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Today's news - Karnataka

Factory workers thrashed for joining union 2018-04-05 [The Herald]

Prisoners to get wages after 18-month delay 2018-04-03 [Indian Express]

Trade union leaders to go on hunger strike at the Central Offices of KSRTC 2018-03-16 [The Express]

BMRCL union on indefinite strike 2018-03-08 [The Mirror]

Fund crunch leaves sex workers with little medical help 2018-03-04 [The Express]

Organizing The Employees Into A Labor Union Essential To Tackle Grievances In It Industry 2018-03-02 [The Tribune]

Port agents’ workers stage protest over ‘official apathy’ 2018-02-06 [The Hindu]

False Promises and Mobility Restrictions Plague Migrant Workers in Bengaluru’s Garment Industry 2018-01-29 [The Wire]

5 sleeping employees killed as fire breaks out at Bengaluru bar 2018-01-08 [NDTV]

Shipyard workers strike work seeking payment of pending salaries 2018-01-02 [The Hindu]

Sewage treatment plant workers protest for minimum wages 2017-12-28 [The Express]

Sanitation workers protest delay in salaries 2017-12-27 [Deccan Herald]

IT union in Karnataka recognized, but companies say it will fizzle out 2017-12-26 [The Herald]

Coca-Cola workers demand action on shut-down 2017-12-25 [The Mirror]

Cheap bus passes await garment, building workers 2017-11-23 [The Economic Times]

Prisoners protest non-payment of wages 2017-11-21 [The Hindu]

Protest staged against move to dilute KPME amendment Bill 2017-11-19 [The Hindu]

Rotor blade unit workers withdraw protest after talks over lockout 2017-11-19 [The Hindu]

Illegal closure of Bengaluru factory leaves women employees jobless overnight 2017-11-18 [The News Minute]

Lockout: Workers of rotor blade unit continue protest for second day 2017-11-16 [The Hindu]

MNREGA: ₹330 cr. towards wage payment pending 2017-11-13 [The Hindu]

IT employees get nod to set up trade union 2017-11-09 [The Times]

‘D’ Group employees stage protest 2017-11-01 [The Hindu]

Minimum wages denied to pourakarmikas employed by BMRCL 2017-10-21 [The Hindu]

Your Wages Are In My Pants: Bengaluru Contractor Tells Women Sanitation Workers 2017-10-21 [Huffington Post]

Two white tiger cubs maul zoo worker to death 2017-10-09 [ABC]

Order against BMRCL employees stayed 2017-10-08 [The Hindu]

BMTC workers strike after driver consumes poison 2017-09-19 [The Hindu]

Trade unions march to Raj Bhavan 2017-09-14 [The Hindu]

Fearless and outspoken Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead in Karnataka 2017-09-08 [IFJ]

Gauri Lankesh, journalist who spoke her mind, shot dead in Bengaluru 2017-09-06 [Indian Express]

CITU members demand regularisation of Panchayat Raj employees 2017-09-04 [The Hindu]

Garbage contractors call off strike, resume collection 2017-08-29 [The Hindu]

Bank strike cripples financial operations in Mysuru region 2017-08-23 [The Hindu]

Worried by layoffs, IT employees in Bengaluru to form trade union 2017-08-20 [The Hindu]

Headload workers take out protest march 2017-08-18 [The Hindu]

BEML staff plan dharana in New Delhi on Aug. 9 2017-08-06 [The Hindu]

Ordinance to give quota in promotions for SC/ST staff likely 2017-08-05 [The Hindu]

Bengaluru IT Employees Hold Protest Against “Illegal” Mass Layoffs 2017-08-02 [The Quint]

Techies across city protest layoffs 2017-08-02 [The Hindu]

Large corpus of funds for workers’ welfare lies unused in State 2017-07-30 [The Hindu]

State-wide protest by construction workers on Wednesday 2017-07-24 [The Hindu]

Panel starts work on revision of State govt. employees’ wages 2017-07-24 [The Hindu]

Commission starts work on revision of State government employees’ wages 2017-07-23 [The Hindu]

Ensure decent working conditions for us, say domestic workers 2017-06-22 [TNN]

State govt. to credit pourakarmikas’ wages in their bank accounts 2017-06-14 [The Hindu]

Asha workers go on one-day strike for wages 2017-06-06 [TNN]

IT unions pitch for compassionate unionism 2017-06-05 [PTI]

Ccoast guards rescue workers from stranded barge 2017-06-04 [The Hindu]

Staff associations say disagree with Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy’s fear over formation of unions 2017-06-04 [PTI]

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