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Any news about progress on the conferene preparation

Can we do 50%?

Preparation of the conference is making good progress – ver.di has granted their headquarters as venue for the conference, and the organising committee is working on contacting partner organisations and setting up a programme (the programme section will be updated soon accordingly), which promises to cover a wide array of topics and trigger vivid discussions. If you have any suggestions for speakers and/or workshops, let us know in the registration form or by email.  We hope to include also a bit of political sightseeing and some cultural event, which are all work in progress!

We have opened registration and have already received dozens of registrations – for those who have already registered we ask a bit of patience before we can come back to you with more details. Those who haven’t done so yet can do it here.

And we have set ourselves a goal which normally shouldn’t be ambitious but in reality is not met by most conferences and congresses – we will have 50% women speakers at all panels and in all workshops. If you want to check out whether we will be able to do this – come to the conference!