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Updated 04/04/2020 07:56 Europe/Berlin

South Africa Nehawu talks on strike after national lockdown [eNCA] 2020-04-02

USA 'We May Have To Shut It Down' The Fight To Protect Health and Safety For Chicago ATU 241 Members and The Public [LVP] 2020-04-02

Canada Coronavirus: Head of Ontario registered nurses union says 9M masks per week are needed [Global] 2020-04-01

Canada A video update from Mark Hancock - To the heroes [CUPE] 2020-04-01

Bangladesh Bangladesh minister appeals to garment importers [CNBC] 2020-04-01

USA COVID-19 and SF DPH SEIU 1021 Community Healthcare Centers Workers Under Attack: Health and Safety Under Threat [LVP] 2020-03-31

Australia Statement on JobKeeper wage subsidy [UWU] 2020-03-31

Canada COVID-19: Hospitality union offers help as hotels considered as makeshift hospitals [Global] 2020-03-31

Canada Air Canada to lay off 16,500 workers amid COVID-19 pandemic [Global] 2020-03-31

Australia Sally McManus - Statement on the Morrison Government's proposed wage subsidy [ACTU] 2020-03-29

Canada COVID-19: 'We’re all breathing on each other' says Toronto construction worker, slamming job site [The National Post] 2020-03-27

USA No More 'One Mask Per Shift' ! SF NNU CNA Nurses Demand Real Protection At St. Mary's Hospital [LVP] 2020-03-27

South Africa COVID-19 | Sactwu and employers reach pay agreement [eNCA] 2020-03-26

USA UPS Workers, The IBT, H/S and The Coronavirus with NYC Local 804 Former Health and Safety Director [Labor Video Project] 2020-03-26

Canada Coronavirus: Ontario construction unions plead with government to shut them down [Global] 2020-03-25

South Africa Ga-Rankuwa taxi drivers stage peaceful protest [Pretoria News] 2020-03-25

Canada Video update from Mark Hancock [CUPE] 2020-03-21

USA At Port of Oakland, ILWU Tells SAA We Want Health & Safety For COVID-19 To Protect Our Members and Community NOW! [LVP] 2020-03-21

Canada Winnipeg Transit takes buses out of service after driver has flu-like symptoms [Global] 2020-03-20

Canada Air Canada to lay off over 5K flight attendants as coronavirus halts travel: union [Global] 2020-03-20

USA UAW Workers Angry About Lack Of Safety Protection- Interview With UAW Local 551 Scott Houldierson [LVP] 2020-03-19

UK Job losses are mounting. Businesses are going to the wall. Entire industries are at risk [TUC] 2020-03-18

Australia COVID-19 and workers rights - What you need to know [ACTU] 2020-03-17

Canada Coronavirus: Unions brace for layoffs at airlines, hotels and casinos [Global] 2020-03-17

USA ILWU Local 10 and 34 Victory Halting Grand Princess COVID-19 Waste Removal Contaminating Workers and Community [LVP] 2020-03-16

Canada City of Toronto, unionized inside workers reach tentative deal to avert strike [Global] 2020-03-14

New Zealand APEX union lab workers to strike in labs testing for COVID-19 [NewsHub] 2020-03-13

USA 'Prisoners On The Grand Princess Petri Dish' Will The Crew Be Quarantined To Die On The Sea? [WorkWeek] 2020-03-13

USA UCSF NNU-CNA Nurses Rally On Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic-'When Nurses Aren't Safe, Patients Aren't Safe' [LVP] 2020-03-12

South Africa Nehawu calls for health workers to be upskilled to deal with Covid-19 [OmnyFM] 2020-03-11

Global More action needed to end violence and harassment in the world of work [ILO] 2020-03-10

Canada City of Toronto unveils plans for potential labour disruption with inside workers [Global] 2020-03-10

USA UAW Michigan Workers On Elections, Coronavirus, GM Strike, Democracy & Internationalism [LVP] 2020-03-10

USA Coronavirus, Worker Dangers and The Crisis In CA with Dr. Larry Rose Former Medical Director Cal-OSHA [LVP] 2020-03-09

Australia Union slams Qantas with legal action after cleaner stood down on coronavirus fears [9 News] 2020-03-06

Canada Singh talks auto strategy with local union leaders during Windsor visit [The Star] 2020-03-06

South Africa Nehawu protest for better working conditions at Department of Education offices [Sandton Chronicle] 2020-03-04

South Africa ANC meets Cosatu and SACP over public wage bill [eNCA] 2020-03-03

South Africa Ramaphosa says key state wage bill savings will stem from lower wage growth, not job cuts [Fin24] 2020-03-03

South Africa Union concerned about pilchards recall [eNCA] 2020-03-01

USA UAW 2865 UCB Graduate Students March To Sproul Hall To Demand COLA & Against Union Busting At UCSC [LVP] 2020-02-29

Australia Assange case ‘an attack on truth’: WikiLeaks editor [MEAA] 2020-02-29

South Africa Channelling Thatcher: Battle with unions will be Ramaphosa, Mboweni’s biggest test [Fin24] 2020-02-28

South Africa COSATU slams public sector wage cuts [eNCA] 2020-02-28

USA SF UESF SFUSD Teachers and Staff Ready To Strike As Superintendent Matthews Threatens Cuts [LVP] 2020-02-28

Canada City of Toronto outside worker strike deadline extended to Friday as talks progress [Global] 2020-02-27

Philippines Hands off our teachers! [ACT] 2020-02-27

South Africa Treasury’s proposal a recipe for labour unrest: Cosatu [eNCA] 2020-02-25

UK Derry workers' charter will target bad employers, say trade unionists [The Journal] 2020-02-25

Canada Thousands Of Striking Teachers, Supporters Descend On Ontario's Legislature [Huffington Post] 2020-02-22

Australia Transport Workers Union at Adelaide Airport Jetstar strike [] 2020-02-19

South Africa Cosatu calls on Ramaphosa to take action against Mboweni [eNCA] 2020-02-19

Australia Hundreds of Holden workers await details on transition following closure [ABC] 2020-02-18

USA Working Class Voices At Bernie Sanders Rally In Richmond: Workers Fed Up with 1% & Corruption of System [Pacifica] 2020-02-18

USA Danny Glover & Bernie Sanders In Richmond Call For Working Class Power In Elections Against The 1%. [LVP] 2020-02-18

South Africa Labour Court clears SAA to restructure [Business Report] 2020-02-18

Canada Scabs brought in as Fredericton outside workers remain locked out [Global] 2020-02-17

South Africa provincial Shopsteward Council. [Facebook] 2020-02-16

South Africa Numsa lawyer disagrees with Labour Court decision [eNCA] 2020-02-16

UK Len McCluskey talks his new book Why You Should Be a Trade Unionist [Youtube] 2020-02-15

New Zealand Union says Imperial Tobacco plant in Petone will officially close [Stuff] 2020-02-13

South Africa Entabeni Hospital staffers go on wage strike, reject counter-offer [The South African] 2020-02-12

Canada Personal support workers hold demonstration outside Schlegel Villages [CTV] 2020-02-11

USA The Impact Of Charters and The Appeasement Policy In Los Angeles [LVP] 2020-02-11

South Africa Numsa says Telkom is unable to justify its retrenchment plans [SABC] 2020-02-10

Spain Coronavirus confirmed in Majorca - Airport workers demand masks & gloves [The Express] 2020-02-09

Canada Trucks moving through Alberta fuel blockade, fences to come down as Unifor complies with injunction [Global] 2020-02-09

Canada Judge beefs up order calling for removal of Unifor’s blockade of Alberta fuel distribution terminal [Global] 2020-02-08

Canada Road closure near Co-op Refinery part of police plan to 'make the site safe' [The Leader-Post] 2020-02-08

Canada All 4 Ontario teacher unions now striking after French educators announce plans for provincewide walkouts [Global] 2020-02-08

Hong Kong Medical Workers Stage Protest at Hospital Authority Offices [VOA] 2020-02-07

USA Tartine Workers, We've Got Your Back! San Francisco Workers Celebrate Organizing With ILWU Local 6 [LVP] 2020-02-07

South Africa Tshwane SAMWU workers march against poor governance in municipality [Pretoria News] 2020-02-07

South Africa NUM talk on 2020 African Mining Indaba [eNCA] 2020-02-07

Australia Little common ground between TWU NSW and Fairfield [ATN] 2020-02-06

Canada Co-op executive seek injunction to bust union barricade at Carseland fuel terminal [The Herald] 2020-02-06

Canada 4 Unifor Local 594 picketers arrested at Regina’s Co-op refinery: police [Global] 2020-02-06

USA SF City Hall Speakout To Demand $2.7 M To Restore 300 Classes At SF Community College For Students & AFT 2121 Faculty [LVP] 2020-02-05

Canada NDP, unions warn of job losses as AHS review targets $1.9 billion in potential savings [The Herald] 2020-02-04

Canada 'An attack on all workers': NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh visits Unifor picket line outside Co-op refinery [The Leader-Post] 2020-02-04

Canada Moe offers special mediator in Unifor lockout if blockades come down, floats police action [The Leader-Post] 2020-02-04

Canada B.C. Supreme Court passes on hearing challenge of union construction deal [Global] 2020-02-04

Canada Strike cancels classes indefinitely at New Brunswick’s Mount Allison University [Global] 2020-02-04

USA The War On Whistleblowers, Darrell Whitman and US Inspector General's Obstruction of Justice [LVP] 2020-02-02

USA WorkWeek On SF Treasure Island Radiation Whistleblowers and SFLC MLK Protest and Hanging Nooses [WorkWeek] 2020-01-31

UK During times of uncertainty, when change is happening all around, you can rely on your union [TUC] 2020-01-31

USA UAW Corruption At The Top, Government Take-over and Union Democracy With Scott Houldierson [LVP] 2020-01-31

South Africa WATCH: No entry at Unisa as employees protest demanding 8% increase [Pretoria News] 2020-01-31

USA Miami airport workers protest low wages with Super Bowl week hunger strike [The Herald] 2020-01-30

Canada Unifor erects blockade around Co-op’s fuel storage terminal in Carseland [Global] 2020-01-29

Canada CUPE claims Ford government not holding up its end of the bargain [CTV] 2020-01-28

UK Civil servants stage protest over pay [BBC] 2020-01-26

Canada How Ontario's Teachers' Strikes Could End — But Won't Anytime Soon [Huffington Post] 2020-01-26

Jordan Voices from the world of work: Garment factory workers in Jordan [ILO] 2020-01-25

Canada Co-op Refinery lockout impacting Regina businesses [Global] 2020-01-25

Canada Doug Ford Says Teachers' Unions Are Testing His Patience [Huffington Post] 2020-01-25

Canada Unions across Canada throw support behind Unifor in Regina: ‘We’re all blue collar workers’ [Global] 2020-01-23

USA AFSCME 3299 UC Workers and Students Unite Against Union Busting/Contracting Out At Regents UC SF Misson Bay Meeting [LVP] 2020-01-23

South Africa Unionists in heated confrontation with CSIR management [The South African] 2020-01-23

USA Justice For UCSC Graduate Students: UCSC Wildcat Striker Natalie Ng Speaks Out To UC Management [LVP] 2020-01-22