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Updated 06/12/2023 21:02 Europe/Berlin

UK Blacklisted campaigner Dave Smith on Hazards 101 Union Organising [You Tube] 2023-12-05

Canada CFLPA Grey Cup Week Recap [CFLPA] 2023-12-04

Canada D’Arcy Martin Presentation at Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU) Convention in Halifax [CCU] 2023-12-04

Canada Tim McSorley Speaks with the CCU on Artificial Intelligence [CCU] 2023-12-04

Canada Kat Lanteigne Presentation to CCU about a Safe, Public Blood System [CCU] 2023-12-04

Iran All sections of Isfahan steel company workers are in strike [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-12-03

USA UAW wants to expand membership [WILX] 2023-12-01

USA Toyota Indiana and UAW hold second meeting on possible unionization [Eyewitness News WEHT WTVW] 2023-12-01

USA Autoworkers at Tesla, BMW and more move to join UAW, union says [KVIA ABC-7] 2023-12-01

USA UAW Announces Organizing BLITZ At 13 Car Manufacturers, Including Tesla [The Young Turks] 2023-12-01

USA UAW will try to organize workers at all US nonunion factories after winning new contracts in Detroit [Click On Detroit] 2023-12-01

USA Labor, Democratic Rights, Zionism & The Attack The UAW 2325 With UAW 2325 Member Mimi Rosenberg [LVP] 2023-12-01


UK Government Demonising Disabled People [TUC] 2023-11-25


USA Starbucks workers go on strike on Red Cup Day [CBS] 2023-11-16

USA Thousands of Starbucks workers walk off the job in 'Red Cup Rebellion,' union says [CBS] 2023-11-16


Canada Professor Larry Haiven Speaks at CCU Convention about The War on Labour [CCU] 2023-11-13

Canada Unions hope federal government’s move to ban scabs is replicated by the province [CityNews] 2023-11-12

USA SEPTA union workers ratify 1-year contract with wage, pension increases [CBS] 2023-11-12

South Africa Mining in SA | Worker safety in sharp focus [eNCA] 2023-11-12

USA Biden celebrates Illinois auto factory, UAW workers strike success [CBS News] 2023-11-11

USA Historic Portland teachers strike, negotiations continue into long weekend [KPTV] 2023-11-11

USA NYC Protest At AFL-CIO Over Support For Israel [The Struggle] 2023-11-11

Afghanistan Struggles, sacrifices, and strength - voices of women food systems workers in Afghanistan [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2023-11-10

USA KPFK's Working Voices LA Interviews CWA President Claude Cummings [KPFK Working Voices] 2023-11-08

USA Donation drive held for Detroit casino, Blue Cross Blue Shield workers on strike [CBS] 2023-11-08

Afghanistan Facing harsh restrictions on work & employment - voices of women food systems workers in Afghanistan [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2023-11-08

Namibia Namibian Workers Speak Out On Union Busting, Housing and The Fight For Health and Safety [LVP] 2023-11-07

USA Labor Stop Shipping US Military Cargo For Israeli Genocide On Palestinians! Protest At Port Of Oakland [LVP] 2023-11-07

Afghanistan Struggling to restore the right to work - voices of women food systems workers in Afghanistan [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2023-11-06

USA Pharmacy workers walk out nationwide to protest working conditions [CBS] 2023-11-04

Afghanistan Struggling to restore the right to education - voices of women food systems workers in Afghanistan [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2023-11-04

China iPhone factory protests: foxconn workers clash with police [WSJ] 2023-11-02

USA UAW President Fain and Vice President Browning on UAW Ford Tentative Agreement Highlights 10/29/23 [UAW International] 2023-10-30

USA Workers at Mack Trucks in the South are on Strike - Here’s Why [The Valley Labor Report] 2023-10-30

South Africa NTI bus strike - Workers without salaries for over four months [eNCA] 2023-10-30

USA Why pharmacy workers are going on strike amid widespread store closures [PBS] 2023-10-30

UK Bankers getting bigger Bonuses [TUC] 2023-10-28


USA Ford FOLDS To UAW Demands With Historic Deal | Breaking Points [Breaking Points] 2023-10-27

USA What happens next in UAW strike [Fox 2 Detroit] 2023-10-27

USA I give Ford a B- overall on their strike deal with UAW, says MAEVA Group's Harry Wilson [CNBC] 2023-10-27

USA Reaction after UAW and Ford reach tentative agreement [WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7] 2023-10-26

USA Ford Tentative Agreement Announcement [UAW International] 2023-10-26

USA UAW Local 14 President reacts to union's tentative deal with Ford [WTOL 11] 2023-10-26

USA UAW and Ford reach tentative labor deal, potentially ending partial strike [CBS News] 2023-10-26

UK Ukraine - Support the Medical Workers Union Appeal [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign ] 2023-10-26

USA Ford, UAW reach tentative labor agreement [NBC] 2023-10-26

USA Arlington Assembly Joins the Stand Up Strike [UAW International] 2023-10-25

USA UAW workers stand in solidarity with union's Texas plant strike expansion [WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7] 2023-10-25

Australia CFMEU national secretary Zach Smith: ‘We need a super profits tax to build public housing’ [Green Left Weekly] 2023-10-25

USA 0:03 / 3:54 UAW Expands Strike to Very Profitable GM Plant [Bloomberg Television] 2023-10-24

USA BREAKING: UAW Strike EXPANDS as 5,000 GM Workers Go On Strike at MOST PROFITABLE Truck Plant [Status Coup News] 2023-10-24

USA Mack Trucks On Strike [UAW International] 2023-10-24

USA 0:02 / 1:56 SHAP Joins the Stand Up Strike [UAW International] 2023-10-24

USA UAW strike expands [KTVB] 2023-10-24

USA How the latest walkout in UAW's strike targets Stellantis [NBC News] 2023-10-24

USA TNDC Non-Profit Workers & Residents Protest Firings & Discrimination [LVP] 2023-10-22

USA UAW President Shawn Fain Livestream Update 10/20/23 [UAW International] 2023-10-21

Afghanistan Struggling to restore the right to education – voices of women food systems workers in Afghanistan [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2023-10-21

Afghanistan Struggling to restore the right to work – voices of women food systems workers in Afghanistan [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2023-10-21

Afghanistan Facing harsh restrictions on work & employment – voices of women food systems workers in Afghanistan [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2023-10-21

USA UAW autoworkers strike is in 'danger zone', expert weighs in on economic impact [Fox 61] 2023-10-19

USA Where things stand in UAW negotiations [Click On Detroit] 2023-10-19

Global [WEBINAR RECORDING[ How can the media promote decent work for street vendors? [StreetNet International] 2023-10-18

USA The War On Palestinans & The US Labor Movement with NWU President Larry Goldbetter [LVP] 2023-10-18

USA Striking UAW Workers SLAM Companies Threatening, Mistreating Workers: They Need to 'Save Face' [Status Coup News] 2023-10-17

USA Checking back in with Ford employee five weeks into UAW strike [WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7] 2023-10-17

USA Striking UAW Worker SLAMS Greedy Companies [Status Coup News] 2023-10-17

USA UAW expands strike to Ford Louisville plant as it expands into fourth week [CBS News] 2023-10-16

USA UAW Leader Calls for MORE STRIKES: 'We Need to Stand Our Ground' [Status Coup News] 2023-10-16

Afghanistan VIDEOS: Voices of Women Food Systems Workers in Afghanistan [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2023-10-16

USA UAW President Shawn Fain Livestream Update 10/13/23 [UAW International] 2023-10-13

USA Shawn Fain Stand Up Strike Update 10/11/23 [UAW International] 2023-10-13

USA Nearly 5,000 autoworkers laid off since UAW strike began 4 weeks ago [CBS News] 2023-10-11

USA ‘Hell no!’ UAW members react to Unifor, GM tentative agreement [WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7] 2023-10-11

USA UAW strike week 4: Big Three lay off more autoworkers [Click On Detroit] 2023-10-11

USA Competition [UAW International] 2023-10-11

USA Mack Trucks Strike [UAW International] 2023-10-10

USA Just Transition Victory [UAW International] 2023-10-10

Korea (South) Teachers' union to file complaint over education minister's warning against collective action [Korea Now] 2023-10-09

Korea (South) Mass protests by south korean teachers over harassing parents [CNN] 2023-10-09

China New evidence of uighur forced labour in china's cotton industry [BBC News] 2023-10-09

Korea (South) South korea's unions vs. Yoon Seok Yeol [The Real News Network] 2023-10-09

Korea (South) Gwarosa: working to death in south korea | foreign correspondent [ABC News] 2023-10-09

USA Once upon a time in America… [Australian Unions] 2023-10-09

USA UAW President Shawn Fain updates negotiations #StandUpUAW [LeftStreamed] 2023-10-08

Australia Super strike launched in Meanjin/Brisbane [Green Left Weekly] 2023-10-08

USA Who Is Laphonza Butler? The SEIU & Corruption With SEIU 2015 Member Bradley Weidmaier [LVP] 2023-10-07

USA Largest healthcare strike in U.S. history underway as workers protest wages and staffing [PBS News Hour] 2023-10-05

USA UAW strike enters day 20; picketers looking for extra work [WTOL 11] 2023-10-05

USA UAW strike against Big Three hits 20 days, workers are standing firm despite Ford layoffs [Fox 2 Detroit] 2023-10-05

USA MEMA's Julie Fream on UAW strike: Suppliers will be in a very difficult situation by mid-October [CNBC] 2023-10-05

UK We Are Police Staff – new film launches [UNISON] 2023-10-05

USA Kaiser SEIU UHW Workers Fight For Living Wages & Against Outsourcing and Short Staffing-Picket In SF [LVP] 2023-10-05

USA UAW members gaining traction with Ford manufacturers [WQAD News] 2023-10-04

USA UAW workers making sacrifices while waiting on a deal [WTVG 13 ABC] 2023-10-04

USA UAW strike: Ford makes contract offer, announces layoffs [Fox 32 Chicago] 2023-10-04