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Updated 23/10/2020 07:20 Europe/Berlin

Iran Iranians hold over 9 protests to express economic woes [Iran News Wire] 2020-10-21

Australia Services Australia Governance Bill: MPs speak out [CPSU] 2020-10-17

USA Call To Jail UBER/LYFT CEO's: Workers & Unions In Rally In SF At UBER World HQ Against CA Anti-Labor Prop 22 [LVP] 2020-10-16

South Africa Unions want COVID-19 grants extended [YouTube] 2020-10-15

USA Gig Economy Hurts Workers - Vote ‘No’ to Hold Companies Accountable for Minimum Wage, Other Labor Rights [Human Rights Watch] 2020-10-15

Iran Tired of combatting COVID-19 without pay and support, Iranian nurses are leaving the country [Iran News Wire] 2020-10-15

Global COVID-19 exposes food retailers as frontline workers​ [ILO] 2020-10-15

USA Rochester Labor Council Calls For General Strike If Trump Refuses to Abide By Election Results [LVP] 2020-10-15

South Africa Giwusa calling for boycott of Clover brands [eNCA] 2020-10-14

Iran Iranians mourn legendary singer, loved for his music and anti-regime rhetoric [Iran News Wire] 2020-10-10

USA Striking AHS SEIU 1021 & NNU-CNA Workers Hear Alameda Supervisors Promise To Fire AHS Bosses [LVP] 2020-10-09

Indonesia Thousands protest against 'omnibus law' on jobs [BBC] 2020-10-09

South Africa Cosatu pleased with unity of unions in raising workers’ issues [SABC] 2020-10-09

South Africa Parts of Durban left gridlocked as Cosatu march proceeds through CBD [IOL] 2020-10-09

Europe 3 steps EU can take NOW for #DecentWork [ETUC] 2020-10-08

South Africa WATCH: Cosatu shuts down cities nationwide [Daily Voice] 2020-10-08

South Africa Cosatu, Fedusa workers deliver memo at Gauteng Premier's office [Rumble] 2020-10-08

USA SEIU 1021 AHS Highland Hospital Workers Strike For PPE, Against Contracting Out and Privatization [LVP] 2020-10-08

South Africa National strike: ‘Workers unite, you’ve nothing to lose but your chains’ [Eyewitness News] 2020-10-08

Israel Video: Histadrut joins call for Decent Work [BWI] 2020-10-07

South Africa Operations grind to a halt as unions strike [Eyewitness News] 2020-10-07

Zimbabwe WATCH- ZCTU leader speaks over poor salaries [ZimEye] 2020-10-07

South Africa PSA speaks out against job losses, corruption [eNCA] 2020-10-07

Ireland WATCH: 'Young People Need To Learn The Value Of A Union' [Q102] 2020-10-07

South Africa Cosatu march to go ahead as planned [SABC] 2020-10-06

South Africa Cosatu: We continually assess our support of the ANC [Eyewitness News] 2020-10-06

South Africa WATCH: Cosatu gives update ahead of nationwide strike [eNCA] 2020-10-06

Global Decent work for teachers is essential to build back better after COVID-19 [ILO] 2020-10-05

USA CCSF Black Trade Unionists & Supporters Speak Out At SF City Hall Against Systemic Racism And Corruption [LVP] 2020-10-04

South Africa Public-sector unions to announce their plan over wage dispute [SABC] 2020-10-02

USA AHS San Leandro Hospital NNU CNA Nurses Fighting Covid, For PPE & Conditions For Nurses & Patients [LVP] 2020-10-02

South Africa National shutdown still on the cards: Nehawu [eNCA] 2020-10-02

Global International Equal Pay Day 2020 Webinar Highlights [ILO] 2020-10-01

Iran New Fact about workers conditions [Iran News Wire] 2020-09-28

Global Decent Work. Better Future [BWI] 2020-09-27

South Africa Golden Arrow Bus Services accused of abuse of power [eNCA] 2020-09-26

USA Stop Murders At Foster Farms Factory In Livingston! Workers/Community Demand 'Lives Over Profits' [LVP] 2020-09-26

Cambodia US Ambassador talks trade, human rights, recent arrests of Cambodian civil society and labor advocates such as Rong Chhun [VOA] 2020-09-25

Zimbabwe NUMSA picketing at the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria in solidarity with poorly paid Zimbabwean workers [Pindula News] 2020-09-25

USA 'Stop Rigging The Election' SEIU 1021 Oakland Workers Demand Union Democracy In Midst Of Covid Pandemic [LVP] 2020-09-25

South Africa NEHAWU march in Cape Town [ANA/Rumble] 2020-09-24

Australia Health workers’ union calls for Mikakos axing [The New Daily] 2020-09-24

India Decoding the 3 New Labour Codes [ET Now] 2020-09-23

Canada Nurses, PSWs leaving health care industry amid COVID-19 pandemic [CITY] 2020-09-23

Canada Stella’s staff go on strike due to ‘complete lack of respect’ to workers, says union [Global] 2020-09-22

South Africa WATCH: What unions want for SAA [BusinessLIVE] 2020-09-22

Philippines Global unions say no to dictatorship in the Philippines [BWI] 2020-09-22

South Africa Eliminating sexual harassment in the mining industry [Financial Mail] 2020-09-21

Iran Unknown whereabouts of prisoner who testified about Navid Afkari’s torture raises concerns [Iran News Wire] 2020-09-20

Iran Iranians dub Navid Afkari a “hero”, chant against “dictator” in commemoration gatherings [Iran News Wire] 2020-09-18

UK Sign up for PCS reps meeting on coronavirus safety and no forced return to workplaces [PCS] 2020-09-18

USA IUOE 39 Members Standing Up In The Middle Of A Pandemic! SF Solidarity Rally For Striking Macy's IUOE 39 Engineers [LVP] 2020-09-18

USA Profit Over Lives At JBS: Covid, OSHA and Life & Death With UFCW 7 President Kim Cordova [LVP] 2020-09-17

Kenya CWU Secretary General Benson Okwaro explains why there are so many industrial strikes in the country [The Standard] 2020-09-17

Global Play fair for equal pay [ILO] 2020-09-16

South Africa Nehawu threatens to withdraw ANC support [eNCA] 2020-09-14

UK Watch this video message - oppose any forced return to workplaces [PCS] 2020-09-14

USA The Foster Farms Covid-19 Deaths and The Community With Deep Singh of The Jakara Movement [LVP] 2020-09-14

USA 9/11 & Maximum Yield: John Sferazo Ironworker 9/11 First Responder [LVP] 2020-09-12

USA New Orleans Sanitation Workers Strike & Solidarity From Seattle and Tacoma [LVP] 2020-09-12

South Africa Nehawu remembers fallen frontline workers [Bosveld Review] 2020-09-10

South Africa New union for taxi drivers launched [eNCA] 2020-09-10

Bangladesh Union activists reinstated at Tanzila textile, Bangladesh [IndustriALL] 2020-09-09

Canada Labour Day rally in Halifax calls for 10 paid sick days for all workers [Global] 2020-09-08

Canada Workers' group marks Labour Day with push for changes in Liberals' throne speech [CBC] 2020-09-08

USA Labor Day Unite Here 2 and SEIU 87 Protest Lyft Union Busting & For Healthcare and Income With Covid [LVP] 2020-09-08

India 55 healthcare workers contracted COVID-19 in Kangra: CMO Gurdarshan Gupta [DNA] 2020-09-07

Canada Stan Pickthall • Labour Day Message [IAMAW] 2020-09-06

South Africa COVID-19: Nehawu threatens to down tools [eNCA] 2020-09-04

South Africa COVID-19 and Casual Workers [Elitsha/YouTube] 2020-09-04

South Africa Unscrupulous tender processes will see SA suffer for 200 years [Power98.7FM] 2020-09-03

South Africa Cosatu: Warnings against PPE linked corruption fell on deaf ears [eNCA] 2020-09-02

Bermuda Striking dock-workers decry ‘slap in the face’ [Royal Gazette] 2020-09-02

Nigeria Doctors strike over COVID-19 allowance [CNBC] 2020-09-02

South Africa Nehawu holds its National Day of Prayer to remember COVID-19 victims [SABC] 2020-09-01

Canada 4 major teachers’ unions to file labour board complaint over school reopening plan [Global] 2020-09-01

South Africa COSATU - We warned government [Channel24] 2020-08-31

South Africa NEHAWU ready for day of action [Channel24] 2020-08-31

Australia McDonald's Australia franchisee Tantex found to have threatened workers over 10 minute breaks [7 News] 2020-08-31

USA DeJoy Resign! SF APWU Postal Workers & Supporters Of Post Office Protest Privatization and Attacks on USPO [LVP] 2020-08-30

Iran Security forces shoot pellets at SW villagers to demolish homes [Iran News Wire] 2020-08-28

South Africa NEHAWU urges members to stay home [Channel24] 2020-08-28

Belarus Belarusian labour activists pressured as political crisis drags on [Opendemocracy] 2020-08-26

Australia Unions call on Alan Joyce to resign after Qantas flags more job losses [The New Daily] 2020-08-26

South Africa Nehawu strike set to continue despite court interdict [eNCA] 2020-08-26

South Africa Nehawu threatens total shutdown at NHLS [eNCA] 2020-08-26

South Africa Nehawu threatens full-blown strike [SABC] 2020-08-25

Canada ‘There is just no way to do this’: Teachers worry over school reopening plans amid coronavirus [Global] 2020-08-24

Qatar Little Progress on Protecting Migrant Workers [Human Rights Watch] 2020-08-24

Global PATCO, The Last Strike [PATCO] 2020-08-22

South Africa Laboratory workers protest over PPE, salaries [eNCA] 2020-08-22

South Africa NEHAWU protest over governments failure to increase salaries [Channel24] 2020-08-22

South Africa COSATU wants the SABC board to step down [Channel24] 2020-08-21

USA 'Pay Us Benefits' and 'No On Prop 22' UBER Workers Protest At SF UBER World HQ [LVP] 2020-08-21

South Africa Popcru calls for increase in danger allowance [eNCA] 2020-08-21

South Africa NEHAWU to put down tools on Friday [Channel24] 2020-08-20

Australia Private security firms 'not learning from quarantine hotel bungle in Melb' [Sky] 2020-08-19

Canada Coronavirus second wave plan doesn’t address staff shortages: unions [Global] 2020-08-19

USA In Midst Of Covid Pandemic SMART Local 1741 SF School Bus Drivers Face Attack By SFUSD & First Student On Healthcare [LVP] 2020-08-19

USA New documentary exposes subhuman working conditions in LA sweatshops [Euronews] 2020-08-18