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France Unions agree to lift strike at nuclear plants 2022-10-23 [The Local]

France Journalists undergo safety training on demonstrations coverage 2022-10-20 [EFJ]

France The WFTU supports the strike in the refineries of France and condemns the requisitions 2022-10-17 [WFTU]

France Maintenance on eight French nuclear reactors delayed by strike 2022-10-12 [Saltwire]

France Martinez: We will boycott French companies that operate or are connected to Israeli settlements 2022-10-12 [PGFTU]

Palestine Saad receives the Secretary General of the French General Confederation of Workers 2022-10-12 [PGFTU]

France CGT union: strike action continues at ExxonMobil 2022-10-11 [Saltwire]

France Investigative media outlets under attack in five gagging lawsuits 2022-10-10 [EFJ]

France BWI gathers industry players building Olympics, Grand Paris Express infra 2022-10-01 [BWI]

France Historic visit to Grand Paris Express construction leads to social charter signing 2022-09-24 [BWI]

France Historic visit to Grand Paris Express construction leads to social charter signing 2022-09-22 [BWI]

France EFJ co-signs Charter for a better account of the ecological emergency in the media 2022-09-15 [EFJ]

France PSI congratulates French affiliates as court overturns Orpea management elections, calls for fresh vote 2022-09-14 [PSI]

France Rail employees strike in Occitania Region July 30-31 2022-07-31 [Crisis24]

France Paris airport workers call off strikes scheduled this week-end 2022-07-08 [Reuters]

France Air France-KLM Transavia Unit Gets Cabin Crew Strike Warning 2022-07-08 [Bloomberg]

France British Airways Reaches Union Deal; Paris Signs Labor Accord 2022-07-08 [Bloomberg]

France Dozens of flights cancelled in French airport strike Access to the comments 2022-07-02 [Euronews]

France French airport workers strike for higher pay amid inflation 2022-07-01 [Seattle Times]

France Project Finance and Administration Coordinator 2022-05-03 [Public Services International]

France May Day rallies: France pension reforms spark anger as tens of thousands protest after election 2022-05-02 [Euronews]

France Handicap et emploi : accompagner la sortie de crise 2022-04-27 [CFDT]

France Orpea scandal underscores vital need for change in long-term care 2022-01-28 [UNI Global Union]

France PSI signs Renewed GFA with the French Energy Multinational Engie 2022-01-24 [PSI]

Global ENGIE signs new global framework agreement with BWI, IndustriALL and PSI 2022-01-21 [BWI]

France ENGIE renews agreement with three global unions 2022-01-20 [IndustriALL]

France Les défis sociaux de la présidence française 2022-01-02 [CFDT]

UK RMT calls for Government support to prevent Eurostar collapse 2021-12-16 [RMT]

France Unions closely monitor 2024 Paris Olympics, push for decent work inspections 2021-12-08 [BWI]

France À Bercy, la CFDT en pointe sur le télétravail 2021-11-10 [CFDT]

France The role of Sustainable Development Advisor in schools 2021-11-10 [EI]

France Social Care Organiser 2021-10-28 [PSI]

France Industrial Unrest Threatens Champagne 2021-10-24 [Wine Searcher]

France Stellantis criticized by unions in France over furlough scheme to cushion chip shortage 2021-09-29 []

France Angers. Enfance et enseignement : une grève mardi et une autre jeudi 2021-09-20 [Ouest France]

France Journalist interrogated for two hours by police 2021-09-10 [IFJ]

France LGBT+ Rights Campaign Officer 2021-09-09 [PSI]

France Faire vivre l'avenant 43 2021-09-03 [CFDT]

France Yves Veyrier, Secrétaire général de Force Ouvrière, était l'invité de l'émission Polonews 2021-09-02 [FO]

France Un travailleur handicapé est un travailleur comme les autres 2021-08-09 [FO]

France French OECD contact point calls on Teleperformance to strengthen efforts to ensure respect for human rights, worker safety 2021-08-02 [UNI Global Union]

France Some French health workers resent, resist mandatory vaccines 2021-07-26 [AP]

France Managers en souffrance chez Tod's 2021-07-08 [FO]

France IKEA fined for spying on French employees, customers 2021-06-16 [The New Daily]

France IKEA fined €1m over employee spying scheme 2021-06-15 [RTÉ]

France ITF and ETF express solidarity with Aéroports de Paris unions preparing for industrial action 2021-06-12 [ITF]

Palestine AFP should reinstate Nasser Abu Bakr 2021-06-07 [NUJ]

France Unilever workers rally against announced closure of Knorr Duppigheim factory 2021-04-29 [IUF]

France Concerns about safety of journalists and media workers who report on the Breton agro-business 2021-04-26 [EFJ]

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