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Turkey Working Class Speaks up on May Day: End Oppression and Exploitation! 2022-05-08 []

Turkey May Day in Turkey: Working Class is again out Filling the Streets 2022-05-06 []

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey [15 March - 15 April] For more info 2022-04-16 []

Europe EFJ to hold its General Meeting in Izmir on 13-14 June 2022-04-01 [EFJ]

Iraq British delegation to Iraqi Kurdistan calls for Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoganto be charged with war crimes and for immediate investigations into the alleged use of chemical weapons 2022-03-26 [BFAWU]

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey [15 February - 15 March] 2022-03-16 []

Turkey Turkish authorities' seven-month delay in Ukrainian seafarers' drug import case ‘totally unacceptable': ITF 2022-02-11 [ITF]

Turkey Turkish couriers strike for higher pay 2022-02-05 [Reuters]

Turkey Strikes of Turkish delivery workers expand 2022-02-05 [Duvar]

Turkey 200 detained in demonstration of Farplas workers 2022-01-31 [MEHA]

Turkey Turkey's flagship online food ordering company is failing to deliver on workers' rights 2022-01-21 [Equal Times]

Turkey BBC Turkey goes on strike for decent pay 2022-01-17 [EFJ]

Turkey Workers Speak Out From Istanbul: Enough is Enough, We Want to live! 2021-12-14 [UID-DER]

Turkey 1000s met in Istanbul: We want to make a living 2021-12-12 [247]

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey This Month (15 October - 15 November) For more info 2021-11-16 [UID-DER]

Turkey Turkish unions: Eliminate the gender employment gap 2021-11-03 [BWI]

Turkey BWI celebrates life of YOL-IS General Secretary Tevfik Ozcelik 2021-11-03 [BWI]

Turkey Turkish unions: Eliminate the gender employment gap 2021-11-01 [BWI]

Turkey BWI holds three-day visit to Turkey, strengthens ties with affiliates 2021-10-16 [BWI]

Somalia OECD MNE Guidelines: Turkish Operated Infrastructure in Somalia Under Scrutiny 2021-09-23 [TUAC]

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey (15 August - 15 September) 2021-09-15 [UID-DER]

Turkey Journalists' Union warns of strike at AFP as talks for collective agreement stall 2021-09-13 [EFJ]

Turkey AFP journalists threaten strike over pay 2021-09-12 [IFJ]

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey (15july - 15 August 2021) 2021-08-15 [UID-DER]

Turkey Open letter urges the European Council to strengthen its commitment to human rights in the EU-Turkey relations 2021-06-23 [EFJ]

Turkey The Soma trial has been concluded: Those who were responsible for the massacre of 301 mine workers in Soma were unjustly obsolved with punishments that are more like awards 2021-06-20 [WFTU]

Turkey Yemeni journalist subjected to violence during his detention in Turkey 2021-06-04 [IFJ]

Turkey May Day 2021 in Turkey 2021-05-07 []

Turkey WPFD #BasınBelada campaign to raise awareness of journalists' working conditions 2021-05-05 [EFJ]

Turkey 212 protestors detained as Turkey marked May Day under full lockdown 2021-05-03 [Stockholm Center for Freedom]

Turkey Journalist Levent Gültekin assaulted in front of TV Halk station 2021-03-11 [EFJ]

Turkey Media Monitoring Report 2020: In Turkey, one in six journalists has an ongoing trial 2021-02-16 [EFJ]

Turkey EFJ supports Erol Önderoğlu, facing 14 years in prison 2021-02-03 [EFJ]

UK UK and Turkey unions: Suspend UK-Turkey deal until workers' rights are respected 2021-01-29 [TUC]

Canada European Parliament joins call to free Cihan Erdal 2021-01-26 [CUPE]

Turkey Workers detained on 1000th day of resistance in fight for reinstatement 2021-01-16 [MS]

Turkey Four journalists detained after reporting on alleged torture 2021-01-15 [IFJ]

Turkey Turkish Cypriot journalist harassed by the Turkish government 2021-01-15 [EFJ]

Turkey Cosatu compares jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan to ‘Nelson Mandela' as it launches new campaign for his release 2021-01-11 [Morning Star]

Turkey MESS'leAnlaşma Sağlanamadı 2020-12-24 [Birleşik Metal-İş Sendikası(DİSK)]

Europe #TrustInMediaSEE: Guidelines for inclusive media reporting on Covid-19 2020-12-23 [EFJ]

Turkey Turkish unions unite to build power in auto industry 2020-12-14 [IndustriALL]

Turkey A chapter in the labour history of Turkey 2020-12-05 [DISK]

Azerbaijan A meeting with the leaders of Turkey's leading public organizations was held at the ATUC 2020-11-16 [Azerbaijan Trades Union Confederation]

Turkey 26 members of teachers' union in Diyarbakır detained 2020-11-07 [Bianet]

Turkey Bill on labor rights stirs row in Turkey 2020-11-07 [TDN]

Turkey International trade unions call on Turkey to withdraw omnibus bill threatening workers' rights 2020-11-07 [Bianet]

Turkey Severance pay: Why do unions object? 2020-11-03 [Bianet]

Turkey Turkish unions threaten strike severance cuts 2020-11-03 [AlMonitor]

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