No Negotiating Labor Rights in Post-Coup Brazil: Union Leader

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Unions to Decide on New Strike 2017-03-27 [Prensa Latina]

Brazil’s Outsourcing Bill Divides Employers and Workers 2017-03-25 [brazzil]

Brazil moves to allow outsourcing in labor law modernization 2017-03-23 [todayonline]

Brazil Votes to Outsource Jobs, Weakening Labor Rights 2017-03-23 [telesurtv]

No Negotiating Labor Rights in Post-Coup Brazil: Union Leader 2017-03-21 [telesurtv]

Brazilian trade unions and social movements hold day of action against pensions reform 2017-03-20 [IndustriALL]

Brazil Oil Union Says Petrobras Divestment Still On Hold 2017-03-18 [EPMAG]

Solidarity with the teachers of Brazil and Argentina 2017-03-17 [WFTU]

Despite Street Protests Brazil President Goes Ahead with Pension Reform 2017-03-17 [brazzil]

Nationwide Protests in Brazil Against Pension Reform 2017-03-17 [riotimesonline]

Million Plus Protest Gvt Dismantling of Pensions and Attacks on Workers’ Rights 2017-03-17 [ITUC ]

Brazilians protest, strike over pension changes 2017-03-16 [CTV]

Rio Joins International Women’s Strike March 8th 2017-03-08 [Rio Times]

Organising in the face of homophobia and transphobia in Brazil 2017-03-02 [Equal Times]

In the prison where the massacre took place, conditions are bad for the prisoners and precarious for the staff 2017-02-22 [PSI]

Why privatization simply aggravates the crisis in Brazilian prisons 2017-02-22 [PSI]

Brazil judge rules Uber drivers are employees, deserve benefits 2017-02-15 [Reuters]

Bloody Police Strike Goes On in Espírito Santo and Spreads to Rio 2017-02-12 [Brazzil]

Threat to Prosecute Striking Espirito Santo Police 2017-02-11 [TeleSUR]

Local transport union leader murdered 2017-02-10 [ICTUR]

Union Leader Killed in Police Strike Violence 2017-02-10 [TeleSUR]

Troops patrol city of Vitoria hit by police strike 2017-02-08 [BBC]

75 people killed in 4 days in city in Brazil after police strike 2017-02-07 [UPI]

City of Vitoria hit by police strike 2017-02-07 [BBC]

Police strike. Soldiers called in to maintain order in city 2017-02-07 [Rio Times]

The forgotten story of the workers exiled during Brazil’s dictatorship 2017-02-07 [Equal Times]

Marisa Letícia Lula da Silva, Wife of Former Brazilian President, Dies at 66 2017-02-05 [WSJ]

Lula to hold vigil for late wife Saturday In Union Hall where they met 2017-02-04 [AFP]

Anti-austerity protest turns violent in Rio de Janeiro 2017-02-02 [AFP]

Education union mobilises new faces to defend quality public education 2017-02-02 [Education International]

Inter-American court decision a Victory in Fight against Slavery 2017-01-27 [ITUC]

Prosecutor says Temer labour reforms illegal 2017-01-25 [Yahoo]

Oil workers' union accepts Petrobras' collective wage deal 2017-01-20 [Reuters]

Police and Prison Guards on Strike in Rio de Janeiro Over Non-Pay 2017-01-18 [The Times]

Unions demand lower interest rates 2017-01-15 [Latin American Herald Tribune]

Education, democracy and resistance 2017-01-14 [Education International]

Coffee from Rainforest Alliance farms in Brazil linked to exploited workers 2017-01-05 [Guardian]

Petrobras workers halt strike 2016-12-27 [BNA]

The workers at USP need our support today  ActNOW!  2016-12-27 [CSP Conlutas]

Petrobas workers strike for higher pay 2016-12-26 [Sputnik]

Workers Strike Paralyzes Oil Sector Across Country 2016-12-25 [TeleSUR]

Petrobras workers at Campos Basin started indefinite strike 2016-12-24 [The Herald]

Petrobras employees in Campos Basin approve strike 2016-12-23 [Reuters]


Customs officers plan to cripple Brazilian ports next week 2016-12-10 [JOC]

Rio police fire on protesting workers from church 2016-12-07 [BBC]

When Volkswagen handed its staff over to Brazil’s military junta 2016-12-01 [Equal Times]

Port workers set for one-day strike 2016-11-30 [Splash 24/7]

When Volkswagen handed its staff over to Brazil’s military junta 2016-11-30 [Equal Times]

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