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Wage inequality in Germany now at same level as a century ago: study 2017-12-15 [The Local]

Cockpit union calls for strike at Ryanair 2017-12-13 [Associated Press ]

Representing workers, the German way 2017-12-12 [Deutsche Welle]

First round of VW pay talks end without deal 2017-12-12 [Reuters]

Thyssenkrupp makes offer to workers for Tata Steel deal: sources 2017-12-10 [Reuters]

Angry union leaders asking why German workers are paying for GE’s French deal. 2017-12-09 [Handelsblatt]

Berlin police officers must speak German during shifts, state ministry requests 2017-12-07 [DW]

Pilots ground 222 flights after refusing to deport asylum seekers 2017-12-05 [The Independent ]

Trade union sets deadline in talks over Thyssenkrupp Tata Steel deal 2017-12-05 [Reuters]

Pilots refuse to carry out deportations 2017-12-05 [DW]

Planned strikes against Siemens job cuts 2017-12-02 [libcom.org]

31 Eastern European construction workers injured in German building blaze 2017-12-02 [AP]

ThyssenKrupp kicks off talks with union on steel merger 2017-11-25 [Reuters]

Volkswagen's Workers Learn to Love Adam Smith 2017-11-24 [Bloomberg]

Amazon workers on strike in Italy and Germany 2017-11-24 [BBC]

Amazon workers set to strike on Black Friday 2017-11-24 [RTÉ]

Siemens workers protest thousands of job cuts 2017-11-24 [DW]

Thyssenkrupp workers increase pressure in Tata Steel JV talks 2017-11-21 [Reuters]

Siemens to cut 6,900 jobs amid union resistance 2017-11-20 [Deutsche Welle]

Siemens workers could go on strike over planned cuts 2017-11-20 [Reuters]

Nearly 2,000 Siemens employees protest against job cuts 2017-11-18 [Reuters]

Union relieved as Neo-Nazi policeman deemed unfit to serve by German court 2017-11-18 [Deutsche Welle]

Eastern Germany cleaners finally break down equal pay wall with colleagues in the West 2017-11-16 [UNI Global Union]

Scrap 'outmoded' 8-hour workday, economic experts say 2017-11-13 [DW]

Can Unions Stop the Far-Right? 2017-11-10 [The Atlantic]

More investment needed in primary schools 2017-10-27 [Education International]

The R2-D2 Of Mail Delivery Helps Postal Workers On Their Rounds 2017-10-27 [Co.Design]

Workers at Deutsche Bank's Postbank may strike in wage row - union 2017-10-23 [Reuters]

Haribo Gummy Bear Ingredients Made by Modern Slaves 2017-10-22 [freedomunited]

Tesla Caves to German Workers’ Salary Demands 2017-10-20 [The Detroit Bureau]

IG Metall union pushes for shorter working hours for 3.9 million workers 2017-10-16 [The Independent]

Flexible German Unions Bend the Phillips Curve 2017-10-16 [Handelsblatt]

Workers union calls for protest at Air Berlin 2017-10-16 [ANA]

Workers' rights in Germany: Not everyone can go on strike 2017-10-12 [DW]

Air Berlin to ground all flights by end of October 2017-10-10 [The Local]

1,400 Air Berlin workers to lose jobs: union 2017-10-08 [The Local]

VW seeks to curb competition from Skoda - sources 2017-10-05 [RTÉ]

Union focuses on need to address inclusion of refugees 2017-10-02 [Education International]

Union for workers at US bases in Germany settles on wage hike 2017-09-30 [Stars ans Stripes]

As voters head to the polls, have mainstream politicians overlooked Germany’s working poor? 2017-09-20 [Equal Times]

70 German workers at US bases strike over pay 2017-09-20 [Stars and Stripes]

Workers at US bases strike over pay 2017-09-20 [Stars ans Stripes]

Air Berlin cancels 100 flights after pilots call in sick 2017-09-13 [The Guardian]

Air Berlin cancels 100 flights after pilots call in sick 2017-09-13 [The Guardian]

Deutsche Bank plans to automate a 'big number' of jobs because its workers are already 'behaving like robots' 2017-09-08 [Daily Mail ]

Deutsche Bank boss says they will replace 'big number' of workers with robots 2017-09-08 [Quartz]

Highest number of impoverished workers in a decade, thanks to the draconian Hartz IV unemployment law 2017-09-07 [The Nation]

After long fight, national agreement brings gains for fast food workers in Germany 2017-07-28 [IUF]

Fight for future jobs pays off 2017-07-18 [IndustriALL]

Pay Inequality Law Goes into Effect, But Businesses Still Aren’t Ready 2017-07-15 [Care2]

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