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Milei looks to reform severance pay, fines for hiring workers informally

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Unions respond to privatization 2023-12-04 [Canadian Dimension]

Milei looks to reform severance pay, fines for hiring workers informally 2023-11-29 [The Herald]

Unions plan to fight against Javier Milei’s radical reforms 2023-11-26 [The Telegraph]

This Country is Not For Sale: Unions Respond to Privatization, Regional Solidarity is Rising 2023-11-25 [TUED]

Labour leaders warn of resistance to President-elect Milei's radical reforms 2023-11-24 [CTV]

Alert! Down with racist violence! 2023-09-07 [PSI]

Unions support Union for the Fatherland campaign 2023-09-01 [Prensa Latina]

Union urges “no” vote on RBA staff Enterprise Agreement ballot today Top economist condemns bank’s position on staff pay 2023-08-23 [FSU]

Grain Inspectors End Strike After Government Order 2023-08-01 [Marine Link]

Workers' strike hits grain shipments from Argentine river ports hub 2023-08-01 [Reuters]

Ports inspectors strike ends 2023-08-01 [Fastmarkets]

Teachers to stage strike July 31-Aug. 1 in Chubut Province 2023-08-01 [Crisis24]

Grain inspectors end hours-long strike after government steps in 2023-08-01 [Reuters]

Unionized subway workers to strike in Buenos Aires Aug. 1 and 3 2023-07-31 [Crisis24]


Unions, Native People Fight Mining “Reforms” and Police Repression 2023-07-03 [Truthout]

SATSAID to conduct survey on working conditions in the Argentine video game industry 2023-06-14 [UNI]

Unions lead protests in Jujuy following a week-long teachers’ strike 2023-06-13 [The Herald]

FTIA organizes protests and work stoppages across country in defense of workers' purchasing power 2023-06-02 [IUF]

Argentina Protesters in Argentina demand to stop persecution of workers in Belarus 2023-04-13 []

Argentina Leftist parties in Argentina to hold protest action against repression in Belarus 2023-04-12 []

ITF condemns attacks on Argentinian railway workers 2023-03-23 [ITF]

Community cooks call for salaries in front of Congress 2023-03-09 [The Herald]

TV workers in Argentina win 38% pay rise 2023-03-07 [UNI Global Union]

UNI in solidarity with TV workers in Argentina demanding a decent wage 2023-02-08 [UNI Global. Union]

The Port of Rosario resumes operations after being paralyzed for a month due to a labor conflict 2023-01-08 [News Rebeat]

Tolls on the Coast: the union lifted the strike and is preparing for a hearing with the company 2023-01-08 [Zyri]

Unionized rail workers launch indefinite strike 2023-01-03 [Crisis 24]

National protocol in the food industry builds on C190 2022-11-19 [IUF]

FATSA wins 96 per cent wage increase for Argentine care workers 2022-11-09 [UNI]

Mandatory conciliation stalls Argentinean union grain strike 2022-10-20 [Yahoo]

Unionized education workers to launch 24-hour strike in Buenos Aires Oct. 4 2022-10-04 [Crisis 24]

Oil workers end strike after inking deal on safety 2022-09-26 [Shipping News]

Oil workers end strike after inking deal on safety 2022-09-24 [Reuters]

WFTU: Argentina: Unions support the struggle for trade union freedoms and stand in solidarity with the victims of companies that violate job security 2022-09-22 [WFTU]

Huelga y bloqueo en la planta de Bridgestone en Llavallol: denuncian discriminación racial 2022-09-16 [El Diario]

Argentina passes legislation promoting the auto industry 2022-09-14 [IndustriALL]

Unions Lead Mass Demonstrations for Higher Wages, Lower Prices 2022-08-29 [Common Dreams]

Argentine workers mark Independence Day with IMF protests 2022-07-10 [Yahoo]

200,000 construction jobs recovered 2022-06-04 [BWI]

Maritime workers set to strike 2022-04-21 [Splash 24/7]


Airport agreement sets a new model for worker and passenger health 2022-03-26 [ITF]

Government orders oil sector talks after worker strike 2022-02-08 [Saltwire]

Buquebús workers stage protest at Buenos Aires port 2022-01-22 [Merco Press]

Labour unions, environmentalists, and Indigenous people unite to defeat mining interests in Argentina 2022-01-15 [Canadian Dimension]

Mandatory conciliation decreed and air traffic controllers' strike suspended 2022-01-11 [Aviacionline]

Teachers in Buenos Aires Are Striking Against Neoliberalism 2021-12-24 [Jacobin]

Oil workers union to hold 13-hour strike on Friday 2021-12-10 [NASDAQ]

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