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Updated 19/06/2021 22:54 Europe/Berlin

South Africa Cosatu not impressed with minister Mboweni's remarks [eNCA] 2021-06-18

South Africa COVID-19: Concerns over health worker burnout [eNCA] 2021-06-18

USA The Fight Against Covid, MTA, TWU 100 Tops and The Politicians With TWU 100 Ex Bd Member Evangeline Byars [LVP] 2021-06-16

Global From child labourers to teachers [BWI] 2021-06-16

Global International Domestic Workers' Day: Making decent work a reality for domestic workers [ILO] 2021-06-15

USA Workers Make The Chocolate! ILWU 6 Dandelion Chocolate Workers & Supporters Speak In The SF Mission [LVP] 2021-06-14

USA Former UAW Leader Gary Jones Gets 28-Month Sentence [CBS] 2021-06-11

Global Global progress to end child labour has stalled [ILO] 2021-06-11

South Africa Cleaners demanding to be insourced protest at Tshwane House [Pretoria News] 2021-06-09

USA Palestinians Backed by Education Unions UESF & UTLA Who Protest US Aid For Israel [LVP] 2021-06-08

Global General Secretary Report 2021 (Spanish and Portuguese subtitles) [BWI] 2021-06-07

USA Israeli ZIM Volans Blocked In Oakland As ILWU 10 Members Refuse To Cross Picket Line Of Hundreds [LVP] 2021-06-05

South Africa We are in wage talks and for Eskom to declare a dispute is outrageous - Numsa [Radio 702] 2021-06-03

South Africa COVID-19: Sadtu urges caution around pupil safety [eNCA] 2021-06-02

Canada Toronto Solidarity Rally Against Anti-Asian Hate 2021 [Asian Canadian Labour Alliance] 2021-06-01

USA No Money To Newsom! SEIU1000 Pres Elect Richard Brown On The Election, Privatization, Democrats and The SEIU [LVP] 2021-06-01

USA UBER/Ride Share Gig Drivers Protest Against Rip-offs and CA Prop 22 At UBER World Headquarters [LVP] 2021-05-26

India Fire at HPCL plant in Visakhapatnam under control; all workers safe [India Today] 2021-05-26

South Africa SADTU wants teachers vaccinated soon [eNCA] 2021-05-24

USA George Floyd's Death, Unions, The Working Class and Capitalism With IBT 808 President Chris Silvera [LVP] 2021-05-24

USA The Democrats, AFL-CIO, ILWU, Vermont AFL-CIO and Palestine with Clarence Thomas ILWU Local 10 retired [LVP] 2021-05-21

South Africa Denosa concerned about nurses being warned not to disclose vaccine side effects [SABC] 2021-05-21

South Africa Numsa, NUM warn of crisis as Eskom wage negotiations deadlock [JacarandaFM] 2021-05-21

South Africa Strike action by Nehawu over salary increase continues at health sciences university [Pretoria News] 2021-05-20

South Africa Unions mull over 1.5% wage increase by government [SABC] 2021-05-19

South Africa Unions engaging with govt on public sector wage increases [eNCA] 2021-05-19

South Africa Anguish as unpaid Denel workers crash board meeting [The Citizen] 2021-05-19

South Africa Numsa, Eskom in second round of talks over salary increases [CNBC Africa] 2021-05-18

South Africa Covid-19: Denosa worried about healthcare workers [eNCA] 2021-05-17

Iran Free jailed teacher trade unionist Esmail Abdi now [LabourStart] 2021-05-13

South Africa Metrobus strike continues with no end insight [SABC] 2021-05-12

UK Reaction to the Queen’s speech. #EndFireAndRehire [Unite the union] 2021-05-11

USA Teachers union president defends stance on school reopening [Yahoo] 2021-05-11

USA AFT 2121 CCSF Faculty and Students Rally & Speak-out As AFT 2121 Leaders Make Major Concessions On Salaries [LVP] 2021-05-11

USA Que Viva! Al Rojas-Voices Speak Out About The Life Of UFWA Founder Al Rojas [LVP] 2021-05-09

UK Len McCluskey on Sir Keir Starmer's Labour leadership [BBC] 2021-05-09

South Africa Eskom wage negotiations nearing collapse as unions walk out [SABC] 2021-05-07

Global BWI Song of Solidarity for May Day [BWI] 2021-05-06

USA Angela Davis Speaks Out On May Day 2021 In San Francisco [LVP] 2021-05-06

Global May Day 2021: Free all jailed trade unionists - watch the video [LabourStart] 2021-05-05

South Africa Cape Town firefighters' future uncertain [eNCA] 2021-05-04

South Africa Watch COSATU President give speech on May Day 2021 [COSATU] 2021-05-03

Turkey May Day in Istanbul [Bianet] 2021-05-03

USA On May Day 2021 ILWU Backs Chilean Dockers In San Francisco! Solidarity Has No Borders [LVP] 2021-05-03

France Demonstrators Clash With Police During May Day March in Paris [Yahoo] 2021-05-02

South Africa Cosatu warns against 'attacks on collective bargaining' [eNCA] 2021-05-02

South Africa Ramaphosa takes part in Cosatu’s Workers’ Day celebrations [The Citizen] 2021-05-02

Global Live Event: Free All Jailed Trade Unionists - in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Iran, Turkey and Belarus [LabourStart] 2021-05-02

USA AFL CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre Speaks At San Francisco May Day Rally [LVP] 2021-05-02

South Africa Workers' Day: Public servants firm on demands [eNCA] 2021-05-01

South Africa Cosatu’s 2021 May Day celebrations [SABC] 2021-05-01

Europe #MayDay2021 Video message from ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini [ETUC] 2021-05-01

USA Labor Musican Matt Seidel performs songs for May Day 2021 [LVP] 2021-05-01

South Africa Cosatu threatens May Day nation-wide strike [Radio 702] 2021-05-01

USA The Fight To Defend Working People and The AFL-CIO With Vermont AFL-CIO President David Van Deusen [LVP] 2021-04-30

Global International Labour Day: Solidarity is key to our common survival and prosperity [ILO] 2021-04-30

Global We need a strong, resilient occupational safety and health environment [ILO] 2021-04-28

South Africa Government must shoulder blame for looming public sector strike: Saftu [SABC] 2021-04-27

USA Al Rojas Presente! The Struggle Continues: Memorial In Sacramento For Co-founder Of UFWA [Labor Video Project] 2021-04-27

South Africa Public servants shouldn't be sacrificed: Denosa [eNCA] 2021-04-25

New Zealand Wellington bus lockout to end after court grants injunction against NZ Bus [Stuff] 2021-04-24

New Zealand Tens of thousands of Wellingtonians will be affected by bus driver strike [TVNZ] 2021-04-22

USA Sacramento City Unified School District, union reach agreement for custodians, food service workers [KCRA] 2021-04-20

South Africa What NUM and Numsa want from Eskom ​ [BusinessLIVE] 2021-04-20

USA Union sets strike dates in Sacramento City Unified School District for custodians, food service workers [KCRA] 2021-04-19

South Africa Nehawu wants services at Charlotte Maxeke hospital restored [eNCA] 2021-04-19

South Africa Will murder derail Blyvoor mine's recovery? [eNCA] 2021-04-16

USA The Lessons Of The Bessemer Alabama Amazon Unionization Vote With Journalist Mike Elk [LVP] 2021-04-14

Global BWI wants decent jobs in shift to a green future [BWI] 2021-04-09

Syria ILO calls for urgent action to create decent jobs in Syria [ILO] 2021-04-09

South Africa Cosatu continues ANC support [eNCA] 2021-04-09

USA Vote count begins at Amazon [CNBC] 2021-04-08

New Zealand Union specialist says 'time has come' to change unfair model where costs sit with contracters [TVNZ] 2021-04-08

South Africa Nehawu set to ditch ANC at the polls [eNCA] 2021-04-06

South Africa CWU: SABC on brink of collapse [eNCA] 2021-04-03

USA The AFL-CIO, NED and US Labor Imperialism With Kim Scipes [LVP] 2021-04-03

New Zealand First Union hits out at Wanaka supermarkets flouting Good Friday trade laws [TVNZ] 2021-04-02

South Africa Cosatu warns against electricity tariff hikes [eNCA] 2021-04-02

Global Modern slavery: This story is real [ILO] 2021-04-01

New Zealand Job losses due to minimum wage increase will never happen-CTU [Newshub] 2021-03-31

Palestine Why Palestinian Prisoners Matter? Ramzy Baroud Speaks to COSATU [Palestine Chronicle] 2021-03-31

New Zealand Ports of Auckland management backtrack after denying profits were put before safety [TVNZ] 2021-03-30

New Zealand 'We are worried'-Maritime Union disappointed to have little input into Ports of Auckland safety review [TVNZ] 2021-03-29

USA Bernie Sanders pushes Amazon workers to unionize [Yahoo] 2021-03-28

South Africa Popcru calls for inquiry into SAPS [eNCA] 2021-03-27

USA Seven Hundred SEIU 87 Janitors In SF Strike For PPE and A Contract: 26 Have Died From Covid [LVP] 2021-03-26

USA US Labor, The Fight Against Racist Attacks and Xenophobia With Kent Wong UCLA Labor Center [LVP] 2021-03-24

USA Solidarity With Bessemer Alabama Amazon Workers! STOP Union Busting In Bessemer & San Francisco [LVP] 2021-03-22

Myanmar Doctors kick off day of protests with dawn march [Al Jazeera] 2021-03-22

New Zealand Union hopes new buyer could rescue Whakatane Mill jobs [Radio New Zealand] 2021-03-18

UK Covid-19: Workers' Court finds - Government - guilty! HSE - guilty! Employers - guilty! [Hazards Campaign] 2021-03-15

USA 'My Working Conditions Are My Student's Living Conditions' SF UESF Teachers Caravan & Rally Protest [LVP] 2021-03-15

Zimbabwe “Zimbabwe is a failed state”: ZCTU President Peter Mutasa [ZimEye] 2021-03-12

Australia Workers 'not consulted' over new aviation plan [Sky] 2021-03-11

South Africa Nehawu: Declare GBV a national emergency [eNCA] 2021-03-09

UK NO 2 ESO! NG Baileys Head office and building site occupied over deskilling [Reel News] 2021-03-08

Global Addressing women workers’ multiple burden [BWI] 2021-03-05

Global International Women's Day: 'We Sing' for a better future of work for all women and men [ILO] 2021-03-05

UK WATCH: Newsnight marks GMB's landmark win at Bakkavor [GMB] 2021-03-05

South Africa See all interviews and comments on labour issues [COSATU] 2021-03-05