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Updated 28/03/2023 19:28 Europe/Berlin

Global AIRF/SCRMU Holds Huge Protest Rally Against NPS at Jammikunta [AIRF/SCRMU] 2023-03-28

Iran Protests Of Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Workers, And Retirees [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-03-26

USA Oakland Teachers, Parents & Unionists Speak Out For Public Education At OEA Wildcat Strike [LVP] 2023-03-25

Global Indian Govt Sets up a Committee to 'Improve NPS' - AIRF Rejects & Reiterates its demand for OPS [AIRF] 2023-03-24

France Watch: Piles of rubbish in Paris after a 16-day strike by bin workers [Euronews] 2023-03-22

Global AIRF affiliates Roar to Scrap NPS All Over Indian Railways [AIRF] 2023-03-21

Palestine Green Card to Palestinian workers - Abolish the oppressive Permit System that Israel forces on Palestinian Workers [MAAN Workers Association] 2023-03-21

USA Billionaires & Issues At 2023 CFT Convention [LVP] 2023-03-21

Iran Workers Protests In Iran inThe Last Two Weeks (March 5 -19 2023) [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-03-20

USA Monopolies & The Merger of Albertsons, Kroger & Ralph's With UFCW 770 President Kathy Finn [LVP] 2023-03-20

Global Com Mishra Launching Digital Campaign Local to Global for OPS [AIRF] 2023-03-19

USA The Pajaro Levee Break, Immigrants, Labor & Climate Crisis With PVFT1936 Delegate Pamela Beth Sexton [LVP] 2023-03-18

South Africa Denosa 'vindicated' by Rahima Moosa Hospital investigation report [eNCA] 2023-03-17

South Africa Public Sector Strike: PSA pleased with court ruling [eNCA] 2023-03-16

Canada Unifor members describe the battle against union busting at Windsor Salt [Unifor] 2023-03-15

Australia Secure Jobs, Better Pay: Legislation Briefings [Professionals Australia] 2023-03-14

South Africa Public sector strike: govt must find a way to end deadlock, says Denosa [eNCA] 2023-03-14

Global Women oppression is directly linked to ecological degradation [BWI] 2023-03-11

South Africa Numsa marches to US Embassy, demands release of Mumia Abu-Jamal [The Citizen] 2023-03-11

Global Women oppression is directly linked to ecological degradation [BWI] 2023-03-10

South Africa Public Sector Strike: Nehawu vows to intensify strike [eNCA] 2023-03-09

Canada Workshop - Learning how to end gender-based violence with Julie Lalonde [PISPC] 2023-03-08

New Zealand Midwives angry over pay inequity [TVNZ] 2023-03-07

Global Break gender stereotypes! Fight for gender and climate justice! [BWI] 2023-03-07

South Africa Public sector strike: Nehawu says strike will continue [eNCA] 2023-03-05

Global Climate justice and gender equality [BWI] 2023-03-04

Iran The FTN Conference In Support Of The “Charter Of The Minimum Demands”, Was Held Successfully, [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-03-04

Canada Unions react to $61-million health-care agreement with federal government [Global] 2023-03-04

Global Climate justice and gender equality [BWI] 2023-03-03

USA Facebook Unite Here Local 19 Workers Demand Justice From Billionaire Owner Zuckerberg [LVP] 2023-03-02

USA Union Workers Protest Over Bill That Would Loosen IA Child Labor Laws [KCAU] 2023-03-01

Korea (South) BWI solidarity message to protesting South Korean workers [BWI] 2023-02-28

USA SAG Members Marie Shell & Tony Marcus Sing The 'Ballad for Harry Bridges” [LVP] 2023-02-27

Iran Isfahan Steel Company Workers Strike [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-02-26

Iran Daily updates of workers’ protests from February 12th to 25th [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-02-25

USA Harry Bridges, Labor Radical & Labor Legend: Book Presentation By Author Dr. Robert Cherny [LVP] 2023-02-25

South Africa SAFTU to lay charges against De Ruyter [eNCA] 2023-02-25

USA The NTSB, East Palestine Railroad Catastrophe, Rail Safety & Nationalization With RWU's Hugh Sawyer [LVP] 2023-02-24

USA 'Nuking A Town With Chemicals To Get A Railroad Open' & Railroad Labor With SMART's Jerad Cassity [LVP] 2023-02-24

USA Under a new labor rule, justice is coming for Starbucks workers [More Perfect Union] 2023-02-23

South Africa Unions to strike amid public sector wage deadlock [SABC] 2023-02-20

USA Actor Danny Glover Joins ILWU 10 In Supporting Freedom For Mumia on February 16, 2023 [LVP] 2023-02-18

UK RMT National Secretary Darren Procter with a message for Stena Line members employed at the ports [RMT] 2023-02-16

USA Angela Davis Speaks For The Freedom of Mumia & ILWU Local 10 Stop Work Action To Free Him On 2/16/23 [LVP] 2023-02-16

USA LA SEIU99 LAUSD Workers Struggle For Living Wages Against Charters & Politics With Gilbert Feliciano [LVP] 2023-02-14

Iran Summary Of The News Of Workers’ Protests In Iran During The Last Two Weeks [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-02-13

Belarus Journalist Andrzej Poczobut sentenced to 8 years in prison [IFJ] 2023-02-12

South Africa SA’s electricity crisis: Numsa threatens court action against government [eNCA] 2023-02-10

Canada PIPSC: Union files complaint against CRA over work-from-home rules [] 2023-02-08

USA Palestine Ohio Train Wreck, Greed & The Systemic Crisis In US Rail System With RWU Gabe Christenson [LVP] 2023-02-08

USA The 1937 Flint UWA GM Occupation, The Lessons & Relevance For Today [LVP] 2023-02-05

USA ILWU10 To Shutdown Bay Area Ports On 2/16/23 To Free CWA-NABET Journalist & Prisoner Mumia Abu-jamal [LVP] 2023-02-04

USA The Union Busting War On Apple Workers & NLRB Ruling For Fired Apple Worker Ashley M. Gjøvik [LVP] 2023-02-02

UK UK strikes: 500,000 strike as teachers have 'concern about the future of education' [Mirror] 2023-02-01

Canada Bargaining Forward: Book co-published by CUPE, NB Media Co-op documents historic 2021 strike [NB Media Co-op] 2023-01-29

South Africa Unions reveal culture of fear at Eskom [eNCA] 2023-01-28

UK Firefighters like Kasey can no longer afford to pay into their pensions [TUC] 2023-01-25

USA Details of contract between union workers and CNH released [KCRG] 2023-01-25

Canada Immigration policy a ‘revolving door’ of exploitation: Migrant Workers Alliance for Change [The NB Media Co-op] 2023-01-23

Iran Rally Of Workers At Qeshm Oil Terminal [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-01-20

Korea (South) South Korea proposes overhaul to overtime rules but workers fear longer work week [Youtube] 2023-01-20

USA PHL int'l airport food service union workers on strike [CBS] 2023-01-15

South Africa Fedusa: Nersa’s electricity price hike is an insult [eNCA] 2023-01-15

USA Supreme Court hears case threatening workers’ rights [MSNBC] 2023-01-11

USA NYC nurses strike enters Day 2 with talks set to resume at 1 hospital [WABC] 2023-01-11

USA Chicago Cops, CTA & ATU 241 Tops Conspire To Stop ATU 241 Pres. Candidate Erek Slater Run For Pres [LVP] 2023-01-08

USA GA election workers honored for defending democracy; Trump continues baseless attacks [MCNBC] 2023-01-07

USA Finishing the Fight at JetBlue [IAM] 2023-01-07

USA Video Game Workers Form Union Without Microsoft Corporate Interference [Young Turks] 2023-01-05

UK Union busting in Scotland is unacceptable! [You Tube] 2023-01-05

USA The SWA Meltdown, Deregulation, Worker Rights & Safety With TWU President John Samuelson [LVP] 2023-01-05

Canada Reinventing Work (with Mike Yates) [LeftStreamed] 2023-01-01

USA 16,000 nurses across NYC could go on strike Jan. 9 [Yahoo] 2023-01-01

USA 2022 Marked a Year of Gains for Labor Groups [PBS] 2022-12-29

USA How About Living Wages? Three Hundred UFCW5 Members Strike SF Macy's Union Square Store On 12/24/22 [LVP] 2022-12-26

USA NNU-CNA Berkeley Sutter Alta Bates Hospital Nurses Fed Up With Concession Contracts Hit The Streets [LVP] 2022-12-25

USA Macy's Union Square Workers, San Francisco, Set to Strike [NBC] 2022-12-24

UK National secretary message [RMT] 2022-12-23

Cyprus Wolt strikers stage protest march [InCyprus] 2022-12-23

Global 2022: Advancing social justice in a world in crisis [ILO] 2022-12-22

USA LA Roofers Local 36 Smith & Community Member Flores Arrested At DeLeon's District Office [LVP] 2022-12-22

USA Workers at Louisville Trader Joe's seek to form union [WDRB] 2022-12-21

Iran Nationwide Strike Of Official Oil Workers, Firemen Of Tabriz And Cement Factory In Iran [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-12-18

USA Starbucks Workers Strike100 Stores SF Castro District Starbucks Barrista Kyle Trainer Speaks Out! [LVP] 2022-12-17

USA Union Democracy, Bullying & The Removal Of SF TWU 250a President Roger Marenco [LVP] 2022-12-15

UK Watch LIVE as union leaders answer YOUR questions on why so many workers are on strike [The Mirror] 2022-12-13

USA UAW Case Holland Workers On Strike For Justice! UAW 180 President Yasin Mahdi Speaks Out [LVP] 2022-12-13

USA The Railroad Workers, Democrats & The Class Struggle With David Van Deusen President Vermont AFL-CIO [LVP] 2022-12-10

USA Biden announces release of nearly $36 billion to aid pensions of union workers [PBS] 2022-12-09

USA Biden announces $36B to aid union workers' pensions [USAToday] 2022-12-09

USA President Biden Delivers Remarks on Building a Stronger Economy for Union Workers and Retirees [White House] 2022-12-09

USA Solidarity With Rail Workers - Grand Central Station NYC [FNTV] 2022-12-08

USA Hundreds of UC UAW Strikers March & Rally In Sacramento At Capitol 'Union Busting Is Disgusting” [LVP] 2022-12-06

Iran The strike of truck drivers has become more widespread in Iran [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-12-03

South Africa Zebediela citrus workers left high and dry [eNCA] 2022-12-03

USA Biden & Republicrats Union Busting Bill Against Railway Workers & Their Fight For Sick Pay [LVP] 2022-12-02

USA 'Hands Off CTA ATU241 Preidential Candidate Erek Slater' Terminations & The Fight For Chicago Transit Workers And The Community [LVP] 2022-12-01

India Teachers Strike | Talks between teachers and government fail [OdishaTV] 2022-11-30

Canada Standing Up to the Notwithstanding Clause [The Law of Work] 2022-11-28

Laos Reducing Vulnerability in Lao People's Democratic Republic [ILO] 2022-11-28