LabourStart correspondents meet when the conference ends

The last item on our agenda is not for everyone.  But if you’re a LabourStart correspondent and you care about the future of our project, please plan on sticking around another 90 minutes after the formal conference closes.  This is our usual post-conference correspondents’ meeting and this year, we even have a draft agenda.  Here it is:

  1. Campaigns – time for LS to take the initiative?
  2. Labour News Network – developing worker-correspondents to create alternatives to what’s in the media (e.g., reports from the frontlines, from picket lines, from jail cells, etc)
  3. LS Books – what next, who decides, how we decide, other languages, alternatives to CreateSpace (who are very bad about paying us, who deduct US income taxes etc)
  4. Next conference – Vancouver, date? Derek to report
  5. Technical support – sharing the burden of the LS to-do list
  6. Creating offline groups – e.g., Berlin.
  7. The future of UnionBook
  8. Recuiting correspondents, finding out what support they need
  9. Fundraising