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Chile Workers on Strike in Valparaiso 2018-12-19 [Prensa Latina]

Chile 'Strikes in Valparaíso affect Chile's foreign trade image' 2018-12-12 [Fresh Plaza]

Chile LATAM Airlines union workers plan strike set to begin midnight Friday 2018-12-07 [Reuters]

Chile Canadian firm Lundin confirms job cuts at Chile's Candelaria copper mine 2018-11-17 [Reuters]

Chile State energy firm's workers threaten strike over pollution claims 2018-09-07 [CNBC]

Chile Copper workers face threats in Chile 2018-09-03 [IndustriALL]

Chile Striking workers at Chile's Andina copper mine reject new offer 2018-08-30 [Mining Weekly]

Chile Codelco makes new offer to striking Andina workers 2018-08-28 [Reuters]

Chile Young people fight against new precarious work law 2018-08-20 [BWI]

Chile Workers at Chile's Escondida, world's top copper mine, ink contract 2018-08-18 [Euronews]

Chile BHP, Escondida union reach agreement on contract offer 2018-08-17 [CIM]

Chile Escondida union to take new labor proposal to members 2018-08-15 [Reuters]

Chile Escondida mine, union will talk longer; hope to avert strike 2018-08-15 [Reuters]

Chile Escondida union and BHP agree to extend labor talks, avert strike-union 2018-08-14 [Reuters]

Chile Copper Vulnerable to Supply Shock as Giant Mine Faces Strike 2018-08-13 [Bloomberg]

Chile Union at Caserones mine in Chile says members vote to strike 2018-08-13 [Reuters]

Chile AquaChile sale to Agrosuper concerns salmon sector multi-union 2018-08-11 [FIS]

Chile Most unions at Chile's El Teniente copper mine accept contract 2018-08-11 [Mining Weekly]

Chile Union at Caserones mine in Chile says no deal in labor talks, strike imminent 2018-08-09 [Reuters]

Australia Labor Unrest Strikes Mining Giants 2018-08-09 [Wall Street Journal]

Chile Union calls on BHP to change strategy in Escondida mine talks 2018-08-08 [Reuters]

Chile Union at Chile's Escondida sets deadline for negotiations ahead of strike 2018-08-07 [Euronews]

Chile Union at Chile's Escondida copper mine tells BHP to improve contract offer by Aug 6 2018-08-03 [Reuters]

Chile Escondida copper workers set to strike unless BHP improves offer: union 2018-08-03 [Platt's]

Chile Chuquicamata Strike In Day Two But Copper Market Focused On Trade War 2018-08-01 [KITCO]

Chile Workers at Chile's Caserones copper mine vote to strike 2018-08-01 [Reuters]

Chile Union official at Chile's Escondida mine predicts 'overwhelming' vote against BHP offer 2018-07-31 [Reuters]

Chile Escondida mine workers reject labour offer, to vote on strike 2018-07-30 [Mining Weekly]

Chile Workers' union threatens strike at world's largest copper mine 2018-07-29 [The Business Standard]

Chile Escondida mine workers reject labor offer, to vote on strike 2018-07-28 [Reuters]

Chile BHP final pay offer to Escondida workers falls short of union demands 2018-07-26 [Mining]

Chile Escondida copper mine makes final offer to union 2018-07-25 [Reuters]

Chile Escondida copper mine to present final contract offer to union Tuesday 2018-07-24 [NASDAQ]

Chile Union at Chile's Escondida mine sees little hope for contract deal 2018-07-22 [Reuters]

Chile Strike looms after breakdown in talks at Chile´s Caserones copper mine 2018-07-20 [Reuters]

Chile Government wants conflict at Escondida to be over 2018-07-16 [Mining]

Chile BHP makes contract offer to union at Escondida mine 2018-07-13 [Reuters]

Chile Minera Escondida submits offer to workers union 2018-07-13 [DNA]

Chile EXPLAINER-Labor talks at BHP´s Escondida mine 2018-07-07 [Brinkwire]

Chile Labor talks at BHP's Escondida mine in Chile enter 'home stretch' 2018-07-07 [Reuters]

Chile BHP, workers at Escondida mine in Chile 'far from agreement' 2018-07-06 [Reuters]

Chile Workers at Codelco's Chuquicamata mine threaten strike 2018-06-25 [Reuters]

Chile Unions at Salvador mine reject early wage deal 2018-06-24 [Reuters]

Chile Negotiations underway at Escondida copper mine 2018-06-19 [Mining Journal]

Chile BHP, union at Chile's Spence copper mine reach labor agreement 2018-06-12 [Reuters]

Chile BHP Escondida mine workers in Chile start new wage talks 2018-06-02 [Euronews]

Chile Unions, Gov't Officials Resume Minimum Wage Talks 2018-05-28 [TeleSUR]

Chile LATAM Airlines crews head back to work after ending strike 2018-04-29 [Reuters]

Chile LATAM Airlines crew union cannot end strike yet: company 2018-04-28 [Reuters]

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