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Germany Train drivers to go on longer strike after holiday season 2023-12-13 [Reuters]

Germany Thyssenkrupp workers warn against confrontational management approach 2023-12-08 [Reuters]

Belarus Solidarity action with imprisoned union leaders took place at the IG Metall conference 2023-12-05 []

USA Tesla Raises Wages for German Workers Amid Union Pressure 2023-11-06 [WSJ]

Philippines Germany’s Delivery Hero ignores workers’ human rights in its sale of Foodpanda operations in Asia 2023-11-04 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Germany Exhibition in Hanover draws attention to the problem of trade union prisoners in Belarus 2023-11-03 []

Germany Solidarität mit Israel 2023-10-11 [Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft]

Germany Union calls for more transparency in Thyssenkrupp Steel M&A talks 2023-10-10 [Reuters]

Germany Tesla Staff in Germany Worry Over Conditions, Union Says 2023-10-09 [BNN]

Germany 'Salidarnast' organized a summer school for trade union activists from Belarus 2023-07-18 []

Germany Amazon workers in Leipzig start 48-hour strike for higher wages 2023-06-26 [Reuters]

Germany German tabloid, Bild, to replace 200 workers with AI 2023-06-25 [Israel Natl News]

Germany Unions criticise possible Deutsche Bank job cuts 2023-06-24 [Saltwire]

Germany Content moderator in Germany put on leave after testifying over work conditions 2023-06-23 [Reuters]

Germany German trade union IG Metall conducted a campaign in support of trade union activists in Belarus  ActNOW!  2023-06-12 []

Germany Another DB offer on the table for German railway workers 2023-05-26 [Rail Freight]

Germany German confectionery workers to strike in June as pay talks break down 2023-05-17 [Just Food]

Germany Railway union calls off planned 50-hour strike 2023-05-14 [Saltwire]

Germany Country braces for 50-hour train strike after employers refuse union demands 2023-05-13 [ABC]

Germany Regional transport strikes to cease as workers secure 300-euro pay rise 2023-05-09 [IAMEXPAT]

Germany Top union to enter Thyssenkrupp defence sales talks 2023-05-05 [Reuters]

Germany At Mondelēz, decent pay rise achieved following warning strikes 2023-04-26 [IUF]

Germany Airport strikes lead to cancellations in Berlin, Hamburg 2023-04-26 [Wings]

Germany Railway, airline workers strike 2023-04-23 [PTV]

Germany An action in support of Belarusian trade unions took place in the center of Berlin  ActNOW!  2023-04-20 []

Asia Using due diligence to build union power in Asia Pacific 2023-04-04 [IndustriALL]

Germany Nearly 5,000 workers gathered in Berlin to demand a pay rise 2023-03-27 [Turkiye]

Germany Trade Union Confederation Concerned That Easing Labour Migration Rules Could Lead to Lower Wages 2023-03-24 [Schengen Visa]

Germany Unionized public transport workers striking in Bielefeld March 14-15 2023-03-14 [Crisis 24]

Germany From “private affairs” to a statutory Queer Committee in the union 2023-03-02 [Education International]

Germany Strikes at German regional airports ground majority of flights 2023-02-27 [Yahoo]

Germany Trade unionists in Bremen took part in a rally in support of Ukraine 2023-02-27 []

Germany Airport Strike Leaves Nearly 300,000 Passengers Stranded 2023-02-17 [Investors Kings]

Germany Lufthansa cancels more than 1,300 flights on Friday due to strikes 2023-02-17 [Saltwire]

Belarus Under threat and unable to work, Belarusian trade unionists have taken refuge in Germany to escape prison 2023-02-15 [Equal Times]

Belarus Under threat and unable to work, Belarusian trade unionists have taken refuge in Germany to escape prison  ActNOW!  2023-02-15 []

Germany Berlin airport workers strike leaving all flights grounded 2023-01-26 [Al Mayadeen]

Germany Strike at Berlin airport to ground flights on Wednesday - operator 2023-01-24 [Saltwire]

USA German Union Says Tesla Workers Face Unreasonable Working Hours And Fear Speaking Out 2023-01-18 [Verve Times]

Germany Chairwoman of 'Salidarnast' took part in the Nobel Prize awarding ceremony  ActNOW!  2022-12-13 []

Belarus An exhibition on Belarusian political prisoners opened in Bremen  ActNOW!  2022-12-13 []

Germany Daimler Truck's World Employee Committee calls for fair transition Add to favourites Read this article in: English 5 December, 2022During a two-day meeting in Germany, union representatives from Daimler Truck operations around the world agreed to 2022-12-05 [IndustriALL]

Germany Volkswagen strikes below-inflation wage deal, continues German trend 2022-11-23 [Saltwire]

Germany Industry workers striking 2022-10-30 [The Bulletin]

Germany Where are the statistics on violence against media workers? 2022-10-21 [EFJ]

Germany How Eurowings pilot strike is affecting air travel in Germany 2022-10-18 [The Local]

Germany Eurowings pilots to stage three-day strike 2022-10-15 [The Local]

Germany Union calls on Amazon workers to strike during sale 2022-10-11 [Yahoo]

Europe Follow Germany and raise minimum wages now 2022-10-06 [ETUC]

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