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Updated 10/06/2023 08:49 Europe/Berlin

USA N. CA Teamsters Join Striking Writers Guild Members At Apple World Headquarters [LVP] 2023-06-09

USA AI Ground Zero In San Francisco As Tech, Auto Bosses & Politicians Destroy Taxi & Uber Worker Jobs [Labor Video Project] 2023-06-09

USA NJ reporters join one-day strike over low pay, deep cuts [PBS] 2023-06-08

Israel General Strike In Israel, Democracy & Palestinians With Unionist Assaf Adiv [] 2023-06-08

UK Is greed driving inflation? [New Statesman] 2023-06-08

New Zealand Breakfast TVNZ 1: Nurses stop work meetings across NZ [Youtube] 2023-06-07

Iran The protest action in front of the ILO conference was successfully held [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-06-06

Australia Aged care workers ‘deserve every single cent’ of recent win [Sky] 2023-06-06

Australia Today, workers in Australia have brand new rights [Australian Unions] 2023-06-06

USA At Apple World Headquarters Workers Want Labor Power! Writers Guild Of American West Rallies With Labor [LVP] 2023-06-06

USA Growing Anger & West Coast Work Action: ILWU Local 52 Past Pres Gabriel Prawl On Firings In Seattle [LVP] 2023-06-05

South Africa School safety: Sadtu calls on community to play their part [eNCA] 2023-06-04

Nigeria Maritime Workers Declare Nationwide Strike [TVC] 2023-06-03

Global Global solidarity conference in Georgia [GTUC] 2023-05-30

USA LA Striking Writers and S. Cal Workers Fed Up! They Speak Out About Billionaires & Attacks On Labor [LVP] 2023-05-28

USA Stand Up Fight Back! LA Strike Wave Grows As Writers Guild & Other Unions Rally & Prepare To Strike [LVP] 2023-05-28

South Africa Wage talks: Numsa slams Eskom for ‘pleading poverty’ [eNCA] 2023-05-27

Canada Queen’s University grad student workers facing food insecurity, financial struggles [Global] 2023-05-26

Canada Quebec City: The unions convey their thanks! [CUPE] 2023-05-26

USA Life and Struggle Of Harry Belafonte With ILWU Local 10 Retired Secretary Treasurer Clarence Thomas [LVP] 2023-05-26

Iran Rally And Protest Action Of Pensioners And The Continuation Of Truck Drivers’ Strike [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-05-24

USA SF Chronicle News Guild PMWG Workers Demand Justice & Living Wages [LVP] 2023-05-24

South Africa Cholera crisis: Nurses under pressure as patients stream in [eNCA] 2023-05-24

USA The War On Public Education, Tech & The Writers Guild West With Education Lawyer Kathleen Carroll [LVP] 2023-05-23

USA How Florida's new immigration law will affect undocumented workers [CNN] 2023-05-20

Uruguay Trade Union Centre prepares defence of the right to water [TeleSUR] 2023-05-17

Australia Unemployed man Jez Heywood goes head-to-head with Ben Fordham following radio host's jibe to 'get a job' last week [Sky] 2023-05-17

Australia Road transport safety at risk due to low wages: Transport Union warns [Sky] 2023-05-17

Global Rewriting the story: building bridges between journalists, students and broadcasters [IFJ] 2023-05-17

Nigeria NURTW Officers Ask Court To Sack Union's President [TVC] 2023-05-16

Iran Protests of pensioners, workers of Haft Teppeh sugar cane and other news [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-05-14

USA Striking Writers Guild Member Boots Riley Shout Out To Striking OEA Teachers [LVP] 2023-05-12

USA How Food Delivery Apps Are Trying to Kill a Worker Uprising [More Perfect Union] 2023-05-12

USA OEA Claremont Middle School Strike Picket To Stop Bld Trades Workers From Crossing Lines [LVP] 2023-05-12

UK Nurses union boss schools Tory MP on basics of NHS strike action in Select Committee [PoliticsJOE] 2023-05-09

Iran May 9: Nationwide Gatherings of Teachers [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-05-09

USA SF ILWU 10 May Day Rally & March To Stop Union Busting By Alcatraz Cruises On Pier 33 [LVP] 2023-05-07

Iran Labor protests news from May 1st to May 5th: [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-05-06

Iran Free Them Now report of The May Day conference held on April 25 [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-05-06

USA 'Let's Go Teachers Let's Go!' OEA Teachers Strike, March & Rally for Public Education [LVP] 2023-05-06

USA Changing UAW’s Culture & The 1990 CIA AFL-CIO Attack On Mexico City Ford Workers With Rob McKenzie [LVP] 2023-05-04

USA How Starbucks Just Broke the Law (Again) - Starbucks workers reveal the companies illegal union-busting tactics [More Perfect Union] 2023-05-04

Europe May Day 2023 - Together for a fair deal for workers [ETUC] 2023-05-03

New Zealand Nurses say National's health policy 'doesn't go far enough' [TVNZ] 2023-05-03

Africa Trade union leaders from Africa call for renewed struggles on May Day [Peoples Dispatch] 2023-05-02

South Africa War of words over school feeding scheme [eNCA] 2023-05-01

USA The Battle At UPS Against Part Time Work, Teamsters & Amazon With Philly IBT 623 Pres Richard Hooker [LVP] 2023-04-30

Canada PSAC strike: Feds say ‘final’ offer to union has ‘enhanced’ wage package [Global] 2023-04-30

Canada 2022 deadliest year for B.C. workers in past decade, calls for action made on day of mourning [Global] 2023-04-29

USA Detroit postal workers protest over working conditions [FOX] 2023-04-29

USA Chicago postal workers protest outside South Side post office over staffing issues [ABC] 2023-04-29

UK This Is A Crisis says TUC [TUC] 2023-04-28

UK Why Aren't We Taxing Billionaires? [TUC] 2023-04-28

USA Chicago Transit Authority War On ATU 241 Transit Workers & The Fight For Union Democracy [LVPSF] 2023-04-28

Canada Uber driver’s assault spurs calls for more protection of B.C. gig workers [Global] 2023-04-27

USA WATCH: Memphis Sanitation Workers reach 5-Year contract deal with pay raises [FOX 13] 2023-04-26

South Africa Frustrated unpaid workers block Cogta offices, stop staff from going home [TimesLIVE] 2023-04-26

Global Launch of Centenary Year Celebrations - AIRF, INDIA [AIRF, INDIA] 2023-04-25

Iran The fifth day of the nationwide strike of oil project workers [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-04-25

Canada ‘We got the power’: PSAC workers escalate action in B.C., picket Vancouver terminal [Global] 2023-04-25

Canada 'Trying to seek fair wages': Federal employees continue job action in Edmonton [CTV] 2023-04-25

Canada PSAC strike: Workers increasing pressure on feds for deal [Global] 2023-04-25

Canada Striking federal workers ramp up strike action [CITY] 2023-04-25

USA A's/GAP Billionaire John Fisher's Failed Howard Terminal Privatization Deal With ILWU Local 10 Immediate Past President Trent Willis [LVPSF] 2023-04-24

Iran Several thousand oil workers stopped working [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-04-22

Canada Unions march in solidarity with PSAC workers [Global] 2023-04-22

Iran Oil Workers Went On Strike In Several Companies [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-04-21

Canada PSAC members picketing on Parliament Hill [CBC] 2023-04-20

USA Sun Country Airline Workers Vote To Unionize - Management Fought Back [More Perfect Union] 2023-04-20

Canada 2023 Coast Mountain Bus Company ratification [Unifor] 2023-04-19

Canada 2023 Fairmont Empress contract ratification [Unifor] 2023-04-19

Canada With no deal with feds in hand, union says federal workers will strike [CTV] 2023-04-19

Global AIRF, India Reiterates The Ratification of ILO C 190 [AIRF] 2023-04-18

South Africa Natu berates education department [eNCA] 2023-04-18

UK Strike action will not be paused, says RCN leader [BBC] 2023-04-16

Canada Why Windsor Salt workers are on strike [Unifor] 2023-04-14

New Zealand Head of New Zealand Nurses Organisation disagrees with PM Hipkins' claim health system is in better shape [Newshub] 2023-04-13

USA Class Struggle, US Capitalism & The AFL-CIO With Vermont AFL-CIO President David Van Deusen [LVP] 2023-04-13

USA Univ MI graduate student strike enters week 3 [WXYZ] 2023-04-12

Australia Sydney construction workers march through city [GreenLeft] 2023-04-10

Iran Protests by retirees, regional power operators, and some other labor protests [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-04-09

Iran The ultimatum of the official oil workers, gathering of pharmaceutical workers and nurses in Mashhad [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-04-05

Canada Boost of support for Windsor Salt workers [CTV] 2023-04-04

USA More than 40,000 Disney union workers to vote on contract that bumps pay [WKMG] 2023-04-01

Global AIRF/SCRMU Roars Against NPS [AIRF/SCRMU] 2023-03-31

USA We Sat Down With The First Democratically Elected President of UAW [More Perfect Union] 2023-03-31

USA Starbucks Illegally Withheld Raises & Tips from Union Workers, NLRB Says [More Perfect Union] 2023-03-31

USA Here's what happened when Bernie Sanders put Starbucks' former CEO in the hot seat [Politico] 2023-03-30

USA University of Maine graduate student workers push to form union [NBC] 2023-03-29

USA Parents and union workers protest Iowa child labor law changes [WOWT] 2023-03-29

New Zealand Secondary school teachers take to the streets for latest strike [TVNZ] 2023-03-29

USA We've Had Enough Say Oakland Teachers! OEA Teachers Wildcat In Fight For Public Education [LVP] 2023-03-29

Iran 28th March: Protest Gatherings Of Teachers And Retirees In Several Cities [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-03-28

Global AIRF/SCRMU Holds Huge Protest Rally Against NPS at Jammikunta [AIRF/SCRMU] 2023-03-28

Iran Protests Of Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers, And Retirees [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-03-26

USA Oakland Teachers, Parents & Unionists Speak Out For Public Education At OEA Wildcat Strike [LVP] 2023-03-25

Global Indian Govt Sets up a Committee to 'Improve NPS' - AIRF Rejects & Reiterates its demand for OPS [AIRF] 2023-03-24

France Watch: Piles of rubbish in Paris after a 16-day strike by bin workers [Euronews] 2023-03-22

Global AIRF affiliates Roar to Scrap NPS All Over Indian Railways [AIRF] 2023-03-21

Palestine Green Card to Palestinian workers - Abolish the oppressive Permit System that Israel forces on Palestinian Workers [MAAN Workers Association] 2023-03-21