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Canada Saskatchewan Parkland Regional Library concerned cuts will hurt customers 2017-04-18 [The Times]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Weaker but steadfast: Richard Gillett's hunger strike outside DFO 2017-04-18 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Hunger strike heads into Day 6 2017-04-18 [The Telegram]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Police Called to Picket Line for Striking Elevator Workers 2017-04-18 [VOCM]

Canada Ontario “We were used like guinea pigs,” retired miner says of exposure to toxic powder 2017-04-18 [The Spectator]

Canada Alberta Memorial events planned for International Day of Mourning on April 28 2017-04-17 [UNA]

Canada Alberta PRC process results in improved safety at Coaldale Health Centre 2017-04-17 [UNA]

Canada Manitoba High turnover rate, lower wages prompt Brandon hospital lab techs to organize information picket 2017-04-17 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador FISH-NL VP's hunger strike in front of DFO in St. John's enters fourth day 2017-04-17 [CBC]

Canada British Columbia Newspaper jobs to be saved through deal with Postmedia, union says 2017-04-17 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Activists unite at Equal Pay Day action to end the gender wage gap 2017-04-16 [UFCW]

Canada UFCW delivers recommendations to Status of Women committee 2017-04-16 [UFCW]

Canada British Columbia Safety Before Profits 2017-04-16 [Teamsters]

Canada Saskatchewan Domestic Violence Changes a Step in the Right Direction, Much More Action Required 2017-04-16 [SFL]

Canada Ontario Victory: Queen’s University members win child care benefits 2017-04-16 [PSAC]

Canada Ontario Rally draws crowd to LCBO head office 2017-04-16 [OPSEU]

Canada Ontario Investigation delays deepen crisis in corrections 2017-04-16 [NUPGE]

Canada British Columbia CNC Machine Operators join IAM 2017-04-16 [IAMAW]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW leadership discuss shrimp cuts, transition to cod with Federal MPs and Fisheries Minister 2017-04-16 [FFAW/Unifor]

Canada National Day of Mourning – April 28, 2017 – CUPW Shows Respect 2017-04-16 [CUPW]

Canada SENATE BETRAYS WORKERS ON C-4 2017-04-16 [Teamsters ]

Canada British Columbia Fisherman Homer Stevens became fearless fighter for working British Columbians 2017-04-15 [The Sun]

Canada Senate blocks Liberals’ plan to repeal ‘anti-union’ law 2017-04-15 [The Globe and Mail]

Canada Senate Betrays Canadian Workers on Bill C-4 2017-04-15 [Teamsters]

Canada RCMP brass don't back officer protest but won't discipline Mounties 2017-04-15 [CBC]

Canada Alberta Province gets university bargaining right 2017-04-14 [VUE]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador FISH-NL Vice President Launches Hunger Strike 2017-04-14 [VOCM]

Canada Ontario Food servers end their strike, and get big raise, at U of T Scarborough 2017-04-14 [Inside]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW meets with government over shrimp cuts, cod transition 2017-04-14 [Undercurrent News]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador FISH-NL VP protesting outside DFO in St. John's 2017-04-14 [CBC]

Canada Ontario Region of Waterloo and transit union ratify labour deal 2017-04-14 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Union stands by its decision to picket at Terry French's home 2017-04-14 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Unifor Wary of TC Media Sale 2017-04-14 [VOCM]

Canada Empire building hurts journalism in Atlantic Canada 2017-04-14 [Unifor]

Canada Ontario Increased protection needed for temp workers 2017-04-14 [Unifor]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador MUNFA Wants Continued Tuition Freeze 2017-04-14 [VOCM]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador NLTA Welcomes Pike Switch 2017-04-14 [VOCM]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Dwight Ball’s Crossroads – A game of budgets and cuts 2017-04-13 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario Asbestos Contaminates University Labs 2017-04-13 []

Canada Meet two people who invisibly influence the future of CBC 2017-04-13 [Pop Journalism]

Canada Manitoba Budget doesn't deliver for frontline workers as promised 2017-04-13 [NUPGE]

Canada British Columbia Workers at Vancouver’s First United Church ratify first contract 2017-04-13 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Canada Alberta Students need trust and support from teachers and parents 2017-04-12 [ATA]

Canada Basic Income or a reduced work week? An old labour debate 2017-04-12 [Rank and File]

Canada The best way to protect against unscrupulous bank tactics? Empower workers 2017-04-12 [Rank and File]

Canada Saskatchewan Ministry of Education’s wage mandate unfair 2017-04-12 [CUPE]

Canada Manitoba CUPE Local 1973 fights back against ER and program cuts 2017-04-12 [CUPE]

Canada Manitoba Budget leaves doors wide open for privatization 2017-04-12 [CUPE]

Canada British Columbia Building strong communities with Vaisakhi 2017-04-12 [CUPE]

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