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Updated 20/10/2021 03:37 Europe/Berlin

South Africa Numsa strike enters a third week [eNCA] 2021-10-18

USA ILUW Local 10, The Shipping Backlog and The Working Class with ILWU Local 10 President Trent Willis [LVP] 2021-10-16

Canada Unifor Local 444 president reacts to Stellantis vaccination policy [CKLW] 2021-10-15

USA 'Fire Drake' & Hire Faculty! AFT UCB Lecturers Rally & March Against Treatment and Contract Labor [LVP] 2021-10-15

Iran Massive protests of the Teachers in more than 40 cities [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2021-10-14

Iran The powerful strike of Haft Tappeh sugarcane workers entered its 15th day [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2021-10-12

USA Get Vaxed Or Get Fired! SF MTA TWU 250a Pres Marenco On Covid and Termination Threats [Labor Video Project] 2021-10-11

Australia MUA Submission to Senate, Rural & Regional Affairs & Transport Legislation Committee (Biosecurity Amendment Bill 2021) [MUA] 2021-10-11

UK 'This government has treated key workers atrociously.' It's time for a living wage for all key workers [TUC] 2021-10-11

Canada #CancelThe FSA [BCTF] 2021-10-10

USA Healthcare heroes strike over worker safety and qualtity of care [CWA] 2021-10-09

USA No deal reached after talks continued Tuesday heading into day 6 of Mercy Hospital strike [WGRZ] 2021-10-08

Australia Construction boss John Setka says dozens of families have Covid-19 after protests [ABC] 2021-10-08

South Africa Cosatu takes to the streets [ETV] 2021-10-08

USA SF Plumbers & Pipefitters 38 Fight Homophobia & Substandard Wages By Centric [LVP] 2021-10-08

South Africa Numsa’s steel industry strike erupts in Vereeniging [Vaal Weekblad] 2021-10-07

Australia John Setka speaks with ABC regarding latest outbreaks and next steps [CFMMEU] 2021-10-06

South Africa ‘Preparations in place for Cosatu’s national stayaway’ [SABC] 2021-10-06

South Africa Cosatu to embark on nationwide strike [eNCA] 2021-10-06

Global World Teachers' Day: Educators and the changing world of education and work [ILO] 2021-10-05

USA Hollywood studios to head back the bargaining table after TV, film crew union authorize a strike [CNBC] 2021-10-05

USA Korean KCTU Plans General Strike On 10/20/21 For Equality & Against Repression by Moon Government [LVP] 2021-10-04

Iran Iran: The fifth day of the Haft Tappeh sugarcane workers’ strike [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2021-10-02

USA UMWA-Going on seven months of striking and not back down! [UMWA] 2021-10-01

South Africa SAMA asks for better security for healthworkers [eNCA] 2021-10-01

Canada TTC union walks back telling staff not to disclose COVID-19 vaccination status to employer [Global] 2021-09-30

USA Where Is Drake? UC-AFT Rally For Equality & Justice For Gig Workers At UCB [LVP] 2021-09-30

South Africa Numsa not budging on strike [eNCA] 2021-09-29

USA UAW And The Memberships Direct Vote For UAW National Leadership with UAW 551 Scott Houldierson With UAWD [LVP] 2021-09-27

Iran Massive gatherings of teachers on 25 of September [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2021-09-26

USA New Orleans ATU 1560 Pres Valerie Jefferson Fired By RTA For Defending Worker and Human Rights [LVP] 2021-09-25

New Zealand Union accuses bread supplier George Weston of 'slavery' but company says they turned down pay hikes [Newshub] 2021-09-25

Australia Transport Workers Union speaks on today's strikes by StarTrack workers [9 News] 2021-09-23

USA 700 IUOE Local 39 Engineers Strike N. Cal Kaiser For Prevailing Wages & Conditions [LVP] 2021-09-22

Canada Nurses call on government to fix crisis in National Day of Action [NTV] 2021-09-18

South Africa Naptosa: Mandatory vaccinations may lead to more hesitancy [eNCA] 2021-09-16

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey (15 August - 15 September) [UID-DER] 2021-09-15

UK Frances O’Grady speech to TUC Congress 2021 [TUC] 2021-09-14

Canada What does a 20 per cent wage increase over four years look like if you are a CUPE member in New Brunswick? Answer: a bag of apples [The Media Co-op] 2021-09-12

USA 9/11 and Maximum Yield: John Sferazo Ironworker 9/11 First Responder [LVP] 2021-09-11

Eswatini Cosatu members to protest at border posts between SA and Eswatini [Club of Mozambique] 2021-09-10

USA It's Time To Prepare For Fascists! David Van Deusen, President of Vermont AFL-CIO On Struggles [LVP] 2021-09-09

South Africa NUMSA threatens employers in the steel industry with strike action [SABC] 2021-09-07

Asia Decent work for migrant workers in South East Asia's fishing industry [ILO] 2021-09-06

Canada GVP Chartrand’s Labour Day message [IAMAW] 2021-09-05

USA NYC TWU 100 Transit Workers On The Flood, Covid and The Fight For Survival [LVP] 2021-09-05

USA They Don't Care About Our Safety! UESF Teachers/Students/Staff Protest Lack of Testing and Protection [LVP] 2021-09-03

France Yves Veyrier, Secrétaire général de Force Ouvrière, était l’invité de l’émission Polonews [FO] 2021-09-02

Australia Toowoomba Council workers walk off the job, rallying for better wages and work conditions [7 News] 2021-09-02

South Africa Transforming Eskom: working class climate justice [YouTube] 2021-09-02

Myanmar Video: IUF members call on UN General Assembly to reject Myanmar’s military junta [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2021-09-02

USA BCTGM Local 358 union member on Nabisco workers’ strike: ‘We’re not asking for a lot’ [Yahoo Finance] 2021-09-01

South Africa Sadtu launches initiative against violence in schools [eNCA] 2021-09-01

Canada MTS Keeps Heat on Bill 64 in New TV Ad [MTS] 2021-08-30

USA CTA Workers Union Protests After Hammer Attacks [CBS] 2021-08-26

South Africa Police need more capacity: Sapu [eNCA] 2021-08-25

South Africa Unions, government face off in court over wage dispute [eNCA] 2021-08-25

South Africa Budget cuts affects SAPS stability - Popcru [eNCA] 2021-08-25

USA CA SEIU 1000 Pres Richard Louis Brown On Newsom, Fires, Covid and Racist Homophobic Attacks [LVP] 2021-08-22

USA Rehire Namibian Mine Union Leaders & Hands Off Lawyer Hewat Beukes! Rally At SF China Consulate [LVP] 2021-08-21

South Africa Teacher union pickets over R6.3bn education budget cut [IOL] 2021-08-19

Colombia Spotlight on Colombian Women Activists #2: trade unionist Ruby Castaño [Justice for Colombia] 2021-08-17

USA Gov. David Ige announces vaccine mandate for state and county workers [Star Advertiser] 2021-08-14

USA MS ICU Nurse: ‘We Need Help’ As Covid Cases Surge [MSNBC] 2021-08-12

USA MS ICU nurse: ‘I don’t have any strength left’ as Covid cases surge among unvaccinated patients [NBC] 2021-08-12

USA The Real History Of AFL-CIO Richard Trumka With 'War Zone' Organizer Mike Griffin [LVP] 2021-08-10

France Un travailleur handicapé est un travailleur comme les autres [FO] 2021-08-09

South Africa Cosatu calls for review of fuel taxes [eNCA] 2021-08-08

USA AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka speaks to UMWA miners on strike at Warrior Met Coal, August 4th 2021 [UMWA] 2021-08-07

Canada Union, Air Canada waiting for mandatory vaccination plan from Canadian government [Global] 2021-08-07

South Africa Numsa threatens strike action in engineering sector [SABC] 2021-08-07

South Africa Numsa threatens strike action [eNCA] 2021-08-07

USA Florida's COVID Surge Overwhelms Health Workers [Newsy] 2021-08-06

South Africa Denel in crisis | Numsa says Gordhan 'sleeping on the job' [eNCA] 2021-08-05

South Africa Cosatu raises concerns over fuel, electricity hikes [eNCA] 2021-08-05

South Africa Saftu calls for Mkhize's dismissal, more investigations [eNCA] 2021-08-05

Canada CBSA Agent Could Strike as Early as Friday [CITY] 2021-08-03

USA Amazon union election results should be set aside due to misconduct, NLRB officer recommends [CNN] 2021-08-03

Namibia Namibia MUN Karibib Best Cheer Marble Workers Face Union Busting From Chinese Owner [LVP] 2021-07-31

USA Unemployment Workers Union Hold Rally Thursday Night In Baltimore Over Flagged Claims, Unavailability [CBS] 2021-07-30

USA Unemployed Workers Union continue fight for unpaid benefits [WMAR] 2021-07-30

South Africa Labour dispute leads to stand-off between private security and workers in Sandton [News24] 2021-07-29

South Africa Nehawu’s Saphetha explains why they are rejecting govt’s new wage deal [CNBC Africa] 2021-07-28

South Africa WATCH | Popcru rejects wage deal [eNCA] 2021-07-27

South Africa Public Sector Wage Talks | 1.5% is better than nothing - Fedusa [eNCA] 2021-07-27

Global ILO in Action: Strong labour laws make decent work a reality [ILO] 2021-07-27

Costa Rica Trade unions on Costa Rican pineapple plantations continue to grow [Banana Link] 2021-07-27

Turkey Labourers take to TikTok to show millions their harsh work conditions [The Guardian] 2021-07-26

USA Stop Ripping Us Off! Drivers & Gig Workers Protest Rally In SF At Lyft and UBER World HQ [LVP] 2021-07-26

USA 'Which Side Are You On'? Solidarity Concert For Striking UMWA Alabama Miners At BlackRock San Francisco [LVP] 2021-07-25

South Africa Sadtu raises concerns ahead of school reopening [eNCA] 2021-07-25

USA Oakland Maritime Workers Protest Sale of Howard Terminal To Billionaire GAP A's Owner John Fisher [LVP] 2021-07-22

USA Billionaire Fisher, STOP THE GREED! ILWU 10 & Community Activists Speak Out To Protest Port Theft/Privatization [LVP] 2021-07-20

South Africa Sadtu believes 80% of school staff vaccinated [eNCA] 2021-07-20

USA PATCO Strike [PATCO] 2021-07-18

Canada Front-line workers speak out about Higgs’ $100M big business giveaway [The Media Co-op] 2021-07-13

Canada Unifor’s launches ambitious new bargaining priorities [Unifor] 2021-07-12

Canada Derek Blackadder Speaks to CCU about Global Workers Rights Under the COVID Pandemic [CCU] 2021-07-12

USA Money wasn’t the only cause for the Frito-Lay Strike [WIBW] 2021-07-11

Canada Warehouse Workers Review Nomadland [LeftStreamed] 2021-07-09