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Updated 30/09/2022 21:06 Europe/Berlin

USA On Strike At SFO! $17 An Hour Wages & $20 Hamburgers: Unite Here 2 Workers Speak Out For Justice [LVP] 2022-09-30

USA Apple Toxic Is It Above The Law? With Whistleblower Ashley M. Gjøvik [LVP] 2022-09-30

USA Bernie Sanders presents his top labour songs [YouTube] 2022-09-28

South Africa Losi warns of potential disaster for ANC [eNCA] 2022-09-28

USA UAL AFA Flight Attendants March Against Union Busting & Join SFO Unite Here Local 2 Strikers [LVP] 2022-09-28

USA Starbucks is illegally stalling union negotiations: The inside story [A More Perfect Union] 2022-09-27

Canada Health care workers rally outside Liberal MP retreat [The Media Co-op] 2022-09-25

Iran People want to get rid of rule of oppression and crimes [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-09-24

South Africa SABC strike over wage dispute looms [SABC] 2022-09-24

USA Workers Plan to Renovate Home Depot with a union [More Perfect Union] 2022-09-22

USA Ripped off by Wells Fargo? This union has your back [Daily Kos] 2022-09-22

USA WorkWeek Fort Wayne Ind UAW 2209 Member Mike Turner Runs For UAW VP & Corruption [WW] 2022-09-20

USA US Rail Workers Fed Up & On Verge Of National Strike Over Working Conditions, Health & Safety [LVP] 2022-09-15

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey (15 August–15 September 2022) [] 2022-09-15

USA Terrorism, Racism & Union Busting Against SEIU1021 SF General Hospital Workers By CCSF HR/DPH & Mayor [LVP] 2022-09-14

Hong Kong Hong Kong Speech therapists jailed for 19 months over children book set poor precedent for free speech [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor] 2022-09-13

Global One in every 150 people are trapped in modern slavery [ILO] 2022-09-13

USA Union workers on strike arrested, pepper sprayed by Pawtucket Police [ABC] 2022-09-10

USA Robert Reich: A Tribute to the Teacher Who Changed My Life [Robert Reich] 2022-09-10

India Kerala government forces road transport staff to work 12-hour shifts [WC Radio] 2022-09-09

USA AWU Google & Tech Workers With Community In SF Demand No Tech For Apartheid! Cancel Project Nimbus [LVP] 2022-09-09

USA Sex workers say Wells Fargo shut their bank accounts: ‘Destroying our livelihoods’ [NYPost] 2022-09-08

USA Jackson Mississippi, Struggle For Safe Water & Labor With Robert Shaffer, Pres Mississippi AFL-CIO [LVP] 2022-09-08

USA Seattle cancels first day of school as teachers go on strike [Aljazeera] 2022-09-07

USA 'Working In An Oven' IBT UPS Teamsters Speak Out On Deadly Heatwave, Life and Death [WW] 2022-09-07

South Africa Sadtu concerned over violence in schools after fatal stabbing [eNCA] 2022-09-07

South Africa Popcru unhappy with police conditions [eNCA] 2022-09-06

South Africa Sadtu denounces poor school infrastructure, overcrowding [eNCA] 2022-09-05

USA Watch the VIDEO - Labor Day - Learn the History [TapInto] 2022-09-05

USA 'Life & Death Issue' For Patients & Nurses At Kaiser: NNU-CNA Nurses Speak Out As Contract Expires [LVP] 2022-09-02

USA CA Gov. Newsom Threatens to Veto Farmworker Union Bill as He Buys $14.5M Vineyard in Napa Valley [Democracy Now] 2022-08-30

USA California senate passes bill to protect fast-food workers [CBS] 2022-08-30

Australia Final NSW train strike before reprieve [The New Daily] 2022-08-30

UK Nurses strike: UK-wide approach needed, says Health Minister [BBC] 2022-08-29

USA Berkeley REI employees vote to unionize [CBS Bay Area] 2022-08-28

South Africa National Shutdown: Giwusa warns of further strike action [eNCA] 2022-08-26

South Africa National Shutdown | Cosatu, Saftu hand over memoranda [eNCA] 2022-08-25

South Africa SAFTU media briefing on plans, details for upcoming national shutdown [SABC] 2022-08-23

USA Columbus teachers’ union votes to strike [NBC4] 2022-08-22

USA Starbucks Union workers protest at Bills game [WIVB] 2022-08-21

USA NUHW In Kaiser Strike Demand That Newsom & Demos Prosecute Flagrant Violations Of CA Healthcare Laws [LVP] 2022-08-20

USA Trader Joe's shuttered NYC wine store to snuff out union drive, workers say [CBS] 2022-08-20

USA US Solidarity With Felixstowe UNITE Dockers Strikers By ILWU Local 10 Past President Trent Willis [LVP] 2022-08-19

UK Mick Lynch laughs at GMB host as he slaps down ‘completely untrue’ six-figure salary claims [Mirror] 2022-08-19

New Zealand Firefighters storm TV studios during live broadcast [Newshub] 2022-08-18

USA Viral video shows Starbuck's union busting campaign [Daily Kos] 2022-08-18

USA Amazon workers in upstate New York file for union election, citing poor wages and safety issues [Spectrum] 2022-08-18

USA Trade Unionists Speak Out To Defend Laguna Honda Hospital and Convalescent Hospital From Closure [LVP] 2022-08-18

USA Amazon workers walk off job at air freight facility to call for better pay and working conditions [CNN] 2022-08-18

South Africa COSATU plan a national strike over high cost of living [COSATU] 2022-08-17

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey (15 July–15 August 2022) [UID-DER] 2022-08-17

USA No More Kaiser Suicides! NUHW Members Strike Kaiser Health System [LVP] 2022-08-16

South Africa POPCRU calls for an urgent crime summit [Banoyi] 2022-08-15

USA After week 1 of school year, Chatham County teachers already feeling the effects of staff shortage [WJCL] 2022-08-15

South Africa SA is DAYS away from a National Shutdown [The South African] 2022-08-13

USA Folsom Cordova educators protest 'revolving door,' demand better pay, benefits [ABC10] 2022-08-12

South Africa SAFTU calls for national shutdown [eNCA] 2022-08-12

South Africa Union calls for govt to help Mango take flight [eNCA] 2022-08-11

South Africa Pension Fund Changes: Cosatu weighs in on retirement funds [eNCA] 2022-08-08

USA New World In The UAW: Report By UAW 551 Past VP & UAW-M Co-chair Scott Houldieson [LVP] 2022-08-08

Iran A worker’s life is in immediate danger! [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-08-05

USA The Machine that Ate People: Tech, Spying Emotions, AI, Algorythms & Worker's Dystopia With Peter Mantello [LVP] 2022-08-05

South Africa Cosatu march: Unions lead march to Parliament over escalating food prices [eNCA] 2022-08-04

South Africa Motor sector negotiations: Numsa demands 12% across the board [eNCA] 2022-08-04

Australia Proposal to upskill Australians and sign up migrants to unions [ABC] 2022-08-01

USA Rank & File Threaten UAW Bureaucracy's Agenda At 2022 Convention: Report By Retired UAW 909 President Frank Hammer [LVP] 2022-07-31

USA Hundreds of SEIU 1021 SF Non-profit Tenderloin Housing Clinic Workers Strike For Living Wages [LVP] 2022-07-28

Australia Transport workers to strike for 24 hours [Sky] 2022-07-28

UK On eve of national rail strike, a video message from union leader Mick Lynch [RMT] 2022-07-27

USA Workers & Delegates Speak Out At 2022 CA Labor Federation Convention [LVP] 2022-07-27

South Africa Giwusa calls for govt intervention as cost of living rises [eNCA] 2022-07-26

USA Heine Brothers' workers file for election in effort to get union recognized [WDRB] 2022-07-26

USA Privatization of The Port of Oakland, Community Colleges & K-12 Education [LVP] 2022-07-24

Iran Sungun Mine workers must be released immediately! [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-07-23

South Africa Numsa says suspension of members is constitutional [eNCA] 2022-07-22

Ukraine Video of the Palace of Labour in Kharkiv destroyed by Russian shelling [YouTube] 2022-07-20

USA UAW 2022 Convention, Democracy & Issues Facing Members With Scott Houldierson UAW 551 Delegate [LVP] 2022-07-17

Iran Great retirees' gatherings and marches in several cities [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-07-16

Turkey Labour Movements in Turkey (15 June - 15 July 2022) [] 2022-07-16

South Africa SARS strike worsening delays at border posts [eNCA] 2022-07-15

Iran July 12th: Gatherings of telecommunications workers, strike of Tabriz petrochemical workers and other news [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-07-13

USA 'They Only Understand Power” On 2022 SF 'Bloody Thursday' ILWU Local 10 Trent Willis Speaks Out On Contract [LVP] 2022-07-12

Canada NDP Niki Ashton along with Canadians for Tax Fairness and PIPSC called on Justin Trudeau's Liberals to act for more tax fairness in Canada [CPAC] 2022-07-11

Canada Video: Canada's health care: at the brink of catastrophe [CFNU] 2022-07-10

USA Bus driver strike threatened in Fresno: ‘Drivers are asking for a fair contract' [Your Central Valley] 2022-07-09

USA Campbellsville Amazon workers could be unionizing [WHAS] 2022-07-09

South Africa Saftu plans national strike [eNCA] 2022-07-09

Iran July 2: Social Security Retirees Rally and march in several cities [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-07-02

USA Union Workers At Borgata In Atlantic City Have Reached A Tentative Deal [CBS] 2022-07-01

Canada CUPE public sector workers launch TV ad [CUPE] 2022-06-25

Iran The second day of a massive nationwide strike by scaffolding workers in oil industry [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-06-24

Middle East Life at 50C Gulf Killer Heat [BBC] 2022-06-23

South Africa Public office-bearer salary increase 'a slap in the face': Cosatu [eNCA] 2022-06-18

South Africa SAMWU not surprised by the deteriorating performance of municipalities [Banoyi] 2022-06-18

South Africa Cosatu marches against high fuel price [eNCA] 2022-06-18

UK Cost of Living march: Protesters take to streets demanding action on skyrocketing prices [Mirror] 2022-06-18

USA AFL-CIO International Operations in Mexico - Old Wine in a New Bottle? By UAW 909 Past President Frank Hammer [LVP] 2022-06-16

USA 2022 AFL-CIO Convention With Mike Elk Of Payday Report [LVP] 2022-06-15

USA Democracy, General Strikes and Fascism At AFL-CIO With David Van Deusen Pres Vermont AFL-CIO [LVP] 2022-06-14

USA WCCUSD Union Busting Attack On Adult School Teachers United Leadership [LVP] 2022-06-13