Workers at BHP Billiton Copper Mine In Chile Go On Strike

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Workers at the world's largest copper mine in Chile are digging in for a long strike 2017-02-16 [Netral News]

New labour laws in Chile embolden striking miners 2017-02-16 [CNA]

New labor laws embolden striking miners 2017-02-15 [Reuters]

World's biggest copper mine Escondida hit by worker strikes amid labor law reform 2017-02-15 [DW]

Workers at BHP Billiton Copper Mine In Chile Go On Strike 2017-02-10 [WSJ]

Major strike at Escondida mine, Chile 2017-02-10 [IndustriALL]

Workers strike at BHP's Escondida copper mine 2017-02-10 [Reuters]

World’s Top Copper Mine Shut as Union Set for Long Standoff 2017-02-10 [Bloomberg ]

World's biggest copper mine faces 'long, hard' strike 2017-02-09 [AFP]

Workers at Chile's Escondida copper mine to strike Thursday: Union 2017-02-08 [CNBC]

Escondida strike looks imminent 2017-02-06 [Mining Journal]

Strike called at Chile's Escondida copper mine 2017-02-02 [Platts]

Workers at World’s Largest Copper Mine Vote to Strike 2017-02-01 [TeleSUR]

Copper rises head of union vote 2017-01-31 [Market Watch]

Strike threat brews at Escondida, the world’s largest copper mine 2017-01-26 [The Telegraph]

Strike ends at Yamana Gold's El Peñón mine, union says 2017-01-18 [Reuters]

Wage talks accelerate at BHP's Chilean copper mine 2017-01-13 [Fairfax Media]

Strike at Yamana Gold mine enters ninth day, shares fall 2017-01-12 [Mining Weekly]

BHP Wage Showdown Has Copper Watchers Weighing Strike Risk 2017-01-11 [Bloomberg]

Operations at Yamana gold mine suspended late last week 2017-01-11 [Reuters]

Tough labor talks could lead to strike at Escondida copper mine: union 2017-01-05 [Reuters]

Wage deal reached at Chuquicamata mine 2016-12-17 [Reuters]

Workers at Codelco's Chuquicamata copper mine to vote on wage deal Thurs 2016-12-13 [Mining Weekly]

Strike at Minera Florida gold mine enters second week 2016-12-13 [PLATT]

Codelco optimistic about Chuquicamata copper mine wage talks 2016-12-07 [Mining Weekly]

Strike threatens fruit shipments to U.S. 2016-11-24 [The Packer]

Strike woes mount 2016-11-23 [FuitNet]

Public sector strike hits fishing exporters 2016-11-10 [FIS]

Another mining accident in Chile shows need to ratify ILO C176 2016-11-01 [IndustriALL]

Chile – thousands march against unfair pension system 2016-10-21 [IndustriALL]

Codelco unions say mulling company-wide strike at copper mines 2016-10-19 [Reuters]

Public workers stage strike, march for higher pay 2016-09-30 [Fox]

Workers at Codelco's Salvador mine end strike 2016-09-13 [BNA]

Copper production at Chilean Codelco’s Salvador mine halted by strike 2016-09-07 [The Shipping News]

Workers at small Codelco copper mine to strike next week 2016-09-02 [Reuters]

Codelco says two die in accident at Chuquicamata mine 2016-08-31 [Reuters]

Workers at Chile Codelco's Salvador copper mine vote on strike 2016-08-31 [Reuters]

Codelco Halts Mine After Accident as Strike Looms at Another 2016-08-31 [Bloomberg]

Over 500,000 Protest Pinochet's Private Pension System 2016-08-22 [TeleSUR]

Agreement ends strike at salmon plant Multiexport 2016-08-02 [FIS]

200,000 March Against For-Profit Pensions 2016-07-26 [TeleSUR]

Strike ends at Anglo's El Soldado copper mine 2016-07-23 [Reuters]

Police encourage violence on picket line 2016-07-17 [teleSUR]

Government, in major defeat, will cease work on key labour reform 2016-07-06 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Workers reject offer at Anglo American's El Soldado mine 2016-07-01 [Mining Weekly]

Workers and Students Strike, March for Labor Rights 2016-06-02 [TeleSUR]

Industral Chile sponsors bill to declare lithium a strategic national resource 2016-05-10 [IndustriALL]

Chile court tosses key provisions of labor law 2016-04-28 [NY Times]

Statutes, Case Law Strengthen Unions 2016-04-19 [Bloomberg]

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