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Labor pact between PHL, Israel to cut ‘exorbitant’ fees for Pinoy househelps 2018-01-16 [GMA News Online]

Employees Union to submit P8-M liquidation report in 60 days 2018-01-15 [The Sun-Star]

Workers win recognition at Furukawa company in the Philippines 2018-01-12 [IndustriALL]

Employees Union told to submit year-end report 2018-01-10 [The Sun-Star]

Labor group urges govt to inspect all PHL malls citing fire-safety standards violations 2018-01-08 [The Mirror]

Labor group calls for joint fire safety audit of malls nationwide 2018-01-07 [The Bulletin]

Workers’ group: Allow Veloso testimony vs recruiters 2018-01-07 [The Inquirer]

Filipino maids warned not to accept jobs in Russia 2018-01-04 [Asia Times]

Ateneo employees stage protest to demand higher wages 2018-01-03 [Rappler]

‘Workers to seek protection in the workplace this year’ 2018-01-01 [The Mirror]

Dole to give 2,900 displaced workers emergency employment 2017-12-29 [The Inquirer]

Gov't Employees Union holds 3-day year-end assessment 2017-12-28 [The Sun-Star]

No more Capitol contractual workers starting 2018 2017-12-28 [The Sun-Star]

Labor unions slam DOLE over Davao mall fire deaths 2017-12-26 [Rappler]

Texas-based Research Now SSI must be held liable for employee deaths in Philippine NCCC mall fire —labor group 2017-12-26 [GMA News]

Philippines Labor Coalition: U.S. firm must be held liable for deadly Davao mall fire 2017-12-26 [Inquirer]

Solon, union warn consumers of price shock from new tax law 2017-12-19 [The Inquirer]

Negros Occidental farmers, workers call for probe on sugar price slump 2017-11-29 [The Sun-Star]

Land review alarms 5 million workers 2017-11-26 [The Times]

COMELEC workers’ union lauds Abas appointment 2017-11-26 [The Inquirer]

Justice denied in the Ampatuan Massacre: Eight Years On 2017-11-24 [IFJ]

DDB workers union used in fake letter of complaint vs Dionisio – union president 2017-11-20 [Interaksyon]

Police to file charges vs Luisita labor leader on anniversary of massacre of workers 13 years ago 2017-11-16 [The Times]

Filipino journalist gunned down following corruption reporting 2017-11-02 [IFJ]

Amertron fires 532 union members 2017-10-16 [IndustriALL]

Campaign wins reinstatement for dismissed union leader at Manila Peninsula Hotel 2017-09-22 [IUF]

Unions join protest march against martial law, extra-judicial killings 2017-09-22 [IUF]

Days of high heels in offices over 2017-09-11 [The Inquirer]

Korean workers accuse Hanjin of illegal dismissal 2017-09-07 [The Times]

Hanjin workers in Subic to go on strike 2017-09-05 [The Times]

Worldwide support grows for Lumad teachers and students fighting for their right to education 2017-09-05 [Education International]

Labor union opposes compressed workweek bill 2017-09-02 [Today]

Worldwide support grows for Lumad teachers and students fighting for their right to education 2017-09-01 [Education International]

DOLE: Employers can't force women to wear high heels at work 2017-08-25 [Rappler]

Filipino colleagues and students receive a wave of education union solidarity 2017-08-25 [Education International]

Philippines slaps libel suit to silence broadcast journalist 2017-08-22 [IFJ]

Unions call on government to reject industry pressure and implement regulation enforcing the rights of fishing vessel workers Primary tabs 2017-08-21 [IUF]

DSWD workers in Iloilo condemn Taguiwalo rejection 2017-08-18 [The Inquirer]

Stop requiring women to wear high heels at work – labor union 2017-08-07 [Rappler]

Labor group urges Duterte to hike NCR wages to P675 per day 2017-08-06 [GMA]

UN experts urge government to put an immediate halt to human rights violations 2017-08-03 [Education International]

Workers worse off under Duterte's martial law and legalized contractualization 2017-07-29 [Kilusang Mayo Uno]

Workers worse off Duterte's under martial law and legalized contractualization 2017-07-29 [Kilusang Mayo Uno]

Martial law extension condemned, workers vow to fight Duterte's authoritarian rule 2017-07-29 [Kilusang Mayo Uno]

End attacks against indigenous teachers, students and schools 2017-07-28 [Education International]

Duterte's silence on workers' issues in SONA 2017 disappointing – labor unions 2017-07-25 [Rappler]

Duterte’s 2nd SONA: Workers come out from workplaces as promises for their welfare fail 2017-07-24 [Today]

BIEN denounces harassment of labor group leaders by SITEL management For more info 2017-06-29 [https://bienphilippines.wordpress.com/]

1,000 BPO workers protest over alleged re-deployment Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/baguio/local-news/2017/06/21/1000-bpo-workers-protest-over-alleged-re-deployment-548814 Follow us: @sunstaronline on Twitter | SunStar Philippines on Facebook 2017-06-22 [www.sunstar.com]

DoLE needs 36 labor compliance officers 2017-06-21 [The Times]

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20-01-1872 Soldiers and workers in the Spanish garrison at Cavite rise up, hoping to provoke a national rebellion against the Spanish. [more]