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Updated 10/08/2020 01:40 Europe/Berlin

Canada Le syndicat des débardeurs menace de « fermer le port de Montréal » lundi [Radio-Canada] 2020-08-08

South Africa The President of this country killed our doctors, nurses, CHWs and HCWs - the same way he killed Marikana miners [Facebook] 2020-08-08

South Africa Workers World Labour show - Transport workers & Covid 19 [YouTube] 2020-08-08

Global A universal commitment to end child labour [ILO] 2020-08-07

USA Alameda CLC ED Elisabeth Ortega-Torro Supporting A's Billionaire Owner John Fisher Proposed A's Stadium In Port Of Oakland [LVP] 2020-08-07

South Africa Nehawu condemns COVID-19 corruption [eNCA] 2020-08-06

UK Builder's Crack: The Movie [Reel News] 2020-08-06

South Africa Nehawu condemns COVID-19 corruption [eNCA] 2020-08-06

Global A remarkable journey to universal ratification – ILO Director-General [ILO] 2020-08-05

Australia 'Gaping holes in government's paid pandemic leave': Trade union [Sky] 2020-08-04

South Africa Postponement of jobs meeting leaves Cosatu unhappy [eNCA] 2020-08-03

USA PATCO--The Last Strike [PATCO] 2020-08-03

Iran ’s failed economy will lead to major Iran protests [Iran News Wire] 2020-08-03

South Africa What Cosatu has to say about the IMF loan [Business Day TV] 2020-08-03

Iran Oil and Petrochemical workers stage strike! [THE NATIONAL POLICY] 2020-08-03

Israel 540 Israeli Airline Employees Protest Company's Likely Closure Amid Pandemic [I24] 2020-08-03

USA Shut It Down! Workers Shut Amazon DSF4 San Leandro Warehouse For Health & Safety and Living Wage [LVP] 2020-08-02

South Africa Corruption threatens patients' medical care - Sama [eNCA] 2020-08-02

USA The Covid Pandemic and Central Valley Agricultural Workers [LVP] 2020-08-02

Australia Aged Care Minister 'clearly doesn't understand the industry' [Sky] 2020-08-01

USA 'We're With Katy' Rally To Protest Firing Of ILWU 6 VCA-Mars Unionist Katy Bradley [LVP] 2020-07-31

USA Online Memorial Event for Workers Killed by COVID-19 [Jewish Labor Committee] 2020-07-30

Canada Unions, students raise concern over University of Toronto’s Fall 2020 in-person learning [Global] 2020-07-30

South Africa Questions for a sex worker [GroundUp] 2020-07-29

China Wearing a Mask? It May Come From China’s Controversial Labor Program [New York Times] 2020-07-28

Iran Sugarcane workers in SW Iran hold 41st day of strike action for wages [THE NATIONAL POLICY] 2020-07-28

USA 'We Mean Business' SF Unionists Protest SF POA & Demand Defunding of Police and End Militarization of Police [LVP] 2020-07-28

Australia Lack of staff putting 'additional pressure' on Victorian healthcare system [ABC] 2020-07-27

South Africa COVID-19: Unions intensify call for school closure [eNCA] 2020-07-23

Canada Nurses Union says nursing homes have too many casual staff when residents need familiarity [CTV] 2020-07-23

South Africa How unions have challenged government on wage hikes [BusinessLIVE] 2020-07-23

USA Alameda County Highland Hospital Workers Fight Covid, Privatization, Bullying and Union Busting [LVP] 2020-07-21

Canada CUPE Nova Scotia hosts first ever anti-Black racism panel discussion [CUPE] 2020-07-18

Iran Protesters in SW chant against regime as flames ignite again [Iran News Wire] 2020-07-18

South Africa Schools under pressure as SA's Covid-19 pandemic gains momentum [News24] 2020-07-18

USA Workers, Liability, The Hero's Act and Health and Safety On The Job With UFCW7 President Kim Cordova [LVP] 2020-07-18

South Africa Cosatu threatens taxi boycott [eNCA] 2020-07-17

South Africa Natu disagrees with COVID-19 school infection numbers [eNCA] 2020-07-17

Canada 42% of Alberta physicians considering leaving the province for work: AMA survey [Global] 2020-07-16

Canada 'Minister Shandro, take Yes': AMA publishes latest proposal to government [CTV] 2020-07-16

Australia Govt must ensure the aviation industry 'doesn't crumble' [Sky] 2020-07-16

South Africa Covid-19 and transport workers [Facebook] 2020-07-15

Canada Dominion store employees across province begin strike vote [NTV] 2020-07-14

India India's growing Covid-19 waste challenges workers [BBC] 2020-07-14

USA Healthcare Workers, Covid and Black Lives Matter with Luci Riley NNU CNA Alta Bates Hospital [LVP] 2020-07-13

Iran Death to Rouhani [Iran News Update] 2020-07-12

Canada Health care unions considering political action over Ontario’s COVID-19 emergency act [Global] 2020-07-11

Iran Hoveyzeh, SW [Iran News Wire] 2020-07-10

UK Challenging the unsafe return to work - Hazards Campaign Thursday Talk [Hazards Campaign] 2020-07-10

Ghana Ghana airport agitations; workers bare teeth over 'privatisation' moves [] 2020-07-10

USA SF Mime Troupe and 'Tales Of The Resistance' With SF Mime Trouper Michael Sullivan [LVP] 2020-07-10

USA Cal/OSHA MIA? Jeff Ruch Of PEER and The Crisis In Cal/OSHA [LVP] 2020-07-07

Italy ‘The Invisibles’: Unseen footage of Italy’s migrant labourers at peak of COVID-19 [The Africa Report] 2020-07-05

South Africa Albert Luthuli Hospital staff down tools over Covid-19 protocols [Daily News] 2020-07-04

USA Remember 'Bloody Thursday' & Stop The Racist Graffiti At SSA! ILWU Press Conference At Port Of Oakland [LVP] 2020-07-04

Global Universal ratification of ILO Convention No. 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour [ILO] 2020-07-03

USA Video: Where now for the US left? Lois Weiner on George Floyd protests, Biden, more [Workersliberty] 2020-07-02

USA In The Midst Of Covid-19: The Staffing Crisis At Cal/OSHA With Garrett Brown MPH, CIH Retired FromCal/OSHA & Researcher [LVP] 2020-07-01

South Africa Judgment Date with Judge Dennis Davis, Episode 20: Matthew Parks, Cosatu’s Parliamentary Coordinator [Daily Maverick] 2020-06-29

USA With No Safety, Covid Killing Colorado JBS Workers & Memorial With UFCW Local 7 President Kim Cordova [LVP] 2020-06-29

Canada Statement of Solidarity with People Fighting Against Systemic Anti-Black Racism [NLFL] 2020-06-28

Europe The pandemic in road transport [ITF] 2020-06-28

Germany Labour exploitation in Germany's meat processing plants [DW] 2020-06-28

USA Tesla, Covid-19, Elon Musk, Cal-OSHA & Gov. Gavin Newsom-Interview With Tesla Worker Carlos Gabriel [Pacifica Network] 2020-06-28

Turkey Unions warn of general strike over severance pay [BWI] 2020-06-27

UK 'Stop the violence before someone is killed' [polfed] 2020-06-26

USA Time To Shut It Down! A Day Of Action & ILWU Juneteenth At The Port Of Oakland [LVP] 2020-06-25

USA Shut The World Down! Boots Riley At 2020 ILWU Juneteenth At Oakland Oscar Grant Plaza [LVP] 2020-06-25

USA 'No Layoffs' 'Stop The Greed' Frontline UCSF AFSCME 3299 Workers Protest Cutbacks In Middle Of Covid Pandemic [LVP] 2020-06-25

Zimbabwe WATCH: Chinese national shooting employee in Gweru [Pindula News] 2020-06-23

USA Disneyland unions seek delay in park reopening [ABC7] 2020-06-20

Zimbabwe LIVE: ZCTU Press Conference [ZimEye] 2020-06-19

Canada Grocery giants called to testify before MPs over ending employee wage top-ups for COVID-19 [Global] 2020-06-19

USA 'Movements Work' [Democracy Now] 2020-06-19

Global End Violence, Harassment at Work - Speed Ratification of Global Standards Adopted a Year Ago [Human Rights Watch] 2020-06-18

Canada Unions lobbying to make masks mandatory for hospital visitors and transit passengers [CTV] 2020-06-18

South Africa NEHAWU monitors local Covid-19 safety precautions [Graaff Reinet Advertiser] 2020-06-18

Canada Mount Pearl union asks why investigation into Steve Kent is taking so long [NTV] 2020-06-17

Australia Thomas Mayor speaks at Black Lives Matter Rally Darwin [MUA] 2020-06-15

South Africa EMPD officers threaten full-blown strike if demands not met [Germiston City News] 2020-06-15

Global Joint message from the ILO and UNICEF to mark the World Day Against Child Labour [ILO] 2020-06-15

Canada 'Complete hypocrisy': Human rights museum employees say they experienced racism at work [CTV] 2020-06-12

Canada 'Mr Trudeau, don’t leave flight attendants behind' [CUPE] 2020-06-12

Global About the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights [Youtube] 2020-06-11

Global “I am not a hero, I am a nurse” [PSI] 2020-06-11

Canada A video update from Mark Hancock - Black Lives Matter [CUPE] 2020-06-10

Canada Anderson Charles on anti-Black racism [MoveUP] 2020-06-07

USA Black Lives Matter! Labor Rally and March In SF [LVP] 2020-06-07

South Africa Not all teachers ready for reopening of schools [eNCA] 2020-06-07

USA AFL-CIO's Trumka Says the Enemy Is a Broken Justice System [Bloomberg] 2020-06-06

Malaysia Bila Kami Bersatu’ (When We Short film about the lives and struggles of three women from Malaysia's national hospital service workers' labor union [Freedom Film Network] 2020-06-06

South Africa “Critically Assessing Social Programmes to Mitigate COVID-19: Long march to rebuilding bottom-up, working class-led change' [Facebook] 2020-06-03

USA Health Over Profits!' Where The Hell Is OSHA At? Oakland Speak-out For Health Safety On The Job [LVP] 2020-06-02

South Africa COVID-19: Startling claims about hospital [eNCA] 2020-06-02

USA Essential Blueberry Farm Workers Strike After Employer Cuts Pay Amid Pandemic [Now This] 2020-06-01

New Zealand 'We are delighted'- Teacher aides pay deal will bring security and decrease anxiety, union says [TVNZ] 2020-06-01

South Africa Teacher Unions: No PPE, No work [eNCA] 2020-06-01

Australia Our casuals win explained [CFMMEU] 2020-05-31

Cambodia Union win! Sister Soy Sros release from prison in Cambodia after LabourStart campaign [IndustriALL] 2020-05-30

Lebanon All-female group of Ethiopian domestic workers are on a mission to deliver food to fellow domestic workers in need [IDWF] 2020-05-30