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Updated 18/04/2024 05:35 Europe/Berlin

USA Floods In East Palestine Bring More Vinyl Chloride Threatening Residents & Workers While Biden's EPA Helps Norfolk Southern [LVP] 2024-04-13

USA SEIU 1021 SF Librarians Rally & Demand Safe Libraries In 2024 Contract Fight [LVP] 2024-04-12

UK International Workers’ Memorial Day - 28 April. Remember the dead, fight for the living [UNISON] 2024-04-10

USA Criminal Charge Dropped: ATU241 Presidential Candidate Erek Slater Wins Victory Against Chicago CTA [LVP] 2024-04-08

USA From East Palestine To Working Class Power With Steelworker & Labor Musician Mike Stout [LVP] 2024-04-06

USA Workers Rights In The IBT, Teamster Link, AI, Robots & Future Of IBT With Tom Leedham & John Palmer [LVP] 2024-04-05

Global AIRF/SCRMU Conducts Free Mega Health Camp [AIRF, INDIA] 2024-04-03

Canada Labour leader warns province not to ‘raid’ poor countries for nurses [The NB Media Co-op] 2024-04-03

USA From The Baltimore Ship Bridge Wreck To Norfolk Southern East Palestine Derailment & Vinyl Chloride [lvpsf] 2024-04-02

USA IBT Stopped AI & Robots At UPS Said IBT Pres Sean O'Brien At Sacramento Rally Against Robo Trucks [LVP] 2024-03-29

USA East Palestine Norfolk Southern Derailment & Rail Labor [LVP] 2024-03-29

Canada Lana Payne testifies for the urgent passing of federal anti-scab legislation [Unifor] 2024-03-21

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey (15 February - 15 March 2024) [] 2024-03-21

Canada Public employees hit the streets to send message on private highways, with N.L. budget around the corner [CBC] 2024-03-20

USA Volkswagen Workers File for Union Election to Join UAW [UAW] 2024-03-19

Canada Unifor members stop CN train in Winnipeg [Unifor] 2024-03-17

Australia Australian Workers' Union speaks on Ballarat Gold Mine death [ABC] 2024-03-16

USA The Fight Against Racism, The UPS Contract &Trump With IBT162 UPS Retired Teamster Howard Williamson [LVP] 2024-03-14

Canada Whose streets? Pickets and police at York University [YesEverything] 2024-03-14

India Minimum guaranteed price for the protesting farmers [DW] 2024-03-14

Global International Women's Day Consolidated Report By AIRF, INDIA [AIRF, INDIA] 2024-03-08

Global International Women's Day Consolidated Report By AIRF, INDIA [AIRF, INDIA] 2024-03-08

USA SF Mayor Breed Attacks City Workers With 2% Offer & More Privatization [LVP] 2024-03-07

Austria Workplace Hero: Theo wins against Qantas’ attack [TWU] 2024-03-06

Iran 04th March: The large gathering of Shiraz medical staff nurses [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2024-03-04

Korea (South) Doctors on strike face arrest if they do not return to work [BBC] 2024-03-02

Korea (South) Junior Doctors Continue Strike, Defying Govt Deadline [Firstpost] 2024-03-02

Korea (South) Striking doctors warned to return on deadline or face legal action [WION] 2024-03-02

USA SF City Workers Protest Contracting Out & Prepared To Strike As City Offers Only 2% Wage Increase [LVP] 2024-02-29

Canada Day 3 of strike at York University [City News] 2024-02-29

Iran Ahvaz steel workers temporarily ended their strike [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2024-02-28

USA ILWU 10 Palestine Meeting on Solidarity & Action: An Injury For One Is An Injury For All! [LVP] 2024-02-26

USA Stripped For Parts & The Destruction Of The Newspaper Industry with Rick Goldsmith [LVPP] 2024-02-22

Iran The strike of all Ahvaz steel workers continues against the dismissal of their colleagues and other demands [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2024-02-21

USA On Fire! Waymo off The Streets Of San Francisco & California-Safety & Worker Rights First [LVP] 2024-02-21

USA On Fire! Waymo off The Streets Of San Francisco & California-Safety & Worker Rights First [LVP] 2024-02-21

Iran A powerful strike by all Ahvaz steel workers against the dismissal of protesting workers [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2024-02-20

Global PSI joins ILO Global Coalition for Social Justice [PSI] 2024-02-20

USA SF City Worker Rally Against Outsourcing, Union Busting At SF General Hospital-Time For A General Strike [LVP] 2024-02-19

USA Workers Demand General Strike To Free Palestine At SF Labor Council As Bureaucrats Shutdown Action [LVP] 2024-02-16

USA Corporate Greed & AT&T's Effort To Destroy Landlines In California: CWA9412 Sec-Treas Speaks Out [LVP] 2024-02-16

USA The Teamsters, Trump, Racism, Homophobia & Fascism With IBT 162 Tony Cochran A UPS Worker [LVP] 2024-02-16

USA Thousands of Trade Unionists Rally For Palestine In Los Angeles & Against Genocide Joe [LVP] 2024-02-13

USA UAW workers wear white shirts in honor of 1930s strike [WNEM] 2024-02-12

USA Anheuser-Busch workers ready to strike [FOX] 2024-02-12

USA East Palestine Resident & LIUNA 1058 Chris Albright Appeal 'We Need Health Care” [LVP] 2024-02-09

USA Workers Speak Out On 1 Year Anniversary Of E.Palestine Railroad Wreck 'We Need Healthcare” [LVP] 2024-02-08

USA UCSF UPTE Optometrists Strike & Rally With AFSCME 3299 State Bargaining Team At UC Mission Bay [LVP] 2024-02-08

Canada English school teachers agree to labour deal, but union president expresses ‘disappointment’ [Global] 2024-02-07

USA Trump paid $20,000 to rent plant for fake union auto worker event: filing [MSNBC] 2024-02-06

USA Reinstate Namibian Hasab Mine Unionist Marcia Kauatjitotje [LVP] 2024-02-03

USA East Palestine Wreck & Lessons With Striking Pitttsburgh Post Gazette Reporter Steve Mellon [LVP] 2024-02-03

USA East Palestine One Year After The Catastrophe, The Nightmare Continues [LVP] 2024-02-03

Iran The temporary end of Ahvaz steel workers' strike and subsequent conflicts [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2024-02-02

Canada Canadian Labour Congress Highlights Cost-of-Living Issues [CPAC] 2024-01-30

USA IBT 808 Sec.Treas Chris Silvera on 'confederate' Being Invited By IBT Pres. Sean O'Brien To IBT HQ [LVP] 2024-01-29

USA Trump A “known union buster, scab, and insurrectionist' Says IBT Vice President John Palmer [LVP] 2024-01-29

USA CFA CSU Statewide One Day Strike, The Issues, Democracy and Membership Power With CFA Member Robert Ovetz [LVP] 2024-01-25

USA UAW Members At CAP Convention Interrupted Biden To Demand A Ceasefire & Were Shouted Down & Dragged Out [LVP] 2024-01-25

USA Eastbay CSU CFA Start 5 Day Strike & All CSU Campuses Strike For Living Wages & Student Protection [LVP] 2024-01-24

USA Delta Pilots Voice Solidarity with Delta Workers Seeking Union Representation [IAMAW] 2024-01-24

Canada Del Monte workers in Oshawa remain on picket line [Global] 2024-01-23

USA On MLK Weekend, Rally At Fremont Tesla To Protest Racism, Union Busting & For Solidarity With Striking Swedish Tesla Mechanics [LVP] 2024-01-19

USA Thousands Of SF City Workers Rally Against Outsourcing, Privatization & For A Contract: Unions Threaten Strike [LVP] 2024-01-19

USA Minimum Standards Council: How to Protect Millions of Workers Without a Union [NYTimes] 2024-01-18

Australia Union says port workers won't tolerate a pay cut amid cost-of-living crisis [ABC] 2024-01-16

Australia CFMMEU national secretary Christy Cain reiterates call on unions to take action on Palestine [Green Left Weekly] 2024-01-16

Iran Gatherings of thousands of retired teachers in front of the planning and budget organisation [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2024-01-10

USA Message From Nordic Workers To Elon Musk On Tesla Swedish Mechanics Strike [LVP] 2024-01-07

USA The Teamsters, Sean O'Brien, TDU ,Trump & The Upcoming Workers Struggles With IBT VP John Palmer [LVP] 2024-01-07

USA Plutonium & Fighting For Justice & Accountability For Residents & Workers At Hunters Point Shipyard [LVP] 2024-01-03

Canada Law overriding collective agreements a concern across the country: labour leader [The NB Media Co-op] 2024-01-01

USA Minimum wage workers to see $1 increase in pay starting Monday [CBS] 2023-12-30

USA URMC workers union holds vote on tentative contract agreement [Rochester First] 2023-12-30

Iran The protests of steel workers in Ahvaz continue [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-12-30


Canada B.C. woman fired after 'strongly worded' email wins $81K for wrongful termination [CTV] 2023-12-22

USA Corporate Capture & Systemic Corruption With Lawyer & Fired OSHA Investigator Darrell Whitman [LVP] 2023-12-20

UK Why Don't You Like Me? - Care home residents want to know? [TUC] 2023-12-19

USA Microsoft, AFL-CIO reach deal on AI, labor neutrality [Reuters] 2023-12-18

USA Breaking: GM fires another 2,100 staff after MORE Electric Car delays [The Electric Viking] 2023-12-18

USA Stand Up VW [UAW International] 2023-12-18

USA UAW President Shawn Fain Update 12/11/23 [UAW International] 2023-12-18

USA Atlantic City Casino Secondhand Smoke Crisis [UAW International] 2023-12-18

USA Bay Area Unions & Thouands of Workers Rally & March For Palestine In Oakland [Labor Video Project] 2023-12-17

USA At SF Google, Thousands Demand No Tech For Genocide & Google Workers Speak Out [LVP] 2023-12-15

USA Get Ready To Strike! SEIU1021 SF General Hospital Workers & Healthcare Workers For Palestine Rally [LVP] 2023-12-13

Global AIRF/ECoRSU'S Well-Being Programme Dec 2023 [] 2023-12-12

Canada Watch the recording of our “Pensions, Free Collective Bargaining and Bill 17” webinar [CUPE] 2023-12-12

USA Some Amazon workers at Queens warehouse walk off the job [ABC] 2023-12-10

USA Washington Post SF Bureau WBNG Journalists Speak Out At Solidarity Strike Rally [LVP] 2023-12-10

USA CSU faculty's rolling strike comes to San Francisco State, many classes canceled [NBC Bay Area] 2023-12-07

UK Blacklisted campaigner Dave Smith on Hazards 101 Union Organising [You Tube] 2023-12-05

Canada CFLPA Grey Cup Week Recap [CFLPA] 2023-12-04

Canada D’Arcy Martin Presentation at Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU) Convention in Halifax [CCU] 2023-12-04

Canada Tim McSorley Speaks with the CCU on Artificial Intelligence [CCU] 2023-12-04

Canada Kat Lanteigne Presentation to CCU about a Safe, Public Blood System [CCU] 2023-12-04

Iran All sections of Isfahan steel company workers are in strike [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2023-12-03

USA UAW wants to expand membership [WILX] 2023-12-01

USA Toyota Indiana and UAW hold second meeting on possible unionization [Eyewitness News WEHT WTVW] 2023-12-01