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Indonesia COVID-19 pandemic exposes problems in our health care, Jokowi says 2020-05-01 [JP]

Indonesia New normal? Better normal! 2020-05-01 [JP]

Indonesia May Day marks pain, not celebration for 2020-05-01 [570News]

Indonesia Indonesia delays deliberations over labor issues in omnibus bill amid backlash 2020-04-25 [JP]

Indonesia COVID-19 pandemic forces Indonesian mothers to do it all 2020-04-22 [JP]

Indonesia Police ban May Day rallies against omnibus bill on job creation 2020-04-22 [JP]

Indonesia Emergency medical evacuation finally granted for seafarer after Indonesian authorities reject multiple requests for help 2020-04-21 [ITF]

Indonesia Media companies cut salaries in the midst of Covid-19 2020-04-18 [IFJ]

Indonesia Fitri bonuses, labor union says as businesses ask for leeway 2020-04-14 [JP]

Indonesia Migrant workers repatriated from Malaysia to get construction jobs at home 2020-04-14 [JP]

Indonesia Up to 9 million people to fall into poverty, unemployment as COVID-19 hits: Sri Mulyani 2020-04-14 [JP]

Indonesia Govt introduces new social benefits as 2.8 million lose jobs 2020-04-14 [JP]

Indonesia Nearly 190, 000 dismissed tourism workers join preemployment card program 2020-04-13 [JP]

Indonesia 'Puskesmas' move up to COVID-19 front lines amid overburdened health system 2020-04-13 [JP]

Indonesia COVID-19: Pertamina Foundation provides housing for medical workers at referral hospital 2020-04-10 [JP]

Indonesia 1.2 million Indonesian workers furloughed, laid off as COVID-19 crushes economy 2020-04-10 [JP]

Indonesia ‘You are national heroes'. Recovered COVID-19 patients thank medical workers 2020-04-08 [JP]

Indonesia Tens of thousands of workers across Indonesia laid off because of COVID-19 outbreak 2020-04-08 [JP]

Indonesia Labor union to hold massive protest in Jakarta despite physical distancing measures 2020-04-06 [JP]

Indonesia As media layoffs grow, industry pleads for urgent relief 2020-04-02 [JP]

Indonesia Jokowi declares COVID-19 health emergency, imposes large-scale social restrictions 2020-04-02 [JP]

Indonesia Indonesia announces Rp 405 trillion COVID-19 budget, anticipates 5% deficit in historic move 2020-04-02 [JP]

Indonesia COVID-19: Govt must ensure well-being of returning migrant workers, advocacy group says 2020-03-31 [JP]

Indonesia Beat virus, not democracy 2020-03-31 [JP]

Indonesia Foreign worker killed, two others severely injured in Freeport shooting 2020-03-30 [JP]

Indonesia COVID-19: Medical workers in East Nusa Tenggara opt to stay in hospital amid gear shortage 2020-03-30 [JP]

Indonesia Battling COVID-19: Protecting frontline workers is key to containing contagion 2020-03-30 [JP]

Indonesia COVID-19: Govt partners with hotels to house medical workers 2020-03-30 [JP]

Indonesia House urged to stop controversial omnibus bill deliberation, prioritize COVID-19 2020-03-30 [JP]

Indonesia COVID-19: Malang university develops safety chamber to minimize patient contact 2020-03-30 [JP]

Indonesia COVID-19: Textile factories face hurdles as they switch to producing medical gear 2020-03-30 [JP]

Indonesia Top Indonesian doctors call for lockdown, say physical distancing not enough 2020-03-27 [JP]

Indonesia Indonesian airlines carry out layoffs to cope with COVID-19 pressures 2020-03-27 [JP]

Indonesia Indonesia: major changes proposed under omnibus bill 2020-03-27 [Lexology]

Indonesia Economic heroes in time of coronavirus 2020-03-27 [JP]

Indonesia West Java hospital employees arrested for allegedly stealing hundreds of boxes of masks 2020-03-27 [JP]

Indonesia ‘It's discouraging': Nurses lambast COVID-19 spokesperson for calling them ‘room boys' 2020-03-19 [JP]

Indonesia Jakarta faces backlash over reduced public transport services in fight against COVID-19 2020-03-18 [CNA]

Indonesia Four striking workers killed in car crash at East Java factory gates 2020-03-10 [JP]

Indonesia Indonesia unions hold protests over planned labor 'reform' 2020-01-20 [WKZO]

Indonesia Journalist attacked over drug trafficking investigation 2020-01-11 [IFJ]

Indonesia Garuda Indonesia - 'time to right the wrongs of law-breaking management' 2019-12-13 [ITF]

Australia Continuing asbestos use in Indonesia is a public health time bomb 2019-11-09 [ACTU]

Indonesia White asbestos lines many Indonesian buildings and health experts fear a coming cancer 'explosion' 2019-11-07 [ABC]

Papua New Guinea West Papua protest in PNG: 'Do the right thing' 2019-10-11 [Radio New Zealand International]

Indonesia Jokowi gains support from labor unions 2019-10-09 [The Post]

Indonesia Thousands of workers to protest Indonesia's labour laws 2019-10-02 [The Post]

Indonesia Journalist arrested for Twitter post on conditions in Papua 2019-09-28 [IFJ]

Indonesia Journalists attacked while covering student protests 2019-09-28 [IFJ]

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