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Azerbaijan The ATUC delegation is taking part in the Congress in Turkey 2020-10-13 [Azerbaijan Trades Union Confederation]

Canada Free Cihan Erdal, NUPGE urges Canadian govt. 2020-10-11 [NUPGE]

Sweden Exiled Turkish journalist attacked in Stockholm 2020-09-30 [EFJ]

Turkey TARIM ORMAN-IS holds training to combat rising work-related deaths in forestry 2020-07-21 [BWI]

South Africa COSATU calls for the release of Kurdish leader – Abdullah Ocalan 2020-07-17 [COSATU]

Turkey urkish union prompts companies to implement high-level COVID-19 measures 2020-07-06 [BWI]

Turkey Turkish tyre workers win Goodyear contract 2020-07-02 [IndustriALL]

Turkey IFJ joins civil society coalition in calling on Turkish authority to unblock radio station Özgürüz 2020-06-22 [IFJ]

Turkey Union opposes lease of forest areas to big business 2020-06-18 [BWI]

Turkey MTN Plastik in Turkey sacks 26 union members 2020-06-10 [IndustriALL]

Turkey MTN Plastik in Turkey sacks 26 union members 2020-06-10 [IndustriALL]

Turkey Forest workers stop forced collection of COVID-19 donations 2020-05-23 [BWI]

Turkey Cement union opens facility to health workers 2020-05-14 [BWI]

Turkey Free arrested Turkish union leaders! 2020-05-04 [ETUC]

Turkey Police Intervention Against DİSK Members Who Want to Take to Taksim for May Day 2020-05-03 [Bianet]

Turkey tanbul’s May Day under COVID-19 measures ends up with detentions, police confrontation, a destroyed wreath 2020-05-03 [Duvar]

Turkey Turkish police detain gathered union leaders on May Day 2020-05-02 [The Hour]

Turkey Amid pandemic, medical groups question Turkey’s weekend curfew approach Read more: 2020-04-15 [AlMonitor]

Turkey Is it Covid-19 or Capitalism? 2020-04-12 []

Turkey Workers strike as bosses keep them at work despite COVID-19 2020-04-05 []

Turkey Societies Pushed Into the Tunnel of Horror Become Blind 2020-04-01 []

Turkey COVID-19: IFJ and EFJ urge Turkish government not to discriminate against political prisoners 2020-03-30 [IFJ]

Turkey Dismissals Should be Banned Throughout Coronavirus Outbreak 2020-03-17 [Bianet]

Turkey İstanbul’s unpaid excavation site workers call for action 2020-03-14 [Sol]

Turkey Will you arrest the coronavirus also 2020-03-13 [SendikaOrg]

Turkey Two journalists hacked in cyber attack after tweeting about killed soldiers 2020-02-29 [ifj]

Turkey government confiscates labor union’s land 2020-02-27 []

Turkey Dismissed civil servants continue fight to restore rights 2020-02-25 [Al-Monitor]

Turkey Turkey’s Journalists’ Union calls on Google to reconsider GNI funding to pro-government Demiroren Media 2020-02-22 [EFJ]

Turkey ITUC:Türkiye hak ihlallerini inkâr ediyor 2020-02-17 [Birgün]

Turkey Kale Pratt aerospace factory fired 94 workers 2020-02-17 [MorningStar]

Turkey Mass firings in Turkey: 'We have been given a social death sentence' 2020-02-15 [Deutsche Welle]

Turkey Turkey must end public ad ban on independent newspapers 2020-02-12 [EFJ]

Turkey Deadlock sets Turkish metalworkers en route to strike 2020-01-24 [IndustriAll]

Turkey Deadlock sets Turkish metalworkers en route to strike 2020-01-21 [IndustriALL]

Turkey Minimum wage: Bosses pleased, workers walked out 2020-01-13 [SoL]

Turkey Unions walk out of minimum wage meeting 2019-12-30 [Duvar]

Turkey ITF welcomes back Turkish union Hava-Is 2019-12-20 [ITF]

Turkey Journalist found unconscious with brain haemorrhage 2019-12-10 [EFJ]

Turkey Wildcat strike by sanitation workers against CHP administration in Maltepe 2019-11-12 [APFUTU]

Turkey Hürriyet fires 45 journalists 2019-11-10 [IFJ]

South Africa Protesters call for ANC to rescind MOU with Turkey's AKP 2019-11-08 [IOL]

Turkey Court orders the release under judicial supervision of Ahmet Altan and Nazli Ilicak after three years in jail 2019-11-08 [EFJ]

Turkey Women in Turkey remain defiant despite HDP arrest operation 2019-11-07 [The Morning Star]

Turkey Wildcat strike by sanitation workers 2019-11-05 [wsws]

UK Prospect of Turkish rescue of British Steel raises union concerns 2019-10-17 [Guardian]

UK Turkey - Our demands – condemning the invasion and suspending the arms trade 2019-10-12 [UNISON]

UK Thirteen major trade unions urge UK government to condemn Turkey’s invasion of Syria 2019-10-12 [Unite the union]

Turkey BWI Affiliates in Turkey Support the Youth-Led Global Climate Strike 2019-10-03 [BWI]

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