Deutsche Bank boss says they will replace 'big number' of workers with robots

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Air Berlin cancels 100 flights after pilots call in sick 2017-09-13 [The Guardian]

Air Berlin cancels 100 flights after pilots call in sick 2017-09-13 [The Guardian]

Deutsche Bank plans to automate a 'big number' of jobs because its workers are already 'behaving like robots' 2017-09-08 [Daily Mail ]

Deutsche Bank boss says they will replace 'big number' of workers with robots 2017-09-08 [Quartz]

Highest number of impoverished workers in a decade, thanks to the draconian Hartz IV unemployment law 2017-09-07 [The Nation]

 VIDEO  Immigrant Workers Accuse German Diplomat Of Providing Horrible Working Conditions 2017-08-08 [CBS]

After long fight, national agreement brings gains for fast food workers in Germany 2017-07-28 [IUF]

Workers at unsafe jobs left with nothing after strike 2017-07-21 [China Labour Bulletin ]

VW workers in China issue letter in German calling for union solidarity 2017-07-21 [China Labour Bulletin ]

unions recruit German support for wage hikes 2017-07-20 [Radio Praha]

Fight for future jobs pays off 2017-07-18 [IndustriALL]

Volkswagen workers in China call on German parent company to assume responsibility for violations 2017-07-17 [China Labour Bulletin]

Pay Inequality Law Goes into Effect, But Businesses Still Aren’t Ready 2017-07-15 [Care2]

VW workers call on parent company to assume responsibility for violations 2017-07-14 [China Labour Bulletin ]

Squeezing Smaller Unions 2017-07-13 [Handelsblatt]

International education movement mourns loss of founding father 2017-07-13 [Education International]

Constitutional court upholds controversial 'strike-law' 2017-07-12 [Xinhua]

Press accreditations stripped and violence against journalists at G20 protests in Hamburg 2017-07-12 [EFJ]

G20 leaders can no longer ignore inequality 2017-07-07 [IndustriALL]

The G-20 in an Unjust World Only Radical Thinking and Action Can Tame Globalization 2017-07-06 [Spiegel]

Union in Germany praises Qatar on improvements for welfare workers 2017-07-05 [Gulf Times]

Workers at Daimler in Germany fight for their future jobs 2017-06-29 [IndustriALL]

Education union directs its efforts and resources to eradicating child labour 2017-06-29 [Education International]

Project strengthens international youth movement 2017-06-28 [IndustriALL]

Head of ver.di Frank Bsirske : UNI Global Union is our platform and huge step forward 2017-06-16 [UNI Global Union ]

Unite warns of further pension strikes at BMW should talks failun 2017-06-13 [Unite]

New York N.Y. nurses travel overseas for solidarity in union fight against German healthcare company 2017-06-10 [NYDaily News]

Why does T-Mobile treat its American workers worse than their foreign counterparts 2017-06-07 [The Hill]

IndustriALL takes ACT to G20 2017-05-19 [IndustriALL]

Workers in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic worse off today than in 2008 compared to German workers 2017-05-17 [ETUC]

Global Unions Call for G20 Commitment to Fair Globalisation 2017-05-17 [ITUC]

Fast-food giants refuse to pay workers a living wage  ActNOW!  2017-05-16 [IUF]

Fast-food giants in Germany refuse to pay workers a living wage 2017-05-15 [IUF]

Tennessee UAW tells shareholders that Volkswagen must stop union busting 2017-05-11 [IndustriALL]

Tesla workers are threatening to strike 2017-05-10 [Business Insider]

Culture Clash: Tesla vs. German Unions 2017-05-07 [Handelsblatt]

The one thing Elon Musk can’t bend to his will: German trade unions 2017-05-06 [Quartz]

Massive victory for workers’ representation and rights, says union For more info 2017-05-05 [GMB]

England DHL faces 15 days of strike action in Yorkshire site closure and pay row 2017-05-04 [Unite]

Rolls-Royce car workers strike for first time in living memory over BMW ‘pension robbery’ 2017-05-04 [Unite]

NGG reaches successful agreement with Coca-Cola following warning strikes 2017-05-04 [IUF]

Tesla offers pay rises and job guarantees to defuse labor tensions 2017-04-29 [SppedLux]

RMT Northern Rail strike action 'solid as a rock' 2017-04-28 [RMT]

BMW workers in posh Park Lane showroom pension protest 2017-04-28 [Unite]

Amazon is using peer pressure to keep German warehouse workers from calling in sick 2017-04-20 [Quartz]

Documentary shows Turkish teachers' plight 2017-04-19 [Education International]

Tesla is threatened by a strike at ‘Advanced Automation’ group ahead of Model 3 production 2017-04-17 [Electrek]

African ‘guest workers’ struggle to assert their rights in Germany 2017-04-17 [Arabnews]

Worker Strike At German Tesla Subsidiary Could Delay Model 3 2017-04-16 [I4U]

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