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France Court suspends worker requisitioning at TotalEnergies Normandy refinery 2023-04-07 [Reuters]

France Unions to keep up pensions protest after talks with PM fail 2023-04-06 [Saltwire]

France Paris garbage workers to strike again 2023-04-05 [Zawya]

France Do French trade unions still hold sway over the street? 2023-04-05 [Politico]

France UNSA Education's Barometer of Education Professions: taking the pulse of French educators 2023-04-04 [Education International]

France Journalist Morgan Large targeted by new threats 2023-04-04 [EFJ]

France Trade unions and the revolt against Macron 2023-04-02 [Green Left Weekly]

France 'Sorry Charles!' French unions mark king's absence with banner 2023-04-02 [France 24]

France In the volatile streets of Paris, Macron may be winning his war of attrition against the unions 2023-03-31 [CBC]

France Paris breathes easier as refuse workers’ strike called off and rubbish cleared 2023-03-30 [The Guardian]

France Paris sanitation workers to stop strike – Trade Union 2023-03-29 [The Chronicle]

France Pension protests: Brav-M, the special police unit accused of brutality 2023-03-29 [France 24]

France ‘Abandoned by all’: Why small-town France is up in arms over Macron’s pension reform 2023-03-29 [France 24]

France Fresh strikes, protests kick off in France as Macron stands firm on pension reform 2023-03-29 [France 24]

France France pension protests: Tear gas used in Paris as unrest grows 2023-03-29 [BBC]

France Dates and sectors of upcoming pension strikes 2023-03-27 [Connexion]

France “We’ve all been subject to mistreatment” – now France’s video game workers are increasingly turning towards unions 2023-03-20 [Equal Times]

France Femmes polici�res : � armes �gales ? 2023-03-20 [CFDT]

France Pension protests pile pressure on Macron ahead of crucial vote for France 2023-03-20 [France 24]

France 37% of operational staff at TotalEnergies' refineries on strike 2023-03-19 [Yahoo]

France Strikes over pensions: “On est la” (we are here!) 2023-03-14 [Spring Magazine]

France CGT demands the release of imprisoned trade union leaders in Belarus 2023-03-10 []

Australia France: Movement to defend pensions building up steam 2023-03-10 [GreenLeft]

France Strikes over pension reform disrupt air and rail travel, fuel supply 2023-03-09 [Saltwire]

France Solidarity with the indefinite strike of workers in France on March 7th 2023-03-07 [WFTU]

France Unions say 'non' to higher pension age 2023-03-07 [ABC]

France Oil refineries blockaded as workers protest against pension reforms 2023-03-07 [CNN]

France Support for weekly Le Poher, targeted by new death threats and a bomb scare 2023-02-21 [EFJ]

France Strong turnout as fourth day of French demos rattles Macron's pensions plan 2023-02-13 [RFI]

France Hundreds of thousands protest across France against pension reform, unions vow to ramp up strikes 2023-02-13 [France24]

France Paris: First international visit to construction sites of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games held 2023-02-02 [BWI]

France Paris: First international visit to construction sites of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games held 2023-02-01 [BWI]

France French MP, Rachel Keke: “From the Paris chambermaid strike, I learned the power of collective struggle” 2023-02-01 [Equal Times]

France Officials say 1.27 million protested pension reforms 2023-02-01 [O Canada]

France Government plays down cost of strikes after huge turnout against pension reform 2023-01-31 [France 24]

France The ongoing battle for French pensions 2023-01-31 [Red Pepper]

France PSI Vacancy: Global Personnel Manager 2023-01-26 [PSI]

France Ski resort workers to strike from 31 January: Will half-term holidays be affected? 2023-01-26 [Euronews]

France Youth hold rallies in Paris against government pension reform 2023-01-22 [RFI]

France Unions dig in for pension battle with Macron 2023-01-20 [Saltwire]

France Matthieu Bolle-Reddat, General-Secretary of the CGT cheminots Versallies, speaks onthe general strike of workers of France on Jan 19 2023-01-16 [WFTU]

France Air France Flight Attendants Could Strike Over The December Holiday Period 2022-11-17 [Simple Flying]

France London, Paris cope with transport strikes as workers seek raises 2022-11-11 [Al Jazeera]

France Union extends fuel depot strikes while government promises deliveries 2022-10-23 [RFI]

France Unions agree to lift strike at nuclear plants 2022-10-23 [The Local]

France Journalists undergo safety training on demonstrations coverage 2022-10-20 [EFJ]

France The WFTU supports the strike in the refineries of France and condemns the requisitions 2022-10-17 [WFTU]

France Maintenance on eight French nuclear reactors delayed by strike 2022-10-12 [Saltwire]

France Martinez: We will boycott French companies that operate or are connected to Israeli settlements 2022-10-12 [PGFTU]

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