Workers of French GM&S Factory Facing Closure to Continue Strike

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Workers of French GM&S Factory Facing Closure to Continue Strike 2017-05-22 [Sputnik]

Teleperformance loses second case to fire Dominican union leader 2017-05-19 []

French workers seize factory & threaten to blow it up in protest over possible closure 2017-05-13 [RT]

France's hardline CGT trade union calls for demonstration on May 8 to mark start of Macron's presidency 2017-05-08 [FXStreet]

Total halts production at Feyzin refinery in France due to strike 2017-05-06 [Reuters]

Mayday, mayday, France’s anti-Le Pen front is splintering 2017-05-02 [France24]

France: Macron’s political “marketing” has not won over the working class 2017-04-20 [ET]

France: Macron’s political “marketing” has not won over the working class 2017-04-19 [Equal Times]

Disgruntled French steel workers turn to populist Le Pen 2017-04-18 [FOX]

GEFONT Handovers Community Building in Sindhupalchowk 2017-04-15 [GEFONT]

De-demonising the FN? A PR story 2017-04-14 [equal times]

Whirlpool Is Sending French Jobs to Poland and Candidates Shrug 2017-04-09 [Bloomberg]

After Rare Walkout, Louis Vuitton and Workers in France Agree to Extend Talks 2017-04-09 [NYT]

CGT trade union calls on EDF board to reject Fessenheim closure 2017-04-09 [Reuters]

Louis Vuitton Leatherworkers Are Striking to Demand Higher Wages 2017-04-06 [The Cut]

Louis Vuitton Leather Workers Stage Rare Strike 2017-04-06 [WWD]

France: where migrant solidarity is criminalised and citizenship rights are being redefined 2017-04-05 [Equal Times]


Strike Forces Centre Pompidou to Close for Fourth Consecutive Day 2017-03-31 [Hyperallergic]

What lies ahead for France’s 100,000 foie gras workers? 2017-03-29 [Equal Times]

How the French are Tackling Modern Slavery 2017-03-25 [humanrightsfirst]

Flights canceled as French, Italian strikes hit 2017-03-21 [ATW]

Some Versions of Utopia 2017-03-21 [prospect]

Workers at France's EDF to strike again for 24 hours from Mar 20 evening 2017-03-18 [Platts]

The ‘Forgotten’ Ratcatchers of Paris Go on Strike 2017-03-16 [Atlas Obscura]

French firms told they can ban staff from wearing Muslim headscarves at work 2017-03-15 [The Local]

A Fillon presidency would end the 35 hour week and cut 500,000 public sector jobs 2017-03-14 [The Local ]

ITUC and ETUC Back French Corporate Responsibility Law 2017-03-12 [ITUC]

Louvre Attendants Strike After Vermeer Bottleneck 2017-03-10 [The Times]

Louvre Security Staff Threaten To Strike as Blockbuster Vermeer Show Causes Disarray 2017-03-09 [Hyperallergic]

IndustriALL signs new global agreement with the PSA Group 2017-03-08 [IndustriALL]

Air traffic strike leads to 1,000+ flight cancellations 2017-03-07 [TRB]

France Is Forcing Its Employees to Power Down: Will It Work? 2017-03-02 []

Employee Strike Forces Auteuil To Cancel Opening Day Of Meet 2017-03-01 [Paulick Report]

Unite statement on meeting PSA chief executive officer over proposed Vauxhall takeover For more info 2017-02-24 [Unite]

IG Metall and Opel European Works Council meet with PSA Group 2017-02-23 [IndustriALL]

Unite heartened by MPs’ exchanges backing Vauxhall workers 2017-02-21 [Unite]

McCluskey calls upon government to step up to secure General Motors’ jobs and plants 2017-02-15 [Unite]

Unite statement following the meeting with minister to discuss possible Vauxhall sale to Peugeot – ‘we will not accept… 2017-02-15 [Unite]

French unions gear up for future threats 2017-02-07 [iTF]

Air France union urges members to refuse work on U.S. flights after Trump order 2017-02-02 [Reuters]

Train services across France hit by rail strike 2017-02-02 [The Local FR]

Strike cuts French electricity production by nearly 4 GW 2017-01-31 [Reuters]

Workers at France's EDF to strike again January 30; action still planned January 25 2017-01-25 [Platts]

Country sees fewer strikes (despite year of huge strikes) 2017-01-18 [The Local]

Double A paper mill in Alizay to restart production after six-week standstill 2017-01-17 [EUWID]

French Workers Win Right To Disconnect From Work 2017-01-04 [WIN]

Workers get 'right to disconnect' from emails out of hours 2017-01-01 [BBC]

French workers win legal right to avoid checking work email out-of-hours 2017-01-01 [Guardian]

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