Union protests escalate at Accor's luxury Pullman Jakarta Hotel

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Union protests escalate at Accor's luxury Pullman Jakarta Hotel 2018-10-19 [IUF]

Pulp and Paper union FSP2KI replies with actions to unlawful dismissals in Indonesia 2018-10-18 [IndustriALL]

From the Marriott US picket lines, solidarity with the fight for rights at Marriott Indonesia 2018-10-18 [IUF]

Celebrating 14 weeks maternity leave 2018-10-16 [IndustriALL]

Global solidarity effort supporting educators affected by natural catastrophe 2018-10-15 [Education International]

Solidarity with the Indonesian People 2018-10-02 [BWI]

Asia-Pacific paper unions mobilize on safety and Kimberly-Clark 2018-09-20 [IndustriALL]

Unease Grows over Foreign Workers 2018-09-15 [Benar News]

Unfair dismissal of trade union leader 2018-09-11 [PSI]

IndustriALL appeals for Indonesian union leader to be reinstated 2018-09-05 [IndustriALL]

ITF welcomes Indonesian union alliance 2018-08-22 [ITF]

Indonesia: education union’s swift support to earthquake-affected teachers, students and schools 2018-08-16 [Education International]

No rights for workers at Marriott's Bali paradise 2018-08-14 [IUF]

Holding Protest before Merdeka Palace, These are Three Demands of Workers in Relation to Price Hike 2018-07-25 [Neutral]

Pertamina Workers Union to Hold Another Rally 2018-07-24 [Tempo]

Female Workers to Hold Protest at State Palace 2018-07-24 [Tempo]

Pertamina Workers Union Demands Six Things in Today`s Rally 2018-07-20 [Tempo]

Garuda Indonesia Workers Cancel Planned Strike 2018-07-07 [The Globe]

Garuda reaches agreement with unions, ending threat of planned strike 2018-07-06 [The Post]

Pertagas worker union questions acquisition plan 2018-06-25 [The Post]

Victory for Indonesian pulp and paper workers 2018-06-19 [IndustriALL]

Journalist dies in police custody 2018-06-15 [IFJ]

Indonesian pulp and paper union calls 3-day strike 2018-06-12 [IndustriALL]

Workers affirm their confidence in dismissed independent union leader at Coca-Cola Indonesia and re-elect Atra Narwanto as Chairman 2018-06-12 [IUF]

Garuda workers agree not to strike: Minister 2018-06-05 [Jakarta Post]

Council of independent unions at Coca-Cola Indonesia rejects the national collective agreement, demands reinstatement of dismissed union leaders 2018-05-15 [IUF]

Garuda Workers Threaten to Strike; Want Demands Met in 30 Days 2018-05-04 [Tempo]

Garuda emphasizes business as usual despite strike threat 2018-05-03 [The Post]

Three demands made during May Day rally 2018-05-01 [The Post]

50,000 workers perform cultural carnival to celebrate 'May Day' 2018-05-01 [The Post]

Slow progress in the fight against child labour in Indonesia 2018-04-26 [Equal Times]

Slow progress in the fight against child labour in Indonesia 2018-04-25 [Equal Times]

Grasberg: agreement signed but dispute continues 2018-03-23 [IndustriALL]

Zaini Misrin Execution Sparks Protest at Saudi Arabian Embassy 2018-03-21 [Tempo]

Indonesian priest issues migrant worker plea at UN 2018-03-19 [ucanews]

International solidarity with Phillips Seafood Indonesia workers 2018-03-17 [IUF]

Adidas at risk of lawsuit in Indonesia supplier dispute 2018-03-16 [Just Style]

Discrimination against women affects public health 2018-03-15 [Antara]

Paternity leave: The right to a father 2018-03-15 [jpost]

One-month paternity leave granted for civil servants 2018-03-15 [jpost]

Jakarta applies paternity leave for male employees 2018-03-15 [jpost]

Violence Against Women Increased 25% Last Year: Komnas Perempuan 2018-03-14 [JG]

Women March in Indonesia for Equality and Justice Amid Legislative Attacks on Rights and Freedoms 2018-03-14 [gnnliberia]

Indonesia’s textile workers face a tough battle for severance pay 2018-03-14 [Equal Times]

Indonesia’s textile workers face a tough battle for severance pay 2018-03-13 [Equal Times]

Ministries to discuss better mechanism for raids on illegal foreign workers 2018-03-09 [jpost]

Thousands of Go-Car drivers on strike in Surakarta 2018-03-09 [jpost]

Fight for gender equality starts at home 2018-03-09 [jpost]

Women's March Returns to Fight Against Gender-Based Violence 2018-03-09 [JG]

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