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Appropriate funding for ICT in educational settings still needed 2019-09-18 [Education International]

NGG wins important gains in new agreement at Barry Callebaut 2019-09-16 [IUF]

Workers at Riva steel on strike for four months 2019-09-13 [IndustriALL]

Pilots Union Reaches Wage Agreement With Ryanair 2019-09-13 [Simple Flying]

Pilots reach first wage agreement with Ryanair 2019-09-13 [Hospitality Ireland]

Stop public investment in arms, increase spending in quality education! 2019-09-05 [EI]

Unions and the Climate Crisis 2019-08-31 [Canadian Dimension]

New teachers must receive equal salaries for equal qualifications 2019-08-31 [EI]

YouTubers of the world unite! 2019-08-24 [Deutsche Welle]

Lawyer’s attempts to influence reporting are increasing 2019-08-13 [EFJ]

Thousands of YouTubers want to unionize, and they’ve got the support of Europe’s largest trade union 2019-08-07 [CNBC]

'Youth and Workers Uniting Behind This Crisis': German Labor Union Urges 2 Million Members to Join Global Climate Strike 2019-08-07 [Common Dreams]

German trade union IG Metall is using its power to get YouTubers to unionize 2019-07-27 [Reclaim The Net]

WDR-journalist receives death threat after criticizing right-wing party AfD 2019-07-24 [EFJ]

Amazon workers strike as platform prepares for big Prime Day sale 2019-07-16 [Euronews]

 VIDEO Amazon workers in United States, Germany go on strike on Prime Day 2019-07-16 [Global]

Amazon workers in Germany strike ahead of major sale 2019-07-16 [Deutsche Welle]

Amazon workers in Germany strike over pay, Verdi union says 2019-07-15 [Canada.com]

Pay rise for bank workers following successful collective bargaining 2019-07-11 [UNI Global Union]

NGG mobilizing against employer push for longer, 'flexible' hours in the hospitality sector 2019-07-09 [IUF]

Unions want 'siesta' break during heat waves 2019-07-07 [Deutsche Welle]

Big media failing to credit photojournalists’ work, union campaign says 2019-07-05 [IFJ]

DJV campaign “Photographers do have names”: big German newspapers fail to quote 2019-07-01 [EFJ]

BASF unions strengthen global unity 2019-06-27 [IndustriALL]

Draft legislation endangers newsroom privacy 2019-06-18 [EFJ]

For the first time ever “Warning Strike” in the pencil industry 2019-06-13 [BWI]

For the first time ever 'Warning Strike' in the pencil industry 2019-06-07 [BWI]

Seafarers condemn working conditions on board Blumenthal ships 2019-05-20 [ITF]

Youth Wing of 2nd Largest German Trade Union Rejects BDS, Anti-Zionist Group 2019-05-15 [Algemeiner]

Labour union youth organization rejects BDS 2019-05-14 [Jerusalem Post]

Thyssenkrupp Secures Union Backing on Overhaul, Reuters Reports 2019-05-12 [Bloomberg]

Global support for German Amazon workers’ strike action 2019-05-09 [UNI Global Union]

May Day protests draw tens of thousands to the streets 2019-05-02 [Deutsche Welle]

Amazon workers strike at four German warehouses 2019-04-16 [IT News]

ITF kicks off targeted operation against Blumenthal 2019-04-16 [ITF]

What you need to know about Berlin's full day public transport strike 2019-04-01 [The Local]

Union reaches deal with budget airline Ryanair 2019-03-28 [Canada.com]

German bulk carrier detained after crew complain of no food, bullying and denial of shore leave 2019-03-27 [ITF]

Trade Secrets: Changes in favour of journalists’ sources and whistleblowers in Germany 2019-03-19 [EFJ]

ILO and Germany pen agreement to bolster decent work for Syrian refugees and host communities 2019-03-15 [ILO]

How Thursday's bus strike in Berlin will affect you 2019-03-14 [The Local]

A collective agreement with an 8 % salary increase for public workers 2019-03-07 [Education International]

A collective agreement with an 8 % salary increase for public workers 2019-03-05 [Education International]

1 million teachers, nurses and other state employees secure key pay raise 2019-03-04 [Deutsche Welle]

Labour minister tackles working conditions in parcel delivery sector 2019-03-03 [Deutsche Welle]

German ruling parties grapple with labor reforms, migration 2019-02-11 [Seattle Times]

Verdi Urges Workers At Duesseldorf, Hanover Airports To Strike 2019-02-07 [Urdu Point]

Hamburg Airport staff strike 2019-02-05 [Castanet]

Steel workers to hold token strikes this week after pay talks stall 2019-02-05 [Platt's]

Hamburg Airport staff strike forces flight cancellations 2019-02-04 [The Star-Tribune]

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