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Updated 01/07/2022 02:59 Europe/Berlin

Canada CUPE public sector workers launch TV ad [CUPE] 2022-06-25

Iran The second day of a massive nationwide strike by scaffolding workers in oil industry [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-06-24

Middle East Life at 50C Gulf Killer Heat [BBC] 2022-06-23

South Africa Public office-bearer salary increase 'a slap in the face': Cosatu [eNCA] 2022-06-18

South Africa SAMWU not surprised by the deteriorating performance of municipalities [Banoyi] 2022-06-18

South Africa Cosatu marches against high fuel price [eNCA] 2022-06-18

UK Cost of Living march: Protesters take to streets demanding action on skyrocketing prices [Mirror] 2022-06-18

USA AFL-CIO International Operations in Mexico - Old Wine in a New Bottle? By UAW 909 Past President Frank Hammer [LVP] 2022-06-16

USA 2022 AFL-CIO Convention With Mike Elk Of Payday Report [LVP] 2022-06-15

USA Democracy, General Strikes and Fascism At AFL-CIO With David Van Deusen Pres Vermont AFL-CIO [LVP] 2022-06-14

USA WCCUSD Union Busting Attack On Adult School Teachers United Leadership [LVP] 2022-06-13

USA War On Public Education, Oakland OEA Teachers Speak Out On School Closures, Privatization & OEA/CTA [LVP] 2022-06-12

Global Ambet Yuson on the 109th Session of the International Labour Conference [BWI] 2022-06-10

South Africa Cosatu cautiously optimistic following Gupta arrests [eNCA] 2022-06-07

South Africa Union hits back at Standard Bank over suspensions [eNCA] 2022-06-05

South Africa Sibanye-Stillwater miners were still victorious - Mathunjwa [eNCA] 2022-06-05

South Africa Comair suspension: Numsa fears job losses [eNCA] 2022-06-03

South Africa Nupsaw members claim Baragwanath management is treating them like slaves [IOL] 2022-06-03

Zimbabwe Chinese owned Sunny Yi Feng accused of abandoning injured workers [ZimEye] 2022-05-31

USA The War On Teachers & Guns: An Oakland OEA Teacher and Iraqi Marine Vet Speaks Out [LVP] 2022-05-30

New Zealand FENZ declines TV interview [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa] 2022-05-30

USA Elon Musks Union Busting Tactics At Tesla, Intimidation & Threats [LVP] 2022-05-27

South Africa Losi says it will be a mistake for Cosatu to say that what happened on May Day is a vote of no confidence in ANC [IOL] 2022-05-27

USA General Strike, Fascism, Coups and A Democratic Labor Movement With Vermont AFL-CIO David Van Deusen [LVP] 2022-05-24

South Africa Sibanye-Stillwater employees camp outside Union Buildings [eNCA] 2022-05-24

South Africa Saftu raises concern over rolling blackouts [eNCA] 2022-05-23

USA Solidarity With SF ILWU Local 6 Tartine Workers After NLRB Certification [LVP] 2022-05-23

South Africa Corruption emergency: Guards protest over non-payment [eNCA] 2022-05-19

Iran Tehran bus drivers’ strike and popular uprising continues [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-05-17

South Africa End Child Labour: Cosatu's head of policy Lebogang Mulaisi [Banoyi] 2022-05-17

South Africa Numsa calls on City of Tshwane to cancel contracts with rapid bus transport companies [SABC] 2022-05-14

Iran May 12: Teachers gathered and protested in 40 cities [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-05-13

South Africa Samwu calls for grant to help municipalities in crisis [eNCA] 2022-05-13

Canada May Day message from Lara Payne [Unifor] 2022-05-12

Canada Transit workers say union busting tactics have been employed in the Battlefords [Today] 2022-05-11

Canada Thousands of Ontario construction workers are on strike. What’s going on? [Global] 2022-05-11

Canada Canadian Labour Congress President Bea Bruske - May Day message 2022 [CLC] 2022-05-11

Global May Day Message 2022 from IndustriALL [IndustriALL] 2022-05-10

Global Sharan Burrow: May Day 2022 message [ITUC] 2022-05-09

Turkey Working Class Speaks up on May Day: End Oppression and Exploitation! [] 2022-05-08

Europe Luca Visentini May Day Message 2022 [ETUC] 2022-05-06

Global David Edwards May Day message for 2022 [Education International] 2022-05-05

UK May Day Message 2022 from Frances O'Grady [TUC] 2022-05-04

Global BWI's Ambet Yuson: May Day Message 2022 [BWI] 2022-05-03

South Africa Sibanye-Stillwater miners set to intensify strike [eNCA] 2022-05-03

USA San Francisco 2022 May Day March and Speakers From Bay Area Labor Councils [LVP] 2022-05-03

USA Nurses at Stanford Health, Packard Children's reach TA [NBC BayArea] 2022-05-02

Iran Extensive May Day celebrations in Iran despite arrests [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-05-02

Belarus Students at the Global Labour University speak out in support of jailed union leaders [GLU] 2022-05-02

South Africa Sibanye Stillwater miners chase president Cyril Ramaphosa away from stadium during COSATU rally [Kossyderrickent] 2022-05-02

USA Angela Davis On May Day 2022 In SF 'An Injury To One Is An Injury To All” [LVP] 2022-05-02

Global The global labour movement celebrates May Day 2022 [LabourStart] 2022-05-01

USA Stanford nurses go on strike over wages, mental health [ABC] 2022-05-01

USA Shut It Down! OEA Strikes & ILWU Shuts Docks In Fight Against Privatization and Union Busting [LVP] 2022-05-01

USA 2 PG&E Workers Injured in Explosion in the North Bay [NBC] 2022-05-01

Iran The Special online conference by Free Them Now for preparation of May Day, was held [Free Them Now (FTN)] 2022-04-30

USA East Bay Trade Unionists Oppose Port Privatization of Howard Terminal For Billionaire GAP A's Stadium [LVP] 2022-04-29

USA ILWU 10 Backs OEA Strike Against Closure of OUSD School & Privatization of Howard Terminal For Fisher’s Stadium [LVP] 2022-04-28

USA USW 5 Chevron Richmond Refinery Strike Continues Report By USW 5 President BK White [LVPSF] 2022-04-28

Global Remembering Jin Sook Lee [BWI] 2022-04-27

South Africa Numsa still in talks with long-distance bus operators [eNCA] 2022-04-26

USA The Corporate Capture Of OSHA & US Government Corruption Cover-up With OSHA Lawyer Darrell Whitman [LVP] 2022-04-26

USA Thousands of Stanford nurses set to strike [KTVU] 2022-04-26

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions calls for urgent inquiry after second port death in six days [Newshub] 2022-04-25

USA PA AFL-CIO Pres Snyder, Sexual Harassment, Cover-ups In CWA Labor and Independent Labor Journalists [LVP] 2022-04-22

South Africa NUMSA advocates welfare of former SA Express airline workers [News Central TV] 2022-04-21

USA The AFL-CIO In South Africa and Jabu Ndlovu With Trade Union Organnizer David Hemson [LEPAIO] 2022-04-19

USA Verizon retail workers call for nationwide Union drive [More Perfect Union] 2022-04-18

Turkey Labour Movement in Turkey [15 March - 15 April] [] 2022-04-16

USA Capitalism, Nightmare In NYC MTA Transit, TWU & The Public With MTA-TWU 100 Transit Workers John Ferretti and Anthony Steiniger [LVP] 2022-04-16

USA 200 Starbucks & Counting: Barista Jaz Brisack says union busting can't stop worker solidarity [Democracy Now] 2022-04-15

South Africa Health MEC waiting for report on Witrand Psychiatric Hospital shooting [eNCA] 2022-04-08

South Africa Shots fired at protesting Witrand Hospital staff [eNCA] 2022-04-08

USA Ukraine, War & Labor: Presentation by Vermont AFL-CIO Executive Director Liz Medina [LVP] 2022-04-05

South Africa Samwu calls for action over JRA scandal [eNCA] 2022-04-04

South Africa NUM used to be the biggest union and can still be – Gwede Mantashe [IOL] 2022-04-01

USA Dutch DockersTake Solidarity Action For UK P&O RMT Seafarers With Niek Stam of FNV-NL [LVP] 2022-03-31

USA On The Line InThe Fight For Justice: USW 5 Chevron Richmond Refinery Workers Strike [LVP] 2022-03-30

UK Report on the Toxic Chemicals – Risk prevention through use reduction Conference [Hazards Campaign] 2022-03-29

USA Nail Salon Workers are exploited. A New York bill could change that. [More Perfect Union] 2022-03-28

Global ILO Director-General elect: We need social and political cohesion in our world today [ILO] 2022-03-28

USA Video game testers demand end to exploitation, 14-hour days, and poverty wages [More Perfect Union] 2022-03-28

USA States call in the National Guard to mitigate school staffing shortages [PBS] 2022-03-28

South Africa Saftu briefing on NEC meeting outcomes [eNCA] 2022-03-27

Global Historical Development of Capitalism [LeftStreamed /w Steve Maher] 2022-03-27

South Africa NUM, AMCU demand R1,000 wage increase [eNCA] 2022-03-27

South Africa Enough! Census field workers up in arms over lack of payment for services [IOL] 2022-03-25

South Africa Unions to join e-hailing strike [eNCA] 2022-03-24

USA SEIU chapter president for SCUSD discusses strike from the picket line [FOX 40] 2022-03-24

USA Thornton Running For SFLC Pres: Time To Fight Privatization & For Democracy In Labor Movement [LVP] 2022-03-22

Global The ILO releases new guide to promote gender equality and empower women in the world of work in conflict, disaster and other fragile settings [ILO] 2022-03-22

South Africa Hands off Vavi [eNCA] 2022-03-21

India Air India technicians on strike [ET] 2022-03-21

USA 'Thrown Under The Bus' Vaccinations, Terminations and Union Rights With SEIU 1021 SF Member Kimberly Cox [LVP] 2022-03-20

USA One year after the failed Amazon union drive, workers in Bessemer are voting a second time [Real News Network] 2022-03-19

Ukraine Unions united for peace in Ukraine 🇺🇦 [UNI] 2022-03-19

UK Brexit Ferry Disaster as 800 Jobs Instantly Lost [A Different Bias] 2022-03-19

USA Los maestros de Sacramento se van a huelga “indefinida” a partir de la próxima semana [Univision Sacramento] 2022-03-18

USA ILWU Local 10 & OEA Rank & File Joint Meeting To Fight Privatization With Worker Community Action [LVP] 2022-03-18

USA Minneapolis Teachers Strike For First Time In 40+ Years [More Perfect Union] 2022-03-17