Irish government’s failure to tackle human trafficking is causing severe harm to vulnerable individuals

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FG hunt for source of swing story 'entirely inappropriate', says union 2019-06-24 [Irish Independent]

Northern Ireland Holiday pay: former minister 'not second guessing' decision 2019-06-24 [BBC]

Thousands of healthcare staff will strike on Wednesday unless an agreement is reached today 2019-06-24 []

Padraigín Ní Mhurchú obituary: Formidable workers’ representative 2019-06-22 [The Irish Times]

Irish government’s failure to tackle human trafficking is causing severe harm to vulnerable individuals 2019-06-21 [ITF]

Women pilots told ‘terminate your pregnancy or employment’ 2019-06-21 [The Irish Times]

Employers 'face bills running into of tens of millions' after judgement on PSNI holiday pay 2019-06-21 [Belfast Telegraph]

SIPTU's new centre will offer free advice on workers' rights 2019-06-21 [Carlow Nationalist]

Roll-out of HPV vaccine for boys threatened by latest union row 2019-06-21 [Irish Independent]

Employee Tips Bill passes in the Dáil 2019-06-20 [SIPTU]

Health strike deferred to allow for talks at WRC 2019-06-19 [SIPTU]

FAI staff fear for their jobs are in the balance as UEFA set to bring in cutbacks to steady finances 2019-06-19 [Irish Independent]

Northern Ireland Council with worst sick record 'will tackle issue' 2019-06-19 [Belfast Telegraph]

Thousands face surgery cancellations as 10,000 healthcare workers to strike tomorrow 2019-06-19 []

Hospital managers warn of possibly ‘crippling’ impact of strike 2019-06-19 [Irish Times]

Minister for Finance calls for efforts to avert strike by 10,000 health support staff 2019-06-19 [RTÉ]

Unions welcome councillors ‘Dublin Agreement’ 2019-06-18 [Fórsa]

WRC talks end without agreement 2019-06-18 [SIPTU]

Minister calls for both sides to 'double efforts' to avert HSE workers' strike 2019-06-18 [RTÉ]

Northern Ireland PSNI faces £40m holiday pay bill after losing legal battle 2019-06-17 [ITV News]

Local labour laws apply to Ryanair employees says Belgian court 2019-06-17 [Business World]

Northern Ireland Desperate medics threaten court action over bosses' 15-year failure to evaluate pay bands 2019-06-17 [BelfastLive]

SIPTU representatives demand no freeze on the allocation of home support hours 2019-06-17 [SIPTU]

Talks to resolve job evaluation dispute for health workers to resume 2019-06-17 [Irish Examiner]

Garda Commissioner and Minister for Justice apologise over pregnancy inquiry 2019-06-17 [BBC]

WRC talks to resume as HSE support staff strike looms 2019-06-17 [RTÉ]

Northern Ireland Housing Executive admit to prioritising online services with threat of local office closures 2019-06-15 [Armagh I]

Warning of possible disruption due to health staff strike 2019-06-15 [RTÉ]

Meath mum receives €52,000 after she was sacked from her job for having a baby 2019-06-14 [Irish Mirror]

Strong social partnership protects labour says Minister 2019-06-14 [Law Society Gazette]

Talks over health dispute adjourned 2019-06-14 [SIPTU]

SIPTU 'prepared to work' for resolution to health workers' dispute 2019-06-14 [Irish Examiner]

'We hide': Abused migrants say Irish fishing reforms will fail 2019-06-13 [Yahoo]

Northern Ireland Inez McCormack-a remarkable life of achievement against the odds 2019-06-13 [Derry Now]

Ryanair pilots push for pay rise as threat of disruption in UK grows 2019-06-13 [Irish Independent]

Some Dublin Bus drivers say their seats are making it painful to work 2019-06-13 [Dublin InQuirer]

SIPTU to enter WRC talks in health dispute 2019-06-13 [SIPTU]

 VIDEO  Meet the people who are spearheading the commemoration of the Limerick Soviet 100 years on 2019-06-13 [Irish Examiner]

Northern Ireland Teachers pay dispute: 'Agreement reached' to end industrial action 2019-06-13 [BBC]

INTO demands full restoration of school capitation grant 2019-06-13 [RTÉ]

Primark criticised in Germany over poor conditions of Sri Lankan suppliers 2019-06-12 [Irish Times]

Average wage jumps by 3pc to all-time high of almost €39,000 2019-06-12 [Irish Independent]

Home care health workers suffer ‘frequent verbal abuse’ 2019-06-12 [Irish Times]

Parties in health dispute summoned to WRC for talks 2019-06-12 [RTÉ]

SIPTU members begin a series of work stoppages at Cabinteely Community School 2019-06-10 [SIPTU]

Woman forced to retire at 65 wins €20,000 in court 2019-06-10 [The Times]

SIPTU launches new welcome centre in Cavan 2019-06-10 [Leitrim Observer]

Minister upsets the childcare sector 2019-06-10 [The Times]

Sex workers say Kildare ‘brothel’ arrests prove law is not fit for purpose 2019-06-10 [Irish Examiner]

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