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Brazil #WomenSpeak: The story of Brazil's Rita Assis 2021-08-09 [BWI]

Brazil #WomenSpeak: The story of Brazil's Rita Assis 2021-08-04 [BWI]

Brazil Truckers call for July 25 strike over high diesel prices 2021-07-25 [S&P]

Brazil Brazil's new gold rush 2021-05-28 [Equal Times]

Brazil The struggle of Brazilian journalists in times of pandemic 2021-05-26 [IFJ]

Canada Union Demands CPPIB Ditch Brazil Water Privatization Involvement 2021-05-04 [CIO]

Brazil Nestlé attacks food benefits of Brazilian workers during the pandemic 2021-04-03 [Expatica]

Belarus Podcast: Defending Democracy--Workers on the Frontlines For more info 2021-03-19 [Solidarity Center]

Brazil Truckers' strike off to weak start 2021-02-02 [Argus]

Brazil Masking Misery: The COVID-19 pandemic and migrant workers in São Paulo's fashion industry 2020-12-03 [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]

Brazil They will not silence us! UNI Americas, Brazilian care unions honour the victims of the pandemic and demand a competent government response 2020-11-27 [UNI Global Union]

Brazil UNI Global Union: 'This is a moment for Carrefour take proactive steps to address racism.' 2020-11-22 [UNI]

Brazil FENAJ urges taxation of digital platforms and creation of a fund to promote journalism 2020-10-06 [IFJ]

Brazil Itau lays off 270 staff in retail units, union says 2020-09-18 [Nasdaq]

Brazil Unions release COVID-19 protocols for construction workers 2020-09-16 [BWI]

Brazil Trade union activism vs. gender-based violence pushed 2020-09-15 [BWI]

Brazil Unions seek innovative ways to organise informal workers 2020-09-09 [BWI]

Brazil Unions design COVID-19 protocols for construction and wood sector 2020-08-31 [BWI]

Brazil Brazilian Health Workers File ICC Complaint Arguing Bolsonaro Covid-19 Response Has Been Crime Against Humanity 2020-08-02 [Reddit]

Brazil Lula: Bolsonaro não sabe governar, só saber criar encrenca 2020-06-11 [CUT]

Brazil Unionists initiate COVID-19 dialogue with state governor 2020-06-11 [BWI]

Brazil Unions win safety concessions at Brazil Post Office 2020-05-30 [UNI]

Brazil Só piora: Faltam moedas para pagar segunda parcela do auxílio de R$ 600 2020-05-15 [CUT]

Brazil Cargill registers six COVID-19 cases at Brazil plant 2020-05-13 [NASDAQ]

Brazil Covid-19 and the injustice of life in the favelas and urban peripheries in Rio de Janeiro 2020-04-28 [Opendemocracy]

Brazil Covid-19: Brazil implements basic income policy following massive civil society campaign 2020-04-21 [Opendemocracy]

Brazil For the Brazilian people, Bolsonaro is as dangerous as COVID-19 2020-03-30 [Equal Times]

Brazil Amid COVID-19, QUIMICOS ABC ensures workers' health, safety and income 2020-03-27 [BWI]

Brazil For the Brazilian people, Bolsonaro is as dangerous as COVID-19 2020-03-27 [Equal Times]

Brazil Lula to Global Unions: “Inequality is the great struggle of our age' 2020-03-10 [UNI Global Union]

Brazil Oil Workers Suspend Petrobras Strike 2020-02-22 [Folha]

Brazil Petrobras Workers In Brazil End Three-week Strike 2020-02-22 [UrduPoint]

Brazil Brazil oil strike drags into second week 2020-02-10 [Argus Media]

Brazil Gender violence study in Brazilian garment factories provides a ‘wake-up call to action' 2020-02-03 [Equal Times]

Brazil Journalist Glenn Greenwald accused of criminal association and wiretapping 2020-01-27 [IFJ]

Brazil UNI Global Union and the ITUC show solidarity with Amazon climate activists 2020-01-09 [UNI Global Union]

Brazil Whose democracy in Brazil? 2020-01-02 [Opendemocracy]

Brazil National Contact Point fails workers and justice after dam disaster 2019-12-23 [BWI]

Brazil Modern slavery uncovered in coffee industry 2019-12-22 [freedomunited]

Brazil Study: Gender Violence Rife in Brazil Garment Factories For more info 2019-12-06 [Solidarity Center]

Brazil Participação nos Lucros e Resultados para trabalhadores pode ficar menor com MP 905 2019-11-19 [CUT]

Brazil Freed leftist leader Lula da Silva rallies thousands of supporters at metalworkers' union 2019-11-11 [South China Morning Post]

Brazil Lula walks free from prison 2019-11-09 [Deutsche Welle]

Global AIRF Congratulates and Greets Lula on his release from Prison For more info 2019-11-09 [The Guardian]

France Amazonie : le contre-feu écolo de Macron n'est pas crédible 2019-09-18 [CGT]

Europe EU must stop Amazon destruction – including through EU-Mercosur trade talks 2019-09-13 [ETUC]

Global Amazon: Global resistance to Bolsonaro's destruction 2019-08-30 [ITUC]

Global Amazon fires: Educators join in global outcry and demand responsible environmental policies 2019-08-24 [EI]

Brazil Government threatens and harasses journalist Glenn Greenwald 2019-08-01 [IFJ]

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