New FTAs force ruling Communist Party to allow independent unions

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Charitable activities organized to help poor, ill laborers in HCMC 2020-01-10 [Saigon]

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New FTAs force ruling Communist Party to allow independent unions 2019-12-17 [Asia Times]

Fight for a 40-Hour Work Week 2019-12-04 [VoA]

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Workers of Vietnam, Unite? 2019-11-30 [The Diplomat]

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Revised Vietnamese Labour Code to help everyone gain fair shares of economic growth 2019-11-20 [ILO]

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Understanding worker protests at Chinese enterprises in Vietnam 2019-11-11 [China Labour Bulletin]

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Saturday should be a holiday, Vietnamese workers assert 2019-10-07 [VN Express]

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Union suggests three more public holidays 2019-09-18 [VN Express]

Labour Update #26 2019-09-16 [TinyLetter]

Vietnamese trainees sue Fukushima firm over decontamination work 2019-09-05 [Today]

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Labour Update #23 2019-08-19 [TinyLetter]

Labour Update #19 2019-07-08 [TinyLetter]

Government Gambles on Workers’ Rights 2019-07-08 [Jacobin]

Labour Update #18 2019-06-30 [TinyLetter]

EU-Vietnam trade deal a bad day for workers' rights 2019-06-25 [EU Observer]

ILO welcomes vote to ratify ILO fundamental convention on collective bargaining 2019-06-16 [ILO]

Labor federation wants minimum wage raised 8 pct 2019-06-16 [VNExpress International]

Labour update #17 2019-06-16 [TinyLetter]

Tackling mine safety in Vietnam and Mongolia 2019-06-11 [IndustriALL]

Labour update newsletter #16 2019-06-10 [[TinyLetter]]

Labour Update #15 2019-06-03 [TinyLetter]

Vietnamese migrant workers strikes after retaliatory actions taken by management against organizers 2019-05-31 [New Bloom]

Labour update newsletter #14 2019-05-28 [TinyLetter]

Trade union battles to protect workers' rights 2019-04-23 [The News]

No union, no problems: Anatomy of a wildcat strike in Vietnamese shoe factory 2019-04-04 [Notes from Below]

Việt Nam ratifies ILO Convention on employment for workers with disabilities 2019-03-28 [Vietnam News]

Vietnamese workers, streaming to Japan, face risks as labor system opens up 2019-03-21 [Today]

Textiles workers struggle to get by on just $50 a week 2019-03-08 [The News]

Low wages affect basic amenities of workers 2019-03-05 [The Daily Star]

Taiwanese firm in Vietnam sacks 10,000 workers before Lunar New Year 2019-01-31 [The Express]

City trade unions ensure happy Tết for labourerS 2018-12-26 [The News]

Shrinking Japan OKs divisive bill to get more foreign labor 2018-12-07 [Albany Times Union]

Activist and journalist sentenced to four years jail 2018-09-21 [IFJ]

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