ITF demands overturn of convictions of trade unionists

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Pressure builds to drop Turkish trade unionists’ convictions 2017-03-16 [ITF]

Youth Unemployment Climbs to 24% 2017-03-16 [Bianet]

Detained: After 120 days on hunger strike to demand their jobs back 2017-03-16 [Bianet]

Social Media Campaign Launched for Imprisoned Journalists in Turkey 2017-03-16 [Bianet]

ITF demands overturn of convictions of trade unionists  ActNOW!  2017-03-13 [ITF]

Purge turns math teacher into construction worker 2017-03-13 [Turkey Purge]

Teachers, police officers join unskilled labor force after coup purge 2017-03-13 [Turkey Purge]

Turkey: dismissed teachers receive international support 2017-03-03 [EI]

Solidarity with dismissed unionists in Turkey 2017-02-22 [PSI]

Outspoken union head faces armed attack as pressure mounts on referendum naysayers 2017-02-12 [Turkey Purge]

'No room to breathe anymore' 2017-02-08 []

Authorities sack another 4,500 civil servants after coup bid 2017-02-08 [AFP]

Turkey dismissed more than 90,000 public servants in post-coup purge - minister 2017-01-31 [CNA]

Metal işçileri grev yaptı ! Metal-İş Sendikası grevi ne zaman sona erecek 2017-01-30 [Güncel Haber]

Unemployment rises to 11.8 pct, highest in six years 2017-01-24 [Hurriyet Daily News]

Victory for metalworkers in Turkey 2017-01-24 [IndustriALL]

Attacks on unions continue as Turkish government bans strikes 2017-01-20 [IndustriALL]

Grannies to get state salaries for grandchildren’s care 2017-01-18 [Al-Monitor]

Journalist Ünal Tanık detained as post-coup crackdown continues 2017-01-18 [Turkey Purge]

For 7 months 17 crew stranded in Algeria : A human rights disgrace ITF says 2017-01-17 [Hellenic Shipping News]

Thousands fired in Turkey coup purges 2017-01-09 [AFP]

6,087 workers killed on the job in last five years, TESK chair Palandöken says 2017-01-09 [Hurriyet Daily News]

6,000 more workers dismissed in post-coup crackdown 2017-01-09 [Reuters]

Oil workers battle against restructuring of Turkish Petroleum 2017-01-05 [IndustriALL]

journalist Ahmet Sik held 'over tweet'  ActNOW!  2017-01-02 [BBC]

Journalists, Writers Face Terrorism, Separatism Charges  ActNOW!  2017-01-02 [Human Rights Watch]

‘We Want Our Jobs Back’: Turkish Workers Protest Post-Coup Purges 2016-12-30 [Equal Times]

‘We Want Our Jobs Back’: Turkish Workers Protest Post-Coup Purges 2016-12-30 [equal times]

Another journalist arrested in media crackdown 2016-12-30 [IFJ]

Cafeteria manager jailed for insulting Erdogan, lawyer says 2016-12-28 [Reuters]

Kurdish journalist arrested in European capital 'on Turkey’s request'  ActNOW!  2016-12-21 [ARA News]

Statement on the evolution of the Turkish situation 2016-12-20 [ETUC]

450 kilometre Walk For Justice for dismissed workers 2016-12-20 [ITUC]

Factory where Theresa May's £995 leather trousers are made by workers on as little as £1.49 an hour revealed 2016-12-19 [Mirror]

We brought peace in the case of Akcetin Triko vs. Abdullah Izgi For more info 2016-12-17 [Bagimsiz-Sen]

Organising a journalist union under a State of Emergency 2016-12-07 [IFJ]

Union member violently attacked by his ex-boss, a supplier of Zara, Mango, and George For more info 2016-11-28 [Bagimsiz-Sen]

Youth unemployment poses latest danger to Turkey 2016-11-26 [Al-Monitor]

Request for action and financial solidarity 2016-11-23 [Education International]

ITF protests over anti-union pressures on Aras Cargo workers 2016-11-23 [ItF]

15,000 More Public Workers Are Fired in Turkey Crackdown 2016-11-22 [The Times]

Six miners dead, ten still trapped in landslide 2016-11-22 [IndustriALL]

Turkey: Fired for wanting to form a union 2016-11-16 [IndustriALL]

10,000 more public sector workers dismissed 2016-11-11 [ITUC]

Workers go on strike at İzmir’s main suburban rail company 2016-11-09 [Hurriyet]

Concern grows at destruction of democracy in Turkey 2016-11-01 [IndustriALL]

Turkey shuts 15 media outlets and arrests opposition editor 2016-10-31 [The Guardian]

Journalists and Kurdish leaders arrested as Turkey purge deepens 2016-10-31 [FT]

Mass Suspensions of Teachers Stoke Concern in Turkey's Kurdish Region 2016-10-29 [VoA]

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