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Updated 17/08/2019 22:38 Europe/Berlin

South Africa 'We shall never forget': ANC on 7th anniversary of Marikana massacre [TimesLIVE] 2019-08-16

USA Fired UESF Teacher Margaret Reyes Calls Out Bullying, PAR & Discrimination By SFUSD Bd and Superintendent Matthews [LVP] 2019-08-15

South Africa Tshwane public servants demand action against 'abusive' director [Pretoria News] 2019-08-14

Canada Employees file human rights complaint against luxury hotel [CTV] 2019-08-08

USA WalMart Tech Workers In San Bruno Rally & Protest Protest Gun Violence [LVP] 2019-08-08

South Africa How the banking union plans to shut down the sector [Business Day] 2019-08-07

Canada Placentia mayor calls on striking municipal workers to return to bargaining table [NTV] 2019-08-07

USA Press Freedom, Whistleblowers & The Case Of Assange, Manning & Carmody [LVP] 2019-08-05

Australia Unions warn Australian workers are facing epidemic levels of abuse [6PR] 2019-08-04

Canada Judge grants union injunction against UCP government’s public sector wage bill: AUPE [Global] 2019-07-31

USA 'A Work In Progress' The Worker Photography of Joseph A. Blum [LVP] 2019-07-31

Australia Know your rights: casual conversion [MEAA] 2019-07-30

USA Hands Off UESF Teacher Margaret Reyes! Protest At SF Superior Court Judge Schulman Hearing [LVP] 2019-07-30

Oman Leading the way on workers’ rights in Oman [Times of Oman] 2019-07-28

USA At LaborFest 2019 Boots Riley Introduces 'Sorry To Bother You' [LaborFest] 2019-07-24

Canada Strike continues for Placentia municipal workers [] 2019-07-19

USA Activist: Exclusion of domestic workers from federal labor laws 'a legacy of slavery' [The Hill] 2019-07-17

Canada Health workers march outside University Hospital, protesting Bill 9 [Global] 2019-07-16

Germany Amazon workers in United States, Germany go on strike on Prime Day [Global] 2019-07-16

Europe Bulgarian textile workers demand EU-wide minimum wage [EuroNews] 2019-07-12

USA AFT: Fighting to Protect Our Democracy in Our Schools and Communities [AFT / FB] 2019-07-11

Canada Lacombe AUPE members picket against Bill 9 [The Advocate] 2019-07-08

New Zealand Should the Employment Relations Authority name bad bosses but hide the identity of exploited workers? [Stuff] 2019-07-07

Canada ‘Public commitment:’ Paramedics says province changes mind on reclassification issue [Global] 2019-07-06

Canada Sudbury city workers to vote on tentative agreement [CTV] 2019-07-06

Ireland Action plan for €10m package to restore Defence Forces' pay [RTÉ] 2019-07-04

Canada 3,000 B.C. workers at Western Forest Products go on strike [The Sun] 2019-07-04

USA CA AB5 UBER, Lyft, Independent Contractors, Labor and Social Benefits [LVP] 2019-07-03

Canada Tired of dealing with abuse, BC Ferries workers call on company for change [Global] 2019-07-02

USA SF PRIDE 2019 'One Job Is Enough!' Unite Here Local 2 & Free Chelsea & Assange [LVP] 2019-06-30

Trinidad and Tobago Nude: Recognise Domestic Workers [TV 6] 2019-06-30

Canada Unions, other third parties to reveal ad spending as federal election nears [Global] 2019-06-30

China ‘If I disappear’: Chinese students make farewell messages amid crackdowns over labor activism [WaPo] 2019-06-30

South Africa Jubilant miners emerge as underground strike over 'sex pest' ends [IOL] 2019-06-28

USA SF ILWU Local 6 VCA Workers Have 1 Hour ULP Strike: Mars VCA Is Breaking The Law! [LVP] 2019-06-28

Canada Calgary Fire Department faces $9M budget cut: union boss [Global] 2019-06-27

Canada Toronto Uber drivers opt to unionize for better pay, working conditions [Global] 2019-06-27

USA The Arnautoff Murals, The Working Class and Erasing History At SF George Washington High [LVP] 2019-06-24

Canada Nurses launching legal challenge of province’s wage arbitration bill [Global] 2019-06-22

Canada Premier under fire for handing out earplugs during legislative debate [Global] 2019-06-21

USA Why it matters: Five ways a new bill of rights for farm workers will impact New Yorkers [Democrat & Chronicle] 2019-06-20

USA On Juneteenth, SF City Workers Demand Firing Of HR Director Micki Callahan [LVP] 2019-06-20

New Zealand ANZ staff 'outraged' over David Hisco company spending revelations: union [The Herald] 2019-06-18

USA Oakland Port Privatization Scam By Billionaire John Fisher, Demos & Union Officials [LVP] 2019-06-17

Australia Calls for more security at NSW hospitals after latest assault on paramedic [9 News] 2019-06-16

Uganda Fighting child labour: An interview with children's rights trainer Molly Namirembe [ILO] 2019-06-16

Brazil Police fire tear gas as union workers strike [Truvid] 2019-06-15

Europe ETUC video messages - Europride 2019 [ETUC] 2019-06-15

Brazil Union workers begin 24-hour strike [SBS] 2019-06-15

Switzerland Swiss women launch second national strike for gender equality [Yahoo] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Switzerland Swiss women strike for gender equality [Euronews] 2019-06-14

USA Strippers Are Turning To Old-School Union Tactics To Fight For Fair Wages [Huffington Post] 2019-06-13

Australia John Setka warned by ACTU boss McManus: Union movement is much bigger than you [7 News] 2019-06-13

Ireland Meet the people who are spearheading the commemoration of the Limerick Soviet 100 years on [Irish Examiner] 2019-06-13

Australia 'It's an outright lie': Setka responds to calls for his expulsion [SBS] 2019-06-11

Canada Laird Cronk speaks with Jennifer Palma on Global TV about minimum wage increase [BCFed] 2019-06-10

Global Video: Workers Group is driving force of the ILO [ILO ACTRAV] 2019-06-10

USA Kaiser strike looming, mental health therapists say more staffing is needed [KGET] 2019-06-08

USA Logan High And The Battle For Public Education: New Haven Teachers Association Members Face Union Busting [LVP] 2019-06-08

Australia “The law is out of touch” -Transport Workers’ Union [6PR] 2019-06-07

USA Stop Privatizations Of Veterans Hospitals! AFGE Members and Veterans Speak Out At SF Ft. Miley Hospital [LVP] 2019-06-07

Canada Oshawa GM Plant Workers “Collateral Damage” [The Real News Network] 2019-06-05

Venezuela Venezuelan ex-oil workers go on hunger strike as desperation increases [NBC] 2019-06-04

USA MSP Workers Plan To Take Action After Losing Jobs [CBS] 2019-06-04

USA Bernie Sanders Calls For 'Workers Government' At CA Demo Convention Latino Caucus [LVP] 2019-06-03

Canada ‘I’m entitled to my free speech’: Dias on Unifor’s anti-Tory stance and the contentious media panel [Global] 2019-06-03

Canada The province’s lowest paid workers are getting a pay hike. [Global] 2019-06-02

Canada Tentative deal reached to end B.C. port lockout [Global] 2019-05-31

USA WorkWeek: ATU VP On Climate Change, Class Struggle and The Assange Carmody Connection [WW] 2019-05-30

Canada Addition of Unifor to controversial media panel comes under fire in question period [Global] 2019-05-28

USA 2020 Democrats join McDonald's workers on strike to push for union rights, minimum wage hike [ABC News] 2019-05-24

USA It’s time for McDonald’s to hear our demands! [SEIU] 2019-05-24

USA 'Red For Ed' As Thousands Of California Teachers Rally in Sacramento For Funding and To Reform Charters [LVP] 2019-05-23

USA The Assault On SF Journalist Bryan Carmody: The Attacks On All Journalists and Journalism [LVP] 2019-05-22

New Zealand Junior lawyers union started after law industry scandal [Stuff] 2019-05-21

USA Challenge To Hoffa's Support For Trump's Tariffs And Trade War With IBT VP John Palmer [LVP] 2019-05-19

USA Union workers to hold rally midst Arconic contract negotiations [KWQC] 2019-05-16

USA Whose Selling Whom? The A's Stadium, The Destruction of Howard Terminal In The Port Of Oakland and The Battle In Labor [LVP] 2019-05-15

USA Maritime, Labor and The A's Stadium At The Port Of Oakland Press Conference [LVP] 2019-05-14

USA ILWU 10 Speakers Protest John Fisher A's Stadium On Howard Terminal At Oakland Port Commission [LVP] 2019-05-10

USA Drivers United Will Never Be Defeated! UBER/LYFT Global Day Of Action At UBER In San Francisco [LVP] 2019-05-09

USA UBER Blowback With Author Steve Hill [WWR] 2019-05-08

USA On May Day 2019 Oakland Education Association Pres Keith Brown On The Stadium, Port, ILWU and Public Education [LVP] 2019-05-06

UK May Day trade union march 'unexpectedly' closes Leeds city centre streets [The Evening Post] 2019-05-05

Canada CUPE protest turns physical [Global] 2019-05-04

USA This Is Our Port! May Day 2019 Speakers At Oakland Howard Terminal [Labor Video Project] 2019-05-03

South Africa Police fire rubber bullets, arrest striking Durban city workers [The Independent] 2019-05-03

Switzerland May Day 2019 in Geneva (video and photos) [PSI] 2019-05-02

USA Whose Dock Is This? Our Dock! CWA AFA Pres Sara Nelson At Oakland Howard Terminal May Day 2019 [LVP] 2019-05-02

Europe “Vote for Social Europe” Video Released [BWI] 2019-05-01

Australia Outsourcing at schools is costing kids ... and cleaners [Insight] 2019-04-30

USA Workers’ Memorial Day: remembering those who have suffered and died while earning a living [Uprise RI] 2019-04-29

USA Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO honors those who perished at the workplace [WXOW] 2019-04-29

Canada OHC: Stop Health Care Privatization and Cuts [ONA] 2019-04-22

USA One week and counting of Stop and Shop strike [WFSB] 2019-04-20

USA 'It's Insane!' ILWU Longshore Workers And Truckers Challenge Oakland A's Billionaire Owner John Fisher’s Land Grab Of Howard Terminal In The Port Of Oakland [Labor Video Project] 2019-04-19

USA WorkWeek On Assange Getting Union Backing, ILWU May Day Action and Gentrification And CA DIR Baker Corruption Scandal [WWR] 2019-04-18

Canada Families face uncertainty amid impending nursing home strike [CBC] 2019-04-17

Canada Tentative deal reached in Saskatoon Co-op strike [Global] 2019-04-16

Ireland Centenary of Limerick strike against British army [RTÉ] 2019-04-15