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WTO Civil Society Ban by Argentina is Outrageous 2017-12-09 [ITUC]

Workers March in Protest Against Labor Reforms 2017-12-07 [TeleSUR]

Organising and innovating – the winning strategy of Argentina’s pharmaceutical trade union 2017-11-13 [Equal Times]

Police Injure and Detain Protesting Pensioners 2017-11-12 [TeleSUR]

Union That Supported Macri Now Calls for Labor Strike Against His Policies 2017-11-08 [TeleSUR]

Organising and innovating – the winning strategy of Argentina’s pharmaceutical trade union 2017-11-07 [Equal Times]

The question holding Argentina in suspense: Where is Santiago Maldonado? 2017-09-08 [equal times]

Macri Lays Off Key Job Advisers After Union Strike 2017-08-24 [TeleSUR]

Labour unions protest job losses, Macri policies 2017-08-23 [TRT]

Triumph for Argentinian air traffic controllers 2017-08-03 [ITF]

Laid off Pepsico Workers Clash with Police 2017-07-27 [TeleSUR]

Argentina’s air traffic controllers denounce CBA breach 2017-07-26 [ITF]

Argentine Workers To Launch Boycott, Protest Against PepsiCo 2017-07-18 [telesur]

Workers beat back Goliath, defend factory 2017-07-16 [Labour movement]

Doctors Join Call for National Strike Against Macri 2017-07-15 [TeleSUR]

Argentine unions protest at Atucha dismissals 2017-07-12 [IndustriALL]

Veladero spills: Argentine mine's history repeating itself 2017-07-07 [equal times]

Lawyers Join Calls for a National Strike 2017-07-06 [TeleSUR]

Government orders port workers to end strike and enter talks 2017-06-22 [The Shipping News]

Government orders port workers to end strike and enter talks 2017-06-21 [NASDAQ]

Teachers Continue Strike for Salary Increase 2017-06-15 [TeleSUR]

International solidarity bolsters union in BA Argentina battle 2017-06-14 [ITF]

Workers Prepare Massive March Against Neoliberalism 2017-06-14 [teleSUR]

Argentine City's Move to Militarize Public Transport Sparks Anger, Workers Call off Strike 2017-06-14 [teleSUR]

Trade union conflict paralyzes the port of San Antonio for almost three days 2017-06-01 [Fresh Plaza]

Ports in Argentina hit by three-day strike of inspectors 2017-06-01 [Splash 24/7]

Port inspectors to begin three-day strike 2017-06-01 [The Shipping News]

Barrick Gold reports union strike at Argentina mine 2017-05-29 [BNN]

Decent Work Check - Labour Law Guide Argentina 2017-05-16 [http://www.wageindicator.org/documents/decentworkcheck/latinamer]

Will a teachers strike in Argentina impact the next elections? 2017-05-02 [GRI]

Port workers in Argentine grains hub to hold wage protests 2017-04-21 [Reuters]

Rising tension as teachers’ protest repressed by police 2017-04-19 [Education International]

Public Sector workers stage 1 day strike 2017-04-13 [LAHT]

Buenos Aires: general strike with a difference 2017-04-09 [DE]

President faces his first national strike, shutting down country 2017-04-08 [buenosairesherald]

Police and protesters clash as worker strike paralyzes Argentina 2017-04-07 [Guardian ]

Tensions rise as strike cripples Argentina 2017-04-07 [enca]

Workers to Hold General Strike Against Neoliberalism 2017-04-06 [telesurtv]

Trade Unions Ready for Great National Strike 2017-04-04 [Prensa Latina]

Argentine Professors Announce another National Strike 2017-04-03 [plenglish]

Port workers suspend strike after protester run over 2017-03-31 [Insider]

Trucker Kills Port Worker on Strike Picket Line 2017-03-31 [The Maritime Executive]

ITF youth conference gets underway in Argentina #WeAreITF 2017-03-29 [ITF Global Union]

Public Transportation Drivers to Join CGT Strike 2017-03-29 [Prensa Latina]

Argentines take their impatience with Macri to the streets 2017-03-29 [The Financial Times]

Will this worker co-operative hotel be forced to shut down by right-wing Government? 2017-03-28 [Labor Notes]

Etex’s hidden agenda causes job losses in Argentina 2017-03-28 [BWI]

Anti-immigration rhetoric spreading across Latin America 2017-03-27 [Equal Times]

Striking teachers stage protest march in capital 2017-03-25 [WaPo]

400,000 March in Solidarity With Striking Teachers 2017-03-25 [In Serbia]

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