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Fagbevegelsen definert som terrororganisasjon


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Fagbevegelsen definert som terrororganisasjon [LO] 2020-09-24


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JAWUZ president eyes ZCTU post 2020-12-03 [The Mast]

Workers mourn dearth of rule of law 2020-11-30 [263 Chat]

Teachers’ struggle against poverty continues 2020-11-27 [Elitsha]

Nomboka lands mining union's vice-presidency post 2020-11-23 [Bulawayo24 News]

Finance Minister's Salary Utterances Heartless: ZCTU 2020-11-21 [263 Chat]

19 ZCTU leaders acquitted over 2018 tax protests 2020-11-20 [New Zimbabwe]

Child labour rife in the country 2020-11-13 [Elitsha]

ZCTU unhappy over Labour Minister’s excessive powers on NSSA 2020-11-11 [New Zimbabwe]

Workers Fume Over “Unilateral Decisions” On Salaries 2020-11-09 [Pindula]

2020 bonus: nothing for the workers to celebrate about – ZCTU 2020-11-09 [New Zimbabwe]

Govt committing silent genocide against workers as ZCTU calls for protests 2020-11-09 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU presses for US$ wages 2020-11-06 [Zimbabwe Daily]

Nationwide strike imminent 2020-11-05 [ZimEye]

Union condemns inhumane treatment of 150 cement workers 2020-11-03 [BWI]

Gov't must pay teachers decent salaries for them to resume work 2020-10-26 [Education international]

Workers respond to govt’s US$500 funeral assistance offer 2020-10-23 [Pindula News]

'You like us dead' unions tell government over new US$500 funeral cover 2020-10-22 [Bulawayo24 News]

Government must pay teachers decent salaries for them to resume work 2020-10-21 [EI]

Close schools till teachers return to work – ZCTU 2020-10-17 [Pindula News]

Workers earning 12% of family basket 2020-10-16 [Elitsha]

‘2021 budget must address civil servants’ grievances’ 2020-10-15 [The Zimbabwe Daily]

Harare workers threaten strike 2020-10-10 [NewsdzeZimbabwe]

ZCTU President, Peter Mutasa calls for weekly protests 2020-10-10 [Zimbabwe Daily]

ZCTU slams govt attempts to 'militarise' health sector 2020-10-10 [allAfrica]

“Workers have been condemned into slaves”: ZCTU 2020-10-09 [ZimEye]

 VIDEO  WATCH- ZCTU leader speaks over poor salaries 2020-10-07 [ZimEye]

“Our poverty is man made”: ZCTU announces general strike 2020-10-07 [ZimEye]

ZCTU calls for nationwide protests 2020-10-07 [ZimEye]

ZCTU says AgriBank Is a slave yard 2020-10-07 [ZimEye]

Relentless ZCTU announces stay away 2020-10-07 [Zimbabwe Daily]

Lærere tjener 300 kroner måneden 2020-10-05 [Bistandsaktuelt]

ZCTU tells workers to “get ready for general strike” 2020-10-03 [Pindula News]

Teachers resume strike on first day of schools reopening 2020-10-02 [Elitsha]

ZCTU blasts Mnangagwa ally over 'reckless' coup claims, threats 2020-10-01 [Bulawayo24 News]

ZCTU blasts Security Minister over ‘reckless’ coup claims, threats 2020-10-01 [New Zimbabwe]

We will not be silent on state-sponsored violence in Zimbabwe, say South African metalworkers 2020-09-27 [IndustriALL]

Global trade unions petition President over worsening plight of workers 2020-09-26 [New Zimbabwe]

Numsa pickets against human rights abuses in Zimbabwe 2020-09-25 [Elitsha]

 VIDEO  NUMSA picketing at the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria in solidarity with poorly paid Zimbabwean workers 2020-09-25 [Pindula News]

Fagbevegelsen definert som terrororganisasjon 2020-09-24 [LO]

ZCTU : We are mobilising for a general strike 2020-09-24 [NewsdzeZimbabwe]

Health care workers strike for basic rights 2020-09-24 [UNI Global Union]

Mnangagwa told not to label workers terrorists 2020-09-24 [Bulawayo24]

NUMSA seeks intervention from AU regarding Zimbabwe's political crisis 2020-09-24 [Political Analysis]

ITUC to hold global mass protests in solidarity with poorly-paid Zimbabwean workers. 2020-09-23 [Pindula News]

Global trade unions rally behind ZCTU 2020-09-23 [Bulawayo24]

Teachers union rejects UNICEF push to keep african schools open during pandemic 2020-09-22 [VoA]

Nurses call off strike as minister promises to improve conditions  ActNOW!  2020-09-22 [PSI]

Teachers to boycott work over pay, demand COVID-19 allowance 2020-09-22 [Nasdaq]

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