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Updated 21/10/2017 21:38 Europe/Berlin

USA Judge dismisses Iowa teachers association's collective bargaining lawsuit [Des Moines Register] 2017-10-21

USA Deputies break up rally of hundreds of Disney workers demanding pay increase [WFTV] 2017-10-21

USA Indianapolis airport workers seek minimum wage hike — enough to live on [IndyStar] 2017-10-21

USA Raleigh city workers push for promised pay raises [News&Observer] 2017-10-18

USA Hilton Hotel under fire from labor union after firing longtime employee [KTUU] 2017-10-18

USA Workers Hurt In Construction Collapse In Brooklyn [MSN] 2017-10-18

USA Veterans and union employees rally for better patient care [Your Cntrl Valley] 2017-10-18

Australia UGL workers fight back against corporate greed [AWU] 2017-10-18

USA Univ TN faculty say outsourcing won't work [Knoxville News Sentinel] 2017-10-17

Pakistan Journalists Protest After TV Reporter Killed [RFE/RL] 2017-10-14

USA 'Not One More' Workers and Community Protest Deportations At Gary-Chicago Airport [Labor Video Project] 2017-10-13

USA UC Workers Demand Safe Staffing, An End To Privatization and Union Busting At UCSF Rally [Labor Video Project] 2017-10-13

USA Keystone pipeline protest garners crowd on Great Falls Civic Center [Great Falls Tribune] 2017-10-12

Uzbekistan 5 Cents Per Kilo: Why Uzbek Government Still Forces People To Pick Cotton [RFE/RL] 2017-10-12

USA Jerry Jones Prompts Response From Labor Union, NAACP [CBS] 2017-10-11

USA Workers at metro Detroit landfill go out on strike, picket at entrance [WXYZ] 2017-10-11

USA Amazon, Health & Safety, OSHA & Collusion: Fired Wisconsin Amazon Worker Jason Stolarik Speaks Out [Labor Video Project] 2017-10-10

USA AT&T Wireless Workers Try To Bring Political Pressure To End Contract Stalemate [Fortune] 2017-10-08

USA Nurses union continues strike on unsafe staffing levels at UPHS [UpMatters] 2017-10-08

USA More NYC workers complain they are denied paid sick leave [ABC] 2017-10-08

USA Chicago Workers Join Mexico San Quintin Farmworker To Support Driscolls Boycott [LVP] 2017-10-07

USA Nurses, UP Health System–Marquette hospital official talk about strike [ABC] 2017-10-06

USA Nurses union strikes against UPHS-Marquette [UpMatters] 2017-10-06

Puerto Rico 330 workers show up to restart Puerto Rico clothing factory [CNN] 2017-10-04

Australia Combatting illegal phoenixing [Professionals Australia] 2017-10-04

USA Public workers rally for pension plan [WHAS] 2017-10-02

Canada Sindicalista TV report of Rosenblum visit to Teamsters 419 picket line [Sindicalista TV] 2017-10-02

USA Teamsters organize truckers to move supplies in Puerto Rico [CNN] 2017-09-30

USA State fires a shot at Tesla over its labor policies [LATimes] 2017-09-30

USA Union Workers Call for State to Fix Under-Staffing Issues [WBOC] 2017-09-28

USA Target Raising Hourly Minimum Wage To $15 By 2020 [CBS] 2017-09-26

USA Video Workers at Vice Vote to Join the Union Family [AFL-CIO] 2017-09-24

USA Union Tensions Disrupt WMATA Services [The Hoya] 2017-09-22

USA Republicans are forcing St. Louis to lower the minimum wage it just raised [Vice] 2017-09-22

USA The debate over required safety training for NYC construction workers [NY1] 2017-09-22

Australia Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate faces angry union mob chanting over his corruption [Gold Coast Bulletin] 2017-09-21

USA Kaiser Patients In Danger Because Of Profiteering: CNA NUU SF Kaiser Nurses Demand Proper Staffing [LVP] 2017-09-19

Ukraine Coal Mine Workers In Eastern Ukraine Threatened By Rising Water [RFE/RL] 2017-09-19

Ukraine Security Officers Confront, Injure RFE/RL Journalists [RFE/RL] 2017-09-19

USA AA STOP TWU Outsourcing/Union Busting! TWU SFO Workers and Supporters Rally [LVP] 2017-09-19

Canada Video: Ontario college faculty fight concessions [Rank and File] 2017-09-17

USA Capture of The Bay Area Air Quality Control District, BAAQMD Executives, Corruption and Workplace Bullying [LVP] 2017-09-15

USA Nurses strike looms at Univ IL hospital [WGN] 2017-09-13

USA Pittsburgh workers support Fight for $15 during rally [WPIX] 2017-09-11

Nepal BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson expressed international solidarity greetings to CUPPEC congress [BWI] 2017-09-11

Canada Labour Reform in Ontario [TVO] 2017-09-10

Canada What’s at stake with Ontario’s labour laws [Rank and File] 2017-09-10

USA RTW laws make it hard for employees to fight for rights [Des Moines Register] 2017-09-10

USA Virginia Mason Memorial hospital workers are fighting against healthcare changes made last year [KIMA] 2017-09-09

USA AFGE Leader Eugene Hudson Jr. Announces Campaign For AFGE National President [Labor Video Project] 2017-09-09

UK Video: Consultation continues on firefighter pay [FBU] 2017-09-08

USA Minneapolis labor stands with communities to defend DACA [WorkDay MN] 2017-09-08

USA 'We Built America' DACA Youth, Labor and Community Rally Against Immigrant Bashing In SF [LVP] 2017-09-06

UK CWU to stage National Industrial Action Ballot of over 100,000 members in Royal Mail Group [CWU] 2017-09-06

USA Fight to Protect Undocumented Injured Workers [PNS] 2017-09-06

USA GOP Gov Reynolds: Ending overtime for 2,800 workers has 'relatively small impact' [Des Moines Register] 2017-09-06

USA NAACP Leader Speaks With Union Workers On The End To DACA Program in Chicago [CBS] 2017-09-06

USA Employers concerned about diminished labor pool with DACA phaseout [San Diego Union-Trib] 2017-09-06

USA Fast-food workers 'Fight for 15' during Phoenix Labor Day protest [AZCentral] 2017-09-05

USA Minimum wage workers in Orlando stage a two-hour strike on Labor Day [Orlando Sentinel] 2017-09-05

UK McDonald’s workers rally outside parliament amid first UK strike [Guardian] 2017-09-05

USA Milwaukee union workers rally at Laborfest, express solidarity [FOX] 2017-09-05

USA Workers strike on Labor Day in Kansas City to ask for $15 per hour, union [KCTV] 2017-09-05

USA Politicians, Union Workers Participate In Detroit Labor Day Parade [CBS] 2017-09-05

USA Union Workers Come Together At Philadelphia Annual Labor Day Parade [CBS] 2017-09-05

USA Low-wage workers in L. A., union activists rally for higher pay and right to organize without fear of retribution [LATimes] 2017-09-05

USA Chicago Union Workers Rally For Higher Wages [CBS] 2017-09-05

Canada Weekend Video: Swissport strike at Pearson [Rank and File] 2017-09-04

UK VIDEO: On the #McStrike picketline [BAFWU] 2017-09-04

UK VIDEO: McDonald/s U.K. first #McStrikr [UniteAetorea] 2017-09-04

USA An Evening with Bernie Sanders: Riverside Church, NYC 8/28/17 [Peoples War] 2017-09-02

USA Dolores: The Labor Activist Behind *Yes We Can!* [VOA] 2017-09-02

USA Union president calls proposed cuts at Kellogg’s devastating [FOX] 2017-09-02

USA NAFTA & Trump's Renegotiations: Meeting and Testimony In Oakland [LVP] 2017-09-01

USA Employees walk out after shift at Springfield plant, go on strike [KY3] 2017-08-31

Peru Teachers clash with police [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2017-08-31

USA Bernie Sanders joins Fight for $15 [Fight for 15] 2017-08-31

USA 'We Remember Marikana' 5th Commemoration Of SA Marikana Miners Massacre [LVPSF] 2017-08-31

USA South Africa AMCU Pres Joseph Mathunjwa Speaks In Markiana At 5th Anniversary of Lonmin Massacre [LVPSF] 2017-08-31

USA Disney proposes up to 2.5% salary increases; union negotiations under way [Orlando Sentinel] 2017-08-30

USA The Future Of Labor/Technology & Automation of Tech Workers [LVPSF] 2017-08-30

USA UBER, Lyft, Taxi Workers, Deregulation and Independent Contractors [LVPSF] 2017-08-30

Australia VIDEO: TWU safety protests outside Aldi [Channel 9] 2017-08-30

USA Anti-Fascist Berkeley Protest Stops Trump Supporters From Rallying [LVPSF] 2017-08-28

USA Fascists Out Of SF: Trade Unionists And Community Rally Against Nazis and Racists [LVPSF] 2017-08-27

USA Union workers protest realty company for cutting jobs in Portland bank building [KGW] 2017-08-26

USA Buona Beef settles labor dispute that led to protest, battery charges [Chicago Tribune] 2017-08-26

USA Davis Junction man arrested for allegedly throwing urine on picketer [WIFR] 2017-08-25

Nepal Gefont Weekly English News [GEFONT] 2017-08-24

USA MSNBC host calls out Trump adviser on the jobs-creation facts and then slam dunks him [Daily Kos] 2017-08-21

USA Buona Beef Buonavolantos Charged With Battery In Beverly After Harassing and Spraying IBEW Union Picketers With Garden Hose [DNA Info] 2017-08-19

USA Buona Beef partners charged in clash with labor protesters [Crain's] 2017-08-18

USA Hundreds of Cold War nuclear plant workers seek medical compensation info [Knoxville News Sentinel] 2017-08-18

South Africa Amcu boss speaks about Marikana 5 years after the massacre [eNCA] 2017-08-16

Romania Must viewing: Hidden camera shows British boss shouting abuse at workers [The Sun] 2017-08-15

USA SC county admin resigns after telling EMS workers they can kill themselves if they did not like their jobs [NBC] 2017-08-15

USA A Disturbingly High Number of Americans Think Their Workplace Is Hostile [Fortune] 2017-08-15

USA Admin who told EMS workers they can kill themselves if they didn't like job will resign [CBS] 2017-08-15

USA Why most of Three Square Market's employees jumped at the chance to wear a microchip [CNBC] 2017-08-13

USA El Cajon Vigil Honors IWW Woman Killed at VA White Supremacist Rally [NBC] 2017-08-13