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Indonesia “Tienen miedo”: trabajadores preocupados por el traslado de la capital de Indonesia 2022-05-09 [Equal Times]

Indonesia Workers in Indonesia fear for their future as the country plans to relocate its capital city 2022-05-09 [Equal Times]

Indonesia Domestic workers to be paid RM1,500 minimum wage 2022-04-16 [Aliran]

Indonesia Pertamina says to ensure fuel supply as workers plan strike 2021-12-23 [NASDAQ]

Indonesia Indonesian government told to suspend Omnibus law 2021-12-02 [IndustriALL]

Indonesia Constitutional Court orders government to amend job creation law 2021-11-29 [JP]

Indonesia Workers protest Indonesia's labor law in May Day Rallies. 2021-05-01 [AP]

Indonesia Press freedom under threat in Papua as journalist targeted 2021-04-28 [Radio New Zealand International]

Indonesia Global Pilots on Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 2021-01-16 [IFALPA]

Indonesia Why the Omnibus Law is not only an assault on workers' rights but also on Indonesia's SDG progress 2020-12-07 [Equal Times]

Indonesia Preemployment card program sees limited reach in eastern Indonesia 2020-11-25 [Jakarta Post]

Indonesia Members of the military assault journalist 2020-11-23 [IFJ]

Indonesia Rape, abuses in palm oil fields linked to top beauty brands 2020-11-21 [Review]

Indonesia Jobs law to ease recruitment, offer tax break for foreign workers 2020-10-26 [Jakarta Post]

Indonesia Indonesia street protests reignite over disputed labor law 2020-10-20 [Bloomberg]

Indonesia An uneasy calm settles on Jakarta after days of violent protests 2020-10-10 [The New Daily]

Australia Solidarity sent to Indonesian workers taking action against new law 2020-10-10 [Green Left Weekly]

Indonesia Journalists oppose controversial Omnibus Law 2020-10-09 [IFJ]

Indonesia International labor union federations write to Jokowi to protest omnibus law 2020-10-07 [The Jakarta Post]

Indonesia Indonesian parliament passes flagship jobs bill, critics vow protests 2020-10-06 [Reuters]

Indonesia SERBUK joins farmers' protest against Omnibus Law 2020-09-30 [BWI]

Asia Can digital blockchain technology improve working conditions in the Global South? 2020-09-18 [Equal Times]

Indonesia Press Council by-passed as journalist found guilty of inciting hatred§ 2020-08-11 [IFJ]

Indonesia Two fact-checkers face doxing 2020-08-10 [IFJ]

Indonesia Farewell, Mohammed Firman 2020-08-04 [BWI]

Indonesia IFJ submits amicus curiae in support of local journalist 2020-07-27 [IFJ]

Indonesia ‘Hold on brother': final days of doomed crew on Chinese shark finning boat 2020-07-17 [The Guardian]

Indonesia YouTube censors live stream on homophobia and religion 2020-06-29 [IFJ]

Indonesia Trial begins for journalist following news of land conflict 2020-06-11 [IFJ]

Indonesia Court finds internet ban in Papua and West Papua violates the law 2020-06-04 [IFJ]

Indonesia Journalist subjected to death threats for Joko Widodo story 2020-05-30 [IFJ]

Indonesia Workers win Eid payment from Chinese power plant construction site 2020-05-28 [BWI]

Indonesia Journalists and media companies call for stimulus package 2020-05-20 [IFJ]

Indonesia COVID-19: Govt to allow people under 45 to work outside to prevent more layoffs 2020-05-12 [JP]

China Indonesia condemns abuse of fishermen aboard Chinese boats after release of corpse video 2020-05-11 [ABC]

Indonesia Labor groups demand financial transparency after government allows holiday bonus delay 2020-05-11 [JP]

Indonesia 11 Indonesian migrant workers test positive for COVID-19 upon return from Italy 2020-05-11 [JP]

Indonesia May Day rallies go online amid COVID-19 restrictions as workers continue to oppose job creation bill 2020-05-11 [JP]

Indonesia Pandemic, omnibus bill to greatly impact small-scale fisherfolk 2020-05-11 [JP]

Indonesia Businesses worry easing restrictions could prolong recovery 2020-05-11 [JP]

Indonesia Education unionists take swift action on COVID-19 pandemic 2020-05-09 [EI]

Indonesia Police arrest former chief editor of local online media 2020-05-07 [IFJ]

Indonesia Controversial Indonesia labour law reform postponed 2020-05-02 [Just-Style]

Indonesia COVID-19 forces restaurants, retailers to cut wages, furlough employees 2020-05-02 [JP]

Indonesia May Day 2020: Perayaan Hari Buruh di Berbagai Negara Saat Pandemi 2020-05-02 [Tirto]

Indonesia On May Day, workers marches go online to avoid coronavirus risk 2020-05-02 [JP]

Indonesia COVID-19 pandemic exposes problems in our health care, Jokowi says 2020-05-01 [JP]

Indonesia New normal? Better normal! 2020-05-01 [JP]

Indonesia May Day marks pain, not celebration for 2020-05-01 [570News]

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