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Germany Security staff to stage strike at Germany's biggest airport 2019-01-11 [Albany Times Union]

Germany Union calls strike by security staff at 3 German airports 2019-01-09 [Fresno Bee]

Germany Union calls strike by security staff at 3 German airports 2019-01-09 [The National Post]

Germany Germany’s poor pensioners and the controversy over the future pension system 2019-01-09 [Equal Times]

Germany Staff shortages limits access to and quality of early childhood education 2019-01-08 [Education International]

Germany Collective agreement: trade unions call for a Bonus for members 2019-01-07 [Global News]

Germany Flights scrapped as security staff strike at Berlin's airports 2019-01-07 [The Local]

Germany Berlin airport security staff strike disrupts flights 2019-01-07 [The Sun]

USA Workers on Corporate Boards? Germany’s Had Them for Decades 2019-01-07 [NYTimes]

Germany Union calls strike by security staff at Berlin airports 2019-01-06 [Herald-Whig]

Germany Berlin: Staff to strike at Tegel and Schönefeld airports 2019-01-06 [Deutsche Welle]

Germany Union calls strike by security staff at Berlin airports 2019-01-05 []

Germany No train strikes until 2021 as Deutsche Bahn, workers' union reach agreement 2019-01-05 [Xinhua]

Germany Deutsche Bahn seals pay deal with train drivers 2019-01-04 [The Local]

Germany The only way to make Germans go cashless is an ATM worker strike 2019-01-02 [Quartz]

Germany Cash-loving Germans face strike by security van drivers 2019-01-02 [News 1130]

Germany Minimum wage is barely above the poverty line 2019-01-01 [Deutsche Welle]

Germany Farewell to hard coal after 200 years 2018-12-30 [IndustriALL]

Germany Airport security staff to go on strike in January - union 2018-12-21 [Reuters]

USA Amazon workers on strike in Germany a week before Christmas 2018-12-18 [Albany Times Union]

Germany Amazon workers on strike in Germany a week before Christmas 2018-12-17 [CTV]

Germany Deutsche Bahn reaches wage deal with EVG rail union to end strike threat 2018-12-15 [Deutsche Welle]

Germany German union IG BCE secures guarantees as Bayer set to slash jobs 2018-12-13 [IndustriALL]

USA IndustriALL mounts pressure on Volkswagen to engage with US union 2018-12-11 [IndustriALL]

Germany Rail strikes cause widespread delays 2018-12-11 [Deutsche Welle]

Spain Amazon Workers in Spain and Germany Announce Strikes Ahead of Christmas: ‘Change Must Come Now’ 2018-12-10 [Gizmodo]

Germany Railway workers' union calls strike over pay 2018-12-10 []

Germany Largest union demands 6-percent increase for steel workers 2018-12-05 [Euronews]

Germany More work: the number of Overtime hours per workers rises sharply 2018-12-02 [Global News]

Germany Teachers’ Day highlights that politicians must support teachers 2018-11-20 [Education International]

Germany Education unionists start 100 million campaign against child labour 2018-11-14 [EI]

Germany Ryanair promises pay rises after deal with union 2018-11-09 [Irish Times]

Germany Ryanair signs agreement with German cabin crew 2018-11-09 [RTÉ]

Germany Cologne/Bonn Airport signs labour agreement with ver.di union on ground handling 2018-11-09 [CAPA]

Germany IG Metall warns of SME's lack of preparation for digitalization 2018-11-09 [Xinhua]

Europe Unions demand global labour relations with HeidelbergCement 2018-11-06 [IndustriALL]

Global Renewed commitment and funding of activities to eradicate child labour 2018-10-23 [Education International]

Germany AfD scheme allows kids to tell on their teachers 2018-10-10 [Deutsche Welle]

Germany Shortcomings in schools in terms of digitisation 2018-10-09 [Education International]

Germany Ryanair German pilots to join widening strike on Friday 2018-09-27 [Reuters]

Germany 'Higher investment in teacher education is overdue' 2018-09-14 [Education International]

Germany Ryanair faces turbulences as strike actions hit 2018-09-12 [Deutsche Welle]

Germany Strike plunges Ryanair into fresh turmoil 2018-09-12 [The Digital Journal]

Germany 'Strikes will lead to job cuts and German base closures', warns Ryanair 2018-09-11 [The Local]

Germany Ryanair cancels German flights ahead of strike 2018-09-11 [BBC]

Germany Ryanair warns of jobs cuts if action goes ahead 2018-09-11 [RTÉ]

Germany Teachers' union calls for cellphone ban 2018-09-08 [Deutsche Welle]

Germany Germany looks to foreign workers to tackle labour shortage 2018-08-30 [Financial Times]

USA Why German Corporate Boards Include Workers: A brief history of “co-determination,” which Elizabeth Warren now wants to bring to U.S. corporations For more info 2018-08-25 [Bloomberg]

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