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Updated 19/03/2018 17:40 Europe/Berlin

Canada Kelley attends United Nations Status of Women Conference [IAMAW] 2018-03-19

New Zealand Nurses to strike if no improvement on pay, working conditions [NewsHub] 2018-03-19

USA Teachers' union proud of student walkouts over shootings [CBS] 2018-03-16

Spain Ryanair makes pay offer as union deals prove elusive [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2018-03-15

Australia Union launching test cases for food delivery riders [ABC] 2018-03-14

USA Co-location, Charters, Privatization, Resegregation and Union Busting [Labor Video Project] 2018-03-13

Canada Union conference hopes to address myths about the gender wage gap [The Star-Phoenix] 2018-03-11

Canada Strike at parts supplier impacting FCA plant in Windsor [CTV] 2018-03-10

Spain 'Without women the world stops' [BBC] 2018-03-09

New Zealand Lyttelton Port workers protest alleged 'illegal lockout' [Radio New Zealand] 2018-03-08

Spain International Women's Day: Spain's workers in 'feminist strike' [BBC] 2018-03-08

USA Janus v. AFSCME and the importance of union [You Tube] 2018-03-08

Canada Canada Post workers say sexual harassment ignored by management at Edmonton mail plant [CBC] 2018-03-05

USA Tech Workers Unite & Fight! Lanetix CWA Workers Fight Union Busting In SF [Labor Video Project] 2018-03-03

USA SHUT Down ICE! Action In San Francisco Closes ICE As CA Unionists Join The Blockade [LVP] 2018-03-01

USA Why the rich love destroying unjons [You tube] 2018-02-27

USA Stop Anti Labor Union Busting Janis Decision Say Hundreds Of Unionists In SF [Labor Video Project] 2018-02-27

USA The War On The EPA & The Scientists With Lynda Deschambault Former EPA Scientist [LVP] 2018-02-15

UK Fighting the Pensions Robbery - Video Updatef [FBU] 2018-02-12

Australia Union blasts Fair Work umpire as Griffin Coal miners accept huge pay cuts to end six-month strike [Now] 2018-02-12

Canada Safeway Bargaining Update, February 8, 2018 [UFCW] 2018-02-09

Germany German workers strike deal for 28-hour week [SBS] 2018-02-09

Australia Andrew Casey speaking for solidarity with Iranian unions [Tony Brown] 2018-02-06

Malta Doctors’ industrial action still on as no progress made in 2-hour meeting [The Independent] 2018-02-05

USA Defend The UK National Healthcare Service NHS! Tens of Thousands March And Rally In London [LVP] 2018-02-05

Global As EI turns 25, a new series of podcasts sheds light on past and future [Education International] 2018-01-25

Fiji People have no freedom to exercise their rights in Fiji, says union leader Anthony [Stuff] 2018-01-25

Global There is a crack in everything - and that’s how the light gets in [World Economic Forum] 2018-01-24

USA The Teamsters, Charters, Privatization And Education [Labor Video Project] 2018-01-22

India “They respect their pets more than labourers” [The Wire] 2018-01-21

USA 2018 Women's Rally & March Stop The Attack On Women, Immigrants and Workers San Francisco [Labor Video Project] 2018-01-21

Australia Three horrific crashes and a $468,000 wage theft case confirm that the transport industry is in crisis [TWU] 2018-01-17

Australia Fighting for Safe & Secure Jobs for Safe & Secure Skies! [TWU] 2018-01-17

USA 80 IAM 1584 Henkel Aerospace Bay Point Operators Wins Strike Over Health & Safety [LVP] 2018-01-15

Canada 'Wildly profitable' Tim Hortons target of protests across Ont. [CTV] 2018-01-10

USA Teacher handcuffed, arrested after questioning school superintendent's pay [ABC] 2018-01-10

USA Canadian Rail Workers Harding & Labrie Are Not Guilty! Drop The Charges NOW! Rally In SF [LVP] 2018-01-05

Iran Let Down by Reformists, Working-Class Iranians Join Widespread Protests [Real News Network] 2018-01-04

USA Western IBT VP Rome Aloise Forced Out Of Union Positions After Corruption Scandal Exposures [LVP] 2018-01-02

Australia In 2017 we celebrated our past and fought for our future [Unions NSW ] 2017-12-29

Germany Amazon workers strike again in Germany [Reuters ] 2017-12-28

Australia FULL INTERVIEW: ACTU's Sally McManus: The push to change the definition of casual work is about justice [Sky News] 2017-12-28

Australia Unions set to launch campaign for changes to workplace laws [Sky News] 2017-12-27

USA Workers demonstrate outside Mayo headquarters [KIMT] 2017-12-23

Canada Our Holiday Message [CUPE] 2017-12-23

South Africa Shoprite workers strike over working conditions [EWN] 2017-12-23

USA UBC34 Diver Matthew Zugsberger, OSHA And Attempted Murder On The Drake's Bay Estero Clean-up [LVP] 2017-12-22

Australia Locked out over Xmas: CFMEU runs TV ad to highlight Glencore treatment of [CFMEU Mining and Energy] 2017-12-22

Australia Paddy Crumlin Xmas message [MUA] 2017-12-22

Fiji Warning to tourists: wear your bathers underneath your jeans - your baggage might not get to your hotel [ITF Asia/Pacific] 2017-12-21

Australia Here’s how the AWU was bigger, bolder and better in 2017 [AWU] 2017-12-21

Ireland Ryanair unions lift Christmas strike threat [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2017-12-20

USA The Crimes Of Trump's OSHA Chief Nominee FedEx VP Scott Mugno [Labor Viedeo Project] 2017-12-15

USA Laney Land Is Not For Sale! Community, Students & Faculty Rally Against A's Land Grab Of College Land [LVP] 2017-12-13

USA Oakland Mayor Schaaf's Union Busting War On Labor Time For A 'General Strike' [LVP] 2017-12-12

Australia What was th Darwin Rebellion? [ABC] 2017-12-12

USA The Dirty Work Of Trump's FedEx VP Scott Mugno Nominee For OSHA Chief [LVP] 2017-12-12

Canada Trade deal with China ‘impossible’ and NAFTA remains ‘a mess’: Unifor president Jerry Dias [Global] 2017-12-11

Tanzania VIDEO: Women workers in Zambia and Tanzania pledge to fight violence [IndustriALL] 2017-12-10

Greece Trade Unionists Furious at Labor Law Changes Invade Greek Ministry (video) [Greek Reporter] 2017-12-06

USA UAW 551 VP Scott Houldierson 'Bold Action' Needed To Fight Union Busting & Attacks On Working Class In US and Globally [LVP] 2017-12-06

USA 3000 Oakland SEIU1021 and IFPTE 21 Members Hit The Streets For A Contract [Labor Video Project] 2017-12-06

Australia IEU NSW/ACT Secretary sends solidarity video message to striking Catholic school teachers [IRU NSW/ACT] 2017-12-04

UK Worker Union Takes Fight to Universities [The Real News Network] 2017-12-01

Canada UFCW and allies launch powerful new Pharmacare video [UFCW] 2017-11-30

USA Hundreds Demand Stop The School Cuts At OUSD: OEA Teachers, Parents and Students Rally Against Budget Cuts, Charters and Militarization of the Schools [LVP] 2017-11-28

Global PSI GS address at the Vatican [PSI] 2017-11-27

UK Timed toilet breaks, impossible targets and workers falling asleep on feet: Brutal life working in Amazon warehouse [Mirror] 2017-11-27

USA Murder and Strikebreaking At Bay Point: Henkel Aerospace CEO Hans Van Bylen's War On IAM Workers [LVP] 2017-11-27

Australia YR@W 10th anniversary [Unions NSW] 2017-11-25

Australia Celebrating Your Rights at Work ten years on [Unions NSW] 2017-11-25

Australia Blackmail — the business plan for cheaper wages [ABC] 2017-11-25

Global Violence against women at work - a trade union issue [IndustriALL Global Union ] 2017-11-24

Germany Siemens workers protest thousands of job cuts [DW] 2017-11-24

Canada This story will break your heart [clc] 2017-11-22

Libya Smugglers in Libya are auctioning migrants off as slaves [CNN] 2017-11-21

Australia Bartender takes Chin Chin to court over '14-hour days and stolen wages' [Ch9] 2017-11-20

New Zealand ‘It is risky’ - New Zealand Minister for Pike River Re-entry [ABC Lateline] 2017-11-20

New Zealand Renewed efforts to recover 29 entombed men from Pike River Mine [ABC Lateline ] 2017-11-20

Canada College Strike - Day 32 - JP Hornick demystifies NDP worker rights protection [CITY] 2017-11-17

France More protests in France but is culture changing? [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2017-11-17

USA Stop Rocketship Charter In WCCSD: Hundreds Of UTR Members Demand No More Charters and Union Busting In Richmond [Labor Video Project] 2017-11-17

Australia The food delivery cyclists risking their lives in high-speed tunnels [SBS] 2017-11-16

USA SF SEIU 2015 Demand: Raise Our Homecare Wages Now! Living Wages and Justice Needed! [LVP] 2017-11-16

USA SF Community Labor Rally Defends SFSU Professor Rabab Abdulhadi Against Zionist Lawsuit [Labor Video Project] 2017-11-10

Global General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli's keynote speech to the 30th Congress of PSI [PSI] 2017-11-05

USA Privatization of Laney For The A's and CCSF Land Grab By Developers and Petrick's Play 'The Fight For 52 cents' On The 1934 Minneapolis General Strike [LVP] 2017-11-01

Canada Gabriel Allahdua of the Justicia for Migrant Workers to the TWHP on 20 things we should think about [TWHP] 2017-11-01

Germany The R2-D2 Of Mail Delivery Helps Postal Workers On Their Rounds [Co.Design] 2017-10-27

USA At a Steel Plant, Layoffs and a Request: Train Your Replacement [NYTimes] 2017-10-26

USA Former Tesla employees and union activists stage a protest over recent firings in Fremont [Electrek] 2017-10-25

USA Negotiations between Disney workers, union extended to December [WFTV] 2017-10-25

UK Video update from CSCS talks [PCS] 2017-10-25

USA Deputies break up rally of hundreds of Disney workers demanding pay increase [CBS] 2017-10-22

USA Judge dismisses Iowa teachers association's collective bargaining lawsuit [Des Moines Register] 2017-10-21

USA Deputies break up rally of hundreds of Disney workers demanding pay increase [WFTV] 2017-10-21

USA Indianapolis airport workers seek minimum wage hike — enough to live on [IndyStar] 2017-10-21

USA Raleigh city workers push for promised pay raises [News&Observer] 2017-10-18

USA Hilton Hotel under fire from labor union after firing longtime employee [KTUU] 2017-10-18

USA Workers Hurt In Construction Collapse In Brooklyn [MSN] 2017-10-18