Unions across Europe want a Brexit deal to work for working people

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Ministers’ plot could slash paid holidays for 7 million workers, says TUC 2017-12-17 [tu]

Ryanair recognizes unions in historic shift to avert strike 2017-12-16 [Bloomberg]

Ryanair brings labor unions on board to avoid holiday strike: B 2017-12-16 [Click Orlando]

Remettre l'emploi de qualité à l'agenda 2017-12-15 [CES]

La CES à propos du Sommet et du Socle social 2017-12-15 [CES]

Ryanair to recognise unions to prevent pilots' strike before Christmas 2017-12-15 [Guardian]

We’ll play fair, Ryanair’ - global unions respond to airline’s recognition decision 2017-12-15 [ITF Global Union]

BALPA accepts Ryanair offer to discuss recognition 2017-12-15 [BALPA]

משתמשים וזורקים: מכונת הניצול של עובדים זרים זולים באירופה 2017-12-15 [דה מרקר]

Ryanair to recognise unions to prevent pilots' strike before Christmas 2017-12-15 [Guardian]

Ryanair turns the tables with union recognition 2017-12-15 [irishtimes.com]

Ryanair agrees to recognise pilot unions to avoid widespread customer disruptions over Christmas period 2017-12-15 [Ryanair]

Ryanair in union offer to avoid Christmas strikes 2017-12-15 [BBC]

Ryanair agrees to recognise pilot unions to avert strike 2017-12-15 [RTÉ]

Ryanair-julestreik avverges trolig 2017-12-15 [Dagbladet]

ETUC on Summit & Social Pillar 2017-12-15 [ETUC]

Ryanair vurderer å anerkjenne flygernes fagforbund 2017-12-15 [abc nyheter/NTB]

Putting quality jobs back on the agenda 2017-12-15 [ETUC]

Ryanair moves towards recognise pilot unions 2017-12-15 [BBC]

Ryanair will start recognising pilot unions to avoid massive Christmas time strikes 2017-12-15 [Independent]

Ryanair pilots now preparing to strike next week 2017-12-14 [Irish Independent]

UK membership of Euratom post-Brexit is ‘a must’, says Unite 2017-12-14 [Unite the union]

Unions across Europe want a Brexit deal to work for working people 2017-12-13 [EurActiv]

Ryanair pilots vote for industrial action 2017-12-13 [Deutsche Welle]

Ryanair Christmas strike: What has caused the row and which flights will be affected? 2017-12-13 [Irish Independent]

Don't Penalize Workers for Retiring Later 2017-12-13 [Bloomberg]

Amnesty accuses EU of pushing Libya 'slave trade' 2017-12-13 [IOL/Reuters]

Viktória Nagy élue à la présidence du Comité des jeunes de la CES 2017-12-12 [CES]

Ryanair pilots to strike before Christmas 2017-12-12 [BBC]

Irish-based Ryanair pilots to hold one-day strike before Christmas 2017-12-12 [RTÉ]

Ryanair-piloter går ut i julestreik 2017-12-12 [E24/NTB]

Pilots repeat concerns following European Commission announcement that EU flights could cease to operate from UK 2017-12-12 [BALPA]

Viktória Nagy elected ETUC Youth President 2017-12-12 [ETUC]

'Platform for Coal Regions in Transition' is good start says ETUC 2017-12-12 [ETUC]

Thirst for Cheap Labor Fuels a Boom in Disposable Workers 2017-12-12 [NYTimes]

Ryanair's Dublin-based pilots vote to back industrial action 2017-12-11 [RTÉ]

Europe gives controversial pesticide glyphosate a five-year reprieve 2017-12-11 [Equal Times]

L’Europe accorde cinq ans de sursis au très controversé herbicide glyphosate 2017-12-11 [Equal Times]

Europa da cinco años de respiro al controvertido herbicida glifosato 2017-12-11 [Equal Times]

ETUC on Brexit 2017-12-11 [ETUC]

ETUC On Brexit 2017-12-10 [ETUC]

Safe at Home. Safe at Work.ETUC Briefing Paper 2017-12-10 [ETUC]

Human Rights Day: Unions name and shame Samsung and McDonalds for refusal to negotiate with unions 2017-12-09 [Payrise ]

La CES à propos du Brexit 2017-12-08 [CES]

Buone proposte da Commissione Ue, ma non ratificare fiscal compact 2017-12-08 [RS]

Appello: superare il Fiscal compact per un nuovo sviluppo europeo 2017-12-08 [Cambia il mondo ]

ETUC on Brexit 2017-12-08 [ETUC]

Samsung & McDonald's among multinationals that flout human rights 2017-12-08 [ETUC]

Government red lines risk creating border chaos, says TUC 2017-12-08 [TUC]

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