Eiffel Tower shuts as workers strike over long visitor queues

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Air France's new boss flies into immediate strike threat 2018-08-18 [The Local]

Air France-KLM's New CEO Faces Immediate Union Threat of Strike 2018-08-17 [Bloomberg]

Air France-KLM names Canadian Ben Smith CEO over union dissent 2018-08-17 [The Financial Post]

RMT reveals that British passengers are paying more than ten times the French equivalent 2018-08-14 [RMT]

Pilot's Union Threatens More 'Strike Action' from Air France Pilots 2018-08-14 [The Tribune]

Air France Unions Threaten To Restart Strikes in September 2018-08-13 [Prensa Latina]

Air France union threatens 15 more days of strike 2018-08-13 [The Local]

Eiffel tower reopens after strike but problem of long queues remains 2018-08-03 [The Local]

Eiffel Tower to reopen on Friday as strike ends 2018-08-03 [Reuter]

Eiffel Tower closed for second day as workers strike over 'monstrous' visitor queues 2018-08-02 [Independent]

Eiffel Tower is closed for a second day as employees strike over a new ticket policy they say is creating 'monstrous' queues 2018-08-02 [The Daily Mail]

Eiffel Tower shuts as workers strike over long visitor queues 2018-08-02 [Deutsche Welle]

Paris' Eiffel Tower may be closed by new strike 2018-07-31 [RFI]

Eiffel Tower staff to strike over new ticketing system that causes 'monster queues' 2018-07-31 [The Telegraph]

Air France unions threaten more strike action in September 2018-07-25 [The Local]

French Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Foodora workers strike during World Cup final 2018-07-12 [Politico]

Train strike continues as French unions stand firm 2018-07-06 [Connexion]

Rail strikes: How Friday's walkout is set to affect you 2018-07-06 [The Local]

'Don't blame us': Why striking French rail workers are targeting your summer holidays 2018-06-29 [The Local]

Rail strikes set to continue into summer holidays 2018-06-28 [The Independent]

Rail strikes latest: First weekend of holidays to be hit 2018-06-27 [The Local]

Flights cancelled and delayed as French air workers strike 2018-06-23 [The Times]

EasyJet cancellations: Travel chaos for Brits as popular airline cancels hundreds of flights this weekend 2018-06-22 [Mirror]

Energy Trade Union Cuts Off Gas to Elysee Palace for 3 Hours 2018-06-22 [Sputnik]

10 day strike from June 19 could impact power production - EDF 2018-06-22 [Steel Guru]

Train strikes in France: SNCF to pay for days off 2018-06-22 [Connexion]

EDF says strike hits hydro plants, data shows output unaffected 2018-06-19 [Reuters]

All but one unions call off Air France strike notice 2018-06-19 [Connexion]

Rail union calls for strike on first weekend of summer holidays 2018-06-19 [The Local]

DXC Belgium workers protest in Paris 2018-06-19 [UNI Global Union]

Former CEO of France Telecom to stand trial over employee suicides 2018-06-19 [Irish Times]

Defiant French Union Vows to Extend Rail Strike 2018-06-18 [Prensa Latina]

New week of strike headaches as labour unrest continues 2018-06-17 [The Standard]

Telecom executives to stand trial over wave of staff suicides 2018-06-17 [Global]

30 workers in 2 years: Ex-Telecom execs face trial over wave of staff suicides 2018-06-17 [CBC]

Defiant French rail union to continue strike action into summer 2018-06-15 [The Local]

Before and after 1968: documentary film-making and its role as “labour archivist” 2018-06-15 [Equal Times]

Parliament passes rail reform that sparked months of strikes 2018-06-14 [France 24]

 VIDEO  Railworkers on strike for 28th day over reform  ActNOW!  2018-06-13 [Reuters]

Strike calendar in France: The days in June you might want to avoid travel 2018-06-13 [The Local]

Can Strikes in France Still Make a Difference? 2018-06-12 [NYTimes]

Railway workers march 2018-06-12 [The Nation]

Air France Strikes Might Mess Up Your Trip This Summer 2018-06-12 [Traveller]

After months of strikes, France's Macron looks to break rail unions 2018-06-12 [Reuters]

Air France workers to strike again in June 2018-06-11 [MarketWatch]

IndustriALL and PSI sign global responsible employer agreement with EDF 2018-05-29 [IndustriALL]

Number of striking rail workers drops to lowest level since movement began 2018-05-29 [The Local]

Train services hit as French rail unions vow to continue strike action 2018-05-28 [The Local]

Anti-Macron protests as president claims victory is close in battle with unions 2018-05-27 [The Telegraph]

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