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Today's news - Assam

Rosekandy tea estates hit by strike, lack of succour 2019-06-24 [Telegraph India]

Poor health facilities led to deaths of tea workers in Bordubi: ATTSA 2019-06-24 [Telegraph India]

Paper mill workers set June-end deadline 2019-06-04 [Telegraph]

All Assam Mid-Day Meal Workers’ Protest In Guwahati 2019-03-31 [The Sentinel]

Assam hooch tragedy 2019-02-23 [Times of India]

Toxic alcohol kills almost 100 tea workers in India 2019-02-23 [Radio New Zealand]

48-hour Strike by Assam State Power Workers’ Union in Dibrugarh 2019-01-10 [The Sentinel]

Transport Workers call for 48 Hour Chakka Bandh 2019-01-08 [G Plus News]

Oil India Limited workers rise in protest against the entry of private companies 2019-01-02 [Scroll]

Call for wage hike of tea garden workers 2018-12-30 [TNN]

Asom Chah Mazdoor Sanga have called for tea estate bandh on January 8 2018-12-27 [ET Bureau]

Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha to support countrywide two-day strike 2018-12-27 [The Sentinel]

Government to deposit Rs 2,500 in 7 lakh bank accounts of tea garden workers 2018-12-20 [PTI]

Gramin Dak Sevaks go on indefinite strike in Tezpur 2018-12-19 [The Sentinel]

Feel the plight of the tea workers and revise the min. wages to Rs 350 per day: ACMS to PM Modi 2018-12-10 [ET Bureau]

Cachar Paper mill workers abstain from voting 2018-12-10 [The Telegraph]

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd Employees to go on Indefinite Strike from Dec 3 2018-11-30 [The Sentinel]

Tea workers seek parity with those elsewhere 2018-11-16 [Business Line]

Mid-day meal workers stage protest; demand salary hike in Baksa district 2018-09-27 [The Sentinel]

Tea union demands Rs 350 as daily wage 2018-09-24 [The Telegraph]

Ambulance services off in Assam even after staff suspend stir 2018-09-20 [The Times]

AJYCP dharna over workers' removal 2018-09-13 [Telegraph India]

Aasaa on stir path to hike tea garden workers' wages 2018-09-12 [TNN]

Oil Workers Go on Indefinite Strike 2018-08-27 [Today]

Indefinite stir by petroleum workers from Aug 27 2018-08-19 [The Post]

APMU to relaunch indefinite strike against oil syndicate at Digboi 2018-08-18 [Now]

Call for petroleum strike 2018-08-18 [The Telegraph]

Demand to implement minimum wages for plantation workers in RS 2018-08-07 [PTI]

2,000 Anganwadi workers to hold nationwide protest on August 9 2018-08-06 [GPlus]

CM assurance 'bogus': Union 2018-07-28 [The Telegraph]

Tea wage test 2018-07-11 [The Telegraph]

Wage hike, insurance for tea garden workers 2018-07-08 [TNN]

Interim wage relief for tea workers 2018-06-16 [Telegraph]

Tea workers live in 'appalling' conditions: Report 2018-05-27 [Tribune]

Hunger strike by NFR workers continues 2018-05-11 [The Sentinel]

War of words amid app-cab strike 2018-05-08 [The Telegraph]

3-day cab strike in Guwahati 2018-05-07 [The Telegraph]

Petrol union strike hits Meghalaya 2018-04-30 [The Telegraph]

Labour officer submits ‘failure report’ over tea estate lockout 2018-01-07 [The Tribune]

10 tea workers injured as estate owners open fire in Assam 2017-12-14 [Tribune]

From Geneva to Guwahati: demanding fair wages for Assam’s tea workers 2017-11-28 [Open Democracy]

AATSA demands wage hike for tea garden workers 2017-11-13 [Sentinel Assam]

Tea garden workers demand hike in daily wages 2017-11-02 [The Sentinel]

Assam enacts a major labour reform, employers can now fire 300 staff without prior govt nod 2017-09-09 [ET Bureau]

Powai tea estate deadlock ends 2017-08-10 [The Tribune]

Petroleum workers threaten strike 2017-07-23 [The Tribune]

24-hour safety strike hits bus services in Guwahati 2017-04-26 [The Times]

Trade unions fight for justice: Dr Choudhury 2017-04-10 [assamtribune]

No salaries for three months for people engaged by Wipro for NRC 2017-02-07 [The Hindu]

Trade unions join stir against currency ban 2017-01-29 [TOI]

This month in labour history

3-06-1977 Police opened fire on a workers' demonstration, killing 12. Thousands of workers from the Bhilai Steel plant and mines had been demonstrating at the police station where strike leader Shankar Guha Niyogi was being held following his arrest. [more]

29-06-1928 The South Indian Railway strike begins. The bosses respond with a lock-out and the colonial government unleashes severe, violent repression. [more]