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Germany Demonstration at Lidl Shop in Berlin in Solidarity with Adil 2021-07-06 []

Germany Lidl Berlin, Solidarity and Anger for Killing of Adil 2021-07-06 []

Germany Warning strike in Amazon distribution centers in Bad Hersfeld 2021-06-29 [Market Research]

Germany VIDEO: German union calls for Amazon workers to strike 2021-06-22 [Reuters]

Germany Amazon Germany Workers Strike on Prime Day, Request Collective Agreement 2021-06-22 [Marketwatch]

Germany Amazon raises minimum pay in Germany to 12 euros per hour 2021-06-12 [Saltwire]

Israel Order of Merit awarded to Israeli teacher unionist Avraham Rocheli 2021-05-29 [EI]

Georgia Georgian seasonal workers in Germany complain about 'hard working, living conditions' 2021-05-20 []

Germany Commerzbank CEO strikes deal with workers for 10,000 job cuts 2021-05-08 [Reuters]

Germany German Solidarity with Pennzoil Place Janitors in Texas 2021-05-08 [UNI]

Germany Media houses should follow code to better protect journalists 2021-04-27 [EFJ]

Germany A Marxist critique of the lifestyle left 2021-04-21 [Newsroom]

Germany German union calls four-day strike at Amazon sites ahead of Easter 2021-03-28 [Reuters]

Austria Unions call for more education support personnel specialised in health issues 2021-03-17 [EI]

Germany Freelancers in urgent need of long-awaited financial support 2021-03-05 [EFJ]

USA New York Siemens Energy repaid our loyalty with greed 2021-02-20 [Olean Times Herald]

Germany Germany to fine companies whose suppliers abuse rights 2021-02-18 [Thomson Reuters]

Germany Union fights to save local media and jobs 2021-02-18 [IFJ]


Finland Analysis: UPM rejection of collective bargaining not a whim 2021-02-11 [Trade Union News from Finland]

USA New York Schumer left out of loop on Siemens layoffs 2021-02-06 [Olean Times Herald]

Germany Staff on strike at Deutsche Bank call centre in for the long haul - union 2021-02-02 [Nasdaq]

Germany IndustriALL signs framework agreement with TK Elevator 2021-01-20 [IndustriALL]

Germany Additional COVID-19 measures in Germany's construction industry 2021-01-18 [BWI]

Germany Expert report recommends class action lawsuits for copyright infringements of freelancers 2021-01-15 [EFJ]

Germany Scuffles in Berlin as left remembers murdered communist icons 2021-01-13 [Deutsche Welle]

Germany Inside Germany's abattoirs: the human cost of cheap meat 2021-01-11 [Financial Times]

Germany We Mourn Christian Krähling, a leader in the fight to Make Amazon Pay in Germany and everywhere 2020-12-19 [UNI]

Germany Hitachi-ABB power grids workers strike for future of the plant 2020-12-03 [IndustriALL]

USA Amazon workers in Germany to go on strike on 'Black Friday' 2020-11-27 [Reddit]

Germany IG BAU calls for climate protection and decent work in the cement industry 2020-11-16 [BWI]

Germany Tchibo and IndustriALL commit to support suppliers 2020-11-12 [IndustriALL]

Germany Police and protesters target journalists and media workers at Leipzig protest 2020-11-11 [IFJ]

Germany Police and protesters target journalists and media workers in Leipzig protest 2020-11-11 [EFJ]

Germany Unions urge government to support small media and freelancers in funding scheme for media 2020-11-02 [EFJ]

Germany Education unions critical of KMK's backward steps and patchwork approach 2020-10-17 [EI]

Germany Right-wing Populism in Germany: the Alternative Für Deutschland (AfD) 2020-10-16 [Our Times]

Global BASF unions maintain unity against Covid-19 challenges 2020-10-13 [IndustriALL]

Germany YouTubers of the world, unite! – what happens when a grassroots, international creators' movement and a traditional trade union join forces? 2020-10-08 [Equal Times]

Germany Education stakeholders demand swift implementation of enhanced safety measures in schools 2020-10-08 [Education International]

Global YouTubers of the world, unite! – what happens when a grassroots, international creators' movement and a traditional trade union join forces? 2020-10-05 [Equal Times]

Germany German unions stand up to Continental 2020-09-30 [IndustriALL]

Germany Nationwide transit strike hits commuters 2020-09-29 [Deutsche Welle]

Germany Call to standardise hygiene guidelines in schools 2020-09-13 [EI]

Germany Daycare workers rally against Humanist Association's attacks on collective bargaining 2020-09-07 [The Morning Star]

Germany Volkswagen's labour chief rules out four-day week to save jobs 2020-09-06 [Reuters]

Germany Unions demand 4.8% wage hike for public sector workers 2020-08-26 [Reuters]

Germany IG Metall backs four-day week to save jobs 2020-08-16 []

Germany Coronavirus in Germany: How a Romanian sex worker is affected by prostitution ban 2020-08-08 [Deutsche Welle]

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