Global Solidarity Conference

Poster for conference - click to enlarge. 9-11 July 2010

McMaster University

School of Labour Studies

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada



Pictured: McMaster University.

The conference is now over. Join the group on UnionBook to stay in touch, to keep networking - click here!

LabourStart, the news and campaigning website of the international trade union movement, is pleased to announce its first-ever Global Solidarity Conference, to be held at the McMaster University School of Labour Studies in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 9-11 July 2010.

Trade unionists from all over the world are invited to attend, to meet your colleagues from every continent and to discuss the issues that matter.

This is a unique opportunity to meet activists at every level of the trade union movement, from shop-floor reps to union general secretaries.

On this website you'll learn about what's happening at the conference, how to register, getting accomodation, getting to Hamilton, and much more.

Latest news

15 July: Conference ended 4 days ago. We'll be publishing documents to this website including photos and videos -- please be patient.

8 July: Download the conference programme including agenda and workshops as a Word document.

Eric Lee is now in Hamilton, but cellphone is not working. If you need to contact him, either use email (will be checking throughout the day) or via the cellphone number below -- Derek Blackadder is picking this up.

5 July: Where is everything happening? Where do I register? Where's a map of the campus? It's all here, on our new Where Things Are page.

2 July: We've updated the how to get to McMaster page and are suggesting that people post their arrival details on Twitter so rides can be shared from the airport -- use the tag #lsconf2010 in your tweets. We also now have a cell phone number for the conference organizers -- use this is you need to contact us by phone in Canada: +1 905 869 7307

28 June: We now have a conference poster! Click here to see it. We have also provided a breakdown of which workshops take place at what times.

18 June: The list of workshops has been updated. Soon we'll have a breakdown available of times and venues (they're all it the same building - not to worry.

5 June: McMaster University is having some problems with its website -- so if you've been trying to book a room, you will have had real difficulty doing so in recent days. Click here to download their registration form -- which you must submit within the next five days.

4 June: Listen to an audio invite (3 minutes).

31 May: The agenda for the conference final session (for LabourStart correspondents) has been updated.

26 May: We're hoping to have two representatives of the independent trade union movement in Algeria at this conference. Here's why it's important you come to Hamilton meet them and show you solidarity.

23 May: Conference is less than seven weeks away. We are today launching this website which will - over time - include everything you need to know about the conference. If you have any questions we haven't answered, send us an email.