Postal Workers Remain on Strike in Rio and São Paulo

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The Alternative World Water Forum has begun! 2018-03-20 [PSI]

The precarious status of domestic workers in Brazil 2018-03-15 [equaltimes]

The precarious status of domestic workers in Brazil 2018-03-14 [Equal Times]

Postal Workers Remain on Strike in Rio and São Paulo 2018-03-14 [The Times]

Postal Company's Workers on Strike 2018-03-13 [Prensa Latina]

Brazil postal workers begin indefinite strike 2018-03-13 [xinhuanet]

IndustriALL urges Shell to intervene over fired trade union leaders in Brazil 2018-03-07 [IndustriALL]

Strike leads to importer delays at Ponta Pora border 2018-03-03 []

FETRACONSPAR receives the first certificate in Latin America 2018-03-02 [BWI]

Brazil Ratifies Domestic Worker Convention For more info 2018-02-08 [Solidarity Center]

Lula Conviction Further Undermines Democracy and Rule of Law 2018-01-26 [ITUC]

Concerns over the long-standing campaign targeting former President Lula 2018-01-25 [Education International]

Court upholds corruption conviction for ex-president Lula 2018-01-24 [Guardian]

Lula trial: Democracy pushed into the abyss 2018-01-24 [NYT]

Let Lula stand again to be president of Brazil  ActNOW!  2018-01-24 [Guardian]

Lula Appeal Ruling, Elite Snipers Called In  ActNOW!  2018-01-24 [Bloomberg]

Lula trial is attempt to undermine democracy in Brazil, says TUC  ActNOW!  2018-01-24 [TUC]

A tragic example of our fractured world  ActNOW!  2018-01-24 [Equal Times]

Workers’ rights and social justice in Brazil: the issues at stake in Lula’s trial  ActNOW!  2018-01-24 [TUC]

Lula trial is blatant attempt to undermine democracy in Brazil, says TUC 2018-01-23 [TUC]

Brazil: a tragic example of our fractured world 2018-01-23 [Equal Times]

Civil unrest predicted as nation wait for appeal court ruling on Lula  ActNOW!  2018-01-23 [Guardian]

Nation holds breath waiting for court ruling on Lula  ActNOW!  2018-01-23 [Reuters]

#StandWithLula  ActNOW!  2018-01-23 [Time2Act]

PES leader calls for a fair trial for Lula da Silva  ActNOW!  2018-01-23 [PES]

ITUC Joins Global Solidarity Action in Support of Lula  ActNOW!  2018-01-23 [ITUC]

Another rural worker and rights defender murdered 2018-01-22 [IUF]

Privatization Plans of São Paulo Metro Halted After Strike 2018-01-20 [Rio Times]

Metro Workers’ Strike Causes Commuter Chaos in Brazil’s Largest City 2018-01-19 [Latin American Herald Tribune]

Land occupation as a solution to Brazil’s housing crisis 2018-01-08 [Equal Times]

Workers Reject Sale of Aerospace Firm to Boeing 2017-12-23 [TeleSUR]

Lula Attends Waste Collector Conference 2017-12-23 [teleSUR]

Brazil Supreme Court bans asbestos use and sale 2017-12-18 [IndustriALL]

VW says some employees cooperated with Brazil's military regime 2017-12-15 [Reuters]

Poultry group in Sth Africa calls for probe of forced labour in Brazil. 2017-12-15 [Thomson Reuters]

South Africa calls for probe of forced labour in Brazil 2017-12-12 [Business Report]

Modern slavery: 'I had to eat the dog's food to survive' 2017-12-11 [BBC]

The State of the Brazilian Left 2017-11-30 [Upside Down World]

PETROBRAS: Workers In More Than 40 Platforms On Strike Warning 2017-11-28 [RTT]

Trade Union Confederations Announce National Strike 2017-11-25 [Prensa Latina]

Brazil’s female footballers on a crusade to score big changes 2017-11-23 [Equal Times]

Duratex workers organized a network to strengthen their negotiations 2017-11-15 [BWI]

Judge Orders Worker to Pay $2,500 in Legal Fees on 1st Day of Labor Reforms 2017-11-14 [teleSUR]

Country Rocked By Workers’ Protests Against New Labour Law 2017-11-12 [Newsclick]

Temer Gov't Launches Unprecedented Crackdown Against Working Class 2017-11-12 [Prensa Latina]

Brazilians protest changes to labor rules and pensions 2017-11-12 [Taipei Times]

Thousands protest new labor law 2017-11-12 [DeathRattleSports]

Unions articulate hearing in the Chamber of Deputies for the resumption of paralyzed construction projects 2017-11-07 [BWI]

Brazil, Kenya Women Leaders on Frontline of Change For more info 2017-11-01 [Solidarity Center]

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