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India May Day Manifesto 2020 2020-04-27 [CITU]

India Coronavirus crisis | Central government employees protest DA freeze 2020-04-25 [Moneycontrolnews]

India Delhi 'Our Life Has No Value?' JNU Sanitation Workers Clean Hostels With No Pay or Protection 2020-04-25 [News 18]

India Maharashtra Mumbai Trade Unions intervene in Plea seeking Exemption from Payment of Full Wages, Says 'Workers are entitled to wages as Per Contract' 2020-04-23 [Bar & Bench]

India Kashmir journalist charged for 'anti-national' social media posts 2020-04-20 [AJ]

India For Indian migrants in the Gulf it is a financial rather than a health crisis 2020-04-20 [Opendemocracy]

India COVID-19: Sex workers suffer during social distancing in India 2020-04-15 [Deutsche Welle]

India No work, new debt: virus creates perfect storm for slavery in India 2020-04-15 [Thomson Reuters]

India Uttarakhand Govt orders private organizations to pay salaries of employees till April 15 2020-04-14 [New Indian Express]

India West Bengal Tea unions go to police over lockdown violations 2020-04-14 [Statesman]

India Tamil Nadu Workers go hungry as Tamil Nadu government's wage order remains dead letter 2020-04-14 [TNN]

India COVID-19: Sanitation workers go beyond call of duty 2020-04-14 [PTI]

India Bloodbath amid lockdown: TOI's Sunday Magazine, News Nation, Quint lay off employees amid coronavirus crisi 2020-04-14 [FPJ]

India Maharashtra Migrant workers come out on road in Mumbai's Bandra, say want to travel back home 2020-04-14 [PTI]

India Workers worried as April salary not yet guaranteed 2020-04-14 [thehindu]

India 'We'll Die Of Hunger Before Virus Can Kill Us': Migrant Workers 2020-04-14 [NDTV]

India India's health workers have no legal right for their protection, regrets NGO network 2020-04-13 [counterview]

India The Pandemic Exposes India’s Apathy Toward Migrant Workers 2020-04-13 [Atlantic]

India What Migrant Workers Are Revealing In SOS Calls To Us 2020-04-13 [NDTV]

India The crisis of the migrant workers in India 2020-04-13 [TOI]

India Assam Unorganised workers bear the brunt 2020-04-13 [Telegraph]

India CITU Letter to the Labour Minister on termination and wage cut in IT/ITES industry during lock down period 2020-04-12 [CITU]

India Coronavirus in India: Trade unions protest salary delays, layoffs 2020-04-11 [India Today]

India Migrant workers in Surat resort to violence fearing lockdown extension 2020-04-11 [ANI]

India PIL filed in SC to rescue Indian migrant workers in Gulf Countries 2020-04-11 [India Legal]

India Volunteers give sanitary pads to migrant workers 2020-04-11 [TNN]

India About 400 million workers in India may sink into poverty: UN report Read more at: 2020-04-09 [Economic Times India]

India Covid-19 impact: PM must consult with trade unions for workers’ revival package, says labour economist 2020-04-09 [The Hindu]

India Relief to construction workers: 18 states transfer Rs 1,000-5,000 each in 1.8 crore beneficiary A/Cs 2020-04-08 [Financial Express]

India South Indian tea gardens reopen as North Indian gardens still finding a way out 2020-04-08 [Financial Express]

India Small businesses struggle to pay wages amid coronavirus lockdown 2020-04-08 [Reuters]

India Lockdown is only the beginning of misery for India’s migrant labourers 2020-04-07 [Quartz India]

India United Nurses Association Move Supreme Court For Formulation Of National COVID19 Management Protocol 2020-04-06 [LiveLaw.IN]

India World’s largest lockdown triggers massive exodus of migrant workers 2020-04-04 [BWI]

India CITU Letter to the Prime Minister on Problems of Migrant workers 2020-04-04 [CITU]

India CITU opposes govt decision the slashing down the interests rate on small savings, PPF etc 2020-04-04 [CITU]

India Supreme Court orders media to only publish official information on Covid-19 2020-04-03 [IFJ]

India Protective gear shortage makes Indian health workers vulnerable to coronavirus 2020-04-01 [The Straights Tims]

India India’s coronavirus lockdown leaves garment workers stranded in cramped factory housing 2020-03-31 [The Globe and Mail]

India Uttar Pradesh COVID-19: Migrant workers sprayed with disinfectant in Uttar Pradesh 2020-03-30 [Pune Mirror]

India Coronavirus: India's migrant workers pose major challenge to country's lockdown 2020-03-30 [ST]

India West Bengal Bengal orders employers to pay full and timely wages to workers (Ld) 2020-03-30 [menafn]

India Coronavirus lockdown: India grapples with migrant workers' exodus 2020-03-29 [Al Jazeera]

India Telangana India’s Coronavirus Layoffs Begin As IT Firm Fires 20 In Hyderabad 2020-03-28 [Huffpost]

India Bihar Bihar faces huge task of screening 50,000 migrant workers who returned to state 2020-03-28 [India Today]

India Zomato sets up funds for income-starved daily wage workers 2020-03-28 [ET Online]

India CITU Letter to the Prime Minister - Urgent measures to address Corona Pandemic 2020-03-27 [CITU]

India Bihar Construction workers left in the lurch 2020-03-26 [TNN]

India Odisha Coronavirus impact: All India lockdown brings tough time for migrant workers 2020-03-26 [Express News Service]

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