krever hastetiltak for å beskytte ukrainske kvinner 2022-05-04 [Unio]

BWI and EFBWW say jobs shouldn't kill, push for OHS as fundamental right 2022-05-02 [BWI]

1 May: putting working people on the front foot 2022-05-01 [UNI]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - April 2022 2022-04-29 [ETUC]

#MayDay is about Solidarity 2022-04-29 [ETUC]

Workers’ Memorial Day: 30,000 more preventable workplace deaths expected by 2030 2022-04-29 [ETUC]

European Commission proposed legislation to protect journalists from SLAPPs 2022-04-28 [EFJ]

Council of Europe report shows alarming increase in attacks on press freedom 2022-04-28 [IFJ]

More rights for migrant workers – but only the lucky few 2022-04-28 [ETUC]

Launch of the 2022 Annual Report of the Council of Europe’s Safety of Journalists Platform 2022-04-27 [IFJ]

SLAPPs: EU must stop the silencing of workers with baseless legal threats 2022-04-26 [ETUC]

Public pensions push profit over care 2022-04-25 [Social Europe]

Nordics split as EU minimum wage proposal delayed 2022-04-25 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Eurocadres calls for the immediate release of Belarusian trade union leaders 2022-04-23 [Eurocadres]

ORPEA unions meet to support workers’ President of European Works Council 2022-04-22 [PSI]

New report calls for more diversity in talents in journalism 2022-04-15 [EFJ]

UNI Europa responds to EPSU criticism of ORPEA deal 2022-04-14 [UNI Europa]

Orpea global agreement concluded without its unions 2022-04-14 [EPSU]

Gender Pay Transparency Directive adopted in Parliament 2022-04-08 [Eurocadres]

Drifting mines threaten seafarers’ safe passage in Black Sea 2022-04-07 [ITF]

Parliament backs stronger gender pay transparency directive 2022-04-05 [ETUC]

Irakli Petriashvili Will Chair a Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pan-european Regional Council of the International Trade Unions Confederation in Brussels and Will Hold a Meeting With European Colleagues 2022-04-05 [GTUC]

We’re hiring – are you our next projects and policy officer? 2022-04-02 [Eurocadres]

EFJ to hold its General Meeting in Izmir on 13-14 June 2022-04-01 [EFJ]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - March 2022 2022-04-01 [ETUC]

Circular economy plan crucial but another missed opportunity on just transition 2022-04-01 [ETUC]

Unions sheltering thousands of refugees 2022-04-01 [ETUC]

EU seeks new powers to fight hate speech 2022-03-31 [EFJ]

SAS-pilotene har brutt forhandlingene. Har SAS’ fremtid i hendene 2022-03-29 [E24]

Energy price cap crucial for sanctions support 2022-03-28 [ETUC]

AIDA Committee calls for legislative initiative on AI at work 2022-03-26 [UNI]

Digital Market Act provisional agreement – End of the Tech Giants’ Wild West 2022-03-26 [UNI]

Proposed due diligence legislation must be strengthened 2022-03-26 [IndustriALL]

Eurocadres participates in Tripartite Social Summit 2022-03-26 [Eurocadres]

Trade Union leaders meet with Ukrainian counterparts 2022-03-26 [Eurocadres]

Another yellow card from Sweden against platform work proposal 2022-03-25 [Nordic Labour Journal]

MFRR publishes new report: 'Controlling the Message: Challenges for independent reporting in Greece' 2022-03-25 [EFJ]

EU should deliver rights for all refugees 2022-03-24 [ETUC]

VTC Tripartite Social Summit for Growth and Employment - Opening speech of Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary and speeches from trade union leaders attending the Summit 2022-03-24 [ETUC]

Sky-High Gas Prices Push Europe’s Gig Workers to Strike 2022-03-23 [Wired]

CASE coalition published new report on the nature and impact of SLAPPs in Europe§ 2022-03-22 [EFJ]

ETUC Resolution on Ukraine 2022-03-22 [ETUC]

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