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Germany Workers win right to 28-hour week following industrial action 2018-02-12 [Independent]

Germany Workers of Germany, unite: The new siren call of the Far Right 2018-02-10 [NY Times]

Germany German workers strike deal for 28-hour week 2018-02-09 [SBS]

Germany Workers win right to 28-hour week 2018-02-08 [CNN Money]

Germany Workers win right to flexible hours 2018-02-08 [BBC]

Germany Metal Workers Union Reach Work-Life Balanced Deal 2018-02-07 [TeleSUR]

Germany Industry wage deal lifts pay, enables flexible hours 2018-02-07 [WJHL]

Germany Baden-Württemberg metal workers' pay rise and work time flexibility sets German precedent & EU example 2018-02-06 [ETUC]

Germany IG Metall sets work-life balance precedent with major victory 2018-02-06 [IndustriALL]

Germany German metalworkers win limited 28-hour week concession 2018-02-06 [The New Indian Express]

Germany Wage deal should give some comfort to ECB 2018-02-06 [Reuters]

Germany Wage deal lifts pay, enables flexible hours 2018-02-06 [WBOY]

Germany Baden-Württemberg metal workers' pay rise and work time flexibility sets German precedent & EU example 2018-02-06 [ETUC]

Germany Industrial workers and employers set to resume talks 2018-02-05 [Reuters]

Germany Research highlights teachers’ excessive working hours 2018-02-05 [Education International]

Germany Foodora and Deliveroo Riders protest in Berlin 2018-02-01 []

Germany Industrial Workers Start 24-Hour Strikes Over Pay, Hours 2018-02-01 [TeleSUR]

Germany Industrial strikes loom as talks with German union collapse 2018-01-31 [The Local]

Germany 2.7 million workers paid less than minimum wage in 2016, study finds 2018-01-31 [The Local ]

Germany Industrial workers to stage 24-hour strikes 2018-01-31 [Reuters]

Germany Industrial strikes to hit Daimler, Porsche 2018-01-30 [Reuters]

Germany Germany's top earners targeted in push for diluted labor laws 2018-01-30 [Reuters]

Germany Unions prepare to tackle Germany’s divided labour market 2018-01-29 [The Financial Times]

Germany German industrial workers gear up for full-day walkouts 2018-01-29 [Reuters]

Germany Strikes Set to Hit Daimler, Siemens as Union Wage Talks Fail 2018-01-29 [Bloomberg]

Germany Workers to strike at 250 companies in Germany next week 2018-01-29 [AP]

South Africa NUMSA stands in solidarity with striking German metal workers 2018-01-28 [NUMSA]

Germany German Union Announces Strikes After Talks Break Down 2018-01-28 [US News & World Report]

Germany Strikes Loom at Daimler, Siemens as Talks Fail 2018-01-27 [Bloomberg]

Germany Union announces strikes after talks break down 2018-01-27 [ABC]

Germany Regional union to extend wage talks, averting strikes for now 2018-01-26 [Reuters]

Germany Airbus workers strike for 6% raise and shift flexibility 2018-01-26 [AP]

Germany Strikes loom as talks between metal workers' union and industry break down 2018-01-25 [The Local]

Germany Europe roots for German union in battle for higher pay 2018-01-24 []

Germany Daimler employees strike in push for higher wages 2018-01-19 [Reuters]

Germany Opel is latest automaker hit by German pay strikes 2018-01-18 [Auto News Europe]

Germany German strikes spread to Daimler, union mulls escalation 2018-01-16 [Reuters]

Germany Germans seek labor deal by early next month as car workers strike 2018-01-12 [Reuters]

Germany Audi, BMW workers stage strikes amid talks over wages, hours 2018-01-12 [Automotive News Europe]

Germany Repeal NetzDG bill, deletion is not the answer 2018-01-12 [EFJ]

Germany Strike threat looms as labour talks start in Germany 2018-01-12 [Reuters]

Germany Manufacturers Rebuff Union Demands for More Pay, Time Off 2018-01-11 [Bloomberg]

Germany IG Metall to step up strike action ahead of wage talks 2018-01-10 [Reuters]

Germany Workers strike for right to two-year, 28-hour working week 2018-01-09 [Guardian]

Germany Industrial workers stage strikes in pay dispute 2018-01-08 [Reuters]

Germany Salary comparison made easier in Germany? 2018-01-06 [DW]

UK Unilever urged to reconsider Colman’s Mustard closure by Unite 2018-01-05 [Unite the union]

Germany Students need role models of both genders 2018-01-03 [Education International]

Germany Doctors reject mandatory age tests for asylum seekers 2018-01-03 [Deutsche Welle]

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