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Fristen for annulleringssøksmål i minstelønnsdirektivet går ut denne uken


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Fristen for annulleringssøksmål i minstelønnsdirektivet går ut denne uken [LO] 2023-01-16

Minstelønnsdirektivet faller i sin helhet utenfor EØS-avtalen [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-10-26

Nå har EU vedtatt minstelønnsdirektivet [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-10-05

En europeisk minstelønn? [Tendens] 2022-09-20

EU-parlamentet sier ja til minstelønn [Fafo Øst-forum] 2022-09-14

Etuc: Lavinntektsfamilier har ikke råd til å betale strømregningene sine [Utrop/NTB] 2022-09-07

Wizz Air har utnyttet coronapandemien til å kvitte seg med ansatte [Børsen] 2021-04-18

Wizz Air beordrer utrensking av brysomme piloter [Børsen] 2021-04-08

EU-krav til felles minstelønn er på vei: Frykter for den danske modellen [Fafo Øst-forum] 2021-11-08

SAS-pilotene godkjenner tariffavtalen [E24] 2022-08-06


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Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - January 2023 2023-02-01 [ETUC]

IFJ statement on the resignation of four Nordic affiliates 2023-02-01 [IFJ]

French MP, Rachel Keke: “From the Paris chambermaid strike, I learned the power of collective struggle” 2023-02-01 [Equal Times]

Brexit ‘costing UK economy £100bn a year’, Telegraph says 2023-01-31 []

States should impose a moratorium on spyware such as Pegasus and Predator 2023-01-31 [EFJ]

European trade unions federations on the anti-strike legislation in the UK – bin it! 2023-01-30 [EFJ]

Yes to strengthened social dialogue – but in an inclusive way 2023-01-29 [CESI]

Joint CESI-UFE statement on a new Framework for Income Taxation (BEFIT) 2023-01-29 [CESI]

Net-Zero Industry Act: Now match the US on social standards 2023-01-27 [ETUC]

EU mainstreams social dialogue – on paper 2023-01-26 [ETUC]

Europe’s Factories Show Signs of Life to Start the Year 2023-01-25 [Bloomberg]

New rules on collective bargaining could transform union landscape, says ICTU general secretary 2023-01-24 [Irish Times]

Ford to cut up to 3,200 European jobs, union says, vowing to fight 2023-01-24 [Saltwire]

EFJ contributed to the 2023 Commission’s Rule of Law report 2023-01-24 [EFJ]

Next Call for Applications for the Local Cross-Border Journalism Grant Programme 2023-01-23 [EFJ]

New year, new challenges 2023-01-21 [CESI]

ESRI research finds significant 'migrant wage gap' 2023-01-20 [RTÉ]

Denmark takes minimum wage directive to the EU Court 2023-01-19 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Unions meet US ambassador over green jobs 2023-01-19 [ETUC]

Call for solidarity with UK affiliates 2023-01-18 [EPSU]

BWI and EFBWW release second 2022 joint activity report 2023-01-18 [BWI]

EFJ publishes position on the European Media Freedom Act 2023-01-17 [EFJ]

MEPs to vote on ending fake self-employment – or not 2023-01-17 [ETUC]

Tvil om forhandlingsmandatet i plattformarbeiderdirektivet 2023-01-16 [LO]

Fristen for annulleringssøksmål i minstelønnsdirektivet går ut denne uken 2023-01-16 [LO]

EFJ created a Gender and Diversity Expert Group 2023-01-16 [EFJ]

New European Disability Card should span to employment and work too 2023-01-14 [CESI]

Parliament position adds to protection from gender-based violence 2023-01-14 [Eurocadres]

Eurobarometer: EU must do more on cost of living crisis 2023-01-13 [ETUC]

Anti-strike law puts UK outside mainstream 2023-01-12 [ETUC]

Europaparlamentet klare for forhandlinger om plattformarbeiderdirektivet 2023-01-09 [LO]

Climate journalists exposed to repeated pressure and legal risks 2023-01-09 [EFJ]

Pay transparency yes, but we need more for equal pay 2023-01-03 [Social Europe]

124 journalists to spend New Year’s Eve in prison in Europe 2023-01-02 [EFJ]

Reaction of the Presidium of CESI to Qatargate 2023-01-01 [CESI]

Travel disruption woes continue with new strikes looming 2022-12-26 [The Star]

International support for picketing health workers in Turkey 2022-12-23 [EPSU]

Transport unions welcome European Parliament progress on Platform Work Directive 2022-12-22 [ITF]

EU gas price cap too little too late for workers 2022-12-22 [ETUC]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - December 2022 2022-12-22 [ETUC]

European Trade Union Confederation appealed to the Prime Minister of Belarus  ActNOW!  2022-12-22 []

A crime story at the heart of the European Parliament 2022-12-22 [Morning Star]

Collective agreement marks a “big step” for Croatia’s gaming industry workers 2022-12-22 [Equal Times]

In Berlin, in The Hague and in Istanbul activists demanded the release of Belarusian trade unionists  ActNOW!  2022-12-21 []

Safety checks on dangerous machines restored after 15 years 2022-12-20 [ETUC]

BKDP Women's Network Chair Participated in PERC Conference 2022-12-19 [Salidarnast]

Positive steps forward in protecting platform workers 2022-12-17 [Eurocadres]

Historical progress made in the push for pay parity 2022-12-17 [Eurocadres]

England Workers at Rolls-Royce car plant win record pay deal 2022-12-17 [RTÉ]

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