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Canada Ontario Union blames fewer staff, high mail volume for long days in Tecumseh 2017-09-14 [CTV]

Canada Ontario Halton police investigate alleged strangling of EA at high school 2017-09-14 [Inside]

Canada Brock labour expert receives national honour 2017-09-14 [Brock University]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador PSAC Stages Rally for Phoenix Pay Fix 2017-09-14 [VOCM]

Canada Casualization as a Social Model in France? Definitely No! By Confédération générale du travail (CGT - France) 2017-09-13 [The Bullet]

Canada Manitoba 700 Winnipeg hospital support staff to be served deletion notices 2017-09-12 [CBC]

Canada Quebec Protest against Boeing planned for Wednesday in Montreal 2017-09-12 [The Citizen]

Canada Ontario Contract talks at CAMI Ingersoll go down to the wire 2017-09-12 [Global]

Canada British Columbia Workers feel ill during reported “incident” at B.C. shipping terminal 2017-09-12 [OHS Canada]

Canada Saskatchewan Union questions staffing levels after death of Saskatoon kindergarten student 2017-09-12 [CBC]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador United Steelworkers president hospitalized after 156-km trek to St. John's 2017-09-12 [The Packet]

Canada Alberta Drunk, abusive customers prompt security to increase at Calgary's Nicholls Family library 2017-09-12 [CBC]

Canada Saskatchewan City still wants to farm out sick day management at Saskatoon Transit 2017-09-12 [CBC]

Canada Quebec Aerospace Jobs threatened: Machinists take to the streets to sound the Alarm! 2017-09-12 [IAMAW]

Canada Quebec Daycare educators vote in favour of 6-day strike mandate 2017-09-12 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Canada Ontario Systemic barriers must be addressed in education reforms geared to reflect diversity 2017-09-12 [CUPE]

Canada British Columbia CUPE 411 reminds motorists to keep kids safe 2017-09-12 [CUPE]

Canada Quebec CUPE Québec welcomes the Ontario government’s decision on the sale of cannabis 2017-09-12 [CUPE]

Canada British Columbia Budget 2017 Update shows new government taking quick action to make life more affordable, restore fairness 2017-09-12 [CUPE]

Canada Ontario Restaurant workers stand up for fairness 2017-09-12 [WAC]

Canada Unifor warns workplace surveillance violates rights 2017-09-12 [Unifor]

Canada British Columbia NDP government makes good on election promises 2017-09-12 [Unifor]

Canada By the Numbers: Half of working Canadians living paycheque to paycheque 2017-09-12 [UFCW]

Canada Alberta Pride season winds down at Calgary parade 2017-09-12 [UFCW]

Canada UFCW Canada endorses Jagmeet Singh to lead the NDP into a new generation 2017-09-12 [UFCW]

Canada New NAFTA Should Follow Lead of Canadian Labour Proposal 2017-09-12 [Teamsters]

Canada Saskatchewan SFL partners with Hillberg & Berk to support survivors of domestic violence 2017-09-12 [SFL]

Canada Federal government announces child care agreements with PEI and NB 2017-09-12 [PSAC]

Canada Ontario Bloodlines: Is ‘voluntary interest arbitration’ really a better deal? YES! 2017-09-12 [OPSEU]

Canada Ontario Pot plan a blow to dispensaries, but a boon for the public-service union 2017-09-12 [OPSEU]

Canada Ontario Loitering bylaw discussion raises racism concerns 2017-09-12 [OPSEU]

Canada Ontario Let’s not rush into destreaming 2017-09-12 [OSSTF]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Federation President Demands Answers for Court Decision on Worker’s Death 2017-09-12 [NLFL]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Indexing An $11/Hour Minimum Wage Is A Terrible Idea 2017-09-12 [NLFL]

Canada New Brunswick NBFL welcomes stand-alone labour department 2017-09-12 [NBFL]

Canada British Columbia BCGEU applauds the housing minister’s decision to review caps on rental price hikes 2017-09-12 [NUPGE]

Canada Manitoba Manitobans don’t want for-profit Ontario corporations in their home care program 2017-09-12 [NUPGE]

Canada Nova Scotia McNeil government to blame for shortage of deputy sheriffs in courts 2017-09-12 [NUPGE]

Canada NUPGE contributes $11k to relief efforts in Texas 2017-09-12 [NUPGE]

Canada British Columbia Warnings to ICBC Executives Were Ignored For Years 2017-09-11 [MoveUp]

Canada Machinists endorse Singh for NDP Leader 2017-09-11 [IAMAW]

Canada Smaller ships – greater agility 2017-09-11 [IAMAW]

Canada Newfoundland and Labrador New Committee Seeks Fair Access to Adjacent Resources 2017-09-11 [FFAW/Unifor]

Canada Arbitrator Flynn Keeps Pay Equity on Track 2017-09-11 [CUPW]

Canada British Columbia Students and schools finally get the Throne Speech they need 2017-09-11 [BCTF]

Canada British Columbia Throne Speech highlights new approach that puts people first 2017-09-11 [BCFed]

Canada Alberta Managing professional and union roles a matter of attention and skill 2017-09-11 [ATA]

Canada Increasing the minimum wage to $15 can only pay off: Olive 2017-09-11 [Toronto Star]

Canada Ontario U of T begins bargaining with labour union 2017-09-11 [The Medium]

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