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Russia #WomenSpeak: There is freedom in a gender-equal future 2022-01-19 [BWI]

Russia EFJ calls for the immediate release of Crimean journalists 2021-12-15 [EFJ]

Russia 51 killed in coal mine accident in Russia 2021-11-29 [IndustriALL]

Russia WFTU statement on the fatal mine accident in Kemerovo, Russia 2021-11-27 [WFTU]

Russia A Mine Disaster in Russia Highlights Safety Shortfalls in Rush to Dig Coal 2021-11-27 [The Times]

Russia UMWA mourns 51 killed in Russian mine 2021-11-26 [UMWA]

Russia Siberian coal mine disaster kills dozens in Kemerovo region plagued by fatal accidents 2021-11-26 [ABC]

Russia Ivan Safronov's detention conditions toughen after publication of his article 2021-08-11 [IFJ]

Russia Union adopts resolution on healthy and safe workplaces 2021-04-30 [BWI]

Russia Union adopts resolution on healthy and safe workplaces 2021-04-29 [BWI]

Russia Journalist Ilya Azar sentenced to 15 days for allegedly organising protests 2021-03-10 [EFJ]

Russia Court sentences prominent journalist Sergey Smirnov to 25 days in jail 2021-02-04 [EFJ]

Russia The batons instead of dialogue are trampling the rights of the people! 2021-01-24 [Communist Party of Russia]

Russia Finally on track: ban on female train drivers lifted 2021-01-21 [RTÉ]

Russia Free Pavel Zelenski 2021-01-19 [EFJ]

Belarus Strike activist of Belaruskali arrested in Russia 2021-01-08 [BITU]

Global Reasserting the importance of committed, truthful, on-the-ground reporting on the centenary of John Reed's passing 2020-10-28 [Equal Times]

Russia IFALPA Calls for Immediate Release of Russian Air Traffic Controllers 2020-10-10 [IFALPA]

Russia International campaign of solidarity with Professor Maxim Balashov 2020-08-17 [University Solidarity Russia]

Russia Most Covid-19 restrictions lifted, but Moscow is not open for protest 2020-07-23 [Opendemocracy]

Russia Journalist assaulted and seriously injured by police 2020-07-06 [IFJ]

Russia Russia's labour migrants are caught between poverty and a pandemic 2020-05-27 [Open Democracy]

Russia Threat of job cuts at Volkswagen plant 2020-05-20 [IndustriALL]

Russia Award-winning journalist threatened by Governor over COVID19 reporting 2020-04-22 [IFJ]

Russia Rail union in Covid-19 response 2020-04-07 [ITF]

Russia OSH violations resulted in death of construction worker 2020-02-15 [BWI]

Russia Trade unions are encouraged to participate in voting for the amendment to the Constitution 2020-01-30 [Law and Lawyer]

Russia To remember is to fight: the legacy of Russian activist lawyer Stanislav Markelov 2020-01-19 [Opendemocracy]

Russia To save or to ignore: Governors' role in wage arrears settlement 2019-12-26 [RAPSI]

Russia Police Round Up Migrant Workers 2019-12-25 [HRW]

Russia Russia introduces large fines for journalists deemed foreign agents 2019-12-20 [IFJ]

Russia Investigation about Ivan Golunov classified 2019-11-20 [EFJ]

Russia Russia urged to provide an enabling environment for journalists covering the Moscow protests 2019-08-23 [EFJ]

Russia Russia pays tribute to dead nuclear workers, vows to develop new weapons 2019-08-13 [Reuters]

Russia Communications regulator demands censorship on information about Moscow demonstrations 2019-08-13 [EFJ]

Russia Nuclear Workers Were Killed in Rocket Explosion: Russia 2019-08-11 [Newser]

Russia Sailors Return Home After 3 Years in Custody in Libya - Union of Transport Workers 2019-08-04 [Sputnik]

Russia Nestlé sales force workers across Russia confined to rooms and compelled to resign employment 2019-07-10 [IUF]

Russia Agreement signed between trade union and Inter-IKEA Industry 2019-07-02 [BWI]

Russia EFJ-IFJ welcome drop of charges against Russian journalist Ivan Golunov 2019-06-15 [EFJ]

Russia Elena Milashina: 'Sometimes I get threats and we just have to deal with it' 2019-05-08 [IFJ]

Russia 15 detained at May Day rally in St Petersburg 2019-05-01 [WBTW]

Russia Russia: trade unions prepare for wage dispute at Volkswagen 2019-04-26 [IndustriALL]

Russia IWMD : Russian Timber Workers' Union 2019-04-23 [BWI]

Russia Ford workers in Russia demand decent compensation 2019-04-16 [IndustriALL]

Russia Ford workers in Russia protest planned closure 2019-04-09 [AP]

Russia In Asbest, Russia, Making Asbestos Great Again 2019-04-07 [The Times]

Russia Unions prepare campaign to keep Ford factories in Russia 2019-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Russia Russian unions fight to save Ford plant 2019-02-19 [IndustriALL]

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