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NDIA - WHS Report: Workers Speak Out 2024-06-05 [CPSU]

Concerned about your right to participate in political activities? 2024-06-05 [CPSU]

Statement on the election of ACTU officials at Congress 2024 2024-06-05 [ACTU]

‘We were left in limbo’: Childcare boss accused of not paying workers on time 2024-06-05 [The Morning Herald]

Striking workers to be barred from Australian sugar mills 2024-06-05 [Business Live]

PM fires up union faithful, praises workplace changes 2024-06-05 [The Express]

Opinion Spare us the talk about a wages explosion. There's nothing wrong with lifting Australia's lowest wages in line with inflation 2024-06-05 [ABC]

Woolworths Busted for Bad Faith Bargaining with SDA (Again) 2024-06-03 [RAFFWU]

CWU secures improved redundancy benefits for Telstra Purple members 2024-06-03 [CWU]

Minimum wage increase to provide relief during cost-of-living crisis 2024-06-03 [ASU]

ACTU welcomes real wage rises for 2.6 million workers 2024-06-03 [ACTU]

Actors, writers, voice artists call for urgent AI laws 2024-06-03 [AAP]

Unions call for 10-day paid reproductive leave for all workers 2024-06-03 [9 News]

Tax officers’ union takes exception to ATO bid to appropriate TOIL 2024-06-03 [The Mandarin]

Roster rights 2024-06-01 [Australian Unions]

PFA honours Australian football retirees at the end of 2023-24 season 2024-05-31 [PFA]

Standards Update 2024-05-31 [ETU]

Member Spotlight: Paul Bradley 2024-05-31 [ETU]

Struggle, Fight, Win 2024-05-31 [ETU]

May Day 2024 2024-05-31 [ETU]

CWU members secure significant increase to retail shoe allowance 2024-05-31 [CWU]

Pledge to protect work rights from Peter Dutton 2024-05-31 [Australian Unions]

Aldi can help set new industry benchmark, says union 2024-05-30 [Big Rigs]

Virgin Australia is rostering pilots ‘closer to the limit’ of fatigue, watchdog tells Senate estimates 2024-05-30 [The Guardian]

Aviation watchdog says Virgin Australia is rostering pilots 'closer to the limits' of fatigue 2024-05-30 [Travel Weekly]

Porn in the Media 2024-05-29 [The Scarlet Alliance]

PFA partnering with Trailblazers as key football and impact campaign partner 2024-05-29 [PFA]

MEU women stand strong 2024-05-29 [MEU]

A caring economy 2024-05-29 [AEU]

Unions welcome appointment of Dr. Iain Ross AO as Chair of the Net Zero Economy Authority 2024-05-28 [ACTU]

Militant construction union CFMEU is muscling in to represent local council ... trends now 2024-05-28 [Mogaz News]

APS tech professionals bullied, underpaid and looking for a new job 2024-05-28 [The Mandarin]

Video game workers at “significant disadvantage” in Australia’s tech sector 2024-05-28 [Games Hub]

Unless you work at Atlassian, Canva or Google, the tech sector union says workers face a massive pay problem 2024-05-28 [Startup Daily]

Pilot survey shows fatigue, work/life balance suffering as Virgin attempts to reduce days off 2024-05-25 [TWU]

How AustralianSuper is working to assist with recovering unpaid super 2024-05-25 [AWU]

Eraring extension good news for jobs and energy security 2024-05-25 [MEU]

‘Disgraceful’ Telstra in pure cost cutting exercise at expense of employee livelihoods 2024-05-25 [CWU]

Budget analysis for CPSU members 2024-05-25 [CPSU]

Finance Sector Union welcomes Senate Inquiry into bank closures report 2024-05-25 [FSU]

ACTU calls for wages boost ahead of today’s Annual Wage Review hearing 2024-05-25 [ACTU]

LGBT hospitality workers at high risk of harassment and discrimination, reports say 2024-05-25 [City Hub]

Palestine supporters to rally at ports across Australia 2024-05-25 [The Leader]

200 Fijian PALM workers to take family members to Australia under Family Accompaniment pilot program 2024-05-24 [Fijio Village]

MUA members united in calling for peace, safety and justice in Palestine 2024-05-24 [The National Tribune]

‘Rostering to the limits’: senior Virgin Australia pilots raise safety concerns over fatigue 2024-05-24 [The Guardian]

Underpaid social workers are leaving the sector as Australia grapples with domestic violence crisis 2024-05-23 [Women's Agenda]

Illegally sacked workers return to court as qantas attempts to deny them a dollar of compensation 2024-05-21 [TWU]

ALDI workers vote to reject ALDI’s dud pay deal in landmark vote 2024-05-21 [SDA]

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