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Zimbabwe health workers demand PPE and water 2020-03-30 [PSI website]

ZCTU calls for a 30 day country lock down 2020-03-27 [ZCTU website]

Zimbabwe’s nurses strike over lack of virus protective gear 2020-03-26 [The Citizen]

Leger i korona-streik, frykter for egen helse 2020-03-25 [LO]

ZCTU demands gov't to lockdown Or face labour withdrawal as coronavirus scourge hits under prepared Zimbabwe. 2020-03-25 []

ZCTU calls for country wide lockdown 2020-03-25 [Bulawayo24 News]

TNF partners must not agree on poverty datum line based on false assumption - ZCTU 2020-03-24 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZCTU dumps negotiations 2020-03-20 [Daily News]

TNF hits another deadlock 2020-03-18 []

ZCTU questions liberalisation of currency exchange 2020-03-17 [Bulawayo24 News]

“Mnangagwa won’t escape this one,” Chamisa says on upcoming ZCTU organised mass demonstration 2020-03-17 [ZimEye]

Ditch Zimbabwe dollar and adopt the rand – ZCTU 2020-03-14 [Pindula News]

ZFTU calls for govt, labour talks 2020-03-12 [NewsDay]

ZCTU advocates for Rand salaries 2020-03-12 [ZimEye]

High entry fees hindering artisanal miners 2020-03-12 [NewsDay]

Farmers fret over fish theft 2020-03-12 [NewsDay]

ZCTU members call for action 2020-03-10 [Bulawayo24 News]

Bank Workers Awarded Backdated Salary Hike 2020-03-10 [Pindula News]

ZCTU: Zimbabwe is headed towards 2008 unless citizens stop the madness 2020-03-08 [Pindula News]

Worker exploitation spikes: Trade unionist 2020-03-07 [NewsDay]

ZCTU mobilises for national shutdown 2020-03-07 [ZimEye]

‘Workers fed up with govt looters’ 2020-03-04 [NewsDay]

Workers win remarkable wage increase 2020-03-03 [The New Zimbabwe]

Police ban ZCTU consultative meeting 2020-03-01 [Pindula News]

Workers give nod to ZCTU-led demos 2020-02-29 [New Zimbabwe]

“Negotiations Not Working”: ZCTU 2020-02-26 [ZimEye]

Workers’ representatives demand salaries in US dollars 2020-02-25 [Pindula News]

ZCTU threatens to call for a general strike 2020-02-24 [Pindula News]

ZCTU plots living wage protests 2020-02-18 [NewsDay]

Strike imminent as workers, employers hit deadlock over minimum wage 2020-02-16 [ZimEye]

ZCTU demands minimum age, mobilises for action 2020-02-14 [ZimEye]

ZCTU snubs ‘illegal’ POLAD’s economic summit invite 2020-02-14 [New Zimbabwe]

With Unions, Informal Economy Workers Gain Rights For more info 2020-02-12 [Solidarity Center]

ZCTU calls for adoption of rand as local currency has failed 2020-02-12 [Bulawayo24 News]

Sex Workers Union ‘Bars’ Thigh Vendors From Having Permanent Boyfriends 2020-02-10 []

BCC averts strike 2020-02-09 [Bulawayo 24]

Global labour group confronts Mnangagwa over persecution of unionists 2020-02-07 [New Zimbabwe]

At least 20 people trapped in mine collapse 2020-02-07 [Daily Maverick]

Government’s international reputation in the balance as it puts workers’ rights defenders on trial 2020-02-06 [ITUC]

Alignment of wages, prices dominates Tripartite Negotiating Forum 2020-02-06 [The Herald]

Stalemate as government, business collide with labour over wages 2020-02-06 [New Zimbabwe]

government’s international reputation in the balance 2020-02-05 [Scoop World]

Regjeringens angrep på tillitsvalgte fortsetter 2020-02-04 [LO]

Telecel workers down tools as firm’s operational troubles mount 2020-02-04 [The New Zimbabwe]

Civil servants say they have accepted 140 percent pay hike, seek more 2020-01-30 [ZimLive]

Workers Union Pleads With Government To “Accommodate” Workers Who Were On Strike Over Salaries 2020-01-30 [Pindula News]

Tribute to Lovemore Matombo 2020-01-30 [ZimEye]

Mother of all strikes imminent, as ZCTU mobilises other unions to avert victimisation 2020-01-28 [ZimEye]

Security personnel assault journalist covering a political event 2020-01-27 [IFJ]

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